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									                               Clinical Research Centers
                                                              Effective 11-01-09

                                                    Administrative Services
 $650 One-time charge: Application review of an industry-sponsored study even if the protocol is never initiated on the CRC.
$1,500 Combined fee: Application review, startup and implementation for protocols primarily using nursing and sample
       processing cores.
$1,750 Combined fee that includes: Application review, startup and implementation for protocols using the nursing unit and
       the other CRC cores (bionutrition, sample processing, exercise physiology)

                                                          Nursing Services
Charges for nursing care and space on the CTSI Clinical Research Centers is based on providing a room and standard level
of nursing care of 6 hours per a 24-hour day (HPPD) for adults and 8 HPPD for pediatrics with a staffing ratio of 1 nurse to 4
patients. The research procedures requested above this standard level of nursing care will be assessed at a higher acuity
based on the following criteria:

                Nurse to patient ratio above 1:4
                Number and duration of procedure(s)
                Data collection frequency
                Health/illness status and requirements for clinical care
                Availability of investigational group support
                Required time for staff training and education
                Protocol setup needs

This intensity index determines the number of nurses needed to provide research support and clinical care. As an example,
a high intensity rating indicates intensive pharmacokinetic blood sampling, continuous infusions and titration of IV medications,
or studies requiring nursing intervention every 30 minutes to an hour.

Additional fees may be charged based on services requested from other CRC resources.

                               Inpatient Price per Day (includes overnight stay)
                                         and Inpatient Intensity Rating
                                                  Nursing Hours Per Patient Day (HPPD)

$1,890 Low Intensity
                 1-5.9 HPPD
                 Nurse/subject ratio 1:4
                 Data/specimen collection with periodic monitoring not more than every two hours.
                 Subject is a healthy or has minor dependent needs
                 Independent with ADLs or with minor cognitive, emotional, health maintenance teaching required
                 Periodic monitoring not more than every two hours

 $3,024 Moderate Intensity
              6-10.9 H PPD
              Nurse/subject ratio 1:3
              Data/specimen collection every 1-2 hours
              Subject is moderately dependent; requires some assistance with ADLs, emotional support, extensive teaching or
               discharge planning
              Pediatric patients

 $3,969 High Intensity
                 11 HPPD or more
                 Nurse/subject ratio 1:1 or 1:2
                 Data/specimen collection at 1 minute to 1-hour intervals
                 Subject may be totally dependent
             Intensive nursing assistance required

                                                 Outpatient Intensity Rating
                                                 Nursing Hours Per Patient Visit (HPPV)

 Low Intensity
    0.25-1.4 HPPV
    Nurse/subject ratio 1:4
    Data/specimen collection and documentation requiring 30 minutes or less
    Subject is a healthy volunteer or with minor dependent needs
    Brief study visits/simple follow-up visits, e.g., safety checks, vital signs, medication accounting/distribution
    Any space only requests

 Moderate Intensity
    1.5-3.4 HPPV
    Nurse/subject ratio of 1:3
    Data/specimen collection at 30 minutes to 1-hour intervals. Includes timed assessments, procedures and documentation,
    e.g., 2 or 3 hour GTT
    Subject may require emotional, cognitive, or health maintenance teaching or coordination with other service departments
    Pediatric patients

 High Intensity
    3.5-12.0 HPPV
    Nurse/subject ratio of 1:1 or 1:2
    Extended visits with complex nursing intervention or monitoring requiring nurse presence
    Subject may be totally dependent
    Data/specimen collection from 1- to 30-minute intervals

                                                       Outpatient Rates
                                                         LOW             MODERATE                    HIGH
                                     LENGTH           INTENSITY          INTENSITY                INTENSITY
                                       0.5 hr              $39               $63                       $83
                                       1.0 hr              $79              $126                      $165
                                       1.5 hr             $118              $189                      $248
                                       2.0 hr             $158              $252                      $331
                                       2.5 hr             $197              $315                      $413
                                       3.0 hr             $236              $378                      $496
                                       3.5 hr             $276              $441                      $579
                                       4.0 hr             $315              $504                      $662
                                       5.0 hr             $394              $630                      $827
                                       6.0 hr             $473              $756                      $992
                                       7.0 hr             $551              $882                    $1,158
                                       8.0 hr             $630            $1,008                    $1,323
                                       9.0 hr             $709            $1,134                    $1,489
                                      10.0 hr             $788            $1,260                    $1,654
                                      11.0 hr             $866            $1,386                    $1,819
                                      12.0 hr             $945            $1,512                    $1,985
                                      13.0 hr           $1,024            $1,638                    $2,150
                                      14.0 hr           $1,103            $1,764                    $2,315
                                      15.0 hr           $1,181            $1,890                    $2,481
                                      16.0 hr           $1,260            $2,016                    $2,646
                                      17.0 hr           $1,339            $2,142                    $2,812
                                      18.0 hr           $1,418            $2,268                    $2,977
                                      19.0 hr           $1,496            $2,394                    $3,142
                                      20.0 hr           $1,575            $2,520                    $3,308
                                      21.0 hr           $1,654            $2,646                    $3,473
                                      22.0 hr           $1,733            $2,772                    $3,639
                                      23.0 hr           $1,811            $2,898                    $3,804

     Low Intensity rates are based on the prevailing DHHS inpatient rate pro-rated over a 24-hour period.
     Moderate Intensity rates accommodate the need for specialized research procedures requiring staffing above standard
     level of care and staffing ratio of 1:3.
CTSI Clinical Research Center Industry Pricing                                                                                 2
    High Intensity rates are equivalent to the research UCSF critical care rate with 1:1 or 1:2 staffing requirements.

CTSI Clinical Research Center Industry Pricing                                                                           3
                                                   Bionutrition Services
Metabolic Kitchen Services                                        Pricing
Regular meals and snacks for patient or caretaker                 $7.50 - $9.00 per meal
Therapeutic meals (diabetic, renal diets)                         $7.50 - $9.00 per meal
Metabolic, research diet/ meal                                    determined by protocol specifics and degree of complexity
Additional services billed on an hourly:                          $30.00/ hr
      Meal weigh backs / calorie counts
      Composite preparation
      Formula preparation
      Recipe development

Dietitian services for research protocols                         $66 / hour
       Nutritional assessment
       Participant education
       Dietary counseling
       Customized nutrient analysis
       Diet development
       Protocol / manuscript effort

For additional details and pricing, please contact:
      Cewin Chao, MS, RD, MBA
      Manager, CRC Bionutrition Services

                                        Sample Processing Laboratories
The CRC Sample Processing Laboratories offer processing, freezing and shipping for research samples. The rates include
space and routine sample processing lab costs. Specialized or intensive processing will be charged after evaluation by the
laboratory director.

There is a minimum 30-minute charge for each time point in serial blood draw studies. The basic charge of 30 minutes includes
up to 4 samples with routine processing. Additional samples at one time point (common at baseline) are charged in addition t o
the 30 minutes, 3 minutes (0.05 hours) per sample.

Routine processing is defined as:
            Within 30 minutes, spin sample at 1,300g for 10 minutes at either room temperature or 4°C.
            Aliquot plasma or serum into up to 4 vials. Buffy coat or red cells may be harvested as well.
            Freeze at -20°C or -70°C until picked up by study team or shipped.

Same-day ambient or frozen shipments are charged 30 minutes for each package, and combination shipments (frozen and
ambient in the same box) are charged 45 minutes for each package.

Processing Services                                                                            Rate/Procedure
       Routine Processing (1 - 5 samples)                                                        $37
       Routine Processing (6 -12 samples)                                                        $73
       Routine Processing (13 – 20 samples)                                                     $147
       Routine Processing includes Centrifugation, Tube Preparation, Aliquoting, Computer Data Entry

       Same-day Shipping (per package)                                                                 $37
       Batch Shipping (per package                                                                     $73

PBMC Cell Prep                                                                                       $139

Cell Culture – EBV Transformation
  Cell Prep                                                                                          $139
  Maintenance, cryo preservation
Other Services not listed above will be calculated at the rate of $73/hour

For additional details and pricing, please contact:
           Elise Sambrano
           Director, CRC Sample Processing Laboratory

CTSI Clinical Research Center Industry Pricing                                                                                   4
                       Body Composition, Exercise, and Metabolism Testing
The Body Composition, Exercise, and Metabolism Testing core offers a wide variety of tests for use in industry-sponsored studies
and clinical trials in adults and children:

Bone densitometry by dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA): $300 per scan
      AP spine
      Hip (proximal femur)
      Forearm
      Whole-body

Prices for the following tests depend on protocol and individual study needs. Other testing (e.g. BodPod, peripheral quantitative
bone CT, ferritometry, total body water by stable isotope dilution) may be available by special arrangement.

Body composition:
      DXA scanning for whole-body and regional fat and lean tissue distribution
      Bioimpedance analysis (single- or multi-frequency)
      Anthropometry: skinfolds, circumferences

Functional testing:
      Treadmill and cycle ergometry with 12-lead ECG monitoring
      Maximal or peak oxygen consumption by indirect calorimetry
      Computerized isokinetic muscle testing
      Six-minute walk test, shuttle walk, gait speed
      Spirometry
      Other tests: hand grip strength, stair-climb, activity monitoring, and other tests per protocol

Energy expenditure:
      Resting energy expenditure by indirect calorimetry (ventilated hood)

For additional details and pricing, please contact:
        Kathleen Mulligan, PhD
        Director, CRC Body Composition, Exercise, and Metabolism Laboratories
        (415) 206-5882

                                                 NeuroDevelopmental Testing
$330     Level 1 - 5 hours
         Testing includes single comprehensive test or formal interview, scored, minimal report.
         (For example, Bayley-III, WISC-IV, WIAT-II, Vineland-II)

$594     Level 2 - 9 hours
         Testing includes 2-3 tests or 2 tests and formal interview, scored, short report.

$1,056 Level 3 - 16 hours
       Battery of several tests including a formal interview that requires 8 hours or longer. A formal report will be provided.

$66      Missed appointment

For additional information, please contact:
        Rita Jeremy
        CRC Psychologist
        (415) 502-5398

          All estimates provided herein are subject to change based on prevailing hospitalization
                                           and personnel costs

CTSI Clinical Research Center Industry Pricing                                                                                      5

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