Diagnostic Surgical Pathology 2009 by keara


									     June 22-26, 2009 • Riva del Garda, Italy

Diagnostic Surgical Pathology 2009
                      Jointly sponsored by
                      Massachusetts General Hospital
                      Department of Pathology

                      Harvard Medical School
                      Department of Continuing Education

                      Centro Diagnostico Italiano (CDI)
                      Milan, Italy

                      Course Directors
                      Robert H. Young, MD
                      Juan Rosai, MD
Course Summary
 This four-day course will cover a broad spectrum of organ systems that
 provide specimens that pose many problems in differential diagnosis for
 the surgical pathologist. Areas to be covered are pathology of the
 esophagus, appendix, colon, liver, lung, lymph nodes, ovary and fallopian
 tube, placenta (including trophoblastic disease), uterine cervix
 (emphasizing cytopathology), prostate, skin, soft tissues and thyroid.
 The primary focus will be on interpretation by conventional light
 microscopy but where appropriate the application of histochemistry,
 immunohistochemistry and molecular pathology will be considered. Each
 participant will receive a comprehensive course syllabus.

            Course Objectives
            The objective of this course is to give practicing pathologists
            a comprehensive review of knowledge in the areas selected
            for presentation by authorities in the fields emphasizing new
            information. The goals are to enhance the ability of the
            pathologist to interpret correctly both common and
            uncommon entities, some of them recently described, and to
            present a balanced overview of the approach to microscopic
            evaluation and a guide to the judicious use of new techniques
            when they provide diagnostic aid.
            At the end of this course, the participant should be able to:

            I Have greater awareness of the many pitfalls in
              differential diagnosis that may be encountered,
              including those only recently appreciated.
            I Have an up-to-date knowledge of the classification
              of tumors and tumor-like lesions in the areas of
              pathology covered in the course.
            I Have increased knowledge of the role of
              immunohistochemistry and molecular pathology in
              differential diagnosis and their incorporation with
              conventional microscopic analysis in the approach to
              resolving difficult areas of differential diagnosis.
            We wish to acknowledge the generous support of the
            following organizations:
               Milestone, S.R.L.
               Nikon Corporation
               Bracco S.P.A.
               Genzyme Genetics, Inc.
                                                               The meeting venue is the Congress
                                                               Center in Riva del Garda, on the north
                                                               shore of the Lake of Garda, the largest
                                                               lake in Italy. The lake is a deep blue; the
                                                               Northern extremity, where the meeting
                                                               will take place, is hemmed between
                                                               mountains like a fjord, whereas the
                                                               Southern section looks like a small
                                                               inland sea. Regarded by many as the
                                                               most beautiful lake in Italy, it has long
                                                               been a favorite of writers and artists. It
                                                               has been sung of in antiquity by the
                                                               Latin poets Catullus, Virgil and Pliny,
                                                               and in more recent times by Goethe
                                                               (who called it “a miracle of nature”),
                                                               Gabriele D’Annunzio, Stendhal, Kafka,
                                                               Thomas Mann and D H Lawrence.
About Riva del Garda

            The lake can be toured by steamer, motor boat, or by driving along the roads that
            circle its entire shore, the most spectacular portion being the one that follows the
            corniche from Riva to Salò. Places worth visiting in the lake area include Arco
            (home of the world climbing championship), the top of the Monte Brione (a great
            place for hikers and mountain-bikers), Torbole (the windsurfing capital of the
            region), Malcesine (a delightful fishing village), Bardolino (where you can taste
            excellent wine in 43 different vineyards along the “wine road”), Gardone Riviera
            (with the Vittoriale, the extravagant estate built by the poet Gabriele D’Annunzio),
            and Sirmione (a place out of a fairy tale, with the famous Grottos of Catullus).

               Visiting the lake and its surroundings should be enough to satisfy the esthetic urges of
               most participants, but there are many additional options:
               G   A visit to the neighbouring lake of Como, which rivals Garda in beauty and popularity.
               G   A tour to Verona (90 Km), the city of Romeo and Juliet and the home of an
                   amazingly well-preserved Arena built by the Romans in A.D. 100 and still used for
                   summer opera performance (alas, not during the time of the meeting).
               G   A tour to Padova (200 Km), the city of St. Anthony, with the sculptural masterpieces
                   of Donatello and the Scrovegni chapel, adorned with the best pictorial work of Giotto.
               G   A tour to Parma (200 Km) and its surroundings, a compulsory pilgrimage for
                   Verdi lovers.
               G   A tour to Mantua (130 Km), the elegant city of the Gonzagas, patrons of the
                   painter Andrea Mantegna.
               G   A tour along the many spectacular villas built by Palladio around Vicenza on the
                   roads going to Venice, one of them faithfully reproduced by Jefferson at Monticello.
               G   A visit to Cremona (200 Km) the city of Stradivari and the other makers of violins
                   whose quality (and price) are still unsurpassed.
               G   Last but not least, a visit to Venice (180 Km), arguably the most beautiful city
                   in the world.
                                           Course Schedule
Jonathan I. Epstein, MD                      Monday, June 22
Johns Hopkins
University School of
                                           2:00PM    Registration
Baltimore, MD USA                          5:00      Inaugural Lecture
                                                     Juan Rosai, MD
Fabio Facchetti, MD                        6:30      Opening Reception
University of Brescia, Italy

