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					ULUDAĞ UNIVERSITY SAC                                                       GENERAL REVISION III /1

                              2009-2010 GENERAL REVISION III

1. We spent hours talking about what we ____ since we left school.
a) were doing
b) had been doing
c) have been doing
d) will be doing

2. After he‟d counted his change, he ____ it in his pocket.
a) was put
b) put
c) has put
d) had put

3. A: Why have you set your alarm clock to go off at 5.30?
   B: Because I ____ then. I have to catch the early train tomorrow.
a) get up
b) was going to get up
c) am going to get up
d) have got up

4. Next August, while you ____ for your exams, I ____ lying on a Mediterranean beach.
a) are preparing / will be
b) were preparing / would be
c) prepare / will be
d) were preparing / was

5. I ____ you know as soon as the letter ____.
a) will let / arrives
b) would let / arrives
c) will let / arrived
d) let / had arrived

6. On July 20, 1969, Astronaut Neil Armstrong __________down onto the moon.
a) was stepping     b) was stepped c) had been stepped d) stepped

7. As soon as my favourite program _________, I ___________ bake an apple pie for you! I have
already bought some apples and flour.
a) is finishing/will                  c) finishes/am going to
b) is going to finish/am going to  d) will be finished/will be

8. When I was younger, I _________ five kilometres every day, but now I have to take frequent rests
when I try to do the same thing.
a) could run b) should have run c) might run       d) had better run

9. My parents wanted me ____ English.
a) learning           c) being learned
b) to learn           d) having learned

10. I decided ____ to the theatre myself as the others didn‟t want to come with me.
a) to go                c) to going
b) going                d) for going

ULUDAĞ UNIVERSITY SAC                                                     GENERAL REVISION III /2

11. There is no point in ____ that much for such a small thing.
a) paying                c) to paying
b) being paid            d) to be paid

12. He advised me ____ for that job because he knows that I need ____ my career as soon as possible.
a) to apply / starting
b) applying / starting
c) to apply / to start
d) applying / to start

13. A: Which sweet would you like ____?          B: The red ____.
a) to have /one      c) having / one
b) have / ones       d) to have / ones

14. He showed me how ____ the washing machine so that I didn‟t break it down.
a) to use            c) to using
b) using             d) use

15. The old man ____ I was travelling with told me his life story.
a) whose               c) when
b) who                 d) who‟s

16. The exam, ____ I took yesterday, was full of difficult questions.
a) which               c) that
b) whose               d) Ø

17. A: Why are you so sure that Amelia didn‟t commit the crime she‟s been accused of committing?
    B: She _____committed that crime because I was with her, and we were out of town on that day.
a) must have     b) can‟t have     c) shouldn‟t have     d) might not have

18. A: Why are you so late?
    B: I ________ my aunt to the airport. The traffic was terrible!
a) must have taken     c) had to take
b) could have taken    d) should have taken

19. The child‟s arm was swollen because he ____ by a bee.
a) stung        b) had stung   c) had being stung d) had been stung

20. In yesterday‟s match, two players ________ for inappropriate behaviour and they won‟t be able to
play in the next match.
a) sent off      b) were sent off      c) had been sent off d) have sent off

21. I wish I _____ you around, but I don‟t know much about this part of town myself.
a) may show b) would show               c) could show          d) am able to show

22. The insurance company _____ no doubt that the fire in the factory _____ on purpose.
a) had / had been set b) was having / had set
c) has / would be set d) had had / was set

23. Unless people suffering from high blood pressure _____ their doctors, they _____ medication.
a) have been consulted / will take
b) consult / cannot take
c) are consulting / would taken
d) consulted / can take

ULUDAĞ UNIVERSITY SAC                                                         GENERAL REVISION III /3

24. The mother told the child _____ up from the table until he _____ everything on his plate.
a) getting / has finished                      b) not getting / would finish
c) to get / would have finished                d) not to get / had finished

