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    Yahoo! Merchant Solutions Plan Features
    Yahoo! Merchant Solutions offers easy-to-use features to open your first online store
    quickly, advanced features for additional customization, and integration with your of-
    fline applications.

    Features Available in All Plans
       Store Design                                  Product Catalog
       • Easy site design and building tools         • Manage up to 50,000 products for sale
       • Customizable web site designs               • Add products using a simple online form
       • Support for third-party tools               • Upload an existing product database or
       • Professional designers and developers to      spreadsheet
         help build your store for a fee             • Track customized product attributes
       • PHP, Perl, and MySQL for interactivity on
         non-product pages

       Shopping Cart and Checkout                    Customer Service
       • Single or multi-page checkout               •   24-7 toll-free phone support
       • Customizable page layout                    •   24-7 email support
       • Set up custom fields for order              •   Extensive online help
         information                                 •   Getting Started guides
       • Automatically calculate tax and             •   Account Manager (if qualified)*
         shipping fees
       • Progress indicator to orient customers
       • Gift wrapping options
       • Support for downloadable product
       • Shopping cart contents saved for up
         to 2 weeks
       • Support for CSS for a custom design

Yahoo! Merchant Solutions Plan Features
Marketing                                    Product Promotion
• Search engine-friendly pages               • Site search feature
• Automatic submission to Yahoo! Search      • Discount pricing
  & Google                                   • Volume pricing
• Sitemap to help search engines discover    • Incremental feature pricing (i.e., charge
  and index your pages quicker.                more when a user upgrades a feature,
• $100 credit with Yahoo! Search               such as adding more memory)
 Marketing**                                 • XML feeds to shopping directories
• Free Yahoo! Local listing
• $50 credit for Google AdWords
• 20% off Yahoo! Shopping listings
• Free trial on ($50 value)
• $50 in free traffic from Shopzilla
• 1 month trial of Campaigner by GOT
  (email marketing)

Payment Processing                           Order Processing
• Accept credit, debit, and PayPal           • Easy interface to process and
  payments online                              track orders
• Payment processing partnerships:           • View new orders by email or online
     • First Data™                           • Automatically email customers to an
     • PayPal                                  nounce order status changes
• Use an existing merchant account if        • Print invoices and UPS shipping labels
  compatible with FDMS Nashville             • Real-time integration with existing order
  platform                                     management systems
• No additional fees to use our
  payment gateway
• Credit card verification and
  validation tools
• Offline credit card processing
Shipping and Taxes                           Inventory Management
• Use major carriers like UPS, FedEx,        • Receive inventory alerts when
  and USPS                                     quantities are low
• Set shipping rates by weight, price,       • Manage inventory by color, size,
  location, and more                           and other variables
• Offer free shipping                        • Display inventory availability
• Ship orders to international locations       to customers
• UPS Online Tools                           • Integrate with an existing database or
• Set tax rates by country, state, and zip     real-time inventory system
• Automatically calculate tax and
  shipping fees in checkout
Yahoo! Merchant Solutions Plan Features
Reports and Statistics                     Application Integration
• 40 reports and graphs to show:           •   QuickBooks
     o Sales                               •   OrderMotion
     o Page views                          •   UPS Online Tools
     o Referring sites and keywords        •   Chase Paymentech
• Export your reports for extra analysis   •   Stone Edge Order Manager

Web Hosting                                Domain Name and Email
•   Unlimited disk space ***               •   Free domain name
•   Unlimited data transfer ***            •   1,000 email addresses
•   Free domain name                       •   Unlimited email storage
•   Multi-user FTP                         •   POP and SMTP support
                                           •   SpamGuard Plus protection
                                           •   Norton AntiVirus screening

Security                                   Reliability
• Secure Socket Layer (SSL) with 128       • Consistent 99.9% uptime****
  bit encryption to shield transactions    • Same infrastructure as the rest of
• Configurable credit card verification      the Yahoo! network
  tools to help flag fraudulent orders     • Redundant links to Internet backbone
• IP blocking to help keep out               for faster access
  suspect customers                        • Local and remote site backup
• Password protection for your site        • Akamai caching so product images
• Set access privileges for site             load faster
  administration                           • Free BSD(Unix) operating system
• Extensive data center security           • Apache servers
• Compliant with Visa security
  procedures (CISP)
• Domain name locking*****
  Yahoo! Merchant Solutions Plan Features

Plan Differences
There are a few features that are not available in the Starter plan. If you are new to
ecommerce and building your first online store, we recommend that you get the
Starter plan as it offers all the basics needed to get started.

                       Starter Plan      Standard Plan       Professional
Recommended            Up to $12K/mo.    $12K-$80K/mo.         More than
plan if you                                                    $80K/mo.
expect sales of:
Monthly price           $39.95/mo.         $99.95/mo.         $299.95/mo.
One-time setup             $50                $50                $50
Transaction fee             1.5%              1.0%               0.75%
Product Promotion
Cross-selling tools         No                 Yes                Yes
Gift certificates           No                 Yes                Yes
Coupons                     Yes                Yes                Yes
Order Processing
Real-time                   No                 Yes                Yes
integration with
backend systems

Notification of             No                 Yes                Yes
new orders by fax
Export orders to            No                 Yes                Yes
UPS Worldship®
Click trails report         No                 Yes                Yes
Frequent search             No                 Yes                Yes
topics for your site
  Yahoo! Merchant Solutions Plan Features

When should I upgrade to the next plan?
As your sales increase, you’ll benefit from moving to a higher plan with lower
transaction fees. The chart below shows when it makes economic sense to switch
plans. You can change plans at any time.

* Qualified merchants gain access to a premium level of support through an account manager who can
provide you with best practices for building and running your online store. Not available to all custom-
ers. Customers with over $500,000 in annual online sales with Yahoo! Merchant Solutions can qualify.
Qualification is subject to the discretion of Yahoo! Merchant Solutions.
** Offer open to new U.S. Sponsored Search advertisers only. (A new advertiser is one who has not
advertised with Yahoo! Search Marketing for the past 13 months.) Each account requires a nonrefund-
able $30 initial deposit. Advertisers signing up for Self Serve will receive a $100 credit into the ac-
count. Initial credits are nonrefundable and will be applied to click-charges. There is a minimum bid
requirement of $0.10 per click-through. Limit one offer per customer, and one use per customer on
a single account. Sellers of certain legally restricted products may require third-party certification at
extra cost. Search listings subject to editorial review. Offer may not be combined with any other offers
or discounts, separated, redeemed for cash, or transferred. Other terms and conditions may apply; see
Advertiser Terms and Conditions when you sign up.
*** Customers who use Yahoo! Merchant Solutions appropriately have access to unlimited disk space,
data transfer, and email storage. See to learn
more about appropriate usage, what’s “unlimited” — and what is not.
**** Based on internal monitoring; does not include downtime for scheduled maintenance.
***** Available for new domain registrations.

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