Judith A. Ferry, MD                          Tuesday, June 23
Massachusetts General Hospital
Harvard Medical School
                                           7:30AM    Registration
Boston, MA USA
                                           8:15      Introduction
Melinda F. Lerwill, MD                               Drs. Rosai and Young
Massachusetts General Hospital             8:30      Hodgkin’s Lymphoma: Subtypes and
Harvard Medical School                               Varied Differential Diagnosis
Boston, MA USA                                       Judith A. Ferry, MD
                                           9:15      Recognition of Stromal Invasion in
Joseph Misdraji, MD                                  Breast Carcinoma
Massachusetts General Hospital                       Melinda F. Lerwill, MD
Harvard Medical School                     10:00     Question Period
Boston, MA USA
                                           10:15     Coffee
Elizabeth Montgomery, MD                   10:45     Colorectal Polyps: What’s Old is New
Johns Hopkins University School of                   Elizabeth Montgomery, MD
Medicine                                   11:30     Tumors of the Fallopian Tube and
Baltimore, MD USA                                    Broad Ligament: An Update
                                                     Robert H. Young, MD
Giuseppe Pelosi, MD                        12:15PM   Question Period
University of Milan School of Medicine
                                           12:30     Lunch
European Institute of Oncology of Milan,
Italy                                      1:30      Diagnosing Prostatic Carcinoma on
                                                     Needle Biopsy (I)
                                                     Jonathan I. Epstein, MD
Drucilla J. Roberts, MD
Massachusetts General Hospital
                                           2:15      Diagnosing Prostatic Carcinoma on
Harvard Medical School                               Needle Biopsy (II)
Boston, MA USA                                       Jonathan I. Epstein, MD
                                           3:00      Coffee
Juan Rosai, MD
Centro Diagnostico Italiano                3:30      Problems in the
Milan, Italy                                         Immunohistochemical Evaluation of
                                                     Breast Lesions
                                                     Melinda F. Lerwill, MD
David C. Wilbur, MD
Massachusetts General Hospital             4:15      Follicular Hyperplasia, Follicular
Harvard Medical School                               Lymphoma and Their Mimics
                                                     Judith A. Ferry, MD
Boston, MA USA
                                           5:00      Question Period
Robert H. Young, MD
Massachusetts General Hospital
Harvard Medical School
Boston, MA USA
  Wednesday, June 24
                                                  1:30      Trophoblastic Disease with
                                                            Emphasis on Moles
                                                            Drucilla J. Roberts, MD
8:30AM    Selected Topics in Esophageal           2:15      Glandular Lesions of the Cervix:
          Pathology                                         Emphasizing the Cytologic
          Elizabeth Montgomery, MD                          Perspective
                                                            David Wilbur, MD
9:15      Liver Biopsy Interpretation (I):
          Hepatitis                               3:00      Coffee
          Joseph Misdraji, MD
                                                  3:30      The Classification of
10:00     Question Period                                   Neuroendocrine Lung Tumors
                                                            Giuseppe Pelosi, MD
10:15     Coffee
10:45     Unusual Types of Malignant              4:15      Vascular Tumors of Skin and
          Prostatic Tumors                                  Subcutaneous Tissue
          Jonathan I. Epstein, MD                           Fabio Facchetti, MD

11:30     An Approach to Fibroepithelial          5:00      Question Period
          Tumors of the Breast
                                                    Friday, June 26
          Melinda F. Lerwill, MD
12:15PM   Question Period
12:30     Lunch
                                                  8:30AM    The Classification of Lung
1:30      Mesenchymal Lesions of the                        Carcinoma: Time to Change the
          Gastrointestinal Tract                            Morphologic-Based Approach?
          Elizabeth Montgomery, MD                          Giuseppe Pelosi, MD
2:15      Liver Biopsy Interpretation (II):       9:15      Cytology-Histology Correlation in
          Biliary Pathology                                 Evaluating Soft Tissue Lesions
          Joseph Misdraji, MD                               David Wilbur, MD
3:00      Pitfalls in the Interpretation of       10:00     Question Period
          Thyroid Tumors
          Juan Rosai, MD                          10:15     Coffee
4:00      Question Period                         10:45     Placental Evaluation: Why, When,
                                                            How and What
6:00      Barbecue                                          Drucilla J. Roberts, MD
                                                  11:30     Granulosa Cell Tumors of the Ovary
  Thursday, June 25                                         and Their Mimics
                                                            Robert H. Young, MD
8:30AM    Cervical Squamous Lesions: The          12:15PM   Question Period
          Utility of Cytohistologic Correlation
          and the Role of Ancillary Studies       12:30     Lunch
          David Wilbur, MD                        1:30      Placental Findings Associated with
9:15      Pathology of the Appendix: A Small                Neurologic Impairment
          Organ that May Cause Big Problems                 Drucilla J. Roberts, MD
          Joseph Misdraji, MD                     2:15      The Differential Diagnosis of
10:00     Question Period                                   Ovarian Tumors with Clear and
                                                            Oxyphil Cells
10:15     Coffee                                            Robert H. Young, MD
10:45     Spindle Cell Tumors of the Skin         3:00      Pitfalls in the Interpretation of
          Fabio Facchetti, MD                               Soft Tissue Tumors
11:30     Selected Extranodal Lymphomas                     Juan Rosai, MD
          Judith A. Ferry, MD
                                                  4:00      Question Period
12:15PM   Question Period
                                                  4:15      Concluding Remarks
12:30     Lunch                                             Drs. Young and Rosai
   General Information
                                   Riva del G
ACCREDITATION Harvard Medical School             COURSE LOCATION All course-related
is accredited by the Accreditation Council       activities, including the Inaugural lecture,
for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME)         Opening reception, and Barbecue will
to provide continuing medical education for      take place at the Congress Center in Riva
physicians.                                      del Garda.