25. Oil prices have risen sharply over the last couple of months, _____.
a) and air fares do too                           b) and neither have air fares
c) and so were air fares                          d) and so have air fares

26. Since I had not seen her for five years, I was surprised that she had grown into _____ beautiful
a) so                   b) too                    c) how much              d) such a

27. As soon as he began to earn _____ money, he _____ to get an apartment.
a) too many / will decide       b) enough / decided
c) too much / has decided       d) too / would decide

28. If you _____ the workers their money before they‟ve completed the repairing, you _____ with a
half finished job.
a) are paying / will leave                     b) have paid / are leaving
c) pay / may be left                           d) had paid / were being left

29. Few people in England are good at French _____ they study the language for at least six years in
a) unlike              b) although            c) despite              d) whenever

30. You haven‟t forgotten that you must pick up the children from school after work, _____?
a) haven‟t you         b) won‟t they           c) have you             d) don‟t you

31. On the whole, my finals went very well, but I didn‟t do _____ I had expected in my maths exam.
a) so well that        b) as well as            c) much better          d) good enough

32. Last summer in Hawaii, I _____ how to surf, which was _____ experience.
a) had learned / exciting                     b) learned / an exciting
c) have learned / an excited                  d) learned / excited

33. Wow, a new sports car! You _____ a lot for it.
a) can‟t have paid     b) should have paid     c) must have paid           d) would have paid

34. A: Can‟t we do something about the situation?
     B: Don‟t worry! Something ____ right now.
a) is doing        b) is being done    c) is done        d) has been doing

35. There is a woman in Lebanon _____ records show that she may be as much as 126 years old.
a) whose               b) whom               c) where               d) which

36. You cannot go out of the classroom _____ you have a good reason for leaving.
a) by the time         b) as long as          c) unless              d) so as to

37. The last world cup was held in _____ Japan and Korea, though _____ country is particularly
known for their football.
a) both / neither       b) either / both       c) neither / either   d) all / each

38. American dramatist Neil Simon is best known for The Odd Couple, _____ is a play about two
recently divorced men _____ share an apartment in New York City.
a) which / who         b) which / Ø           c) that / whom        d) that / that

ULUDAĞ UNIVERSITY SAC                                                        GENERAL REVISION III /4

39. You‟d better book your hotel rooms well in advance _____ they‟re all full during the peak season.
a) whereas             b) so as to             c) in case             d) however

40. _____ first Christmas greeting card is believed to have been designed in England in 1843 by _____
artist named John C. Horsley for a friend.
a) A / Ø                        b) The / an              c) Ø / Ø                       d) Ø / an


41. It was raining very heavily last night. Suddenly there was a great crash of __________ and we
were really terrified.
a. thunder               b. blizzard             c. hailstorm             d. wind

42. The rain isn't too bad - it's only _____________. We can go for a walk.
a. pouring               b. drizzling            c. showers             d. damp

43. I can‟t understand how camels live in the ___________ desert heat.
a. warm                 b. hot                  c. mild                d. scorching

44. I'll be __________ when my flatmate set offs for Paris, as we couldn‟t get along very well.
a. unhappy              b. sad                 c. glad                  d. lovely

45. Melinda was ______________ with herself for missing the goal in the finals.
a. terrified          b. furious             c. hopeful               d. glad

46. I can‟t remember the name of the restaurant but it‟s on the tip my ______________!
a. tongue               b. foot                 c. leg                   d. finger

47. You need to learn the names of the bones in your body by _________
a. heart                b. stomach              c. brain             d. chest

48. My uncle and his wife broke _______ last month. We can‟t see them together again
a. down                b. up                  c. with                d. on

49. I‟m busy now. I‟ve got lots of things to do. I‟ll call you ________ in an hour.
a. back                 b. up                     c. for                  d. down

50. I gave ________ going to the theatre when I moved out of London.
a. back                b. up                   c. with               d. for

51. You ought to get _______into the fresh air. Don‟t stay at home.
a. on                  b. in                    c. of                     d. out

52. On March 27, the plane was waiting to take ________ but suddenly it caught fire.
a. out                 b. up                   c. off                d. over

53. Have you ever thought of setting __________ your own business?
a. up                  b. off                 c. down              d. out

54. The town provides a wide choice of ________.
a. entertainment       b. entertained        c. entertainess              d. entertaintion

55. The new arts centre will serve the whole ______.
a. communment           b. community            c. communess              d. communtion

ULUDAĞ UNIVERSITY SAC                                                           GENERAL REVISION III /5

56. He had five ________ for the cut on his head.
a. drugs        b. needles             c. wounds                d. stiches

57. After years of separation they were finally ______.
a. biunited     b. monounited            c. misunited           d. reunited

58. He‟d been _____ to his friends at school, so the school master called his parents.
a. misbehaving         b. bibehaving             c. monobehaving         d. rebehaving

59. He was smiling in a way I found very _________.
a. irritated            b. irritating         c. irritate       d. irritation

60. I studied all the night so now I‟m absolutely __________.
a. tiring         b. terrified           c. exhausting          d. exhausted


A new study has found clear evidence that drinking three to four cups of tea a day can cut the chances
of having a heart attack. Some different studies have suggested tea consumption protects against some
forms of cancer. Other health benefits of tea include bone strengthening and protection against tooth
plaque. One of the researchers on the new study said that drinking tea is better than water. Water only
replaces fluids, whereas tea replaces fluids and antioxidants. The study found no evidence that tea is
harmful for the body, but it did warn that people with anaemia should be careful and try not to drink
tea in their mealtimes.

61. We can understand from the passage that people with anaemia_________.
a) tend to drink more tea than other people
b) ought to be careful about the teatimes
c) suffer from eating problems
d) try to eat their meals with tea

62. It is clear from the passage that tea_________.
a) gets antioxidants from its water
b) should not be drunk unless it is in large quantities
c) makes the drinker much stronger
d) can help in some health problems

63. The new study revealed that_________.
a) three or four cups of tea can be drunk everyday if you have anaemia
b) drinking tea has more benefits than water
c) tooth decays could be avoided by drinking tea everyday
d) tea consumption is totally harmful for everybody

64. It is mentioned in the passage that_________.
a) he or she drinks only tea in mealtimes
b) drinking tea does not put anybody into danger
c) people should drink tea to lose weight
d) tea does more than putting back lost water into the body

65. “It” refers to________.
a) the study            b) the tea       c) evidence            d)body

ULUDAĞ UNIVERSITY SAC                                                        GENERAL REVISION III /6

Since 1920, the population of China has doubled. With over one billion people today, China accounts
for 23 percent of the world‟s population. This increase is the greatest problem in China. In order to
solve this population problem, China has begun a “one child” policy. This means that married couples
have to limit their families to one child even if they want to have more children. This policy has been
effective in the big cities. However, in the countryside the farmers say this policy isn‟t suitable for
their families since they need more children to help with the farm work. Factories reward one-child
families with free medical care, better housing, and extra vacations. If couples have more than one
child, they lose these benefits, and their salaries may be cut by 10 percent or even more. This trend to
one-child families should slow down China‟s population growth to a rate of 1.3 percent per year.

66. What‟s the main idea of the paragraph?
a) The government in China wants families to have more children.
b) Chinese farmers need more children to help with the farm work.
c) China is trying to slow down the population growth with several policies.
d) Factories in China give families with one child better working conditions.

