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                              Join the Yahoo Pretreatment Group
                                Stephanie Gieck, Littleton/Englewood WWTP

           Below are instructions for how to join the group. Please forgive me if some of the
           instructions seem too thoroughly explained. Remember that not everyone is as
           comfortable with technology as you are.

           1) Go to the Yahoo home page (
           2) Click on Groups in the list on the left side of the page.
           3) In the box below Find a Yahoo! Group, type in Pretreatment Coordinators and click
           4) Click on Pretreatment_Coordinators in the list of groups. You are now on the
              Pretreatment Coordinators Group main page.
                  (Instead of completing steps 1-4, you could have copied and pasted
         into your web
                  browser’s address bar, but now you know how to search for other groups you may
                  want to join. Just don’t do it on city time.)
           5) Unless you are a member of the group, you can’t see or post any information. In the
              upper right corner, click Join This Group!
           6) If you already have a Yahoo email address or use Yahoo messaging, you can sign in
              with the same Yahoo ID and Password. If this is the case, sign in and skip to step 9.
              If you do not have a Yahoo ID or don’t want to use your personal Yahoo ID for this
              group, click on Sign Up on the lower right corner. (Yahoo is funny, and this
              sometimes appears in the upper right corner.)
           7) Fill in the information on the sign-up page.
              • I would not suggest using one of the names with an or
         domain name. Find a unique user name you can use with the
         domain name (i.e. j.doe.pretreatment). If you don’t use a
         name, Yahoo makes you create a profile in later steps. Using an
         domain will also make signing in easier in the future.
              • An Alternate Email is not required, but if you want to receive emails for this
                  group at your work email address and not at the Yahoo email address you are
                  creating, enter your work email address here.
              • Click Create My Account.
              • If you entered your work address, you will receive an email to verify that you own
                  the account. Before you go to the next step, click the link in that email to verify.
                  This will pop open a new window. Once the account is verified, close the new
           8) Back in the first window, you will see a confirmation that your account was created.
              Click Continue.
           9) You are now on a page titled Join This Group.
              • If you used an existing Yahoo ID and want to receive all emails from this group at
                  your work, click Add new email address in the section labeled Step 1. Your
                  Contact Information. Type your work email address in the text box and click
                  Continue. If you do this, you will have to confirm your alternate email address by
                  clicking a link in a confirmation email sent to your work address.
   •    Select which email address you wish to use as your contact for information
        regarding this Yahoo Group.
    • Add a brief Comment to the Owner so they know you’re not a spammer (i.e. I
        work in pretreatment for Littleton/Englewood WWTP).
    • Under Step 2. Message Delivery, I would suggest signing up for the Daily Digest,
        but you can choose your own email preferences. If you select Individual Email,
        you will receive 20-30 emails per day.
    • Under Step 3. Message Preference, either option will work.
    • Enter the text shown in the box.
    • Click Join.
10) Your request will go to the moderator of the group, Gene Bennett in Everett,
    Washington. He’s the one in charge of deciding who is allowed into the group. For
    example, vendors are currently permitted to join the group, but they are not permitted
    to solicit. If necessary, Gene could expel them from the group. After Gene reads his
    email and approves new member requests, you will receive an email at the address
    you selected in step 9 confirming your approved membership. I received my
    confirmation in less than an hour. If you did not enter your work address as the
    primary contact for group message in step 9, your confirmation email will go to your
    Yahoo email account.
11) You can easily change what kinds of emails you receive, change your primary email
    address, or leave the group. To do any of these, go to the Yahoo Groups page either
    by clicking on Groups on the Yahoo main page or typing in
    your web browser and signing in. Click on the Pretreatment Coordinators group on
    the upper left side. Click on Edit Membership near the top center part of the page,
    edit as you wish, and click Save Changes.

There are several resources you can explore aside from the messages. You can post or
review files and photos, review the members list, etc. If you have trouble with any of the
above, any 20-something year old in your office can assist you.

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