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                                          Volume 1              No.1

Welcome to the first edition of the ‘Mater News’.
This is the first of a bimonthly publication of
news items, facts and figures surrounding the

                                                                         November 2005
operation of the Mater Hospital.

This edition of the ‘Mater News’ highlights some of
the significant events that have taken place since
my appointment as Acting Chief Executive on the
4th July 2005.

Included are details of the corporate management
changes which came into effect on the 1st of October
2005. This the first of a number of organisational
reviews to take place but was necessary quickly to bring
the hospital’s management structure into line with best
practice in organisational design. I look forward to the
continuing support of all staff in respect of these and
future organisational changes.

‘Mater News’ will have regular features in each
production such as Mobility Management (car parking)
update, Partnership and issues associated with the Health
and Safety of patients, staff and relatives in this hospital.

I want to draw attention to two significant events,
one just having occurred and one just about to happen.
The latter refers to the Accreditation Survey Week, which
takes place November 28th to December 2nd 2005.
A special word of thanks to all participants for all the
hard work and commitment to the process over the past
eighteen months. Good luck to all involved. The former
relates to the Hygiene Audit the results of which did not
make good reading. We scored 70%, which placed us
in the “poor” category. We have committed to the HSE
that the next audit will place us significantly above this
grading. The next edition of the ‘Mater News’ will cover
both these issues in more detail.

I would like to thank all personnel who contributed
to this edition of the ‘Mater News’ and the
Photography Department.

A special word of welcome to Ms Noirin Bannon
who has taken over responsibility for Internal
Communication in the hospital.

Brian Conlan Chief Executive

PARTNERSHIP - OVERVIEW & UPDATE                        (5)
CHANGING SPACE FOR CHANGING NEEDS                      (6)
FIRE SAFETY AWARENESS DAY                              (6)
MATER PET/CT CENTRE                                    (7)
HOSPITAL WATCH                                         (7)
BREASTHEALTH UNIT                                      (8)
HAND HYGIENE AWARENESS WEEK                            (8)
MOBILITY MANAGEMENT                                    (9)
DAY IN THE LIFE                                       (10)

TRANSIT UNIT                                          (10)
ACCREDITATION                                         (11)
STAFF DAY                                             (11)

CHRISTMAS PARTY                                       (12)
NURSING CONFERENCE                                    (12)
NURSES WEEK                                           (12)
YOUR VOICE                                            (12)

By Brian Conlan Chief Executive
Following a review of Corporate Management Structures carried out        Corporate Services Division
in conjunction with Deloitte Management Consultants, the Board of        As outlined in Table 2 the Administration Services Division comprises
Directors at a meeting on 27th September 2005 approved the new
                                                                         of five functional officers: -
corporate structures in the Mater Misericordiae University Hospital
(MMUH) On the 1st October 2005 the new Corporate Management
                                                                         Table 2
Structures came into effect.

The principal features of this restructuring are as follows: -                                     Chief Executive

The establishment of two divisions under Corporate Management:

1. Administration Services Division: Comprising of Finance,                                Administration Services Division
Information Management, Human Resource, Corporate Affairs and
Mission Effectiveness.

2. Patient Services Division: Comprising of Clinical Support
Services, Non-Clinical Support Services and a new position of
Clinical Services Manager.                                               Information       Corporate     Financial      Human     Director
                                                                         Management         Affairs      Controller    Resources of Mission
                                                                            Service        Manager                     Manager Effectiveness
Table 1 represents a high level view of the new structure.
There are four main pillars to the new organisational structure.

1. Medical (unchanged)                                                                              Materials
2. Nursing (unchanged)                                                    Manager                  Management
3. Administration Services Division
4. Patient Services Division                                                      Risk
This review does not change the medical and nursing structures.                 Manager
Current clinical divisional structures stand. The Director of Nursing
will continue to have responsibility for the professional development
                                                                            Quality and
of nursing undergraduates and post-graduates, nursing allocations,          Accreditation
and practice development.                                                    Manager

Table 1                                                                         Health
                                                                              and Safety
                  Board of Directors

                                                                            Education &
                                              Strategic Development,
                   Chief Executive                 Planning and
                                                                         Information Management Services Manager
                                                                         Mr. Gerard Hurl is the Information Management Services Manager.
                                                                         Mr. Hurl is responsible for all aspects of Information Technology,
                                                                         Information Management (except HIPE) and the Library.

