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                                         TAX & ACCOUNTING
                                         Australian Master Tax Guide 2010 – 46th Edition                            5

 Contents                                Australian Taxation Law 2010 – 20th Edition
                                         Foundations of Taxation Law 2010 – 2nd Edition
                                         Core Tax Legislation & Study Guide 2010 – 13th Edition                     6
                                         Top 100 Tax Q&As 2010                                                      6
                                         Small Business Tax Concessions Guide – 2nd Edition                         6
                                         Tax Agents Manual                                                           7
                                         Australian Income Tax Legislation 2010 (3 Volume Set)                       7
                                         The Politics of Retirement Savings Taxation: A Trans-Tasman Comparison     8
                                         Australian Superannuation Legislation 2010 – 14th Edition                  8
                                         Australian GST Legislation with Overview 2010 – 13th Edition               9

  Why CCH?
                                         Australian Master GST Guide 2010 – 11th Edition                            9
                                         FBT Compliance Guide 2010 – 2nd Edition                                    9
                                         A Practical Guide to Business Valuations for SMEs                          10
                                         Australian Taxation Study Manual: Questions and Suggested Solutions
                                         – 19th Edition                                                             10
                                         Australian Tax Casebook – 9th Edition                                      10
                                         Australian Motor Vehicle Tax Guide                                         11
                                         International Master Tax Guide 2009/10 – 6th Edition                       11
                                         Australian Master Accountants Guide                                        11
                                         Australian Master Bookkeepers Guide 2008/09 – 2nd Edition                  12
                                         Australian Master Superannuation Guide 2009/10 – 13th Edition              12
                                         Australian Master Financial Planning Guide 2009/10– 12th Edition           12
                                         Self Managed Superannuation Funds Strategy Guide                           13
                                         Guide to Life Risk Protection and Planning – 2nd Edition                   13
                                         Master Tax Examples 2009/10 – 8th Edition                                  13

                                         Australian Corporations & Securities Legislation 2010 – Volume 1           14
                                         Australian Corporations & Securities Legislation 2010 – Volume 2           14
                                         Australian Corporations & Securities Legislation 2010 – Volume 1 and 2     14
                                         Australian Business Law 2010 – 29th Edition                                14
                                         Australian Bankruptcy Act 1966 with Regulations and Rules – 10th Edition   15
                                         Australian Trade Practices Legislation – 24th Edition                      15
                                         Commercial Applications of Company Law 2010 – 11th Edition                 15
                                         First Principles of Business Law Interactive Tutorials and Source Book
                                         – 2010 Edition                                                             16
                                         Information Security – Managing the Legal Risks                            16
                                         Lessons in Corporate Governance from the Global Financial Crisis           17
                                         Practical Guide to Engineering and Construction Contracts                  17
                                         Australian Family Law Act 1975 with Regulations and Rules – 28th Edition   18
                                         Australian Master Family Law Guide – 3rd Edition                           18
                                         Introducing the Law – 7th Edition                                          18

2 CCH Australia 2010 Book Publications                                     
Fair Work FAQs: your questions answered                                                         19
Managing Termination of Employment: a Fair Work Act guide – 2nd Edition
Remaking Australian Industrial Relations
Australian Fair Work Act 2009 with Regulations and Rules                                        20
Understanding the Fair Work Act: a practical guide
to the new workplace relations system                                                           20
New South Wales Industrial Relations Act 1996 with Regulation and Rules
– 6th Edition                                                                                   20
Australian Master Workplace Relations Guide – 4th Edition                                       21
McCallum’s Top Workplace Relations Cases: labour law and the employment
relationship as defined by case law                                                             21

                                                                                                                 Why CCH?
Australian Master Human Resources Guide – 7th Edition                                           21
Effective Recruitment and Selection Practices – 5th Edition                                     22
Finders Keepers: how to attract and retain great employees                                      22
Reputation Matters: a legal guide to risk management
in corporate communications                                                                     22

Understanding NSW OHS Legislation – 4th Edition                                                 23
Planning Occupational Health & Safety: a guide to OHS risk management
– 8th Edition                                                                                   23
Australian Master OHS & Environment Guide – 2nd Edition                                         23
Learning from High Reliability Organisations                                                    24
Lessons from Longford: the Esso gas plant explosion                                             24
Lessons from Longford: the trial                                                                24
Safety, Culture and Risk: the organisational causes of disasters                                25
Failure to Learn: the BP Texas City Refinery disaster                                           25
Lessons from Gretley: mindful leadership and the law                                            25

Matrix                                                                                          27

October 2009
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                                                                                      ACCURATE. AUTHORITATIVE. RELEVANT.                                          3
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                                                                             TAX & ACCOUNTING TITLES

Australian Master Tax Guide                                       Key features:                                                   NEW!
2010 – 46th Edition                                                Clear explanation of the tax law including
                                                                   the latest tax reforms (eg the new tax
Australia’s number one tax reference is                            agent regime)
designed to help practitioners, businesses,                        Highlights of all major tax developments
other organisations and students quickly                           linked to the commentary in each chapter
locate accurate answers to their tax questions.
                                                                   Cross references at the end of each CCH
Whether it is being used to help prepare tax
                                                                   paragraph to more detailed information in
returns for the current tax year or to work out
                                                                   key CCH updating services                     CCH Code: 39040A
the tax issues and implications of decisions and                                                                 ISBN: 978 1 921593 09 3
transactions in the immediate future years, the                    Handy checklists and tables, complete
                                                                                                                 Publish: January 2010
Master Tax Guide is an essential resource for                      effective life (depreciation) tables and a    Pages: Estimated 2,350
anyone working in or dealing with tax.                             calendar of key tax dates.                    RRP: $169.00

                                                                 Save money when you buy the Australian
Up-to-date to 1 January 2010.
                                                                 Master Tax Guide as part of the Professionals
                                                                 Pack or the Tax Agents Pack (see p27).

Australian Taxation Law                                           Key features:                                                   NEW!
2010 – 20th Edition                                                 Diagrams, flow charts, practical examples
                                                                    and sample calculations help the student
By Woellner, Barkoczy, Murphy, Evans                                understand the key principles
and Pinto                                                           Includes a section of tax rates and tables
The Australian Taxation Law is the ideal text for                   New look format to help make the
lecturers and students who need to understand                       information easier to digest
the complexity of the world of tax in depth.                     Online resources accompany this textbook.
The 20th edition of this well-established                        Please contact your Academic Sales Consultant   CCH Code: 39035A
                                                                                                                 ISBN: 978 1 921593 04 8
annual text covers income tax, superannuation,                   for further information.
                                                                                                                 Publish: January 2010
fringe benefits tax, GST, State taxes, financial                 Save money when purchased as part of a          Pages: Estimated 2,200
transactions and corporate entities. The book                    student tax pack (see p27).                     RRP: $135.00
provides a comprehensive and practically
oriented analysis of relevant legislation and case
law, and a conceptual framework against which
to assess topical tax issues.

