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									                                                      Horton High School
                                            NEWSLETTER – February 2010
                 Websi                              Website –

                   PRINCIPAL’S MESSAGE
It is hard to believe we are beginning the second semester;           Month was initiated in the early 1980’s through efforts of the
exams have ended and students are being introduced to their           Black History Month Association. It is now in its second
new courses. Teachers will be providing students with their           decade and is known as African Heritage Month.
new course outlines and communication plans, it is important
for you to view them. First semester report cards will be             Did You Know?
released on February 11th, which is also the last day for
course changes.
                                                                                          On October 28, 1859, William Hall became
In keeping with our communication goal, we are hosting a                                  the first Canadian sailor and the first
parent orientation on February 18th from 7 to 8 p.m., followed                            person of African descent to receive the
by a parent visitation session from 8–9 p.m.          I would                             Victoria Cross, one of the world’s most
encourage you to attend to meet your son\daughter’s second                                famous military decorations. – (M. White)
semester teachers. We are also gathering information for
our 2010-2011 course registration handbook, students will
need to refer to this document for online registration, which         William Hall, VC, Horton, Nova Scotia
begins the week prior to March Break.
                                                                                          GRADE 12 ENGLISH
There have been occasions this year where visitors have been          The grade 12 English website is a great way for parents and
found roaming the hallways in our school; some did not have           students to keep on top of course expectations. Study
permission to be there, as a result we are taking steps to            materials, homework, test guides, 24 hour marks access, and
ensure better security in the building. Beginning on February         examples of quality work are all available at:
2nd, all secondary entrances will be locked from 9 a.m. to 3:30
p.m. The only doors open during the day will be the main
entrance. I feel this is a necessary step to protect all staff
and students. If you have any questions and/or concerns                             GO. GO GALAPAGOS!,
regarding this change please contact me.                                On March 12th, thirteen of our Horton students
                                                                      along with four chaperones, will depart for the
This year’s Horton Musical, 42nd Street, opens February 27th          Galapagos Islands! I feel very passionately that
and runs through to March 5th. I would like to thank the cast         students often return home from international
members, Mr. Murray (director), Ms. MacIssac (producer),              experiences with more context for their studies, more
Ms. Helms (music director) and many community members for             curiosity about the world around them and more confidence to
their hard work and dedication in putting it together. It             pursue their dreams. It is often a trip such as this that will
promises to be a great show, come out and see it!                     not only be an experience of a lifetime, but one that will often
 - B. Stokes                                                          instill the desire to make travel a part of their lives many
                                                                      years from now.
Black History Month was founded in 1926 by Harvard-                          Educational highlights for our tour include habitat
educated Black Historian, Dr. Carter G. Woodson. It started                          observations of the immense biodiversity of
as a week in February to celebrate the history, contributions                       the Galapagos Islands led by naturalist guides.
and culture of African Americans. He chose the second week                          These islands were a source of inspiration for
in February to coincide with the birth dates of Frederick             Charles Darwin’s monumental book On the Origin of Species
Douglas (former slave and abolitionist) and President Abraham         by Means of Natural Selection. Many of the plant and animal
Lincoln. In Nova Scotia the celebration of Black History              species on these islands occur nowhere else in the world.

                                          EMAIL ADDRESSES - DO WE HAVE YOURS?
                                    To receive the school newsletter each month electronically,
                   please leave your email address with the administration office, if you have not already done so.
Other highlights of this trip include a visit to the Equatorial   Junior Achievement
Line Monument, visits to National Parks, experiential learning    On Thursday, March 4, for periods 1-3, all Grade 9 students
and community service.                                            will be participating in a program called "The Economics of
 - J. Fuller, Biology Department                                  Staying in School". This program motivates Grade 9 students
                                                                  to think about and discuss the importance of staying in school
                    HORTON ATHLETICS                              and of doing one's best. It also encourages them to think
Snowboard and Ski season is well on its way and our teams         about real-life skills such as budgeting for the purpose of
have been busy preparing for the Regional races. We are           purchasing food, paying bills, etc., using a virtual real-life
asking for volunteers to drive and accompany the teams during     situation. Students can apply these principles to their career
those races. Please contact Nancy Price (691-4333) or Maria       and life goals for the purpose of achieving a good quality of
Alvarez (542-5099) if you can help any of the following days:     life in the future. Please contact Mrs. Ledwidge-Webster in
Skiing                                                            Student Services if you would like more information regarding
February 4 (Storm date February 5)                                this valuable program.
February 16 (Storm date February 17)
March 2 (Storm date March 3)                                      Adventures in Citizenship
Snowboarding                                                      The Wolfville Rotary Club will be selecting a successful
February 19 (Storm date February 22)                              applicant for the Adventures in Citizenship program.
February 26 (Storm date March 1)                                  Approximately 220 outstanding senior high school students
                                                                  from across Canada will spend four days in our national capital
              FROM THE MATH DEPARTMENT                            in a program designed to develop their potential as leaders in
Math competitions continue                                        their communities and in Canadian society. Application forms
Those involved in the group math competitions on Saturday         are available in Student Services. Due date is February 5,
morning should note that their next competition is held on        2010.
Saturday, February 6th at 9 a.m. Please see Mrs. Wheadon
for additional details.                                           Course Changes
                                                                  Course changes may be made through Student Services until
Those students in grades 9-11 who signed up for the Waterloo      February 11th. Students must have a course change form
math competitions should note that they are being written on      signed by a parent or guardian and by the teacher of the
Thursday, February 25th. More details to follow on the            dropped course. All course changes are subject to availability
announcements. If you have any questions, please see Ms.          of space in the class, as well as space in student schedules.
Wheadon (Room 1812).
Graphing calculators                                              Grade 12 students applying for university admission should
There are a limited number of graphing calculators available      sign the transcript request binder in Student Services. These
for rental for second semester. If you would like to rent one,    transcripts will be mailed during the week of February 15-19
please see either Ms. Wheadon or Ms. Freeman. Cost for            and will contain first semester final marks. Also, students
rental is $25.                                                    who require a rank on their transcript should indicate this in
                                                                  the binder.

GRADE 12 FEES - Reminder that Grade 12 Fees are
now $80. They will go up to $100 after March Break.
See Mrs. Young in Student Services.                                         ANNAPOLIS VALLEY HONOUR CHOIR
                                                                                      Sweets for the Sweet
                                                                     Join us for an evening of wonderful music and decadent
                  STUDENT SERVICES                                       desserts on Saturday, February 6th at 7:30 p.m.
Anger Management Workshops                                                           at the Berwick Fire Hall.
Anger Management workshops will be starting in February.               Conductor Bill Perrot, Accompanist Heather Fraser
Any students or parents interested in more information                  Come and listen to the music of the Honour Choir
should contact Mrs. Young or Mrs. Ledwidge-Webster in                           while enjoying a delicious dessert.
Student Services.                                                 Tickets are $10 and are available from choir members, at the
                                                                  door or at the Pharmasave in Wolville, Kingston and Berwick.
Grade 9 Class Visits
Mrs. Ledwidge-Webster will be going into the Grade 9 classes
to talk about courses and course registration which will be
taking place in March. She will speak with students about long-
term plans, making a 3-year plan, and how to choose courses
and programs wisely.
                                                          Fri., Feb. 5-Sat., Feb. 6 - D1 Girls B-Ball Boston Pizza Tourn.
                                                          Mon., Feb. 8-Wed., Feb. 10 – Grad Photo Retakes
   The Learning Disabilities Steering Committee of the    Thurs., Feb., 11 - Report Cards go home
          Annapolis Valley Regional School Board                             - Last day for course changes
         is presenting a Conference Day entitled,         Fri., Feb. 12-Sat., Feb. 13 – D1 Boys B-Ball MAC Tournament
       “Teaching and Learning with Brain in Mind”.        Thurs., Feb. 18 - Parent-Teacher Orientation 7-8 p.m.
  Guest speaker: Barry Corbin, Educational Consultant,                       - Parent Visitation 8-9 p.m.
      Professor at Acadia University, and author of       Fri., Feb. 19      - 12:30 Dismissal
    “Unleashing the Potential of the Teenage Brain”.      Mon., Feb. 22-Thurs., Feb. 25 – Gr. 9 Literacy Testing
                Saturday, March 27, 2010                  Tues., Feb. 23 - Canadian Computing Competition
                     Kentville Fire Hall                  Thurs., Feb. 25 - Math Competitions (Gr. 9, 10, 11)
    This conference is open to all interested parties.    Fri., Feb. 26-Sat., Feb. 27 – Boys & Girls teams taking part in
   For more information, or to register for this event,                      - B-Ball Provincials
               please contact Gail Demmings               Sat., Feb. 27      - Musical Opening Night
          Annapolis Valley Regional School Board          Sun., Feb. 28      - Musical Matinee
                     Phone: 538-4638

         Registration deadline is March 12, 2010

Voice    &     Piano   Classes     Beginner    to
Advanced!*Performance         opportunities*Opera
Studio*Wolfville Community Chorus Weekly classes!
For details:     or call

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