                                                                         Corporate Affairs Manager
 Medical       Nursing         Administration         Patient Services   Mrs. Anne Carrigy is Corporate Affairs Manager. Mrs Carrigy is
                              Services Division           Division       responsible for the Risk Management, Quality and Accreditation,
                                                                         Health and Safety, Training Development and Education functions
                                                                         previously under the remit of the Deputy Chief Executive. Her title will
                                                                         be Director of Nursing and Corporate Affairs Manager. Mrs. Carrigy
                                                                         will maintain her position as Director of Nursing.

Financial Controller                                                           Clinical Services Manager
Ms. Caroline Pigott Financial Controller will take on the responsibility for   A new post of Clinical Services Manager has been created who will act as
the Materials Management function.                                             line manager for the following professional groups: -
                                                                               • Physiotherapy Department
Human Resources Manager
                                                                               • Speech and Language Therapy
Human Resources Manager (HRM) position is currently vacant. This position
                                                                               • Occupational Therapy
will assume responsibility for the Employee Assistance Programme and
                                                                               • Dietetics
Occupational Health Department. The HRM will become a member of the
                                                                               • Social Work
Hospital Executive Committee.
                                                                               • Pharmacy
Director of Mission Effectiveness                                              • Clinical Photography
Sr. Margherita Rock is the Director of Mission Effectiveness
                                                                               While not assuming line manager responsibility for the broader Professions
                                                                               Allied to Medicine (PAMs) Group, the Clinical Services Manager will
Patient Services Division
                                                                               represent PAMs interests as a member of the Executive Management
As outlined in Table 3 the Operations Division comprises of 3 functional       Committee and will act as Chair of the PAMs Council.
officers all-reporting to the Chief Executive: -
                                                                               Clinical Support Manager
                                                                               Mrs. Phil O’Neill is the Clinical Support Manager.
Table 3
                                                                               Mrs. O Neill is responsible for the management of Patient Services, including
                              Chief Executive                                  Complaints Management, Bed Management, Medical Records, Public
                                                                               Relations, Internal Communications, Freedom of Information, Policies and
                                                                               Procedures and Chaplaincy/Pastoral Care.

                         Patient Services Division                             Non-Clinical Support Manager
                                                                               Mr. Martin Igoe is the Non-Clinical Support Manager.
                                                                               Mr Igoe has responsibility for Technical Services, General Services, Catering
                                                                               and Projects Office.

 Clinical                   Clinical                 Non-Clinical
 Services                   Support                    Support
 Manager                    Manager                   Manager

                               Patient Services          General Services
                               and Complaints
        SPL, Physio,
       O/T, Dietetics,
        Social Work
                                Medical Records                 Services


                                     Bed                       Catering
                                                           Project Office

                                 PR and Comms

                                FOI and Policies


by Rosaleen Kelly Partnership Facilitator
The evidence is growing that Staff/Management Partnerships progress      2006 greater efforts will be undertaken to underpin this by developing
through a number of development stages before reaching maturity          a stronger partnership ethos between managers and staff at the level
and becoming embedded as an “integral part of what we do”                of each department or work unit - thus evolving into partnership with
                                                                         the small “p” - integrated and embedded into the way things are
The key principles underpinning the partnership
                                                                         naturally done. This next and crucial phase is when Partnership is
approach are:
                                                                         widened to include more than just the PC and Partnership Working
Inclusiveness; joint decision-making through consensus; communication    Groups - this will give as many people as possible an opportunity to
and active consultative processes that are participative. Enhanced       work on and develop issues through partnership principles.
workplace relationships and environments; Skills development and
                                                                         The Mater PC are currently drawing up the Mater Partnership Service
training to improve services in line with the ‘high trust, high skill,
                                                                         & Action Plan for 2006 which will continue to build upon it’s four
high quality workplace’ principle. Enhancing the quality of the work
                                                                         overarching themes from 2005:
environment. Opportunities for staff and their representatives to be
involved in and contribute to meeting organisational challenges,         1) Improving Internal Mater Communications
the development of strategies and service planning, and quality in the
                                                                         2) Developing the Service Planning Process
delivery of health and social services.
                                                                         3) Developing More Flexible Working Arrangements
Partnership with the capital “P”
                                                                         4) Progressing & Mainstreaming Partnership.
This has mainly been focussing on a structured process, supported by
the Health Services National Partnership Forum (HSNPF) the Mater         This will be available shortly on the MaterNet intranet pages, which
Partnership Committee (PC) and local Partnership Working Groups          are accessible to all staff via the three Intranet Booths and also from
(PWGs), which are sub-groups of the PC set up to develop and action      your Partnership Committee representative.
specific issues. All these groups comprise balanced representation        (Lists of PC members outlining the areas that they represent and
nominated by staff and management, meeting regularly to work             other Partnership information is posted on the two Partnership notice
together on progressing issues as identified, proposed and agreed by      boards. These are located outside the postroom and in Phase 1A
the PC. The Mater PC have agreed that while this will continue into      concourse opposite the physiotherapy reception desk)