67. We understand from the paragraph that_______.
a) the “one child” policy in China isn‟t beneficial
b) about a quarter of the world‟s population is in China
c) the government encourages Chinese people to have a lot of children
d) the increase in population isn‟t a problem for China

68. The plan of having one child in a family______.
a) is accepted by everyone in China
b) will be a total solution to all the problems in China
c) has doubled the number of people
d) hasn‟t found supporters in rural Chinese communities

69. In China, couples who have only one child _______.
a) are disliked in rural areas
b) may face some psychological problems
c) are rewarded by employers
d) are generally in villages

70. The opposite of “countryside” is______.
a) big cities
b) effective
c) suitable
d) farm work

A social anxiety disorder or social phobia is the constant fear of being criticized or evaluated by other
people. People with a social phobia are nervous, anxious, and afraid about many social situations.
Simply attending a business meeting or going to a company party can be highly nerve wracking and
intimidating. Despite the fact that people with social anxiety want very much to be social with
everybody else, their anxiety about not doing well in public is strong and hinders their best efforts.
They freeze up when they meet new people, particularly authority figures. They are particularly afraid
that other people will notice that they are anxious, so this enables the anxiety to grow and turn into a
vicious cycle.

71. What‟s the topic of the paragraph?
a) social phobia
b) social situations
c) personal fear
d) vicious cycle

ULUDAĞ UNIVERSITY SAC                                                        GENERAL REVISION III /7

72. “evaluated” in the first sentence means____________.
a) disorder
b) afraid
c) criticized
d) stressed

73. Which is not mentioned about the people with social anxiety?
a) They in fact want to be social with other people.
b) Attending a business meeting or going to a company party may be stressful for them.
c) They constantly want to be the centre of attraction.
d) They show symptoms like being nervous, anxious, and afraid about many social situations.

74. “hinders” means____________.
a) prepares
b) prevents
c) introduces
d) increases

The necessity to be accepted and admired by others captivates the minds of many men and women of
today. In today's materialistic society, people are judged in every probable aspect. From their
appearance, background, social status, way of thinking to their friends, families. Especially, the need
for social acceptance becomes so real that the idea then becomes an obsession. The way we look plays
a big role in our lives. It determines the way others see us and from that, it will then determine how we
feel about ourselves. One main supporter of appearance is our weight.

75. We can understand from the passage that the way we look plays such a big role in our lives
a) it determines the way others see us
b) people don't even admire them for their inner being
c) we ourselves abuse our health and bodies
d) there have been ways and tactics created by man

76. It has been claimed in the passage that________.
a) men and women are obsessed with their weights
b) your body needs to maintain itself
c) the struggle for social acceptance becomes an obsession for people
d) what makes a person beautiful is the person as a whole

77. According to the passage, the way which we look determines________.
a) healthier way to do exercise
b) a person‟s personality and attitude
c) an empty-headed person
d) our feelings about ourselves

78. “It” refers to_________.
a) a big role in our lives
b) the way we look
c) the way others see us
d) how we feel about ourselves

ULUDAĞ UNIVERSITY SAC                                                        GENERAL REVISION III /8


A: Life's so boring.
B: Well, most of the time it is, I guess.
A: What do you think will make you happy?
B: I think money will make me happy.
A: You heard people say that money doesn't guarantee happiness.
B: It will for me. Then I can do all the things I want to do.
A: _______________________________.
B: Then I can find something new to do. If I don't have to worry about money, then I don't have to
A: That's true, I guess. If I didn't have to work, I think I would be happy.
B: You see... money doesn't equal happiness, but it takes away a lot of responsibilities.

a)   Yes, I agree.
b)   You'll get bored eventually.
c)   I don‟t think this will be enough to make you happy.
d)   This sounds like a good plan

A: Have you interviewed all the applicants?
B: Yes, I have; and I couldn‟t find a suitable person.
A: ________________________________.
B: So did I. But they all seem to lack confidence.
a) Really? I thought some of their CVs looked very good.
b) We don‟t need many anyhow, do we?
c) In that case we‟ll have to advertise again.
d) According to the applications, they‟re all pretty well-qualified.


81. Which one can be a thesis statement?
a) I would like to discuss the negative effects of divorce.
b) Parents should teach their children to respect their elders, be honest and work hard.
c) The responsibilities of children to their parents.
d) What are the effects of growing up as an only child?

82. Which one can be a thesis statement?
a) I have an older brother and a younger brother.
b) City living hazardous to your health.
c) Public transportation in my town is too expensive, and it is slower than the transportation in Tokyo.
d) Recent methods of reducing air pollution are showing some positive results.

83. Which one can be a thesis statement?
a) Japanese cars are better than American cars.
b) In this essay, I will compare working on campus and working off campus.
c) Are seat belts necessary?
d) A Mitsubishi is a Japanese car

84. Which one can be a thesis statement?
a) The crime rate in the United States has gone down, but the prison population has increased.
b) Now I am going to tell you about criminals and prisons.
c) Harsh punishments for criminals will discourage people from turning to a life of crime.
d) I have always been afraid of criminals. I will tell you why.

ULUDAĞ UNIVERSITY SAC                                                         GENERAL REVISION III /9

85. Which one cannot be a topic sentence?
a) Big business is threatening the environment.
b) There are many reasons to visit San Francisco.
c) Cats are called felines.
d) Alcohol is harmful to your health.

86. What type of paragraph is this?

The child‟s face reflected her cheerful and determined nature. Her hair was bright red and had a loyal-
blue bow tied at the top. The skin on her forehead, as well as her entire face, was soft white and
covered with freckles. Her eyes were a sparkling blue and at that moment, were focused on the end of
her turned-up nose. Her lips were a pretty pink, and coming from between them was a tongue
stretching to its limit in an upward direction. It was clear that she was determined to touch to her nose,
perhaps simply to prove to herself that it could be done.

a) Opinion paragraph                     c) Narrative paragraph
b) Descriptive Paragraph                 d) Compare and Contrast Paragraph

87. Which method was used in the introductory paragraph?

Human beings are very adaptable. We can live in most climates of the world. In the past people tended
to stay in the place they were born, but now we move easily from countryside to city, from one part of
a country to another, and even from country to country. Each place has its own customs and ways of
life, and countries also have different languages. When I moved from Antalya to Bursa, I changed my
behaviour in three significant ways.

a)   Anecdote
b)   Historical background
c)   General to Specific
d)   Facts or Statistics

88. Which can not be a supporting sentence of the topic sentence below?

“There are many reasons why Americans move every year.”

a)   Many move to find better jobs.
b)   Some people want to move to place with a lower cost of living.
c)   Some others want to move a place with less crime.
d)   Most prefer adventure over relaxation on their annual holiday.

89. Which sentence can be the thesis statement of the introductory paragraph below?

In the old days, the husband was the husband and the wife was the wife, and they each had their own
way of going on. Her job was to look after her husband. The wife wouldn‟t stand for it nowadays.
There isn‟t a clear division of roles in the family any more. Husbands help with their children now.
They spend more time at home and have more interest in the home. ________________________.

a)   Husbands work harder than wives outside home.
b)   Husbands and wives share different roles in the family.
c)   The roles of the wife and the husband have changed a great deal.
d)   Wives should help their husbands.

ULUDAĞ UNIVERSITY SAC                                                        GENERAL REVISION III /10

90. Which sentence can be the topic sentence of the paragraph below?

________________________. Business and banks use computers to keep financial records. In many
industries computers are used to control other machines that make products. Governments, hospitals,
schools and communication companies work with computers.

a)   Some computers control other people.
b)   Computers are used in many different ways.
c)   Everybody has to have a computer at home.
d)   Computers solve a lot of problems.

