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               THE EUROPEAN
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                                           This edition of the Flower news gives an update on the          Also in this issue: Dutch award ceremony for five eco-
               In this issue               different marketing activities that are planned to run during   labelled hotels, “Buying Green!”, the new EC’s handbook
                                           the Flower Week Campaign, (18 to 24 October).                   on sustainable public procurement, and the launch of a
                                           From the industry perspective, Sophie Kolb from Leroy           promotional campaign among Euro Info Centres.
                                           Merlin tells us all about her company’s activities for the

    Leroy Merlin, a French DIY retailer promoting the Flower

  Sophie Kolb, Paints product manager in Leroy           Our activities towards sustainable products,            material provided by the French Competent Body.
  Merlin trading group describes her company’s           almost unique until now on the French paints            There will be a direct link from our web site to the
  promotional activities for the Flower:                 market, will soon be followed by many other             “Semaine Eco-label” web site. And, the TV pro-
                                                         actors. We are very happy to have so strongly con-      gramme “Question Maison”, which Leroy Merlin
  What is the policy of Leroy Merlin                     tributed to raising awareness.                          sponsors,
  in favour of the environment?                                                                                  is sched-
  The improvement of our living space and our envi-      What will happen during the Flower Week                 uled      to
  ronment is Leroy Merlin’s mission. Developing well     in Leroy Merlin stores?                                 present the
  performing and sustainable products is a crucial       Our participation in the Flower Week goes hand in       Flower
  part of our strategy, especially for paints. That’s    hand with our policy in favour of the environment       Week on its
  why our position towards the European Eco-label        and the provision of sustainable products.              show of 16
  has always been very proactive. For example, our       Our 90 stores in France will participate in the         October.
  environmental commitment for interior paints           Flower Campaign. We’ll distribute the information
  goes back to 2000 when we launched our first
  own eco-labelled brands (trim paints, base coats,
  ceiling paints, and paints for big surfaces). All
  these paints combine a high level of performance
  and a low solvent content for healthy air quality in
                                                                   You can find more information on this web site:
  our clients’ households.

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                European Commission
Flower News, The European Eco-Label_issue #02 / 2004

  The First European Flower Week: 18 – 24 October 2004

Lots of exciting events are scheduled in the nine participating countries (Austria, Belgium,
Denmark, Finland, France, Italy, Norway, the Netherlands and Sweden). Here is an overview
of the different activities.

From 18 to 24 October, the Flower is everywhere…                                     … in the media
… in your stores                                                                     Press conferences are scheduled in the nine participating countries to draw
The national Campaign Managers have produced thousands of leaflets, fly-               the attention of the written press on the event. Several other media are also
ers and signs representing the Flower to make your favourite stores turn             being used. For example in Belgium there is a big radio campaign with 30
green during the Flower Week. Big high street retailers like Coop Italia, Coop       second spots about the Flower, while Finland and France will have coverage
Denmark, Danish Supermarkets, Monoprix, Cora, and Leroy-Merlin in France,            in various TV programmes. Different Internet campaigns are scheduled, in
Colruyt and Brico in Belgium are participating. In Denmark more than 1000            Finland, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden and Denmark.
stores are involved, which will distribute about 1.5 million leaflets! Some           Some specific web sites dedicated to the Flower Week have been created in
special activities are also taking place. For example, in Finland the Sokos          Denmark, Sweden and France. You can find them at:,
department store in Helsinki is putting on a fashion show of eco-labelled  ,
clothes, including designs by Anne Linnonmaa, a Flower holder doing eco-
logical fashion design (

      Product groups

The European eco-labelling Board will very soon start work on two new product groups: heat pumps
and soaps and shampoos. Work on the revision of soil improvers and tissue paper will also soon be up
and running.

Revisions                                                 and the Swedish eco-labelling organisations as        lubricants is expected to take place in December
The revisions of 4 product groups have been               the lead Competent Bodies.                            2004.The Swedish CB is currently working on cri-
scheduled for final discussion at the EUEB meet-                                                                 teria for printed matter; and a vote for these cri-
ing end of September: all purpose cleaners, hand          New product groups                                    teria documents is planned for 2005. A first Ad-
dishwashing detergents, personal and portable             Final discussion on criteria for a new service sec-   Hoc Working Group with stakeholders and
computers. If adopted, their publication is to be         tor, camp site services, has been scheduled for       Competent Bodies for Soaps and Shampoos has
expected during the first quarter of 2005.During           the September EUEB meeting. It is planned that        been scheduled for November 2004 in Brussels.
the same year, revision work will mainly focus on         criteria and user manual will be available in the
soil improvers and tissue paper with the Dutch            first quarter of 2005. The vote for the criteria for

   Consumer’s corner

  New Dutch web site on the Flower

  In August, the Dutch Competent Body                  ious information about the Flower: criteria,   some ´did you know.....´ facts. Visitors will
  launched its brand new web site on the               such as eco-labelled products, and the         also find a calendar for the different events
  European Eco-label. Surf to www.metde-               application process.                           for the Flower Week in the Netherlands, so to check it out!             In addition, there are several interactive     that they won’t have to miss a thing!
  The web site targets consumers as well as            elements, including a quiz on the environ-
  producers and provides the visitor with var-         ment, a countdown for the Flower Week and


    … in schools                                                               donating prizes, such as a trip to one of their eco-
    In Austria 5000 primary schools are invited to partici-                    labelled hotels for the winners of Flower quizzes in sev-
    pate in an internet-based quiz competition to win a one-                   eral countries.
    week stay in an Austrian National Park (www.umweltze- A competition is also scheduled in Sweden,                      Special activities
    where pupils of 2500 schools are working on getting an                     In Finland, Anne Linnonmaa, a Flower holder, will run a
    eco-label for their school, and for which the first prize is                stand promoting fashion with the Flower at Kauneus
    a trip to a Flower-labelled hotel in Greece, donated by                    &Terveys, a Beauty and Health fair. Finland has also
    the Flower holder MyTravel ( Also, in                    scheduled advertisements in metro trains in Helsinki.
    Italy, primary schools are being invited to take part in a                 Norway has planned to offer families of new born babies
    competition to select the best teaching projects on the                    a brochure about the EU Flower and a bag with Swan
    European Eco-label. Belgium and Denmark are also put-                      labelled body cream and EU Flower labelled paper and
    ting together some school activities.                                      textile products.
                                                                               In Denmark, environmental NGOs are organising several
    …and even in planes!                                                       exhibitions of Flower-labelled products for the
    MyTravel, a global leisure travel services company, and                    Copenhagen Culture night.
    Flower holder, will use its on-board flight entertainment                   In France Autogrill, which operates 90 restaurants on
    systems to show a 2 minute video on the Flower for one                     motorways, and which uses flower-labelled detergents,
    year. The target group is an estimated 1.5 million trav-                   will run a poster-based campaign to reach a target
    ellers from the Scandinavian countries. MyTravel is also                   group estimated at 50 million people.

            Facts & Figures
       The EU Flower by Country *                                                                                   The EU Flower by Product Group *
           Country | Number of Awards > TOTAL 192                                                                   Product Group | Number of Awards > TOTAL 192

                                                                                                                                       Others     14
                              Others       23                                                               Laundry detergents          7                                       Textile products
                                                                                48        Italy                     Footwear      8                                                   55
                                                                                                      Detergents for
The Netherlands          10                                                                            Dishwashers           8
                                                                                                  Tourist Accomo-
                                                                                                   dation Service       9
    Sweden         13
                                                                                                     Tissue paper       10
      Greece        14
                                                                                                   Hand dishwashing
                                                                                                          detergents         11

               Spain          14                                                     37                      Soil improvers       15
                                                                                 France                                                                                          38
                                                  33                                                                                              17                  Indoor paints / varnishes
                                              Denmark                                                                             All-purpose & sanitary cleaners

