Introduction to Problem Based Learning _PBL_ Workshop by keara


									“Introduction to Problem Based Learning” Workshop
January 10-15, 2010, John A. Burns School of Medicine (JABSOM)
Honolulu, Hawaii USA

PROGRAM AND SCHEDULE (subject to change)
(revised: 6 January 2010)

Arrival Day: Sunday, January 10, 2010

4:30-5:30 pm                    Registration and Packet Pick-Up, Ala Moana Hotel (Kona Tower
                                Lobby, 1st floor)
6:00-7:30 pm                    Welcome Reception (no-host cocktails) (Mariposa Restaurant,
                                   Neiman Marcus, Ala Moana Shopping Center)

Day 1: Monday, January 11, 2010 (JABSOM, MEB 304)

Rationale and Process

8:00 am                         Bus from Ala Moana Hotel to Medical School, Kakaako
8:30 am                         Orientation to Medical Education Building (meet in lobby): Staff
9:00 am                         Welcome and Introductions: Meta Lee, MD
9:15 am                         Overview of PBL: Richard Kasuya, MD, MSEd
9:45 am                         PBL at JABSOM: *Damon Sakai, MD
10:00 am                        Demonstration of PBL Tutorial, Step 1: *Les Tam, PhD, tutor, with
                                MS1 students
12:00 noon                      Lunch (Kulia Grill, on own)
1:15 pm                         Group picture (meet in MEB main lobby)
1:30 pm                         Essentials of the PBL Process: Meta Lee, MD
2:30 pm                         PBL at your school: Meta Lee and Mitsuaki Suzuki, MD
3:30 pm                         Pau Hana (“Finish Work”)
                                Bus from MEB to Ala Moana Center or Ala Moana Hotel
                                Free Evening

Day 2: Tuesday, January 12, 2010 (JABSOM MEB 304)

The Role of the Tutor

8:00 am                         Bus from Ala Moana Hotel to MEB
8:30 am                         The Role of the Tutor: Les Tam
9:15 am                         PBL Tutorial (Step 1, participants as tutors and students) (MEB
                                    304, MEB 314 A&B)
                                (Tutor Trainers: Jill Omori, Mitsuaki Suzuki, Richard Kasuya)
10:30 am                        Debrief with Tutor Trainers
11:00 am                        Tour of Center for Clinical Skills and Library: *Ms. Tina Shelton
                                (assemble in MEB lobby)

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11:30 am                        Lunch (Kulia Grill, on own)
12:30 pm                        OME Grand Rounds (Michael Hosokawa, MD, University of
                                Missouri, "A Perfectly Preserved 1960s Curriculum: The University of
                                Missouri School of Medicine Experience: Past, Present and Future"
1:45 pm                         PBL Tutorial ( Step 1, participants as tutors and students), MEB
                                   304, 314 A&B)
                                (Tutor Trainers: Meta Lee, Mitsuaki Suzuki, Seiji Yamada, MD)
2:30 pm                         Break
3:00 pm                         Debrief with Tutor Trainers
3:15 pm                         Evaluation and Pau Hana
3:30 pm                         Bus from MEB to Ward Centers or Ala Moana Hotel

                                Free Evening

Day 3: Wednesday, January 13, 2010 (JABSOM MEB 314)

PBL Case Design

8:00 am                         Bus from Ala Moana Hotel to MEB
8:30 am                         PBL Case Writing Workshop: Damon Sakai, MD
12:30 pm                        Lunch (on own, Kulia Grill)
1:00 pm                         Tips for Lectures in a PBL Curriculum: Damon Sakai, MD
2:30 pm                         Q&A and Discussion: Damon Sakai, Mitsuaki Suzuki
3:00 PM                         Evaluation and Pau Hana
                                Bus from MEB to Ala Moana Hotel or Kahala Mall

                                Free Evening

Day 4: Thursday, January 14, 2010 (JABSOM MEB 304)

Step 3 and Assessment

8:00 am                         Bus from Ala Moana Hotel to MEB
8:30 am                         Presenting Learning Issues (Tips for Students): Meta Lee, MD
9:00 am                         Demonstration of Learning Issues: Les Tam and JABSOM MSI
10:15 am                        Break
10:30 am                        Case Mapping: Les Tam, PhD
11:15am                         Small Groups: case mapping
12:00 noon                      Lunch (on own)
1:00 pm                         Small groups: presentation of case maps
2:00 pm                         Assessment in the PBL Environment: Jill Omori
3:00 pm                         Case-based Teaching and Large Group PBL: Les Tam, PhD
4:00 pm                         Evaluation and Pau Hana
                                <bus from MEB to Ala Moana Hotel>

                                Free Evening

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Day 5: Friday, January 15, 2010 (JABSOM MEB 314)

Curriculum Management and Faculty Development

8:00 am                         Bus from Ala Moana Hotel to MEB
8:30 am                         Curriculum Management in PBL: Damon Sakai, MD
9:15 am                         Faculty Development in PBL: Damon Sakai, MD
9:45 am                         Break
10:00 am                        Lessons Learned from PBL and Wrap-UP: Meta Lee
10:30 am                        Small Group Discussion (“Things to take from the workshop”)
11:00 am                        Evaluation and Pau Hana
11:30 am                        Bus from MEB to Ala Moana Hotel

                                Free Afternoon

6:00 pm                         Bus from Ala Moana Hotel to Aloha Dinner
6:30 pm                         Aloha Dinner: Waioli Tea Room, Manoa
8:30 pm                         Bus to Ala Moana Hotel

Day 6: Saturday, January 16, 2010 (DEPARTURES)

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