by Dara Carroll Arts and Environment Manager Mater & Children’s Hospital
Development Ltd.
Last September, The Taoiseach, Bertie Ahern, TD,
officiated at the ‘topping out’ ceremony which marked
the completion of the main building works on the new
Centre for Nurse Education. This Centre will replace
the current Nurses’ Home building on the North
Circular Road, which will be demolished to make
way for the new hospital campus. The Hostel building
on Eccles St, comprising the new hospital entrance,
cafeteria and accommodation for on-call medical
staff will also be completed at the end of the year.
The completion of these two building will signal the final
phase of enabling works for the new hospital campus.
Already completed are the Gastro Intestinal (GI) Unit;
                                                                         a significantly extended and redeveloped Mater Misericordiae Hospital
Equipment Maintenance Workshops and a Power Substation.
                                                                         and a purpose-built Children’s Hospital. This facility will replace
The Mater and Children’s Hospital Development is a K490 million          the existing hospital on Temple Street. Both The Taoiseach and the
(K367 at current prices) project set for final delivery by 2010 and       Tanaiste and Minister for Health, Mary Harney, have expressed their
is operating within the budget parameters set by the HSE and the         strong commitment to the project. The main works are expected to
Department of Health and Children. The development will incorporate      commence on-site in Spring 2006.

by Una Cunningham Speech and Language Therapist Manager

                                                                                                                                   Picture of from left to right
                                                                                                                                   Dervilla Danaher Physiotherapy/
                                                                                                                                   Vivienne Nelson Occupational Therapy/
                                                                                                                                   Una Cunningham Speech and
                                                                                                                                   Language Therapy

The re-design and refurbishment of the multi-disciplinary staff room to facilitate
increased use for therapy sessions and staff in-services is now complete.                       ANNUAL FIRE SAFETY
75 staff members were involved in the project, which was completed within
budget. All audio-visual tools are in situand operational.
                                                                                                   AWARENESS DAY
                                                                                                         by Phil Lewis Farrell Health & Safety/
We are satisfied that we met the objectives as set out in our
application for funding which include:
                                                                                                                      Fire Safety Co-ordinator
• Increased access to other disciplines - Clinical Nutrition and
  Dietetics, Medical Social Work and Accreditation teams have used
  the space for meetings.

• Increase in patient use - Group therapy programmes take place
  weekly in this space. Patient focus groups and multi-disciplinary
  family meetings have also been held in this facility.

Additional benefits include:

• Positive patient feedback regarding the treatment environment

• Positive staff feedback regarding the custom made education resource
                                                                                     From left Phil Lewis Farrell Health & Safety/Fire Safety Coordinator, Andy Ewings Fire
                                                                                     Consultant from Michael Slattery & Associates, District Officer Gerry Stanley and two
• A 40% increase in the number of staff using the room
                                                                                     Fire Prevention Officers from Dublin Fire Brigade.
• Better interaction between disciplines due to cross discipline coffee breaks
                                                                                     National Fire Safety Week ran between 10th and 14th October and the
• Increase in the number of requests to use the facility for meetings by             theme this year was ‘Don’t delay test your smoke alarm today’.
  non-rehab staff because of the “easy set up” facilities for power point
                                                                                     On the 13th November the Annual Fire Safety Awareness Day was held
  presentations e.g. by clinical nurse specialists in rheumatology.
                                                                                     in this hospital. This was facilitated by the attendance of District Officer
To ensure ownership and responsibility in the maintenance of this facility,          Gerry Stanley from Dublin Fire Brigade assisted by two officers who set up
a staff rota has been generated across disciplines. In December an initial           a stand at the Concourse. In line with the theme of the week, leaflets were
survey regarding staff satisfaction with the space will be carried out.              provided in many languages to assist people in identifying fire hazards in
                                                                                     their own homes.
On Monday 19th December 2005 a staff cheese and wine party will be
held. This is to acknowledge the work of the committee involved and to               The stand was also manned by one of our Fire Consultants,
allow an opportunity for all staff to view the changes made.                         Mr. Andy Ewing and myself from the Health & Safety Department.
                                                                                     A competition, consisting of three questions relating to our premises
                                                                                     was held and Stella Tuite from Noonans Cleaners won first prize.
                                                                                     All prizes were sponsored and a full list of prizewinners was circulated to
                                                                                     all Departments.

by Adrian Adams, Clinical Specialist Radiographer, Mater PET/CT Centre
It was with great excitement that on the 10th October, the Mater
PET/CT Centre opened its doors to its first patient. The Mater PET/CT
Centre incorporates a state of the art PET/CT scanner and is currently
the most advanced scanner of its type in Ireland.
The Centre is the result of extensive planning between the Mater
Misericordiae University and the Mater Private Hospital. It is one
of the first examples of a major public private partnership in the
Irish health care system and is accessible to all patients by direct
consultant referral.
Located at the Phase 1A end of the link corridor, the Centre incorporates
a 16-slice PET/CT scanner, a fully functional radiopharmacy and 4
patient uptake cubicles.
PET/CT has a number of clinical uses including Neurology and
Cardiology; however, its major application lies within Oncology. It
is particularly useful for assessing certain types of cancers including
lymphoma, lung, colorectal, oesophageal carcinoma and malignant
melanoma. One of its most useful features is its ability to locate
secondary disease that has migrated far from the primary tumour site.
PET/CT imaging has the added advantage of also influencing the                   Patients must fast for at least six hours prior to their scan and
management of care, which results in improved outcomes for patients             non-diabetics should have a carbohydrate free diet the day preceding
often undergoing very serious treatment.                                        their test in order to lower their blood sugar levels. This is aimed at
Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scanning falls under the category            preventing their own blood sugar from competing with the radioactive
of Nuclear Medicine Imaging. It is performed by injecting minute                sugar for uptake in tumour cells. Diabetic patients should inform the
amounts of radioactive sugar (FDG) intravenously. Since hyperactive             PET/CT Centre at the time of their appointment of their condition,
cells (particularly tumour cells) have an over-consumption of sugar,            as they require specialised instructions depending on the type and
FDG can localise in these cells and their distribution can be mapped            severity of their diabetes.
throughout the body. The Computed Tomography (CT) element of                    The Tánaiste and Minister for Health and Children has been invited
the examination provides additional detail and is used to provide               to officially open the PET/CT Centre.
anatomic information, which can precisely localise these abnormal
                                                                                Additional information on PET/CT including patient preparation and after
areas of FDG accumulation.
                                                                                care can be obtained by contacting the Centre directly on ext 4970.

                                                                     HOSPITAL WATCH SCHEME
                                                                         “BE ON THE WATCH”
                                                                                         By Gerry Lawlor Chief Security Officer
                                                                                The Assistant Commissioner Al Mc Hugh and Brian Conlan Acting
                                                                                CEO officially launched the Hospital Watch Scheme on Wednesday
                                                                                12th October 2005 at 11.00am in the Pillar Room.
                                                                                The Hospital Watch Committee comprises of co-ordinators Martha
                                                                                Sharry and Gerry Lawlor, department and staff representatives, and
                                                                                the Community Policing Unit at Mountjoy Garda Station. This unit
                                                                                is lead by Sergeant James O Driscoll and is supported by Garda
                                                                                John Long, Garda Paul Franey and Sergeant Donal Power Divisional
                                                                                Crime Prevention Officer. The Hospital Watch Committee meets
                                                                                every six weeks.
                                                                                 The objective of the scheme is to promote security awareness among
Front Row: Martha Sharry Co-ordinator, Brian Conlan CEO,                        members of staff, patients and visitors. The aim is to provide a safe
AL McHugh Assistant Garda Commissioner,Chief Superintendent Mick Feehan
                                                                                environment, the protection of personal and hospital property, giving
Back Row 3rd left Gerry Lawlor Co-ordinator 4th left Martin Hughes General
Services Manager
                                                                                a sense of responsibility towards the reduction of crime by mutual
                                                                                co-ordination and communication. The Gardai welcome the scheme
Members of the Community Policing Unit Superintendent Fergus Heeley,
Inspector M Ryan, Inspector T Gallagher, Sgt Donal Power, Sgt Jim O Driscoll,
                                                                                as part of the community approach to crime prevention
Garda John Long, Garda Paul Franey                                              For further information contact or