    * Number of holders as of 15 September 2004

       New Eco-label licences                           Second quarter 2004                         Textile Products                                   Thessaloniki Spinning Mills SA (EL)
                                                                                                    Joha A/S (DK)                                      Anne Linnonmaa Oy (FI)
                                                                                                    Evergreen Fabric & Garments (DK)
    All purpose cleaners and cleaners                      Footwear                                 (extension)                                        Tourist Accomodation
    for sanitary facilities                                Bionat (FR)                              Engel Produktonsselskab A/S & Co                   Groepsaccommodatie Doeksen (NL)
    Bollerup Jensen Saebefabrik A/S (DK)                                                            (DK)                                               Landal Twenhaarsveld (NL)
                                                           Indoor Paints and Varnishes              J. Morup Stof Aps (DK)                             Tulip Inn Brinkhotel-Zuidlaren (NL)
    Bed mattresses                                         Baldini Vernici (IT) (extension)         Selected Textiles Industry Association             NH Leeuwenhort Conference (NL)
    K. Balling-Engelsen A/S                                Arch Coatings Spa (IT) (extension)       (EL)                                               Grand Hotel Opduin (NL)
Flower News, The European Eco-Label_issue #02 / 2004

                                                                                                                                                                             14 KH-AF-04-002-EN-C
       News in Brief
  Launch of a promotional campaign among EICs
The Euro Info Centre (EIC) network, which has a             al actors. In order to enhance the participation of    presentations - on its
permanent presence in 42 States, is an important            the EICs in the campaign, the Working Group            own intranet. The group
resource for the wider promotion of the Eco-label.          Environment (a group of 8 EICs specialised in          has also proposed
The tasks of the EICs include the promotion of the          environment) has now made a great deal of infor-       actions to be undertaken
campaign and dissemination of the information               mation, on the Eco-label - such as leaflets and         by EICs in this field.
related to the Flower thanks to an active cooper-
                                                                   For more information, please contact:
ation at local level with economic and institution-

  Buying Green! A handbook on environmental public procurement
The European Commission has now published a                 that public authorities account for some 16% of        labels outlines how compliance with established
handbook on environmental public procurement.               the EU’s entire Gross Domestic Product in their        criteria can be required of suppliers of goods and
It is designed to help public authorities to imple-         spending, the adoption of a Green Purchasing           services, giving Flower holders a competitive
ment green purchasing policies. It takes a practi-          Policy should be a significant contribution to the      advantage.
cal approach to explain the possibilities offered           protection of the environment in Europe. Green
by European Community law, and looks at simple              public purchasing is also about setting an exam-
                                                                                                                        More information on:
and effective solutions that can be used in public          ple and providing the industry with incentives for
procurement procedures. Considering the fact                developing green technology. A section on Eco-

  Award ceremony in the Netherlands                                                                                tor is on their agen-
                                                                                                                   da during their
In a first for the Netherlands, the European Eco-            tourism sector: “The European Eco-label proves         chairmanship of the
label has been awarded to five tourist accommo-              that high quality and ecological management go         EUEB. The workshop
dation sites (cf “new eco-label licenses” section           very well together”, says Grand Hotel Opduin.          is due to be held on
for their names). The award ceremony took place             The Dutch Eco-label team will continue to motivate     19 October 2004.
on the island of Texel in the Grand Hotel Opduin,           tourist accommodations in the Netherlands to
                                                                                                                        For more information, please contact Maaike Fleur,
one of the five new licence holders. It was very well        apply for the Flower. A large-scale information
                                                                                                                        Stichting Milieukeur at :
received by all participants from the press and the         workshop on the EU eco-label for the tourism sec-

        On the web
  The Green Store available in 11 languages

The e-catalogue has been translated in Danish,              about the European Eco-label in their own lan-         The e-catalogue has already received almost
Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Italian,             guage. The translation in the remaining other EU       60 000 visits since its creation in 2003.
Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish. Now many                   languages is also foreseen for the future.
European consumers can get general information                                                                              The e-catalogue:


Revision of product groups                  (scheduled adoption)                        New product groups
Soil Improvers                              end             2005                        Lubricants                               end            2004
Tissue paper                                end             2005                        Printed paper                            end            2005
                                                                                        Soaps and Shampoos                                 2005/2006
                                                                                        Furniture                                          2005/2006
                                                                                        Heat pumps                                         2005/2006

                                                            This news is published by the eco-label sector of the European Commission both in printed form and
          The Flower                                        on the Internet

                                                            For a free subscription, comments or further information, please contact the Eco-label Helpdesk
                                                            fax: +33 1 58 46 09 95
                                                            c/o BIO Intelligence Service, 1 rue Berthelot, 94200 Ivry/Seine, France

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