Harvard Medical School designates this edu-
cational activity for a maximum of 28 AMA
                                                 ACCOMMODATIONS There is not a
PRA Category 1 CreditTM. Physicians should       specific conference hotel, but many hotels
only claim credit commensurate with the          are available in Riva del Garda. Registrants
extent of their participation in the activity.   are responsible for making their own travel
                                                 and hotel reservations.
The American Medical Association has
determined that physicians not licensed          Rivatour Incoming Travel Agency is the
in the US who participate in this CME activ-     travel agency affiliated with the Congress
ity are eligible for AMA PRA Category 1          Center. Hotel reservations, transfers, and
CreditTM.                                        additional social programs are available
                                                 through them. Hotel rates, reservation
I Italian participants will get credits from     policies and excursions will be available
the Italian Ministry of Public Health.           online at www.rivatour.it. The agency can be
                                                 contacted at:
REGISTRATION Tuition Fee: $985 (USD).               Rivatour Incoming Travel Agency
Reduced Fee for Residents and Fellows in            Parco Lido
Training (with a letter of verification): $750      38066 Riva del Garda
(USD). Tuition fee includes the opening             Tel +39 0464 570370
reception, barbecue, and all coffee and             Fax +39 0464 555184
lunch breaks, as well as a detailed course          Mobile +39 335 744 5192
syllabus. All foreign payments must be made         info@rivatour.it N www.rivatour.it
by a draft on a United States Bank. If paying
                                                    Contact person: Ms. Graziella Zucchelli
by check, please make payable to Harvard
Medical School and mail with completed reg-
istration form to Harvard Medical School,        TRAVEL For information on reduced air-
Department of Continuing Education, P.O.         fare, call Harvard Medical School-
Box 825, Boston, MA 02117-0825. If paying        Department of Continuing Education at
by credit card, please register online at        (617) 384-8600, Monday-Friday, 10AM to
www.cme.hms.harvard.edu/courses/italy2009.       4PM (EST).
Telephone or mail-in registration with credit
card payment is not accepted. Inquiries          RIVA DEL GARDA CAN BE REACHED BY
should be directed to the above address,         CAR: from the North on the Brennero
made by phone: (617) 384-8600, Monday–           motorway (A22); From the South through
Friday, 10 AM to 4 PM (EST), or by email:
                                                 Brescia following the scenic Gardesana
hms-cme@hms.harvard.edu. Upon receipt of
                                                 Occidentale (SS45), or through Verona
registration a confirmation letter will be
                                                 following the equally scenic Gardesana
mailed to the address listed on the form.
                                                 Orientale (SS249).
REFUND POLICY A handling fee of $60 is           BY COACH: Direct links from Trento,
deducted for cancellation. Refund requests       Rovereto, Brescia, Milan and Venice.
must be received by mail or fax one week         BY TRAIN: the nearest station is Rovereto
prior to the course. No refunds will be made     (on the Brennero line), with a 20 Km bus
thereafter.                                      connection.
                                                 BY PLANE: the nearest airports are Verona
ONLINE INFORMATION please visit                  (80 Km), Brescia (110 Km), Bergamo (140
cme.hms.harvard.edu/courses/italy2009            Km), Milano (Malpensa and Linate, 200 Km)
                                                 and Venezia (180 Km).
Garda, Italy
 Registration Form                                                                                       Course # 292576

                                                                                                                    DIAGNOSTIC SURGICAL PATHOLOGY • JUNE 22-26, 2009 • RIVA DEL GARDA, ITALY
 H Tuition Fee: $985 (USD)

 H Reduced Fee for Residents*/Fellows-in-Training*: $750 (USD)
   *A letter of verification from Department Chair or Director of the Residency/Fellowship program
   must accompany application for a reduced fee.
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