Foundations of Taxation                                           Key features:                                                   NEW!
Law 2010 – 2nd Edition                                              Concise explanations of all areas of
                                                                    taxation law
By Stephen Barkoczy                                                 Includes a chapter on legal research
Foundations of Taxation Law is the product of                       Study questions, references and further
many years of research, practice and lecturing                      reading.
in the field of taxation law by Professor Stephen                   Includes CD with PowerPoint slides for
Barkoczy, winner of the 2008 Prime Minister’s                       students to use as study notes.
Award for Australian University Teacher of
the Year. This new edition, fully revised and                       New look format to help make the             CCH Code: 39033A
expanded, with the addition of seven new                            information easier to digest.                ISBN: 978 1 921593 02 4
                                                                                                                 Publish: January 2010
chapters, is uniquely structured to accommodate                  Online resources accompany this textbook.
                                                                                                                 Pages: Estimated 860
both basic tax study and the more advanced                       Please contact your Academic Sales Consultant   RRP: $85.00
topic areas. Each chapter provides a specifically                for further information.
designed framework which outlines fundamental
                                                                 Save money when purchased as part of a
concepts and rules to ensure users can easily find
the information they are looking for.                            student tax pack (see p27).

   * Prices correct at time of printing and subject to change.    ACCURATE. AUTHORITATIVE. RELEVANT.                                   5

 NEW!                        Core Tax Legislation & Study                         typical tertiary taxation law courses. And as
                                                                                  it is updated annually students will be able to
                             Guide 2010 – 13th Edition                            rely on up-to-date legislation in their studies.

                             By Stephen Barkoczy                                   Key features:
                             Students studying tax cannot simply rely on
                                                                                    Easy-to-read format
                             commentary books for answers. It is essential
                             that students read the actual legislative              Includes a practical guide on how to
                             provisions that underlie the commentary. The           research tax questions and how to study
   CCH Code: 39039A          tax law is continually changing with many              for tax exams
   ISBN: 978 1 921593 08 6   hundreds of amendments every year, so it               One convenient volume
   Publish: February 2010
   Pages: Estimated 2,200
                             is important to use the latest version of the          Superannuation provisions also covered
   RRP: $85.00               legislation available.

                             CCH has made it easy for students by                 Save money when purchased as part of a
                             including in one handy volume all the key            student tax pack (see p27).
                             tax legislative provisions that are studied in

 NEW!                        Top 100 Tax Q&As 2010                                  Comprehensive references to
                                                                                    relevant legislation, case law and the
                             The Top 100 Tax Q&As contains new questions            Commissioner’s rulings
                             and answers from CCH’s Tax Q&A Service for             Coverage of specific issues in the areas of
                             2009 dealing with the issues most often raised         income, deductions, CGT, superannuation,
                             by practitioners using that service. It provides       GST and FBT
                             answers to “real life” topical questions asked by
                                                                                    Cross-referenced to the Australian Master
                             real tax practitioners facing specific issues not
                                                                                    Tax Guide
                             usually found in a broad brush book covering
   CCH Code: 39036A          the whole of the tax law.
   ISBN: 978 1 921593 05 5                                                        Save money when bought with the Master
   Publish: January 2010                                                          Tax Guide in the Professionals Pack (see p27).
   Pages: Estimated 250
                              Key features:
   RRP: $95.00                 Detailed answers with accurate analysis
                               of issues by a panel of experienced tax

 NEW!                        Small Business Tax                                   Updated from the first edition, it now includes a
                                                                                  new chapter on the investment allowance (the
                             Concessions Guide                                    small business tax break).
                             – 2nd Edition                                         Key features:
                             By Gaibrielle Cleary, Louise Biti,                     Comprehensive – covers CGT, GST, payroll
                             Philip McCouat & Shane Peters                          tax, superannuation and other small
                             The Small Business Tax Concessions Guide 2nd           business concessions
   CCH Code: 39065A          Edition is an indispensable tool for accountants,      Reliable and credible – written by a team of
   ISBN: 978 1 921593 39 0   tax practitioners and business advisers. Up-to-        highly experienced tax and finance experts
   Publish: October 2009     date to 1 July 2009, this title sheds light on the     Practical and easy to use with insights,
   Pages: Estimated 500
                             complex rules for accessing the small business         examples, useful tips, pitfalls and
   RRP: $120.00
                             tax concessions.                                       opportunities
                                                                                    Includes checklists, case studies and index.

6 CCH Australia                     2010 Book Publications                         
                                                                              TAX & ACCOUNTING TITLES

Tax Agents Manual                                                  the new civil penalty regime;                                      NEW!
                                                                   the penalty safe harbours for taxpayers and
By John Gaal                                                       other client issues; and
CCH and the Taxation Institute of Australia                        transitional issues.
have joined together to publish the Tax
Agents Manual. This new publication deals                         Key features:
comprehensively with the fundamental
changes to the law governing practice as a tax                     Analysis of the important issues with
agent that are being introduced by the Tax                         practical implications
                                                                                                                     CCH Code: 39139A
Agent Services Act 2009.                                           Includes commentary and relevant                  ISBN: 978 1 921701 10 8
                                                                   legislation                                       Publish: January 2010
The topics covered include:                                        Bonus Practitioner Toolkit containing             Pages: Estimated 200
                                                                                                                     RRP: $99.00
  the scope and operation of the new Code                          checklists and templates that practitioners
  of Professional Conduct;                                         will need to ensure they comply with the
  the new Tax Practitioners Board, including                       requirements of the new regime.
  its investigatory and sanction powers;                         This book is not available as an inspection copy.

Australian Income Tax                                            Volume 1                                                             NEW!
Legislation 2010                                                   Income Tax Assessment Act 1997 Index

3 Volume Set
This three-volume set provides a                                 Volume 2
comprehensive consolidation of Australian                          Income Tax Assessment Act 1997 (cont.)
income tax and related legislation, updated
                                                                   Transitional Provisions
and consolidated for all amendments to
1 January 2010.                                                    1997 Regulations
                                                                   Income Tax Assessment Act 1936                                     NEW!
The collection also includes the new Tax                           1936 Regulations
Agent Services Act 2009.

These volumes provide a convenient, accurate
and well presented print reference for tax
                                                                 Volume 3
professionals.                                                     Taxation Administration Act Rating Acts
                                                                   Fringe Benefits Tax
 Key features:                                                     Administration Appeals
  Detailed history notes for all substantive                       International Tax Agreements Act                                   NEW!
  income tax amendments in the last six                            Other Legislation.
  Legislation annotator and Index
  Conversion tables between 1997 and 1936
  assessment acts
  Most easy-to-read format set in the market

                                                                                                                     CCH Code: 39044A
                                                                                                                     ISBN: 978 1 921593 13 0
                                                                                                                     Publish: February 2010
                                                                                                                     RRP: $288.00

   * Prices correct at time of printing and subject to change.    ACCURATE. AUTHORITATIVE. RELEVANT.                                           7

 NEW!                        The Politics of Retirement                          Key features:
                             Savings Taxation: A Trans-                           An historical account of the development
                                                                                  of retirement savings policies in New
                             Tasman Comparison                                    Zealand and Australia
                                                                                  An analysis of how and why Australia and
                             By Lisa Marriott
                                                                                  New Zealand adopted different approaches
                             The Politics of Retirement Savings Taxation:         to the taxation of retirement savings
                             A Trans-Tasman Comparison addresses one              An in-depth evaluation of the institutional
   CCH Code: 39145A          of the most important social and economic            arrangements influencing retirement
   ISBN: 978 1 921701 14 6   issues in modern welfare states: public policy       savings policy
   Publish: January 2010     for retirement savings. This book explores
   Pages: Estimated 350                                                           Tables outlining comparative international
                             the events, environment and personalities
   RRP: $120.00                                                                   retirement savings performance
                             that combined to form the current policy
                             arrangements in Australia and New Zealand.         This book is not available as an inspection copy.

                             This book is the first of the Australasian
                             Tax Teachers Association (ATTA) Doctoral
                             Series which aims to publish tax-related
                             doctoral dissertations that make a substantial
                             contribution to the national or international
                             academic debate. Lisa Marriott’s dissertation
                             was chosen by a panel appointed by ATTA
                             from a number of excellent entries. It was
                             regarded as an exemplar of interdisciplinary
                             scholarship and, while necessarily modified
                             for publication, can be regarded as a role
                             model for PhD students.

 NEW!                        Australian Superannuation                           Key features:
                             Legislation 2010 – 14th Edition                      Includes the complete Superannuation
                                                                                  Industry Supervision (SIS) legislation,
                             Consolidated to 1 January 2010, this key             superannuation guarantee Act, unclaimed
                             title encapsulates all relevant laws on              superannuation money Act, and
                             superannuation regulation, taxation and              government co-contributions Act
                             administration in one handy volume.                  Includes relevant extracts from the income
                                                                                  tax and tax administration Acts, and
                             The book contains a summary of 2009                  other laws impacting on superannuation
   CCH Code: 39045A
   ISBN: 978 1 921593 14 7
                             amending Acts and Regulations to                     operation, including the Corporations Act,
   Publish: February 2010    superannuation, tax and related legislation,         Family Law Act and anti-money laundering
   Pages: Estimated 2,584    and is an important first point of reference for     and bankruptcy legislation
   RRP: $140.00              practitioners and students.
                                                                                  Detailed history notes and CCH notes to
                                                                                  legislative changes
                             An ideal companion to the CCH Australian
                             Master Superannuation Guide 2009/10.                 Comprehensive index.

8 CCH Australia                     2010 Book Publications                       
                                                                             TAX & ACCOUNTING TITLES

Australian GST Legislation with                                   Key features:                                                       NEW!
Overview 2010 – 13th Edition                                       An overview of the framework and
                                                                   operation of GST
This title provides a fully-indexed and                            A GST Legislation Annotator which
comprehensive consolidation of all legislation                     provides a quick check of whether a specific
relating to Australia’s GST system, and                            legislative provision has been referred to in
incorporates all amendments enacted to                             ATO rulings, determinations or cases
1 January 2010.
                                                                   A GST Legislative Determinations Tracker
                                                                   which lists legislative determinations            CCH Code: 39037A
The book also includes all relevant luxury car                                                                       ISBN: 978 1 921593 06 2
                                                                   made by the Commissioner or federal
tax and wine equalisation tax legislation.                                                                           Publish: February 2010
                                                                   government ministers
                                                                                                                     Pages: Estimated 1,340
A new feature in this edition is a separate                        A handy Legislation Index.                        RRP: $140.00
section containing the full definitions of terms
used in the GST legislation which are defined
in non-GST legislation.

Australian Master GST Guide                                      coverage of audit, compliance activities and
                                                                 planning opportunities is also included, as
2010 – 11th Edition                                              well as separate chapters on Luxury Car Tax
                                                                 and Wine Equalisation Tax.
By Philip McCouat
The Australian Master GST Guide, designed for                     Key features:
businesses and their advisers, contains a clear,
                                                                   Practical, comprehensive and clear
practical explanation of GST supported with
examples of how it works in practice
and helpful checklists. It is up to date to                        Planning and cash flow tips                        CCH Code: 39038A
1 January 2010 and includes all changes and                        Industry checklists.                              ISBN: 978 1 921593 07 9
                                                                                                                     Publish: January 2010
all proposed changes to the GST law.                                                                                 Pages: Estimated 750
                                                                                                                     RRP: $145.00
Particular attention is given to real estate,
imports/exports, finance, transport, food,
education, health and charities. Significant

FBT Compliance Guide 2010                                         Key features:                                                       NEW!
– 2nd Edition                                                      Provides a succinct summary of FBT changes
                                                                   and new developments during the 2009
By Colin Wilmot                                                    calendar year.
                                                                   Includes work papers and many examples to
The FBT Compliance Guide provides a clear
                                                                   illustrate the practical application of the law
explanation of Australia’s fringe benefits tax                     when preparing FBT returns and calculating
legislation and salary packaging. The Guide                        reportable fringe benefits.
broadly follows the legislative structure of
                                                                   Covers the preparation of the FBT return
the FBT Act and provides an explanation of all                                                                       CCH Code: 39034A
                                                                   by taxable, rebatable and s 57A employers         ISBN: 978 1 921593 03 1
categories of fringe benefit, exemptions from
                                                                   and the determination of reportable fringe        Publish: January 2010
FBT and fringe benefits where a reduction in
                                                                   benefits                                          Pages: Estimated 350
taxable value is available.                                                                                          RRP: $99.00
                                                                   Contains references to CCH’s Australian
It also includes a detailed explanation of salary                  Fringe Benefits Tax Guide for Employers and
                                                                   Australian Federal Tax Reporter allowing
packaging, including the calculation of the
                                                                   readers to get more in-depth information on
value of a salary package.
                                                                   specific topics.

   * Prices correct at time of printing and subject to change.    ACCURATE. AUTHORITATIVE. RELEVANT.                                           9

 NEW!                        A Practical Guide to Business                       Key features:
                             Valuations for SMEs                                  Supported by case studies and practical
                                                                                  examples throughout the guide
                             By Greg Hayes of Hayes Knight                        Current for the requirements of APES 225
                             The growth in demand for valuation work by           Covers all size SMEs large and small
                             SMEs is placing increasing requirements on           Written from a practitioner’s perspective.
                             their professional advisers. This guide provides
                             a practice based focus on both the issues and
   CCH Code: 39031A          the process to be followed in undertaking
   ISBN: 978 1 921593 01 7
                             a valuation. Its unique SME focus together
   Publish: November 2009
   Pages: Estimated 420      with suggested report templates and work
   RRP: $195.00              programs makes it an invaluable tool for any
                             adviser to the SME market.

                             Australian Taxation Study                          Law. Additional questions without suggested
                                                                                solutions provide a further study resource.
                             Manual: Questions and
                             Suggested Solutions                                 Key features:
                                                                                   Covers 12 key areas of taxation law and
                             – 19th Edition                                        practice
                             By Ken Devos, Les Nethercott                          Contains over 270 questions
                             and Grant Richardson                                  Written by experts who present practical,
   CCH Code: 39030A                                                                objective and knowledgeable solutions to
   ISBN: 978 1 921593 00 0   The 19th edition of the popular Australian
                                                                                   questions posed in a user-friendly layout
   Publish: July 2009        Taxation Study Manual provides students
   Pages: Estimated 542      with suggested solutions to a series of case-         Includes relevant tax rates and rebates, a
   RRP: $95.00               study type questions. The practical questions         table of contents, list of abbreviations used,
                             are graded for levels of complexity and               a handy index, case table and legislation
                             cross-referenced to the 2009 editions of              finding list.
                             the Australian Master Tax Guide, Australian        Save money when purchased as part of a
                             Taxation Law and Foundations of Taxation           student tax pack (see p27.)

                             Australian Tax Casebook                             Key features:
                             – 9th Edition                                        Covers all the important judgments in
                                                                                  Australian taxation law with over 530 easy
                             By Stephen Barkoczy                                  to read case summaries.
                             The Australian Tax Casebook provides a               Consistent structured format outlining (1)
                             comprehensive case law reference on both             basic facts; (2) arguments of the parties; (3)
                             historic and current Australian taxation issues.     fundamental issues arising from the case;
                             The 9th edition presents, in alphabetical            and (4) the decision with extracts of key
   CCH Code: 34188A          order, summaries of over 530 leading cases,          parts of the judgement
   ISBN: 978 1 921322 22 8   relevant to students in both undergraduate           Contains a Case Table and comprehensive
   Publish: July 2008
                             and post graduate tax programs in law and            Index.
   Pages: 1,250
   RRP: $90.00               business schools in Australia. With the
                             inclusion of summaries for leading GST cases       Save money when purchased as part of a
                             the Australian Tax Casebook now covers all of      student tax pack (see p27.)
                             Australia’s major federal taxes.

10 CCH Australia                     2010 Book Publications                      
                                                                           TAX & ACCOUNTING TITLES

Australian Motor Vehicle                                         Key features:
Tax Guide                                                         Includes user-friendly examples to assist
                                                                  the reader in understanding key principles.
By Philip McCouat                                                 Contains an Index, Case Table and Finding
The Australian Motor Vehicle Tax Guide provides                   Lists for legislation and rulings.
a practical, example-filled explanation                           Valuable resource for tax practitioners,
of the tax considerations that apply to                           accountants, fleet owners, car dealers and
owning, leasing or operating motor vehicles.                      any businesses that use vehicles.
Its contents include deductible vehicle                           Up-to-date to 1 July 2009.                    CCH Code: 39046A
expenses, depreciation, how to claim the new                                                                    ISBN: 978 1 921593 16 1
                                                                                                                Publish: August 2009
business tax break, FBT and salary packaging                                                                    Pages: 213
considerations, luxury car tax and GST                                                                          RRP: $60.00
implications, fuel tax credit rules, customs
considerations, vehicle transfer duties, and
special situations such as trade-ins.

International Master Tax Guide                                   Key features:
2009/10 – 6th Edition                                             Outlines the tax system of 26 countries
                                                                  Covers corporate and individual taxation
By Crowe Horwath International                                    for residents and non-residents
A concise foreign tax reference tool for the                      Convenient comparative tables
practitioner who needs quick answers to                           Treaty withholding tax rate tables.
basic corporate and individual tax questions.
The International Master Tax Guide 2009/10
includes corporate and individual tax rates,                                                                    CCH Code: 39007A
indirect taxes and both the individual and                                                                      ISBN: 978 1 921485 80 0
                                                                                                                Publish: September 2009
corporate tax system outlines. Up to date to 1                                                                  Pages: 1,668
June 2009.                                                                                                      RRP: $175.00

Australian Master                                                Key features:
Accountants Guide                                                 Hands-on reference tool for accountants
                                                                  and business advisers
The Australian Master Accountants Guide                           Informative and practical guide
provides a comprehensive overview of all the
                                                                  Includes user-friendly examples, diagrams
key topical accounting, business and taxation
                                                                  and tables throughout the Guide.
issues faced by accounting professionals
advising their clients throughout the lifecycle
of a business. The book is a useful point of
                                                                                                                CCH Code: 34204A
reference on all critical aspects of business                                                                   ISBN: 978 1 921322 61 7
management from the start-up to maturing                                                                        Publish: June 2009
to the next level. Written by experienced tax,                                                                  Pages: 860
accounting and finance professionals and                                                                        RRP: $150.00
academics and reviewed by BDO Kendalls.

   * Prices correct at time of printing and subject to change.   ACCURATE. AUTHORITATIVE. RELEVANT.                                   11

                             Australian Master Bookkeepers                        Key features:
                             Guide 2008/09 – 2nd Edition                           Covers the objectives and essential
                                                                                   practices of account keeping
                             By Stephen J Marsden                                  Assists in the preparation of accounting
                             The second edition of this guide exclusively          reports
                             created for bookkeepers includes new detailed         Covers key taxation areas for bookkeepers
                             sections on GST and BAS preparation. Written          Provides practical applications of
                             in a straightforward and practical style, this        bookkeeping for computerised accounting
   CCH Code: 34203A          hands-on guide explains the preparation of            packages such as MYOB and Quick Books.
   ISBN: 978 1 921322 60 0   accounting reports and contains numerous
   Publish: June 2008
   Pages: 961
                             examples relevant to bookkeepers working
   RRP: $120.00              in small businesses and self-employed
                             bookkeepers contracting to clients.

                             Australian Master                                    Key features:
                             Superannuation Guide                                  Authoritative guidance in different areas of
                                                                                   superannuation laws
                             2009/10 – 13th Edition                                A highlights chapter provides a summary
                             This indispensable guide provides clear and           of the main changes in 2008/09 covered in
                             detailed explanation of the laws relating to          this edition
                             superannuation regulation and taxation as at          An “Instant Reference” chapter provides
                             1 July 2009, with practical insights and helpful      immediate access to rates, thresholds,
   CCH Code: 39009A          examples.                                             checklists and calendars, with extensive
   ISBN: 978 1 921485 82 4                                                         cross-references
   Publish: August 2009
                             The guide is an invaluable handbook and               Comprehensive index, case and rulings
   Pages: 1,168
   RRP: $155.00              essential reference on superannuation law             lists, and legislation conversion tables
                             and practice in Australia. It is specially written
                             for those involved in the superannuation
                             business who need an up-to-date resource
                             and a clear analysis of law.

                             Australian Master Financial                          Key features:
                             Planning Guide 2009/10                                Chapters on income tax, superannuation,
                                                                                   social security, investment, retirement
                             – 12th Edition                                        planning and estate planning
                             The Master Financial Planning Guide is the            Written by financial planning experts
                             complete reference book for all financial             including, Louise Biti, Graeme Colley and
                             planning professionals. This edition includes         Jennifer Brookhouse, with David Shirlow as
                             information on all the superannuation,                consultant editor
   CCH Code: 39010A          retirement income and social security                 Covers key financial planning strategies in a
   ISBN: 978 1 921485 83 1   changes as announced in the federal budget.           practical and straightforward way
   Publish: August 2009
   Pages: 1,108                                                                    Full of checklists, case studies, examples
   RRP: $155.00              Stating the law as at 1 July 2009, this guide         and tables.
                             covers all the fundamental areas of financial
                             planning with practical examples and case
                             studies. Proposed changes are also discussed.

12 CCH Australia                      2010 Book Publications                     
                                                                             TAX & ACCOUNTING TITLES

Self Managed Superannuation                                       Key features:
Funds Strategy Guide                                               Set at an advanced strategy level but it
                                                                   uses Q&As and client case studies to assist
By Grant Abbott                                                    with understanding key issues.
The Self Managed Superannuation Funds                              Offers key insights into opportunities
Strategy Guide is a valuable resource for SMSF                     created by the Simpler Super reforms
trustees, administrators, lawyers, financial                       Provides discussion of key legislation, cases
planners and specialist SMSF advisers                              and ATO rulings and determinations which
who want to take advantage of strategic                            SMSF trustees should be aware of                CCH Code: 34205A
opportunities in the post-Simpler Super                                                                            ISBN: 978 1 921322 62 4
                                                                   Contains SMSF strategies for pre-
                                                                                                                   Publish: December 2008
World. The Guide uses Q&As and client case                         retirement, retirement and estate planning      Pages: 158
studies to illustrate how SMSF trustees can                        stages.                                         RRP: $120.00
create their own wealth building strategies
and take control of their SMSF’s destiny.

Guide to Life Risk Protection                                     Key features:
and Planning – 2nd Edition                                         Takes the mystery out of a highly technical
                                                                   discipline by explaining complicated life
Life risk management is the foundation                             insurance concepts in plain English.
on which quality financial plans are built.                        This edition takes a practical approach to
This second edition of the Guide to Life                           providing advice that will complement the
Risk Protection and Planning builds on past                        academic curriculum provided by financial
success as an essential educational reference                      services colleges.
resource for students of life risk management,
                                                                   After using this Guide, readers will then       CCH Code: 34184A
professional financial advisers and their                                                                          ISBN: 978 1 921322 18 1
                                                                   be able to present life risk management
support staff and anyone else involved                                                                             Publish: January 2008
                                                                   concepts in an authoritative manner
servicing the life risk needs of advisors and                                                                      Pages: 322
                                                                   to improve sales, service and general
their clients.                                                                                                     RRP: $99.00

Master Tax Examples 2009/10                                      distributions, administration and assessment
                                                                 and GST.
– 8th Edition
                                                                  Key features:
By Ken Devos, Les Nethercott and
Grant Richardson                                                   Examples are grouped under 12 major topic
                                                                   headings, and can be accessed through the
The Master Tax Examples 2009/10 is an                              index, case table and finding list
ideal companion to CCH’s market-leading
                                                                   Contains fully worked calculations to
Australian Master Tax Guide. It provides over
                                                                   illustrate one or more tax concepts             CCH Code: 39011A
300 practical examples that illustrate and
                                                                   Cross-referenced to the Australian Master       ISBN: 978 1 921485 84 8
expand on topics covered in the Master Tax                                                                         Publish: August 2009
Guide and cover situations encountered in                          Tax Guide 2009 and Australian Taxation
                                                                                                                   Pages: 557
practice by professionals and their clients.                       Law 2009, enabling a particular issue to be     RRP: $99.00
Topics covered include assessable income,                          explored both in detail and in depth
capital gains, fringe benefits, deductions,                        Includes 30 new examples covering the 12
trading stock, depreciation, individuals,                          major topic headings.
partnerships, trusts, companies and

   * Prices correct at time of printing and subject to change.    ACCURATE. AUTHORITATIVE. RELEVANT.                                    13

 NEW!                        Australian Corporations &                           Key features:
                             Securities Legislation 2010                          Includes the full text of the Corporations
                                                                                  Act 2001 and Corporations Regulations
                             – Volume 1                                           2001, the ASIC Act 2001 and ASIC
                                                                                  Regulations 2001.
                             To assist you in understanding the
                             Corporations Act and how it applies, CCH’s           Includes the Cross-border Insolvency Act
                             Australian Corporations & Securities Legislation     2008.
                             Volume 1 references each section of the              Explanatory square bracket headings for
   CCH Code: 39067A          Corporations Act to relevant regulations,            legislation subsections aid in navigating
   ISBN: 978 1 921593 41 3   forms, ASIC releases and Takeovers Panel             through the Acts and locating relevant
   Publish: January 2010
                             Guidance Notes. This helps you identify the          provisions.
   Pages: 2,552
   RRP: $75.00               supplementary materials that need to be
                             considered with the Act. The new edition is
                                                                                Save money when you purchase this title in
                             current to 1 January 2010.
                                                                                CCH Company Law pack and/or Corporations
                                                                                Law Study Kit (see p27).

 NEW!                        Australian Corporations &                          Australian Corporations &
                             Securities Legislation 2010                        Securities Legislation 2010
                             – Volume 2                                         – Volume 1 and 2
                             Volume 2 contains the text of State and            Save money by purchasing
                             Territory Supreme Court Corporations Rules         volume 1 and 2 together.
                             and the Takeovers Panel Rules for Proceedings                              CCH Code: 39069A
                             applicable to proceedings under the                                        ISBN: 978 1 921593 43 7
   CCH Code: 39068A          Corporations Act 2001 as at 1 January 2010.                                Publish: January 2010
   ISBN: 978 1 921593 42 0                                                                              Pages: 3260
   Publish: January 2010                                                                                RRP: $124.00
   Pages: 608
   RRP: $59.99

 NEW!                        Australian Business Law 2010                        Key features:
                             – 29th Edition                                       Numerous case examples illustrate points
                                                                                  of law.
                             By Paul Latimer, Monash University                   A comprehensive index and tables of cases
                             Australian Business Law 2010 is both an              and statutes ensure speedy location of
                             essential complement to studies in business          information.
                             law and a concise overview of the principles         Plain English alternatives are provided for
                             of business law for practitioners. For               certain legal phrases and words.
   CCH Code: 39076A          business law students of undergraduate and
   ISBN: 978 1 921593 50 5   postgraduate units, the book covers the            Online resources accompany this textbook.
   Publish: December 2009
                             gamut of business law concerns. It explains        Please contact your Academic Sales Consultant
   Pages: 1,232                                                                 for further information.
   RRP: $121.00              clearly and concisely the law in Australia
                             affecting business. This edition uses flow          Save money when you purchase this title in
                             charts and diagrams to aid explanations and        a pack with First Principles of Business Law
                             the entire text has been revised to improve        (see p27).

14 CCH Australia                     2010 Book Publications                     
                                                                                                                   LEGAL TITLES

Australian Bankruptcy Act                                         Key features:                                                       NEW!
1966 with Regulations and                                          Location of the main Act and other pieces
                                                                   of bankruptcy legislation is assisted by grey
Rules – 10th Edition                                               shaded tabs to each page of the book.
Consolidated to 31 October 2009, the 10th                          Includes a complete index of all features of
edition of CCH’s Australian Bankruptcy Act                         the current law.
1966 is an authoritative title which includes                      Bankruptcy Act 1966, Bankruptcy (Estate
all amendments made to the Act, as well                            Changes) Act 1997, Bankruptcy Regulations
as associated regulations and rules – all                          (including Administrative Forms),                 CCH Code: 39014A
contained in one convenient volume. It is an                       Bankruptcy Determinations, Federal Court          ISBN: 978 1 921485 87 9
                                                                                                                     Publish: November 2009
ideal reference for lawyers, accountants, and                      Rules and Registered Debt Agreement
                                                                                                                     Pages: 864
other practitioners dealing with bankruptcy.                       Guidelines.                                       RRP: $117.00
It is also useful for students studying
bankruptcy law.

Australian Trade Practices                                        Key features:                                                       NEW!
Legislation – 24th Edition                                         Introduction by leading trade practices
                                                                   experts from Freehills.
Australian Trade Practices Legislation 24th                        Access the Trade Practices Act 1974, Trade
edition ensures that you stay up-to-date                           Practices Regulations and other related
with essential competition and consumer law                        material in a portable single volume.
developments. CCH’s easy-to-read format
                                                                   History notes clearly set out the historical
allows for ease of use and understanding of
                                                                   changes to each section.
this collection of legislation. Consolidated to                                                                      CCH Code: 39066A
15 December 2009 and including the Trade                           Explanatory square bracket headings for           ISBN: 978 1 921593 40 6
Practices Amendment (Cartel Conduct and                            legislation subsections aid in navigating         Publish: January 2010
                                                                   through the Acts and locating relevant            Pages: 1,552
Other Measures) Act 2009, this book is an                                                                            RRP: $99.00
essential addition to your library.                                provisions.

Commercial Applications of                                        Key features:                                                       NEW!
Company Law 2010                                                    This edition includes case summaries and a
                                                                    case table.
– 11th Edition                                                      It challenges traditional approaches to
                                                                    the subject in a manner that puts the law
By Pamela Hanrahan, Ian Ramsay and
                                                                    clearly in context.
Geof Stapledon, University of Melbourne
                                                                    It demonstrates in a practical way the
Commercial Applications of Company Law                              manner in which company law shapes and
is not just a textbook but also a teaching                          impacts on business planning and decision        CCH Code: 39070A
method devised for non-law students of                              making.                                          ISBN: 978 1 921593 44 4
company law. Written by three leading                                                                                Publish: February 2010
                                                                 Online resources accompany this textbook.           Pages: 992
corporate law lecturers, this book focuses                       Please contact your Academic Sales Consultant       RRP: $121.00
on the ordinary events and issues faced by                       for further information.
companies and their advisors. It explains and
applies the law in a manner that is accessible                   Save money when you purchase this title in
and relevant to business students.                               CCH Company Law pack (see p27).

   * Prices correct at time of printing and subject to change.    ACCURATE. AUTHORITATIVE. RELEVANT.                                      15

 NEW!                        First Principles of Business                       The FPBL tutorials present information
                                                                                through carefully sequenced examples and
                             Law Interactive Tutorials and                      questions with immediate feedback provided.
                                                                                Students learn at their own time, place and
                             Source Book – 2010 Edition                         speed. Students from a variety of language
                             By Michael Lambiris, Associate Professor,          backgrounds find the materials concise, clear
                                                                                and manageable.
                             Faculty of Law, The University of
                             Melbourne                                           Key features:
   CD and source book
                             These innovative computer-based tutorials,
   CCH Code: 39071A                                                                Active learning through practical examples
   ISBN: 978 1 921593 45 1   together with the companion Source Book,
                                                                                   and questions.
   Publish: December 2009    have proven popular and effective with
   Pages: 364                Business Law students across Australia. The           Helpful introductions, focus questions and
   RRP: $116.00              materials cover the sources of Australian             outlines for each topic.
                             law (legislation and caselaw); the essential          Over 200 clearly written case-summaries,
                             principles of contract law (including related         plus selected legislative provisions.
                             topics in trade practices law); agency law; tort      Convenient indexes; tables and a glossary
                             law; and business organisations. There is also        of terms.
                             a revision tutorial designed to help students
                                                                                Online resources accompany this textbook.
                             with legal problem-solving.
                                                                                Please contact your Academic Sales Consultant
   CD only
                                                                                for further information.
   CCH Code: 39072A          The level of detail and the emphasis given
   ISBN: 978 1 921593 46 8   to particular topics aims to satisfy the
   Publish: December 2009    requirements of standard introductory
   Pages: N/A
   RRP: $55.00
                             Business Law subjects in Australian

 NEW!                        Information Security                               This book will appeal to lawyers, law
                                                                                students, and other professionals involved in
                             – Managing the Legal Risks                         risk management and corporate governance.
                                                                                It is an indispensable practical manual for all
                             By Nick Gifford                                    in-house lawyers; a reference work for risk
                             Information security is a major new area of        managers; and an awareness raising tool for
                             legal risk for businesses and government           all members of IT governance committees.
                             agencies. CCH’s new title, Information
                             Security – Managing the Legal Risks provides        Key features:
   CCH Code: 39055A          lawyers (and other professionals with risk
   ISBN: 978 1 921593 29 1                                                        Extensive use of ‘real world’ scenarios
                             management and governance responsibilities)
   Publish: March 2010                                                            illustrate typical security weaknesses and
                             with a primer on information security, an
   Pages: Estimated 300                                                           provide a platform for analysis of potential
   RRP: $70.00               analysis of the legal exposures that can flow
                                                                                  legal exposures that may arise.
                             from security breaches, and practical advice
                             on the management of those risks.                    Practical aids such as checklists and sample
                                                                                  contract clauses are included.
                             This book provides a balanced, multi-                Sample policies and procedures are
                             disciplinary perspective to what can                 included.
                             otherwise be a highly technical subject,             Provides explanations of key legal concepts
                             reflecting the author’s unusual blend of              for non-legal readers.
                             experience as a lawyer, risk manager,
                             information security consultant and corporate

16 CCH Australia                     2010 Book Publications                      
                                                                                                                    LEGAL TITLES

Lessons in Corporate                                              Key features:                                                        NEW!
Governance from the Global                                         Issues such as importance of the
                                                                   fiduciary duties of board members, risk
Financial Crisis                                                   management, influence of hedge funds,
                                                                   impact on members’ pension funds,
By Leonard Yong                                                    currency hedging, role of government
The Global Financial Crisis (GFC) – did it                         regulation and the extensive use of
have to happen? What caused it? More                               financial derivatives are all covered.
importantly, why? Could it have been                               Includes helpful checklists on:                    CCH Code: 39022A
avoided? Could it happen again?                                    Organisational Culture; Derivatives; and           ISBN: 978 1 921485 92 3
                                                                   Criteria for Good and Bad Remuneration             Publish: August 2009
This book explains many of the causes of the                       Policies; all of which may help avoid any          Pages: 208
                                                                                                                      RRP: $69.00
Global Financial Crisis (GFC), looks at similar                    further crises.
events in the past and reinforces the fact                         Includes a detailed glossary of terms.
that much could have been done to avoid
the GFC and then provides some guidance as
to the basic controls that should have been

Author, Leonard Yong, an auditor and
risk management specialist, presents an
alternative, constructive, non-legalistic and
multi-dimensional perspective of the GFC.

Practical Guide to                                               Practial Guide to Engineering and Construction
                                                                 Contracts will appeal to engineers; lawyers;
Engineering and                                                  project owners; contractors and their supply-
                                                                 chain. Students in engineering, project
Construction Contracts                                           management, cost engineering, resource
By Philip Loots and                                              economics and law will also find it a valuable
Donald Charrett
This new hard cover book offers a concise,                        Key features:
practical guide to the law relating to                                                                                CCH Code: 39078A
construction contracts in Australia.                               Suitable as a reference on all kinds of            ISBN: 978 1 921593 52 9
                                                                   infrastructure development projects, from          Publish: September 2009
Written for end users working at the “coalface”                    the construction site office to head office.       Pages: 480
                                                                                                                      RRP: $95.00
negotiating and administering construction                         Practical day-to-day issues are addressed
contracts, it aims to assist readers to                            in a user-friendly way and do not assume
understand the risks associated with these                         any prior formal knowledge of the law of
contracts and how to minimise them.                                contracts.
                                                                   Includes a detailed glossary of terms, table
The book is written by two experienced                             of cases, references, table of statutes, table
and respected authors who together have a                          of standard contracts and index.
unique combination of local and international
practical experience and professional and
academic background in law and engineering.

   * Prices correct at time of printing and subject to change.    ACCURATE. AUTHORITATIVE. RELEVANT.                                       17

                             Australian Family Law Act 1975                     Key features:
                             with Regulations and Rules                          Gain detailed knowledge of the key
                                                                                 changes to appeals, procedure, financial
                             – 28th Edition                                      agreements, de facto relationships, family
                                                                                 dispute resolution, court procedure,
                             The 28th edition of Australian Family Law Act
                                                                                 superannuation and child support.
                             1975 with Regulations and Rules provides you
                             with the latest developments in family law.         A handy companion to take to court when
                             This book will keep the reader up-to-date           conducting family law litigation.
   CCH Code: 39015A          with all legislative changes which have altered     An excellent reference point when advising
   ISBN: 978 1 921485 88 6   the landscape of family law including the           on or researching current law.
   Publish: August 2009
                             landmark changes to de facto relationships
   Pages: 1,224
                             law – bringing all de facto financial matters
   RRP: $99.50                                                                 Save money when you purchase this title in
                             under the federal system.
                                                                               pack with Australian Master Family Law Guide
                                                                               (see p27).

                             Australian Master Family Law                       Key features:
                             Guide – 3rd Edition                                 Expert commentary covering principles
                                                                                 and developments in legislation and cases.
                             The Australian Master Family Law Guide – 3rd        Covers developments in numerous
                             Edition provides the reader with an invaluable      areas, including: financial agreements;
                             reference guide to all aspects of family law        superannuation; bankruptcy; third parties
                             in Australia. It contains concise and practical     and child abduction.
                             information on the family law system,
                                                                                 Suitable for any professional or student
                             children, property, child support, court
   CCH Code: 39050A                                                              needing a quick, comprehensive and
   ISBN: 978 1 921593 23 9   processes, evidence and costs, and the major
                                                                                 practical reference to Australian family law.
   Publish: August 2009      developments in de facto relationships.
   Pages: 1,024
   RRP: $149.95                                                                Save money when you purchase this title
                                                                               in pack with Australian Family Law Act
                                                                               (see p27).

                             Introducing the Law                                Key features:
                             – 7th Edition                                        Covers a broad range of topics including:
                                                                                  the legislative process and the role of
                             By Heilbronn, Latimer, Nielsen                       courts in law-making, changing the law,
                             and Pagone                                           processes and institutions for settling legal
                                                                                  disputes and a critical evaluation of the
                             The 7th edition of this popular introduction to      legal system.
                             the Australian legal system has been updated
                                                                                  Student Reading Lists and Essay Topics.
                             to reflect recent developments in Australian
   CCH Code: 34168A          law. With a continued focus on tertiary Legal        Case Table and Index.
   ISBN: 978 1 921322 03 7
                             Studies and related courses Introducing the       Online resources accompany this textbook.
   Publish: January 2008
   Pages: 544                Law – 7th Edition provides students with a        Please contact your Academic Sales Consultant
   RRP: $79.00               solid understanding of the Australian legal       for further information.

18 CCH Australia                     2010 Book Publications                     
                                                                                 EMPLOYMENT & IR TITLES

Fair Work FAQs: your                                              Key features:                                                   NEW!
questions answered                                                 Provides practical, straightforward tips
                                                                   relating to day-to-day issues.
Fair Work FAQs brings together the most                            Save time by having your key questions
frequently asked questions about the new                           answered all in the one place.
workplace relations system. Written by
                                                                   Written by experts – ensure you are
Joydeep Hor and Louise Keats, experts at
                                                                   receiving authoritative and accurate
Harmers Workplace Lawyers, the Fair Work
FAQs answers your perplexing questions with
                                                                                                                 CCH Code: 39025A
regard to the new Fair Work Act. Containing                                                                      ISBN: 978 1 921485 95 4
a collaboration of useful and topical tips,                                                                      Publish: November 2009
this new title is a must-have, quick reference                                                                   Pages: Estimated 150
guide.                                                                                                           RRP: $65.00

Managing Termination of                                          misconduct, redundancy and restructuring.
                                                                 It discusses appropriate policies that might
Employment: a Fair Work Act                                      be adopted and procedures that ought to be
guide – 2nd Edition
By leading practitioners Joydeep Hor                              Key features:
and Louise Keats, Harmers Workplace                                Provides examples of good and bad
Lawyers                                                            termination practice.
Managing Termination of Employment is                              Includes relevant case examples and           CCH Code: 39026A
a best practice guide to terminating the                           sample scenarios.                             ISBN: 978 1 921485 96 1
                                                                                                                 Publish: August 2009
employment of an employee, and has been                            Contains clear and concise information.
                                                                                                                 Pages: Estimated 300
updated to include the Fair Work Act changes.                                                                    RRP: $65.00
It explains when and how an employer can
justifiably terminate employment for a range
of reasons, including poor performance,

Remaking Australian Industrial                                    Key features:
Relations                                                          Expertly written by key IR experts,
                                                                   including Professors Ron McCallum, Keith
Edited by Joellen Riley and Peter Sheldon                          Hancock, John Niland, and Margaret
Remaking Australian Industrial Relations is a
collection of short reflective essays framed                        Provides an interesting and insightful look
around the question: ‘What should an IR                            into the Australian IR system post Work
system seek to achieve in contemporary                             Choices.
Australia, and why?’                                               Contains a diverse range of articles in       CCH Code: 34269A
                                                                                                                 ISBN: 978 1 921485 19 0
                                                                   order to help you better understand our IR
                                                                                                                 Publish: November 2008
Containing articles written by the biggest                         system.                                       Pages: 266
names in Australian IR, this book examines                                                                       RRP: $64.95
the IR system – where we have been and
where we’re heading. This is a must-have
reference for IR students and professionals.

