The Arkansas Firearms Freedom Act

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					The Alaska Firearms Freedom Act
Executive Summary – Alaska has passed a version of the Firearms Freedom act. This blocks the Fed from
regulating or controlling firearms, ammo etc made inside of Alaska and retained within the state. The Fed
use the interstate commerce clause to get authority to regulate firearms. Of course if the firearms never
leave the state the Fed is shut out of any regulation. A five year old can understand this.

Aggressive Twist – The law requires the State of Alaska to defend any Alaskan who is prosecuted by the
Feds hiding behind the interstate commerce clause and thus attempting to regulate firearms within Alaska.
This is a real slap shot to the Fed. Wyoming has a similar law but theirs calls for penalties for any agent of
any government who attempts to enforce federal gun laws on Wyoming compliant guns under their
Firearms Freedom Act. The penalties can be two years in prison and a fine of $2,000.

Analysis – The Fed fears the guns the most. They have been trying to do anything to get the people to
surrender their guns since the 1968 Gun Control Act. That is 42 years and still running. This reverses things
big time. Initially it allows guns to be purchased and ammo with no reportage to the Feds. They have no
idea who owns what gun. They have no controls. After they are successful with this the states will
undoubtedly escalate and apply the law to machine guns, silencers and possibly destructive devices like
guns over .50 cal and 40mm grenade launchers. This is the way things were before the 1968 gun control act
and then the Fed was far better behaved, the streets were safer and the people freer, taxes less etc.

The people according to the Second Amendment should have arms to repel enemies within and without. If
the Fed Courts rule against the states that passed versions of the Firearms Freedom Act then it will push
things closer to secession. This states rights freight train is headed down the secession track now at great
speed. They are still trying to reason with the fed. You will see this is not going to work. Reason with
Obama? Come on.

There is a 1869 Supreme Court decision that says the states do not have the right to secede. The Fed tends
to ignore older Supreme Court decisions out of convenience but this is one they will use. Secession will not
be something the state scan just do without bloodshed. Think Lincoln all over again.

They turned this blood thirsty tyrant of a President into a modern day hero. He was a blood thirsty slob who
was responsible for the deaths on many people, destruction of property etc. There was no natural person
victim from what the states did. Lincoln considered the government to be the victim and went on the

There should never be a court or criminal case where the government is a victim unless there was theft,
reason or destruction of property. This is the vicious mindset required to be President of the USA and
nothing has changed. Obama would do everything Lincoln did and more violently with pleasure and
satisfaction if the the states begin to secede.

The saving grace is Obama and the idiots that put him in office are so stupid they can't do anything right.
Have they done anything well? Didi they win any wars? Did they con the people? Did they make jobs?
How's the economy? They have managed to destroy the country more than Bush so maybe this was their
real goal or else they are the village idiots. Other explanations do not fit.