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					                                The US Navy Japanese/Oriental Language School Archival Project
                                                        The Interpreter
                                     Archives, University of Colorado at Boulder Libraries
 Number 99A                       Remember September 11, 2001                                                                       May 15, 2006

          Our Mission                 Mostly there         are     strained   bag lunches' at the office of           Born in Springfield, MA, he
                                      silences.                               Monthly Review, where I worked        was a descendant of Francis
  In the Spring of 2000, the                  Betty Knecht to her Mother,     in the 90s. He was a decent,          Cooke, a member of the
  Archives continued the origi-                 October-November, 1943        dedicated progressive with a          Mayflower company.
  nal efforts of Captain Roger                                  JLS 1944      penetrating intelligence. In the                            WHMC-KC;
  Pineau and William Hudson,          WAVE 50th Reunion Entry, 1993           mid-1970s, the Guardian, under                             Ethan Young,
  and the Archives first at-                     _______________
                                                                              the editorship of Irwin Silber and   ;
  tempts in 1992, to gather the                                                                                                       New York Times
                                                                              Jack Smith, ran a long series of
  papers, letters, photographs,              Hugh Deane                       op-eds debating China's foreign
                                                                                                                                       August 19, 2001
  and records of graduates of           JLS 1944, (1916-2001)                 policy. The first 'anti' piece came
  the US Navy Japanese/                                                       from Wilfred Burchett, the            What a Way to Wage War
                                      Hugh      Deane,      began    his
  Oriental Language School,
                                      association with China in 1936
                                                                              journalist who chronicled the                  III
  University of Colorado at                                                   Indochina war; the first 'pro'
  Boulder, 1942-1946. We              when he was a Harvard                                                         There were three possible
                                                                              piece came from Deane,
  assemble these papers in            exchange student at Lingnan                                                   assignments for us Ensigns. My
                                                                              reflecting his stature in China
  recognition of the contribu-        University. After graduating, he                                              first choice was Australia,
                                                                              friendship circles. He had
  tions made by JLS/OLS               returned to China for several                                                 second was Hawaii, and the
                                                                              defended China's line because he
  instructors and graduates to        years and wrote articles for the                                              dead-last-and-far-behind choice
                                                                              agreed with it; when it moved in
  the War effort in the Pacific       Christian Science Monitor and                                                 was Washington. They sent me
                                                                              a direction he no longer could
  and the Cold War, to the            the Springfield (MA) Union and                                                to Washington.        Along with
                                                                              accept, he was forthright with his
  creation of East Asian              Republican. During World War                                                  others from the Boulder group, I
                                                                              differences, while remaining a
  language programs across            II, Deane worked for the                                                      worked in a big office that got
                                                                              friend of the Chinese people. He
  the country, and to the             Coordinator of Information (later                                             pretty hot in the summer in those
                                                                              is missed.
  development of Japanese-            the Office of War Information),                                               pre-AC days. The translating
                                                                                  Hugh was one of a number of
  American      cultural   rec-       trained at the US Navy Japanese                                               work was not very hard, but we
                                                                              independent left intellectuals
  onciliation programs after          Language      School      at   the                                            quickly learned that our main job
                                                                              who,      while     not     Maoists
  World War II.                       University of Colorado, and then                                              was to stay out of the bad graces
                                                                              themselves, identified with the
                                      served as a naval intelligence                                                of our boss, a Captain with
                                                                              Chinese revolution in the 50s
Knecht Recollects                     officer on MacArthur's staff in
                                      the South Pacific. From 1946 to
                                                                              and 60s. These included W.E.B.        enormous talent but a terrible
                                                                                                                    temper. When we heard roars
                                                                              DuBois,       Shirley       Graham
…Yesterday morning we had to          1950, he was a Tokyo-based                                                    coming out of his office, our
                                                                              DuBois, Annette T. Rubinstein,
“fall out” and march over to the      correspondent, writing for a                                                  instinct was to cower under the
                                                                              the Monthly Review and National
men’s drill field to stand at         variety of publications on topics                                             desks, certain that wrath was
                                                                              Guardian circles, and others.
“parade rest” and watch the           concerning       eastern     Asia,                                            about to descend.             Still,
                                                                              [Their European counterparts
regimental review of the V-12         especially the origins of the                                                 Washington had its advantages.
                                                                              included Sartre, de Beauvoir,
sailors. On November 30, if we        Korean War. Blacklisted during                                                We didn’t have to live in a BOQ,
                                                                              filmmakers Joris Ivens and Felix
are in uniform, we will have to       the McCarthy era, Deane                                                       and our duties left enough time
                                                                              Greene, and philosopher George
take part in one for the benefit of   operated Laundromats for a short                                              to enjoy the city’s social life.
“the highest officials of the US      time. In 1960, Deane began an                                                 And there was one big
                                                                                  He wrote two books, Good
Navy.” They are coming for            editorial job for the paper Hotel                                             advantage. One evening at a
                                                                              Deeds and Gunboats and The
graduation exercises. For the         Voice, working as chief editor                                                cocktail party, I met a WAVE
                                                                              Korean War 1945-1953 and
next few weeks we have to have        most of the time until his                                                    officer. She now accuses me of
                                                                              contributed to The Nation,
drill four times a week instead of    retirement in 1986. Deane was a                                               not remembering that encounter,
                                                                              Christian Science Monitor and
the usual two.                        founder of the US-China Peoples                                               but I do. And we kept meeting,
                                                                              others. He was a founder of the
…This week brought another            Friendship Association, and                                                   then and after the war in various
                                                                              U.S.-China Peoples Friendship
innovation to the school. We          continued to write articles and                                               places in Europe, and in 1954 we
                                                                              Association and chief editor of
have been assigned to definite        books until his death on June 25,                                             were married, and lived happily
                                                                              its U.S. China Review. After
tables at lunch, with classes         2001.                                                                         ever after. Patience paid off.
                                                                              Harvard, he traveled to China
sitting together. At each table are       The collection, in the Western                                                But that was all in the future.
                                                                              and wrote a ten-part series for
three of the Japanese teachers,       Historical             Manuscripts                                            Back in January 1945, by now a
                                                                              the Monitor reporting that the
and conversation is supposed to       Collections-      Kansas     City,                                            Lieutenant (junior grade), I was
                                                                              Kuomintang was losing support.
be entirely in Japanese. One of       includes          correspondence,                                             finally shipped off to Australia.
                                                                              Ten years later, he was
the teachers at our table chatters    research notes, publications,                                                 Melbourne in those days was
                                                                              blacklisted, a victim of the
all the time at a great rate of       conference transcripts, an FBI                                                rather staid and proper, but it had
                                                                              notion that conspiring Americans
speed. Usually I don’t know           file on Indusco, manuscripts                                                  great charm and offered quite a
                                                                              had lost China. From 1960-1986,
what she is talking about.            (published and unpublished),                                                  range of activities.            My
                                                                              he was associate editor and then
Another teacher is very nice and      clippings, and a military map                                                 American colleagues and I lived
                                                                              editor of the Hotel Voice, a union
one day three of us at one end of     drawn by Zhou Enlai. ca. 1936-                                                in a residential hotel that
                                                                              newspaper. In 1963, he wrote
the table had quite an intelligent    1991. The collection is 4.5 cubic                                             provided comfortable rooms and
                                                                              one of the first anti-war critiques
conversation      about     books.    feet.                                                                         all our meals. We had bikes on
                                                                              in "The War in Vietnam" with a
                                              “I knew Hugh as a                                                     which we rode back and forth to
                                                                              forward by Bertrand Russell.
                                      regular at the Wednesday 'brown                                               the office, a small building that
we shared with Australian,              So You Want to Study                 and obvious use of heavy earth-         on Saipan we discovered a
British, and New Zealand                                                     moving equipment to clear it            young man from Guam living in
counterparts. Here too the work
                                           Japanese…? (5)                    would have been noticed by              the native village of Chalan
was pleasant, though a little          One of our general assignments        visitors to the island. To achieve      Kanoa (sp?) who was wanted for
more exciting than Washington,         [on Saipan] at that time was to       the desired results without being       some      infraction    by    the
as we felt closer to the action. It    examine whatever evidence we          so obvious, they brought to the         authorities in Guam. He needed
was as close as I was going to         could find bearing on the             island certain pests which would        to be sent under guard to Guam.
get. (To be cont’d)                    Japanese preparation for their        kill off the palm trees in short        I was asked (perhaps I
                                       acts of aggression, such as the       order and make it possible more         volunteered) to escort him to the
                  Wallace M. Erwin
                            JLS 1943   raid on Pearl Harbor. One             easily to create landing fields for     authorities there. I carried a
   from The Princeton Class of 1942    interesting bit of evidence we        their military aviation. Through        sidearm which I probably had
During World War II: The Individual    uncovered revealed rather long        testimony that we took we were          never even been trained to use
   Stories. Ed. Charles B. Blackmar,   range planning. The Japanese          able to put together a report to        [Ah, prisoner escort. Performed
                   The Class of 1942   wanted to use Saipan as an            submit to Tokyo for use in the          that duty several times myself. I
         Princeton University, 2000.   airbase but it was covered with       war crimes trials that were             was likewise bemused by my
                                       tropical growth, particularly         already underway.                       effectiveness with the M1911,
                                       palm trees. The amount of work            At some point during my stay        and by the paperwork I would

have had to fill out if I ever         toilets! Eventually, I had to         interview.                              in L.A. when he succumbed to a
pulled my 45]. Its presence was        return to my duty station [It’s          While going through all his          heart attack in Manila. Ted,
enough to keep our prisoner            amazing what sort of grass looks      stuff, it felt like a movie in the      Harry Pratt and I were in a class
from bolting. Once I had               greener after a stint of the          making. Who knows, you may              of only three because our prior
accomplished that task, I was          “simple life”]. (to be cont’d)        get a good writer to do a script        experience did not lend itself to
free to enjoy the delights of 6th                                            for a movie regarding your              including us in a class of
                                                           Charles D. Cook   students during the Japanese war        beginners.
Fleet HQ, to which my friend                                     OLS 1945
Jim Gunn was eager to introduce                   _______________            period.                                                          Semper Fidelis
                                                                                    Carolina Iñigo Winebrenner                                Elmer J. Stone
   Unlike the meager officer’s            W.E. Winebrenner,                        Widow of Walter Winebrenner                                    OLS 1945
club on Saipan, which offered               OLS 1945 (3)                     [Ed. Note: I notified Mr. Stone about   [Ed. Note: The Navy may have had
Pepsi, beer and whickey, the                                                 Ms Winebrenner and he answered:]        more reasons not to mix such old
                                       [My reading of your JLS/OLS                                                   salts with recruits beyond their
Guam Club had mixed drinks:                                                  Thank you for your message. We
                                       materials] has caused me to go                                                advanced Japanese training and
daiquiris,     whiskey     sours,                                            had lost contact with Lina
                                       through my husband's papers                                                   rank. Bill Croyle, Jr. has indicated
martinis and manhattans, for                                                 Winebrenner so are particularly         that the Samoa Marines may have let
                                       which revealed his US Navy
example. With Jim’s assistance I                                             happy to receive her address. Her       loose a bit, not that I blame them.
                                       service history, letters from him
was delighted to sample the                                                  husband, Ted, was a remarkable          Hard not to let off steam after service
                                       to his family during his
different offerings of his club.                                             man and we kept in touch until          in the Pacific. Must have been like
                                       Boulder days and a picture of                                                 “Li’l Rascals” let loose among altar
And then I discovered another                                                his death in 1983 or 1984. He
                                       him taken with a Japanese                                                     boys.]
asset offered on Guam:     flush                                             was within a week of visiting us
                                       officer in Tokyo while doing an                                                            _______________

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