Providing Lip Augmentations in Beverly Hill and Surrounding Areas

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Providing Lip Augmentations in Beverly Hill and Surrounding Areas

May 23, 2010- Dr. Jay Calvert is a cosmetic surgeon who specializes in rhinoplasty, breast
augmentation, and face lifts. Dr. Calvert operates out of his facilities in Beverly Hills and
Newport California. He also operates from his website One of type of
procedure that he is known for is lip augmentation.

He is the known developer of the LA Lip Enhancement. The process uses a patient’s own tissue
to create lip augmentation procedures.

The LA Lip Enhancement Technique will help people increase the look of both their lips and the
areas around the lips. The procedure is somewhat permanent so it’s alternative to collagen and
Restylane injections that require short span reinjection. The process is not completely permanent
since it may wear off due to different factors in patients such as aging.

The procedure is performed by cutting a thin scar and passing it through the lip and placing fat
harvested from other parts of the body. Patients should not be worried since they will be sedated
during the process. The one effect is swelling of the lips which should subside after a few days.

Though most operations proceed as planned there are some risks that people should consider
undergoing the lip augmentation. Some of the risks included infection at the site of insertion or
fat removal. Risks included bleeding and operations not meeting the desires of the patient.

 People who do not live in the Beverly Hill and Orange County areas have numerous ways to
contact Dr. Calvert before meeting for their initial consultation, evaluation, and for the operation.

Before the meeting people can email Dr. Calvert at in order to have
some pre-operation questions answered. Dr. Calvert will require three to five days to respond. In
addition, people can contact Cerissa the patients’ relations manager with any of their questions.

The doctor makes it easy for prospective patients to get information and find a way to travel to
his offices. The doctor works closely with numerous providers that offer around the clock
assistance that will work with patients both before and after the process. Dr. Calvert is ready to
expertly and compassionately work with patients to provide the beast lip augmentation
Contact :

Dr. Jay Calvert
465 N. Roxbury, Suite 1001 Beverly Hills CA 90210
Phone: (310) 777 – 8800
Fax: (310) 248 - 6258