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            YOUR ADA                                                           Internet server where your Web
                                               ave you ever wondered why       site will “live.” Most Internet

                                       H       some Web sites have short,
                                               catchy addresses like “www.
                                       yahoo.com” while other sites, pos-
                                                                               service providers offer hosting
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               PHONE                   name, which serves as the site’s        server information in the form
     For ADA’s members-only            address. While large organizations      of Internet Protocol, or IP, ad-
      toll-free line, see your         such as Yahoo! generally register a     dresses. Your host can provide

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         membership card               domain name of their choosing for       this information. If you would
                                       their sites, many smaller sites         like to register a domain name
                                       remain part of the domain regis-        but do not currently have a host,
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             www.ada.org               complete list, go to ICANN’s Web            After finding an available
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                                                                                 Joe Hoyle, electronic media editor, ADA Pub-
          211 E. Chicago Ave.,            The next step in the registration    lishing, a division of ADA Business Enterprises
           Chicago, Ill. 60611         process is to choose a host for your    Inc., “hoylej@ada.org”.

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