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					                       China Rare Earth Summit
                                    Aug.2-6, 2010, Beijing, China
                                                         First Circular

                                                          Organized by
                            The Chinese Society of Rare Earths (CSRE)

                                                      Co-Organized by
                                   Peking University (PKU)                 Roskill Information Services Ltd.
                         Metallurgical Council of CCPIT                    Metal Pages
          Baotou National Rare-Earth Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone

     The European Rare Earth and Actinide Society                          The Japanese Rare Earth Society
                          The Chinese Society for Metals                   The Nonferrous Metals Society of China
                            The Chinese Physical Society                   The Chinese Materials Research Society
                           The Chinese Chemical Society

                                                          Supported by
    National Development and Reform Commission of P. R. China              Ministry of Commerce of P. R. China

    Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of P. R. China         Ministry of Science and Technology of P. R. China

Ministry of Environmental Protection of P. R. China                        Chinese Academy of Sciences

                       Chinese Academy of Engineering                      National Natural Science Foundation of China

            Expert Committee of China 863 Program
      China Rare Earth Industry started in 1950’s, after 50 years of
development and construction, remarkable achievements in resource
utilization and science & technology have been made. China has become the
largest country of rare-earth deposits, producer, consumer and exporter. At
present, rare earth products have been used in more than 30 industry fields in
China, the development and application of rare earth novel materials have
become the major growth pole of China rare earth industry.
      Meanwhile, minerals rich in Rare Earth elements are key for the
development and manufacture of key components in clean energy
technologies, automobiles and electronics. They are essential to almost every
environmental friendly technology like wind turbines, photovoltaic panels
and hybrid motors. It is estimated that all these Rare Earth Dependant
Technologies are completely reliant on Rare Earth materials from China for
their production. No technically viable alternatives to these Rare Earth
materials are currently known for these applications. So the policy of China
Rare Earth Industry would have an important impact on the worldwide rare
earth related economy.
      Rare-earth industry is at a turning point. In order to promote the
development of rare earth science & technology and industry, China Rare
Earth Summit will be held by the Chinese Society of Rare Earths on Aug 2-6,
2010, Beijing of China, during the 6th International Conference on Rare
Earth Development and Application. Its theme is "China rare earth
industry policy and worldwide rare earth economy". The event aims at
building a platform for enterprises on rare earths to understand the rare earth
industry policy of China, to discuss and exchange issues on world rare earth
resources, production, environment & protection, application, market and
trade so as to promote the health development of rare earth industry
      The Summit will focus on the impact of China rare earth industry
policy on rare earth related industry, overview of the world rare earth
resources, the relation between new energy industry and the rare earth
industry, the status and the trends of rare earth new materials, the influence
rare earth industry on the environment, etc.
      Leaders from the relevant government of China, entrepreneurs of rare
earth production, application, trading, and information, well-known experts
and scholars will be invited to give wonderful speeches in the summit.
Exhibition of new technologies, products, new equipments will also be
arranged. Anyone who is interested in this event is warmly welcome to
                              Preliminary Schedule
Aug.2 (Mon)          Registration
Aug. 3 (Tue)         Opening Ceremony, Plenary and Oral Sessions,
                      including China Rare Earth Summit
Aug.4 (Wed)          Oral and Poster Sessions
Aug.5 (Thu) -6 (Fri) Technical Tour, Close of ICRE’2010

     All attendees who register China Rare Earth Summit are also entitled the
6th International Conference on Rare Earth Development and Application
(ICRE’2010). If you are interested in this Summit , Please visit the
conference website at “” and register online by
selecting item "G". Registration can also be made directly by fax, e-mail or
regular mail to conference secretariat.

    Registration fee includes lunches, coffee breaks, book of abstracts,
conference excursion, conference dinner and reception at North Star
Continental Grand Hotel.

Registration Fees                                 Before May 1, 2010 After May 1, 2010
Delegate                                              600 USD            650 USD
Student(valid student card required)                  300 USD            350 USD
Accompanying Person
                                                      200 USD            250 USD
(not valid for the scientific and Summit program)
Exhibition                                            2000 USD           2500 USD

     Financial transactions are to be performed by bank transfer to:
     Bank of deposit: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China
     Beijing Wangfujing Golden Street Branch, SWIFT: ICBKCNBJBJM
     Beneficiary: A/C No.: 0200000709089148920
     Name: The Chinese Society of Rare Earths
     Address: No. 76, Xue Yuan Nan Lu, Beijing, 100081, P. R. China
     Tel: +86-10-62173501
                            Registration Form

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                            Beijing North Star Continental Grand Hotel
                            □standard room 95 USD /night
                            □deluxe room 110 USD /night
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                            Crowne Plaza Park View Wuzhou Beijing
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Financial transactions      □Registration Desk □Bank Transfer
Please send the Return Card to the Conference Secretariat before May 31.

Correspondent: Dr. CHEN Zhanheng Ms. HAN Xiaoying
Address: office of the Chinese Society of Rare Earths,No.76, Xue Yuan Nan
Lu, Beijing, China,100081, Tel&Fax: +86-10-62188304;,
Conference Website: