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                                                                                     29 October 2008


The last developments in Europe and America of the melamine case

The behaviour of newspapers and televisions, of the so-called media, has truly been impeccable.
They have followed our instructions perfectly, and that’s a proof that we have got full control on
governments, political parties, unions, top managers of magazines, daily news and television networks.
An intensive big flame, a generalized feeling of disgust towards that aggressive, negligent, standard-less,
dirty and cruel country which is China, and then everything was totally forgotten.
The scandal has not touched us, has not even grazed us.
We sorted out from all the melamine case in a perfect and elegant way.
We have demonstrated to ourselves and to the world, once again, to be mature and responsible.
The Western milk, the Western gold, is purely white, and not whitish as in China.
Our dairy products and our dairy ingredients are impeccable.
For America and Europe, for the important ramifications of Argentina, South Africa, Australia and New
Zealand, that is for the milk and meat strategic areas of the world, the melamine case is simply over.
Already at mid September, after the explosion of news which were crossing each other, and after the deep
irritation that the world dairy industries showed towards those silly, incapable and irresponsible Chinese
colleagues, who have eventually exaggerated, firstly watering too intensively the milk, and secondly re-
thickening it by adding excessive amounts of melamine, the rage and the anger were already dissolving and
Even the world population, after some expressions of incredulity and horror for the 100 thousand infants
and kids hospitalized with their renal system spoiled, with their calculi difficult to break and very painful to
stand, have, thanks to God or thanks to Devil, forgotten the whole trouble.

The normalization of melamine in the Asian continent

If the normalization in America and Europe went all right without troubles, in Asia it was impossible to
follow such a fast and domesticated track.
After all, there are still too many infants under cure in the various Chinese hospitals, and turning the page
all of a sudden it is not that easy.
I have travelled in October around the hot spots of Shanghai, Hongkong, Singapore, and also in the
outskirts of Malaysia and Thailand, reading and collecting all newspaper-articles related to melamine.
I was surprised to notice how most of journalists use very generic concepts and words, without going
deeply into the matter.

Some of them analyze few technical details and hypothesize also some responsibilities, but on one thing
everybody strangely keeps closed-mouth.
Everybody talks about melamine as a thickener, as a protein improver of watered-milk, but nobody
mentions what is it, which is its chemical formula and how it is produced.
Telling bread to bread and wine to wine, in this area of the world (as in the entire world, to be true) is
strictly forbidden, especially when the truth can be very disturbing.
Nobody who dares saying that melamine is derived from the urine and the excrements of the animals.
There is a limit to indecency, we know.
If they do not mention that in the Western world, you can imagine here in Asia, where people is shy and
journalists are square and respectful.
Enjoying chocolate-peanuts and crackers, eating cheese or meat filled sandwiches and toasts, licking fruit-
flavoured ice-creams, sipping cacao-milk and yoghurts, keeping some chocolates in your hand-bag for
emergency, are all risky behaviours for our renal-urinary-sexual system, as all scientists and transparent
doctors know too well.
But, doing exactly the same things, getting delighted with the same products, being aware that what you are
enjoying and licking is not simply and only the bread, the ice-cream and the cacao, but also the shit and the
urine properly sweetened of the animals (and, tomorrow, probably the one coming from the city lavatories
as well), could become difficult.
So, nobody mentions anything. All articles must be short and laconic.

Melamine manufactured not in sophisticated chemical labs, but in rooms nearby the stables

The curiosity about melamine provenience is systematically dribbled and avoided.
Also if, Zhang Yujun, resident of Quzhou County, arrested for having produced 600 T. of protein-powder
made of melamine and malt-dextrin between September 2007 and August 2008 in Jinan City, capital of
Shandong province, is nothing else than a simple farmer, and not certainly a chemist, and he has learned
the productive methods not at any university, but at his own Hebei stable (as reported by The Shanghai
Daily Xinhua, 10/10/08).
Also if two brothers, from Hebei, belonging to the group of the 19 fellows arrested by the Chinese
authorities, accused of having sold 3 T a day of melamine tainted milk at their milky-factory, are also
simple farmers.
They justified themselves by declaring that they added melamine after that Sanlu (major incriminated
industry in the scandal) had repeatedly refused their milk, find it below the required protein-contents
Clear that, no matter how frantic and intensive is the milk industry planted in China ex-novo by
Westerners, Australians and New-Zealanders (Sanlu, in example, has got a 47 percent share belonging to
the major Auckland milk operator), the Chinese population is still too big and the milk is never enough, so
there is a run to water it more and more.
Fifty litres milk and fifty litres water is the minimum you can expect.
Chinese have tried everything, using lime, potato flour, bone powder, repeating in other words all possible
innocent and dirty tricks that westerners had previously experimented in their climbing up to the top of the
nutritional world, finding at the end in melamine the most simple and clever solution.

Melamine, substance officially approved by Fda

After all, the American sanitary authorities are approving officially the use of melamine, that is the use or
urea, that is the use of shit and urine, in all the foods which are delighting the delicate and sophisticated
mouths of the Western World, from the sorbets to the ice-creams, to the shakes, to the pastries, to the
hamburgers, to the chocolates, to the pralines and the majority of desserts.
As long as melamine is used with brain.
Fda has declared last week (from The China Daily, 9/10/08) that 2.5 mg of melamine per 1 kg of milk do
not cause any problem to health, adding anyhow that all baby-formulas of powder-milk for children, sold in
USA, must be totally without melamine traces.
The standards in use in Hongkong and in New Zealand are based also on 2.5 mg per kg, even if in these
days the safety limits have been brought to 1mg of melamine per 1 kg of milk, for all kids below 3 years of
Wang Xueming, from the Chinese Ministry of Health, in his conference of 8 October, has declared that it is
almost impossible to maintain the melamine presence at zero level, as small fragments of melamine can be
easily absorbed from the small milk containers and also from the additives used in the production process.
In any case, the Salu group, at the centre of the scandal, has registered levels of even 2.563 per kg (the
word even has been put by Dr Wang Xueming, obviously).
When you approve as normal and tolerated the level 2.5 per kg, as Hongkong and New Zealand are doing,
and as also Fda is approving, and as evidently all cheese and butter factories of the world, all fabricants of
parmesan and yoghurt, all ice-cream and cocoa-milk producers are doing, it is clear that the 2.563 of
melamine per kg of milk are not an exaggeration at all.
What does it mean 63 thousands of mg, in front of an approved quota of 2.5 mg per kg?
Clear that in powder-milk, maybe poorly and badly diluted, the stickiness and the concentration of the
melamine-poison rose up remarkably and caused the renal block of all those poor children.

Legalizing melamine instead of banning it from all foods

Cheung Hon-Yeung, associated professor to the Hongkong City University, department of Chemistry and
Biology, has said that (South China Morning Post, 9/10/08) that the standards and the limits of melamine
were non-existent in the world before the scandal exploded in China.
In other words, all countries were doing the dirty trick in full secret, and nobody ever realized in his mind
that melamine could be added to foods.
Excrements and urine in our daily foods? An absurdity. A joke for some fun-loving people.
Now, for the WHO, with figures prepared all in a rush, it seems that an adult of 50 kg can tolerate 25 mg
per day of melamine, while a kid of 5 kg of weight can take 2.5 mg per day.
WHO and FDA again on show as hypocrite and irresponsible institutes.
The melamine poison is in use? And then, instead of banning it, we are going to legalize it!
So, Pfizer and the pharmaceutical cartel will say thanks, as they are about preparing new revolutionary
drugs capable of dissolving the calculi but also to cause liver cancer (also treatable by a strong liver-
protecting drug in preparation).

The disquieting questions by the chemical specialists of Hongkong

We remind here that everything started beginning of September 2008 as a casual regional accident in the
province of Guangsu, where some children finished in hospital after consuming the Sanlu milk-formula.