By Fidelma Flanagan
Consultant Lead Radiologist/Clinical Director of BreastHealth

                                                                                                                            Fidelma Flanagan Consultant Lead
                                                                                                                            Radiologist/Clinical Director of
                                                                                                                            BreastHealth & in the background
                                                                                                                            Minister for Health, Mary Harney.

On Tuesday, 25th October at 3pm The Tanaiste and Minister for Health,           In the Triple Assessment Clinics a woman will receive her clinical examination,
Mary Harney, officially launched the BreastHealth Unit.                          radiological investigation and, if necessary, tissue sampling on the same
                                                                                day. The entire design of the new facility has sought to create a comfortable,
This unit builds on the existing personnel, expertise and facilities of
                                                                                non-intimidating environment to minimise stress.
BreastCheck. BreastCheck provides a free mammographic screening
service to asymptomatic women between 50-64 years. BreastHealth
                                                                                Senior clinical staff involved in this project would like to take the opportunity
provides a comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic service to women
                                                                                to thank all the staff of the hospital for their efforts in realising this project.
presenting with breast symptoms. A multi-disciplinary team staffs the unit.
                                                                                The staff that will be involved in the running of the unit look forward to the
BreastHealth will provide Family History Clinics for women with a strong        opportunities provided by this new facility to improve the quality of care they
family history of breast cancer, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Clinics.    can deliver to women attending the hospital with breast symptoms.

                                                HAND HYGIENE AWARENESS WEEK
                                                         By Roma Ruddy Assistant Director of Nursing Infection Control

The Hand Hygiene Awareness Week 24th -27th October 2005 was
organised by the Infection Control Nurses, Roma, Breda, Mairead, Elaine
and Tracy. During the week, Breda departed for her new job in Mullingar
Hospital. The theme for the week was “Hand Hygiene Saves Lives” The main
focus was hand hygiene as this is one of the basic principles preventing and
controlling infections and for protection of patients and staff.
The Infection Control Nurses held information sessions with the “Glitter Bug
Machine” to demonstrate to staff how well their hands were decontaminated.
This created great curiosity and surprising results.
Badges with “Clean Hands Saves Lives” were distributed to the staff. Posters
were distributed reminding staff, patients and visitors to clean their hands.
A draw for prizes was held for those that participated. Congratulations to
all of the winners.
                                                                                From left: Tracy Greene CNM2, Infection Control, Roma Ruddy Assistant Director of
The Infection Control Team hope that the week’s programme was of benefit         Nursing Infection Control and Mairead Mulhern, Clinical Nurse Specialist,
to hospital staff.                                                              Infection Control.

by Martin Cowley
Strategic Director of the Mater Campus
The Mobility Management Committee has been in existence for some
time under the Chairmanship of Brian Conlan. Since my appointment
as Strategic Director of the Mater Campus, I have taken over the role
of Chair of this Committee. The Committee comprises management
and staff representatives of both the Mater and the Children’s
University Hospital, Temple Street.

Vipre, an outside company with expertise in Mobility Management has
been engaged by the two hospitals to assist in implementing good
practice in the whole area of mobility management and in liasing
with staff in relation to their particular issues relating to car parking
etc. The Vipre representative Una McGrath has had presence in both
hospitals for some time.

The Mobility Management plan as required by Dublin City Council
                                                                            two of the locations. The Mobility Management Committee have
aims to reduce the number of cars accessing the hospital site and
                                                                            also sought planning permission to build a new car park behind the
the area in general by promoting, creating and improving alternative
                                                                            Children’s University Hospital, which will house up to 370 spaces,
travel modes such as walking, cycling, car - pooling, utilisation of
                                                                            this car park will be ready in approximately 18 months time subject
public transport etc.
                                                                            to planning permission. The Mobility Management Committee is at
Notwithstanding these good aspirations, the Mobility Management             present drafting policies regarding the methodology to be adopted in
Committee is deeply conscious of the multi-faceted car parking              allocating spaces to staff and this will be presented to the Executive
issues that need to be addressed at the present time, particularly          Management Committee of both hospitals for ratification.
what happens when the builders take over the car park, hopefully in
                                                                            In the long term it is planned that an underground car park will be
Spring 2006. At that stage there will be there will be no car parking
                                                                            constructed as part of the hospital development programme, however
in the grounds of the hospital - however it is hoped that nearly the
                                                                            under government guidelines this must be self-funded.
same number of car parking spaces will be available in four locations
i.e. Marlborough Car Park, Dalymount, Grangegorman and Mater                The Committee is particularly cognisant of the requirements of
Dei. It is planned that shuttle services be provided to and from at least   on-call staff and will give priority to addressing this particular issue.

                                                                                               “A DAY IN THE LIFE”
                                                                                                  by Josephine Kelly Catering Assistant

                                           “The restaurant is not the heart      8.00am: “Everything is in full swing. Chef’s busy cooking, porters with
                                           of the Mater; to me it is the soul.   deliveries, managers and catering assistants busy, serving food, stocking
                                           It is where everyone is welcomed      up and making sure the area is clean and tidy. The crockery and cutlery
                                           with a smile. Managers, catering      is constantly turning over from the dining area to the dishwasher and right
                                           assistants, chefs and porters try     back out again. It is like a human conveyor belt. Not forgetting the cashiers,
                                           our very best to make what small      who unwillingly have to take such a small fee for such a big service.”
                                           well earned breaks you have
                                           feel like a break. You have the       11.30am: “Break time for us. A half an hour to eat and some of
                                           added bonus of leaving well fed       us have a quick fag (if we can find somewhere to have one) and rest the
                                           and watered. The restaurant is        auld feet.”
                                           a meeting place for you to chat,
                                                                                 12.00pm: “Lunch begins and may I say the chefs always provide a lunch
                                           chill out, reflect on your day,
                                                                                 fit for a king or even a staff member. The conveyor belt starts right back up
                                           or just lend an ear to someone
                                                                                 again. Even though we are busy, we always have time for our customers,
                                           who might need one and who
                                                                                 a smile a few quick words as you pass by, a helping hand if needed or just
                                           knows, even leave feeling good
                                                                                 call you by your name. (We cheat; we look at your name badge.) We do
                                           about yourself.”
                                                                                 care about your breaks and the service we provide.”
5.00am: “I get up to leave breakfast, school lunches, and pocket money
                                                                                 3.00pm: “The big clean up begins. No stone is left unturned. Everything
on the table for 3 children. I put on a wash and hang clothes on the line.
                                                                                 has to be cleaned, checked to the highest standard, mindful of food hygiene
I have a red setter, Rusty. He brings me for a 10-minute walk and is fed.
                                                                                 legislation and how we appear to you. Then everything is left ready for tea
I get ready for work. I have it down to a ‘T.’ I can put the polyfiller on in
                                                                                 to start.”
4 minutes flat. I leave 3 alarm clocks reset for 7.00am, say goodbye to the
dog and off I go.”                                                               3.30pm: “I go home fairly wrecked. I arrive home to begin again; cook
                                                                                 dinner and do all those household chores we all hate but have to do.
6.00am: “I leave for work. I only live 10 minutes away but if I am not at
                                                                                 I have to help with the schoolwork, ask the spellings and listen to those
the hospital by 6.10am I won’t get parking. In the locker room a cup of
                                                                                 all-important problems the children have had during the day.”
tea is waiting courtesy of a work colleague or the senior chef, Siobhan.
The next 45 minutes is important to me as the rest of the staff on the early     7.30pm: “The hound is getting restless, so off we go. I am dragged
shift drift in. We catch up on each others news. We have a laugh or lend         through the streets for an hour.”
a shoulder to cry on. To know how people are feeling is important, so we         8.30pm: “I’m back. Legs not the best but find the strength to go to my kick
can help each other out throughout the day, in order to give you the best        boxing classes for an hour. Sometimes I watch TV, but rarely see the end of
service we can.”                                                                 anything.”
7.00am: “ We all clock in and the fun starts. We have to get the restaurant      10.30pm: “Bath and bedtime for children. I prepare food and clothes for
and coffee shop set up, ready to facilitate over 2500 people who come            the next day.”
through our doors for breakfast, lunch or tea. The vending machines
throughout the hospital have to be stocked, cleaned and checked. We each         11.00pm: “ Treat time; soak in the bath and bed. Night see you all again
have our given duties for the day and off we go.”                                tomorrow...........”

