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					                         MINNESOTA NETWORK ON ABUSE IN LATER LIFE
                                                 550 Rice St
                                                 St Paul, MN 55103


I’d Rather Be Home                       Video                    30 min
         This documents the story of Norman, an older man, abused by his adult sons. It displays the
difficulties elders face in leaving their abusers. Multi-agency interventions are shown throughout the
video, including criminal justice and social services.
                                                    Terra Nova Films 800-779-8491

Elder Abuse: Five Case Studies           Video                    40 min           Study guide

        This video examines the issues of abuse in later life from the point of view of five victims.
Intervention efforts are illustrated throughout the video.
        Norman: This case study deals with a 70 year old man and his two abusive adult sons.
        Dorothy: This case study deals with the abusive relationship between an alcoholic and his
elderly mother.
        Mary:      This case study involves an elderly woman who has been physically abused by her
son for over 8 years.
        Pat:        This case study is of an elderly woman who has lived in an abusive relationship
with her husband for over 45 years.
        Lucille: This case study involves an elderly woman’s attempt to deal with her abusive ex-
                                                   Terra Nova Films 800-779-8491

Serving the Victim of Elder Abuse DVD                             21 min
        Film demonstrates how a team of professionals from diverse disciplines works together to
resolve complex cases of abuse in later life. Team members from the fields of mental health, adult
protection, financial management, civil law, geriatric medicine and law enforcement share their
perspectives on abuse cases and offer suggestions for interviewing effectively.
                                                  Terra Nova Films 800-779-8491

When Help Was There: 4 Stories of Elder Abuse
                                 Video                            18 min

         An ethnically diverse look at abuse in later life. 1) A Hispanic mother threatned by her son
2)An African American woman physically abused by her husband 3) An Asian couple put on the
street by their son-in-law 4) A Caucasian man defrauded of possessions and bank accounts by a
trusted friend. Video shows how each of these were helped by a network of services.
                                                   Terra Nova Films 800-779-8491

The Golden Years                         Video                    6 min

        Three survivors of abuse in later life take the viewer deep into the emotional nightmare of
physical, financial and psychological abuse. A dynamic tool for introducing the topic and
phenomenon of abuse in later life in today’s society.
                                                   Terra Nova Films 800-779-8491

What’s Age Got to Do With It?            Video                    14 min          Study Guide

        This video looks at the devastating effects of various forms of abuse upon older women
within intimate or spousal relationships as well as abuse by adult children.
                                                  Terra Nova Films 800-779-8491

Restoring the Sacred Circle       Video - 2             29 min    Closed Captioned
 Responding to elder abuse in American Indian communities
                                  Oregon Dept of Human Services, Seniors and
                                  People With Disabilities 503-945-6399

Roll Call: Elder Abuse              Video                  14 min     Closed Captioned
  Training video for law enforcement – response protocols, interviewing procedures and
available resources
                                    Oregon Dept of Human Services, Seniors and
                                    People With Disabilities 503-945-6399

Charting New Waters:                     Video                    35 min        Study guide
         Raises awareness of the barriers and issues faced by women with disabilities when they try to
end the violence in their lives. The video combines interviews with disability advocates and criminal
justice personnel with three dramatic vignettes of women with disabilities who experience violence in
their lives.
                                          Terra Nova Films 800-779-8491

Promising Practices: Community Partnerships Helping Victims
                                Video                                             22 min
        A collection of innovative and collaborative approaches developing partnerships among
criminal justice agencies and incorporating the voices of victims.
                                         Office for Victims of Crime 1-800-627-6872
                                                 Ask for #NCJ 167243

Domestic Violence: The Workplace Responds
                                Video                             16 min Closed Captioned

                                         Office for Victims of Crime
                                                 Ask for NCJ 184749

Criminal Justice Response to Domestic Violence in Later Life
                                 Video                25 min                        Study guide
         This video addresses the training needs of police officers and victim advocates responding to
domestic abuse calls involving older adults. It models interviewing techniques and discusses evidence
collection specific to older victims.
                                          Intermedia, Seattle, WA 1-800-553-8336

A Helping Hand for Caregivers: Recognizing and Understanding Abuse in Persons
With Disabilities                Video              20 min Closed Captioned
        . This video is to train caregivers in the area of disability and to help them understand what
abuse is, learn of ways to avoid situations that can become abusive, how to take care of themselves
and where to turn for help if needed. Includes testimonials from individuals who utilize caregivers
sharing their own personal experiences

  Oregon Dept of Human Services, Seniors and People With Disabilities-503-945-6399

Vulnerable Adults: Best Practices for Seniors
                                   Video-2                                          min

The Dance                             Video                             min 100
        The story of an old battered woman remembering the years of abuse, and her struggle
to break free.
                               Region One Area Agency on Aging, Phoenix, AZ

Greta’s Song: Every Soul Deserves to be Free
                                  DVD                            1 ½ hr
      Three generations of women facing the issue of domestic violence

Out from Abuse                            Video                                        min
        Voices of survivors as they participate in a survivor’s support group.
                         Older Women’s Long-term Survival Society of Calgary, Canada

Faith Trust Institute, Seattle, WA 1-800-860-2255
       Broken Vows: Religious Perspectives on Domestic Violence           Study guide
                                      Video    Part 1 - 37 min, Part 2 – 22 min

        Domestic Violence: What Churches Can Do                                     Study guide
                                 Video                             20 min

        Wings Like a Dove: Healing for the Abused Christian Woman
                                  Video               34 min      Study guide

        To Save A Life: Domestic Violence in Jewish Families
                                   DVD                                              35 min

Old Women’s Films and Aging:

Strangers In Good Company             DVD                               105 min
        A film about being old and thinking young! Seven old women, strangers, stranded at
a deserted farmstead – funny and endearingly touching!
                              First Run Features 1-800-229-8575

Look Us In The Eye: The Old Women’s Project DVD                         20 min
       Three women confront ageism and their own aging – and act to raise awareness of
ageism in their community.

Whisper, The Waves, The Wind Video                                   28 min
     An art performance featuring 154 old women showing their strong spiritual and
     physical beauty              Terra Nova Films 800-779-8491…

A Woman’s Place                   Video
     Maryland Public Television, 1998

Elder Abuse in the Metropolitan Area (Mainstream Perspective)
                                 Video                                     16 min
             Fred Wysoki Productions 1993

Backseat Bingo                       DVD                                    6 min
        A powerful reminder that love and desire (in their various forms) remain an integral
part of healthy aging and personal well-being.
                                     Terra Nova Films 800-779-8491

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