91. Which one is the irrelevant sentence?

(I) Nobody knows why we sleep, but we all need to. (II) There are no rules about how much sleep is
necessary. (III) Many people become addicted to their sleeping pills. (IV) The average adult sleeps for
7 hours 20 minutes.
a) I             b) II         c) III         d) IV

92. Which one is the irrelevant sentence?

(I) Certain characteristics of plants are well known. (II) Roots grow downwards but the leaves and
stalks grow upwards the source of light. (III) We shouldn‟t give plants too much water.(IV) Some
plants are affected by sound and seem to enjoy soft music but not loud.
a) I             b) II           c) III          d) IV

93. Which one is the irrelevant sentence?

(I) Recently quite a lot of studies have been carried out on the effect of wind on people. (II) Even the
best drivers are liable to get involved in accidents when the roads are icy. (III) It seems that that wind
causes a lot of people to get nervous. (IV) There are more accidents on the roads in windy weather.
a) I             b) II            c) III          d) IV

94. Which one is the irrelevant sentence?

(I) Here I have found my ideal of a holiday village. (II) The scenery everywhere is quite delightful and
the people are friendly and hospitable. (III) For me, however, the main attraction is that it has kept its
original character and remained peaceful. (IV) In some countries tourism is certainly one of the
principle sources of income.
a) I             b) II          c) III            d) IV

95. Which one is the irrelevant sentence?

(I) Smoking is a habit that is closely linked to special times and places. (II) If you break these links,
you can break the habit. (III) The best way of doing this is to avoid the situations where you would
normally smoke. (IV) In this way, you can smoke more and more.
a) I           b) II             c) III          d) IV

96. Which one could be a concluding paragraph for the thesis below:

“State benefits should be available to all.”

a) A man wakes up and sees that his filthy sleeping bag is damp and the cardboard box which shelters
him is about to collapse. Yet, he cannot afford a real home and state benefits are not available to him.
This situation is not common, although, in my opinion, such unfortunate people should all be eligible
for financial aid.

ULUDAĞ UNIVERSITY SAC                                                        GENERAL REVISION III /11

 b) Have you ever wondered what it must be like to wake up on a cold pavement, knowing that you
will have to spend the day wandering from place to place, hungry? For thousands of people in the
western world this is an everyday experience, although, in my opinion, it does not to be that way if the
state administers benefits property ad fairly.
c) George Bernard Shaw once wrote, “The greatest of evils and the worst of crimes is poverty.” The
question is why homeless, the disabled and the elderly should be treated like criminals by the state
rather than be given the help and services they deserve. I believe that all people in need should be
given help and support.
d) While it cannot be denied that state benefits are sometimes wasted on those who do not deserve
them, it is my belief that with proper controls, all those who are truly in need should receive financial
help from the state. I believe that all people should be given the chance to lead productive and healthy

97. Which argument is against the opinion below:

“School plays a more important role than the family in shaping one‟s personality.”

a) Young people are exposed to a wide variety of subjects.
b) Most children have a closer relationship with their friends than their parents.
c) Children first learn to socialise in their families.
d) The average child spends as many as eight hours a day in school.

98. Which type of essay does the following introduction paragraph belong to?

I just knew I shouldn‟t have gone out that Friday afternoon. I‟d had a strange feeling all morning, a
feeling that something was going to happen, but I told myself, “Don‟t be stupid, pull yourself together
and go and the groceries.” So I did, and you„ll never guess what happened!

a) Opinion essay                         b) Narrative essay
c) For and against essay                 d) Advantage / Disadvantage essay

99. Which one is the most appropriate concluding sentence of the topic sentence:

“My greatest problem in learning English is oral communication.”

a)   Indeed, learning to read and write English is difficult.
b)   Indeed, everyone should practise speaking and writing in English.
c)   Indeed, because I do not speak English enough, my speaking skills have not improved.
d)   Indeed, it is difficult to learn English.

100. Which method was used in the concluding paragraph?

Thesis Statement: “Personal computers have especially revolutionized communication and business
practices in the past twenty years.”

Concluding paragraph: “Just as the invention of automobiles had an unplanned consequence, so will
the invention of personal computers. We will have to wait and see what these unintentional
consequences will be.”

a)   Restatement of thesis
b)   Summary of the main points
c)   Anecdote
d)   Final comment

ULUDAĞ UNIVERSITY SAC                                                    GENERAL REVISION III /12

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