The dramatic question posed by Prof Wong Kwok-Yin of the Polytechnic University of Hongkong is the
How is it possible that a contaminant, so largely used by industries for a so popular drink as milk, was able
to be present for years in the market and to elude all filters and all safety control nets?
Now we discover that melamine is used everywhere, in biscuits, crackers, breads, in starch-drinks, in soy
Excrements and urines, even if they are not meat and milk, they are not included obviously in the range of
vegetarian approved ingredients.
The most anxious question which I have, goes on Prof Wong, is:
How many further toxins can there be in those foods which cannot be detected?
The government labs or any private laboratory, can only test substances that have got a certain possibility
to be found in the samples of food.
There must be a lot of chemical products to be searched in a risky food.
There are not tests for all possible contaminants, but only specific tests for some precise chemical
If we do not have in advance the suspect on the probable contaminants which can be found in a food, it is
not possible to discover anything.
Jonathan Wong Woon-Chung and Ma Ching-Yung, of the Expert Committee on Food Safety says that tests
are complex and expensive.
For substances as melamine then the concentration is low, and more sensitive equipment is required, with
repeated and prolonged testing procedures.
The cost of a test about the presence of pesticides on a food can cost 2000 US$ per sample, while a test on
the presence of additives can reach 1000 US$.
But the case of melamine is really special, just because nobody in the world could ever expect to find that
kind of substance inside the foods that we consume everyday.
It could also be asked why the Hongkong Government, instead of imposing a max limit to the presence of
melamine, has not rather declared melamine totally banned without any further comments.
The problem is that substances as melamine, and even dioxide, already exist at trace-levels in the natural
environment, and also in the containers where the food is sold, for which the zero level is not possible.
Within certain limits, the consumer does not feel any immediate and serious symptoms.
But nobody mentions the long-time possible effects which can be really serious (see calculi, in example,
but see also various damages to the excretion apparatus as a whole).
Moreover, the limits for melamine, and for all contaminants in general, are established on the base of
experiments on animals, with all limits and doubts that those experiments have (South China Morning
Post-Hongkong, 9/10/08).

The control of cows and the control of donkeys (of consumers)

The fact is that melamine should not absolutely be there and, if it is anyhow there, it would be compulsory
to declare it, to declare the quantity, to explain what is it and how and where you produce it.
Not because we do not know it. We obviously know it too well, nowadays.
It is the people, the consumers, which are kept in full ignorance and which, according to somebody, must
be still kept in full ignorance.
Telling that melamine is used in plastic materials, in adhesives and in fertilizers, is very little thing.
Let us start saying the plain truth.

Let us say with extreme frankness that we are shitting and pissing on all foods which are beautifully and
elegantly exposed in the world-supermarkets, on all substances that the fast-foods chains are serving to the
world people, to a population which believes and has faith in their suppliers, in the same way that bovines
believe and have faith in the breeders which come across every day in their poor daily life.
The total control of the supply sources is nothing, if you do not have at the same time a full control of the
The evil giants have in fact reached the double scope: control of cows and control of monkeys (we, the

In the meantime the scandal goes on and gets wider, in spite of the clumsy attempts to cover it up

The Guan Sheng Food of Shanghai, producer of the White Rabbit Candy, very popular delicacy among
Chinese and Asian kids, was compelled to change label to all its products, now called New White Rabbit
Candy, after that in Hongkong and Singapore some melamine excess wad detected in them.
But also outside China many things are happening.
Even the rising substances ammonia-bicarbonate coming from China are under accusation in Malaysia,
where the Minister of Health Datuk Liow Tiong Lai has released an interview to the Star Nation newspaper
of Kuala Lumpur on 17/10/08.
The biscuits Khong Guan and Khian Guan, both very popular in this country, have revealed respectively
33.4 ppm (parts per million) and 508 ppm melamine levels, while also here the permitted max levels are
2.50 ppm, with an excess of 10 and 200 times higher.
The two makers have promised that, from now on, they will never use anymore the cheap Chinese rising
ingredients, but only Australian and New Zealand more expensive products (the Aussies and the Kiwis are
surely more clever and prudent in the use of melamine, more appropriate in the addition of urea, of
extrements and urines than the Chinese).

Melamine and malt-dextrin: urinary problems, prostate affections, sexual impotence, renal cancers.
The removal of bladder, one of the most diffused, embarrassing and silenced surgical operations of
the present times.

The trouble is that the substances are never called by their own name.
Melamine makes me think, as Italian, to the apple (mela, means apple), and the final mine sounds
something innocent and nice too, certainly nothing to do with the lavatories.
Malt makes me think of something related to cereals.
Actually we are in front of dangerous and harmful substances for our very delicate hydraulic system.
Melamine is not only derived from shit and urine, which is already something crazy and disturbing, not
only causes more calculi than the same cow-milk in humans, but it leads to urinary problems, to dangerous
prostate affections, to impotence, to renal cancer and bladder cancer (one of the most diffused, desperate,
unrevealed, embarrassing surgical operations of our times is just the removal of bladder).
Particularly in China, the renal health is a very sensible issue.
More than 2 kids out of 300, between 2 and 14 years old, suffer of renal affections, and 4 out of 100 among
this critical group develop a total kidneys failure and a kidney transplant necessity, has said prof Guo Hua
Wei, director of Beijing Jindong Zhongmei Hospital.
We understand that people are used to nourish themselves in the mortuary and in the cemeteries of animals,
we understand that they like to play and enjoy with grissini and slices of crude leg called prosciutto (ham).

We also realize that passing from the corpses and from the necropolis substances to the excrements and to
the toilet residuals you do not need after all to make such an extraordinary effort.
But isn’t it also true that many people are often so delicate that they do not even go to swim in the most
popular and crowded beaches, because there are too many fellows making their pee inside the water?
But that one, at the end, is just a sea water diluted by the waves action and by the salt.
Here, dear ladies and gentlemen, it is a matter of receiving shit and urine directly inside our mouths and our
own body.
Can all this be accepted so easily?
Is it not yet arrived the time of sending to hell all sort of food deceivers and falsifiers, of nutritional liars,
and all political-government-media powers which go on supporting them?

A disquieting plague, with dogs dying in large numbers due to melamine caused stones

Melamine is not only disastrous to humans, but even to dogs which, in general, are considered to be less
delicate than humans about foods.
After all, they have plenty of strong acids in their stomachs, plenty of uricase enzymes in their intestines,
and they have also got an acid blood, all things that should help to better digest, assimilate, demolish, meats
and bones and proteins.
Well, the situation is not like that about melamine.
There are in fact news about lots of dogs suddenly dying from one day to the other all around China.
In a small village 1500 dogs died within a week due to renal failure.
The news come from Zhang Wenkui, veterinary and professor at the Shenyang Agriculture University.
From prompt post-mortem examination, it has been diagnosed to all of them a renal collapse, incapacity to
urinate, and big renal calculi, with 25 percent of such stones composed of melamine.
These animal deaths are rising up enormous questions and concerns about the real extension of melamine
tainting not only on the entire Chinese territory, but also in the world.
It would be interesting to test not only humans, but also dogs and other animals leaving near humans, in
order to have a better understanding of the phenomenon (from The Southern Metropolis Daily of Beijing).

The biosphenol-A or BPA worst than melamine?

The hard-plastic bottles in use by the world children population are also under accusation, because the
biosphenol-A (poly-carbonate of which the bottles are made) leaves abundant traces on the liquids therein
Lab rats in contact with BPA have got serious damages as cancerous growths at their mammary system and
at their prostate.
The adults making use of these bottles end up absorbing 1 mcg (microgram) per each kg of their body
weight, while children are absorbing much more, that is 10 mcg per each kg of their weight.
Researchers are warning about never placing plastic bottles inside microwaves ovens, as often done by
mothers and fathers in a rush.
The damages provoked by these substances can be extremely serious, even if the data up to now are not
In 2003/2004 a study of the National Health and Nutrition Examination and Prevention-USA found
detectable presence of BPA in the urines of the 93 percent of 2500 urine samples collected among adults
and children over 6 years old.

The generalization of panic and the obvious attempt to divert the attention from milk

During the hot period of melamine scandal, other cases and other scandals were reported in China,
including an arsenic poisoning of tap-water in a remote area of the country.
More than a systemic run to catastrophism, and more than a casual circumstance, they appeared to me as
invented cases, or as cases studied, planned, selected and diffused, as clumsy attempts to generalize the
panic, to attract the people attention on something different and global, and to divert somehow the attention
from milk.
The normalization and the re-launch of business first of all.

The frantic run towards normalization

What surprises and disgusts more in all this melamine case is not the melamine scandal in itself.
To be realist, the tendency to counterfeit, to water the milk and the wine, to cheat, to make more money in
the business, is a characteristic which is constantly present in human mind.
If we were not in front of the drama of millions of kids (who knows how many are really damaged in total),
it would be appropriate to assign to Mr Zhang Yujun, the one found with 600 T of melamine, a state prize
for his enterprising and his smartness.
Zhang, let’s admit that, had done nothing else than adopting in perfect style the famous slogan Getting rich
is glorious, launched few years ago by the president Deng-Hsiao Ping.
What is instead really disturbing and amazing, scandalous and unbearable, is the will and the urgency of
milk producers to restart full force, as before and even more than before, their fraudulent activity.
We mean to say the fraudulent activity not necessarily about melamine, but rather about milk itself.
Because it is the milk, the good one, the pure and immaculate one, to be fraudulent, and to make immoral
the activity of who exercise it, of who breeds animals, of who produces and sells milk and dairy.
On The Standard of Hongkong, 13/10/08, there is a self-explanatory picture where the 3 bosses of the main
Chinese industries fallen in disgrace are making a toast based on milk, where Jin Biao, vice-president of
Yili, pours the white liquid from a jag into the glasses of Guo Benheng, president of Bright Dairy Co and
of Mengniu vice-president Mrs Zhao Yuanhua.
In the attempt to recover credibility, after having lost something as 227 million of HK$ (3 billion €) for
damages and production drop, they have solemnly promised that they have learned a lot from this bitter
lesson and they ask again trust and confidence from all dear consumers.

The spontaneous and natural aversion towards milk, seen not as a human food but rather as a dirty

I still remember when I was a kid and I was often arguing with my mother about milk, which I totally
It was not for sure a problem of melamine.
Some slice of cheese unfortunately yes, as there were not adequate alternatives around. But drinking milk
never, absolutely. Not just the taste, but even the idea itself was disgusting.
Milk in my view was a mixture of milk and dirty water, coming from the belly, the internal parts and the
red and often sick mammary glands of cows.
We boys used to go every evening to the village latteria (the dairy), five minutes walk with a milk-tin on
hand, to buy the 2 litres of daily milk that somebody in the family, in one way or the other, was consuming.

And already on the way there was the crossing between producers and consumers, as the farmers were
bringing by hand their milk in 10 litres containers, and then they poured it in the general collecting milk
Among us, we were doing our comments and evaluations about which milk was acceptable and clean, in
relation to the cleanness and the hygiene that the various farmers were showing with their personal
appearance and life-styles, and with the kind of animals and stables in their possess.
Some of us went to the dairy purposely in the first hours of opening, in order to avoid that a certain kind of
milk had already been discharged in the general tank.

The dangers and defects of normal milk explained by an Australian quality-milk producer

From an interesting adv published by Nature’s Glory on the Singapore Straits Times of 18 October, entitled
Milk Scare? Go Organic, where the qualities of an Australian milk, branded Paris Creek, are outlined, we
can learn many interesting things:

1) That Paris Creek milk does not contain additives, taste enhancers, thickeners, powder-milk.
2) That Paris Creek milk does not contain genetically modified milk, synthetic hormones given to animals
to multiply the milk output, do not contain antibiotics and residuals of unnatural feeds given to animals, as
synthetic vitamins and inorganic minerals).
3) That Paris Creek milk has not been homogenized, with milk molecules disaggregated and made watery
and causers of lactose intolerance, causers of Ldl cholesterol problems, causers of heart problems.
The homogenization and the UHT (ultra high temperature) are made in order to make the milk preserved
up to 6 months.
But these operations are obviously killing the milk vitality and interfering with its healthy properties,
reducing the absorption of A and D vitamins.
The Paris Creek milk has got only 14 days of life, because it has been submitted to light pasteurization in
order to keep about the same freshness and energy of the just milked milk.
4) That the Paris Creek is richer in nutrients.
The organic milk has got in fact 50 percent more vitamin E and Omega-3, and is 3.75 percent higher in
beta-carotene, has got 2-3 times more antioxidants, useful to defeat infections and to protect from coronary
5) That Paris Creek milk has 30 percent more calcium than common milk, and it is also much richer in
linoleic acid, useful as supporter of the immune system.
Organic cows produce only half of the milk compared to non-organic cows.
Higher the milking and the milk output, higher is the stress for the animals, which have the tendency to get
sick earlier, ant to receive more antibiotic drugs and anti-stress hormones, all polluting compounds
finishing inside their milk.

Clear that something true is included in the promotional page of Paris Creek, even we are not so silly to be
totally hooked by their trap.
Telling that their milk was submitted to a light and innocent pasteurization means that all enzymes were
destroyed and most vitamins and organic minerals were transformed and lost.
Telling that their milk has got anti-oxidant substances is quite ridiculous, as all milks and dairy products,
are number one in the list of oxidants and free-radicals multipliers.

But, apart all that, let us give credit to all what claimed by this producer of high-quality organic milk, and
we will consequently see how defective, poor and troublesome is the normal milk, the cheap milk normally
consumed by people everyday in the 99 percent of cases, and we mean the normal milk without any trace
of melamine.

The logic role of weaning and the natural detachment from mother’s-milk

But we, going much further than the censures of this honest and frank Australian producer, we say that
even their special high-quality organic milk, their splendid milk just milked from happy and healthy
animals which stay at the sunshine and eat alive green grass with daisies and violets all day, even that milk,
is very bad for human health.
It can surely be an excellent product for the bovines, on condition that they have not yet been weaned,
because, we remain everybody, the weaning is called like that because, from a certain moment of life,
The little suckers of all races get emancipated and free from their mother’s milk, and they start adopting
their real definitive diet for life, which does not include milk at all.
Imagine then if we pretend to give milk to members already weaned and belonging to a different race, as
they are humans who have overcome the age of 1 or 2 years of age.
In this case we would betray nature’s laws not once but twice in one shot.
As all scientific tables show, human milk has got a protein-caloric value of approx 5 percent (which is
about equal to the protein-caloric value of all fruits), and it distinguishes by-far itself from the cow-milk,
which has a 15 percent of protein-caloric contents and a strong presence of casein (natural thickener similar
in many ways to melamine, and used same as melamine as powerful adhesive).
For humans the only possible milk is woman milk, but only up to their weaning time, as said before.

The transformation of human kind in life-suckers of bovine-mammary glands.
Nothing of scientific and of useful, but only the cheating of the most cruel slavers of all times.

The transformation of human kind, of big and heavy people, in life-suckers of bovine mammary-glands,
besides appearing as ridiculous and indecent, has got nothing of natural, of useful and necessary, but it is
only the result of the intensive campaigns in favour of milk by the giant Ndc (National Dairy Council), in
America and the world, and by all the dairy industries born around the globe, by domesticated and
colonized state organizations and sanitary institutions, by nutritional specialists and dieticians corrupted
and sold to the generous and rich industries involved in this kind of business.
A mere matter of money, venality, interest, and nothing to do with calcium, with vitamin B12 and with
Omega-3, or with non-existent precious and indispensable milk proteins.
A matter, in case, of very serious diseases as asthma, osteoporosis, diabetes, obesity, breast cancer,
intestinal and renal cancers, strokes and ictus.
Diseases induced and provoked by absurd and unnatural human behaviours, contradictory and counter-
productive habits, promoted by the worst highwaymen in circulation on the planet, by the powerful lobby
meat-milk-dairy, by the most cruel and blood-thirsty and irresponsible slavers of all times.
People that, well dressed, perfumed and elegant, protected by states and unions, by politicians and
governors, by policemen and police headquarters, by newspapers and televisions, by priests and cardinals,
appears to be perfect, civil, responsible and even benefactors of the entire world, sponsor of sport activities,
and donators of funds for the Third world, while in reality they include in themselves so much malice and
wickedness, so much destructive power, to make feeble and ingenuous the Al Capone gang of the 20’s.
                                                    - 10 -

Not casually, John Robbins, sole son of the American ice-cream emperor, owner of many farms, stables,
dairies and abattoirs, completed his university and one year of total experience inside his father’s company,
he suddenly decided to abandon his multi-billion fortune and leave his father, and to write all his
experience with the animals inside his ex-corporation.
His book, Diet for a New America (Stillpoint Publishing-Walpole-New Hampshire, 1996) is a best seller in
Usa and will remain for decennia a mile-stone of ethics and animalism.

Here is where the real scandal lays.
The next milk-ducts and blood-ducts from the Siberian planes.

The real scandal is exactly in this incapacity of people to wake up and move away from their lethargy, to
shake out from their physiologic torpor caused probably by the same dairy foods, which steal them vitality
and numb their will and their consciences, darken their mind powers and even de-virilize their sexual
Control of the supplying sources upstream, we were saying, and contemporary control of the market
Milk in fact, good or not good (really good it is never), organic or UHT, arrives however in any point of the
globe, faster and more punctual than water.
So much that it is surprising that nobody started yet producing huge and long milk-ducts, together with
adequate blood-ducts, as the poor mothers, after having been raped and barbarously exploited for life, they
must also be killed at the end of this horrible game.
More the milk quantity produced, more the blood following.
The planes of Siberia offer unlimited resources.
A matter to turn pale even the American breeders.
The true scandal, we were saying, is not at all about melamine, and neither about the growth hormones and
the somatotrophin of buffalo-mozzarella, or about the dioxide and the biosphenol, but rather in the
organoleptic , psychological, social, ethic and aesthetic qualities hold in the milk substance, wrong product,
stolen with extreme malice, with fraud and criminal intention, to generations and generations of docile and
submissive four-legged persons, that for millennia were properly considered sacred by human kind, and
that now are instead treated as despicable and mean animals, good only to be manhandled and sacked of all
their natural belongings and of all their cells, of all their feelings.
Animals brutalized by a continuous imprisonment and captivity, by a constant and fatal destination to the
shivering experience of the gallops.
And, on the other paradoxical side, generations and generations of humans compelled to suffer, almost by
infernal law of Dante contrappasso (retaliation), the worst possible pains, obliged by silly and hypnotized
mothers, by corrupted paediatricians, by domesticated and enslaved doctors, and by evil industries, to live
with their mouth attached to the disgraced and stressed bovine tits.

The black gold

The OPEC puts together all rich oil producers in the world, namely Saudi Arabia and Emirates, Iran and
Iraq, Libya and Algeria, Nigeria and Indonesia, USA and Mexico and Venezuela. In the last few years
other nations as Malaysia, Thailand and even the United Kingdom, have joined the lucky club of
producers, thanks to its excellent deep deposits under the North Sea.
                                                     - 11 -

The oil thirst of aircrafts and of all engine-powered vehicles, but also the industrial and home requirements
of energy, and the need of heating in the Northern regions, and of air-conditioning in the equatorial areas,
have pushed the oil prices to levels never seen before.
Never so appropriate as now the expression Black Gold, used for the oil.
If it was called like that already in the past decennia, when it cost just a handful of dollars per barrel, and
when in the Arabic countries it was distributed free of charge as water, how should it be called nowadays,
when its value has been able at times to go over 100 US$ per barrel?
The discrimination and the economic gap between rich countries and miserable countries, due to the
petroleum factor, have become enormous.
The research of alternative sources is finally proceeding by long steps, also because oil deposits are fatally
going to be exhausted.
Sun, wind, water, hydrogen, waste recycling, cereals and beets, have become objects of anxious researches
and experimentations, and some alternative should in any case be found, no matter if other kind of new
problems rill surely arrive.
Should our tomorrow energy come from cereals, their price would go sky-high, and maybe that eating a
piece of good whole bread would become a luxury for everybody.

The white gold

If the black gold is in the mouth of everybody, little is heard instead about the white gold.
Still it exists, and it is in prospects much more important than the black oil, because its sources are far from
being limited and circumscribed.
The white gold is the milk, the milk of the most patient, laborious and cheerful animal in the world, called
The first ones to better understand all that have been the Americans, who have transformed their Ndc into
the key-institution, the shining star, the world top-investor in advertising and sponsoring, capable to
overcome even the enormous promotional budgets of the Coca-Cola Corporation.
The Yankee breeders, after having pitilessly massacred the bison herds of the green Northern grasslands,
tried pretty soon to substitute them.
And they actually did find in the bovines their ideal target, their preferred animals.
They discovered that bovines were even much better than bison.
Docile, incredibly good and patient, open to do whatever you impose to them.
You can fasten their legs and their neck, you can use all sort of chains, you can confine them inside a very
limited space, you can improve them genetically.
And cows give birth to calves which are very naive and innocent, little kids with very tender meat, and you
can burn their testicles (even without wasting money in anaesthesias or in pain killers), so they will grow
up faster.
And the young cows can be impregnated by a simple syringe, a job that even a kid can do.
While the steers, obliged by a lace to keep their head on the manger, without sun, air and light, without
giving them a chance of walking and pasturing on a green meadow, easily become one tonne-animals
before 3 years of age.
Also the cows, kept motionless and stationery, cleverly chained to the stable walls by steel ropes, have got
nothing to do than eating in continuation dried herbs mixed with any other high-protein ingredient that you
give them, in order to boost their growth in meat and milk, to become wonderful robots producing that
fantastic resource called milk or white gold.
                                                   - 12 -

Veterinary assistance is obviously guaranteed, due to the repeated births at devastating rhythms, but zero
space for a lick or for any love expression towards her disgraced creatures, robbed not only of their own
milk, but also of their mother’s cares.
The Americans, pioneers and champions in this infamous and dirty game, discovered pretty soon all the
tricks of this profession, the official and open tricks, as well the secret ones which cannot even be
And they transmitted all their know-how to Europeans, Argentines, Australians and Zealanders.
Rationalized stables, reduced spaces, clean and pending concrete beds so that the urine and the excrements
can go down and can be collected (urea is useful as fertilizer and also as protein food-improver), clinical
labels for each animal with daily quota of growth hormones (somatotrophin), with premature date of birth
(in order to avoid the development of eventual cancer and BSE, normally arriving after the 3rd year of age,
as a logic consequence of that stressing and impossible kind of life), with bio-denominations and origin
trade-marks to show the buyer that everything is done in the perfect way.
The good reputation before all. The good cow which gives the perfect milk, the good milk which gives the
perfect calcium.
The absolute and complete food, un-replaceable for the growth of our children, and for the health of adults
and elders, for the support to pregnant woman and to their future kids.


But not only the good milk, the white gold for a cow mammals-sucking humanity, but also the excellent
biologic juicy meat, natural and fresh, loaded with precious B12, with fundamental noble proteins and
extraordinary zinc, with blood-rich eme-iron., the red gold of a vampirized and blood-thirsty humanity,
linked hands and feet, body and soul, to the slaughter-houses to the blood, to the non-stop massacres.
If in the after-war period people were basically living on cereals and potatoes, while the chicken and the
pork appeared only at Eastern and Christmas, more as a rite and as a hard to die and horrible tradition, than
as a nutritional necessity, today the plates exhaling the miasmas of death are the rule at all main meals for
the majority of people.
The red gold is not only composed of meat.
The cow body is a golden lode with so many other precious things inside, as heparins, anxiously needed by
all doctors, surgeons and transplant specialists, but even by dieticians and by crazy gynaecologists, which
are prescribing heparin on daily basis to make blood more fluid to their clients (after having induced the
same people to eat more meat and more animal proteins, causing their blood to become dense and sic
While the simplest and easiest way to make the blood more fluid is avoiding meat and dramatically
increasing the consume of fruits and vegetables.
The supplying sources are practically inexhaustible.
We just increase in number and dimensions stables and slaughtering houses, we just find new tricks and
new growth hormones, and new melamines, we just experiment new crosses and discover more prolific and
productive, more exploitable and massacrable races, and the matter is solved.
And, if we can finalize our researches on the genes of the mammoths, who knows what results we can
In some labs we are already trying to cross the elephant sperm and the ovary glands of cows.
The new frontier is to develop new living robots 2 or 3 tons of weight, with a double and triple milk and
meat output.
                                                   - 13 -

We will get to super-robotized milk collections and stratospheric slaughtering systems, with new plants
where the animal enters and then, within 5 minutes, it is killed, cleaned, cut in all pieces, without any
human intervention
And, at that point, as they have given the Nobel prize to Rita Levi-Montalcini, thanks to the deadly
Cronassial, and as even more indecently have awarded the Nobel to Montagnier for the discovery of an
Aids which does not exist, they will surely give a Nobel to the techno-butchers, but this time appropriate
and due, as they will have solved, in their own way, the problem of hunger in the world.

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