by Martin Igoe
Non Clinical Support Manager
The Hospital expects that the opening of a new 33 bed Transit Unit in            The Hospital’s long-term needs are provided for as part of the
December 2005 will contribute significantly to easing the Accident and            D367 million (at current prices) Mater & Children’s Hospital Development
Emergency (A&E) capacity issues. Twenty-six beds will be under the remit of      under the National Development Plan. This is sanctioned to proceed to
the Medical Emergency Division (MED) i.e. 21 bedded area, a 4 bedded             tender stage and will include provision for a new A&E Department and an
area and a negative pressure isolation room. A further 6 beds comes under        additional 100 beds.
the Emergency Department remit - the Clinical Decision making Unit (CDU).
An isolation room is also included for dialysis purposes.

                                                                                                        by Frances Kenny
                                                                                    Quality and Accreditation Department

On November 28th to December 2nd 2005 accreditation survey week will commence. All areas of
the hospital, and especially our fifteen accreditation teams, are working hard to prepare for the visit.

The survey team will comprise of eight surveyors and one service user. The team will be based at the
hospital for five days and the surveyors will have access to tour all areas of the hospital. The surveyors
will talk with staff members, patients and interview our fifteen accreditation teams.

On Friday 2nd December at 2.30pm in the Freeman Auditorium there will be an opportunity for all
staff to get feedback from the surveyors. All staff are welcome to attend.

If you would like a copy of the schedule for the week of the survey, or further information on the survey
week please contact the Quality and Accreditation Office on ext 4210.

by Dermot Phelan Consultant in Intensive Care Medicine,
Member of the Hospital Executive
The Hospital is designating a specific afternoon to allow review of its      effort to minimise disruption to patients’ appointments. All student
activities and its role in servicing the local community and the patients   and postgraduate tutors are invited to incorporate the programme of
referred on a supra-regional or national basis. This is a new idea,         the afternoon into their curricula.
which will facilitate specialty updating, service planning, research
                                                                            This is an opportunity for new and established specialty areas to
and revitalisation.
                                                                            demonstrate what is new in their areas of service and we trust it will
The afternoon will start with updates in specialty and key management       act as a general boost to the Hospital and to its range of current
areas and with staff buy-in will be relevant to all hospital personnel.     and projected patient services. Your contribution will be key to
A major, plenary session dealing with issues of immediate and future        its success.
pertinence to the Hospital will follow and will be video transmitted to
                                                                            We anticipate it will be a realistic forum for health care reflection and
key hospital venues.
                                                                            advancement. The full programme for the afternoon is in evolution
The hospital is committed to the success of this innovative project and     and your proposed contribution is requested now. You will also be
sees it as an opportunity for renewal in all areas its activity. Elective   requested to contribute to the feedback process on the day. Press and
hospital activity and other areas of non-urgent hospital activity should    media coverage of the plenary event will facilitate self-evaluation and
cease for the afternoon. You are requested to please make every             positive profiling of the Hospital.

Christmas Party
Venue: Hogan Suite in Croke Park

                                                                                FOR YOUR INFORMATION
7.30pm Music “Latin American Trio”
8.30pm Meal
9.30pm Bands “Freedom” & “Route 66”
Bar extension until 1.30am

24TH MAY 2006
Annual Nursing Conference
(Incorporating the Venerable Catherine McAuley Lecture)
Venue: Freeman Auditorium
Conference Title: The Changing Healthcare Environment - Nurses are you ready?

MAY 22ND -
MAY 27TH 2006
Nurses Week
Celebrating Nursing

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