   * Prices correct at time of printing and subject to change.    ACCURATE. AUTHORITATIVE. RELEVANT.                                  19

                             Australian Fair Work Act 2009                        Key features:
                             with Regulations and Rules                            The format indicates commenced and
                                                                                   uncommenced legislation at a glance.
                             This new title is a complete legislation              Notes detailing the history of the legislation
                             package in one book – the substantive IR              accompany each amended section.
                             legislation, transitional legislation for working
                                                                                   CCH-authored subsection headings provide
                             between the old and new systems, as well
                                                                                   an overview of legislation at a glance and
                             as Regulations and Rules for the practical
                                                                                   practical references for indexing purposes.
                             operation of the new system. It has been
   CCH Code: 34280A                                                                Includes a comparative table that provides
   ISBN: 978 1 921485 31 2
                             designed for employment and IR professionals
                             who face the challenge of interpreting                an overview of the changes made to key
   Publish: July 2009
   Pages: 1,043              and applying the legislation quickly and              areas of the workplace relations system by
   RRP: $124.95              accurately.                                           the Fair Work reforms.

                             Understanding the Fair                              authoritative insight into our ever-changing
                                                                                 workplace relations system.
                             Work Act: a practical guide
                             to the new workplace                                 Key features:
                                                                                   Plain English guide to existing and
                             relations system                                      transitional legislation.
                                                                                   Includes comparative tables to give a
                             Understanding the Fair Work Act is a concise          practical overview of the key reform areas.
                             guide to the new workplace relations system
   CCH Code: 39003A                                                                Helps you ensure your business/client is
   ISBN: 978 1 921485 76 3   delivered by the federal Labor Government.
                                                                                   aware of the new workplace changes in
   Publish: June 2009        This title includes essential information on
                                                                                   order to have a thorough understanding of
   Pages: 106                the latest IR changes, such as the National
   RRP: $34.95                                                                     the outcomes of the new legislation.
                             Employment Standards, modern awards,
                             and collective bargaining. Providing an
                             explanation of the new laws under the Fair
                             Work Act 2009, this practical guide gives an

                             New South Wales Industrial                           Key features:
                             Relations Act 1996 with                               Includes the full text of the Industrial
                                                                                   Relations Act 1996.
                             Regulation and Rules                                  Contains notes detailing the history of the
                             – 6th Edition                                         legislation accompanying each amended
                             The 6th edition of this book contains the             Convenient size for use in the Court/
                             principal IR legislation in New South Wales. It       Commission.
   CCH Code: 34270A
                             is consolidated up to 2 September 2008.
   ISBN: 978 1 921485 20 6
   Publish: October 2008     This title contains the full text of the
   Pages: 495                Industrial Relations Act 1996, the Industrial
   RRP: $99.95               Relations (General) Regulation 2001, and the
                             Industrial Relations Commission Rules 1996 –
                             making this an essential reference tool for IR
                             practitioners, HR managers and academics.

20 CCH Australia                      2010 Book Publications                     
                                                                                  EMPLOYMENT & IR TITLES

Australian Master Workplace                                       Key features:
Relations Guide – 4th Edition                                      Includes legislation changes and recent
                                                                   case law.
This guide defines and explains the key areas                      Practical, plain English guide to the new
of workplace relations under the federal                           workplace relations system.
system. The fourth edition is updated for the
                                                                   Written by key industry experts.
Fair Work Act and important recent case law.
Written by leading practitioners including:
Peter Punch, Partner, Carroll and O’Dea
                                                                                                                   CCH Code: 39001A
Lawyers; Professor Joellen Riley, University of                                                                    ISBN: 978 1 921485 74 9
Sydney; Joe Catanzariti, Partner, Clayton Utz;                                                                     Publish: July 2009
and Joydeep Hor, Partner, Harmers Workplace                                                                        Pages: 722
Lawyers.                                                                                                           RRP: $119.90

McCallum’s Top Workplace                                         on employees and employers, termination
                                                                 of employment, and the incorporation of
Relations Cases: labour law and                                  material into employment contracts.
the employment relationship                                       Key features:
as defined by case law                                             Provides insight into important decisions
By Professor Ron McCallum                                          never before provided by Professor
Written by renowned IR authority Professor
                                                                   Provides a unique balance between source        CCH Code: 34048A
Ron McCallum, this fascinating title examines
                                                                   material and reflection on decisions.            ISBN: 978 1 921322 42 6
the facts, the reasoning and the holdings                                                                          Publish: August 2008
in 35 decisions, graphically illustrating how                      Brings to life the significant decisions that
                                                                                                                   Pages: 148
labour law, and especially the employment                          have shaped employment law in Australia.        RRP: $30.00
relationship, really works in Australia.
Includes cases relating to sources of labour
and employment law, the duties placed

Australian Master Human                                          that managers face on a daily basis, making
                                                                 it ideal for HR practitioners, line managers,
Resources Guide – 7th Edition                                    accountants, and business consultants.

By leading experts from Baker &                                   Key features:
McKenzie lawyers and the Macquarie
                                                                   Updated to include Fair Work Act 2009
Graduate School of Management
                                                                   changes and how they impact on your
This comprehensive handbook is popular                             organisation.
with HR practitioners, line managers and                           Contains guidelines for best practice in HR     CCH Code: 39000A
anyone who needs an overview of the                                management.                                     ISBN: 978 1 921485 73 2
legal and managerial aspects of managing                                                                           Publish: August 2009
                                                                   Written by leading industry experts.
people in organisations. This new edition                                                                          Pages: 1,400
reflects current workplace relations law,                                                                           RRP: $150.00
including updated sections on employment
contracts, redundancy, awards and workplace
agreements. The guide covers the issues

   * Prices correct at time of printing and subject to change.    ACCURATE. AUTHORITATIVE. RELEVANT.                                    21

                             Effective Recruitment and                          changes and developments in practices due to
                                                                                technology, workplace trends and the current
                             Selection Practices                                economic situation.
                             – 5th Edition                                       Key features:
                             By Robert Compton, William Morrissey                 Includes a table for the benefit of TAFE
                             and Alan Nankervis                                   teachers in order to map the contents of
                             Effective Recruitment and Selection Practices        the book to TAFE units of competency.
   CCH Code: 39004A
                             is an easy-to-read publication that provides         Provides expert guidance to assist with the
   ISBN: 978 1 921485 7 70
   Publish: June 2009        practical guidance on the critical issues            implementation of policies and procedures.
   Pages: 300                surrounding recruitment and selection. In            Incorporates Fair Work Act changes.
   RRP: $65.00               our complex and ever-evolving workplace
                             environment, it becomes essential to ensure
                             consistent and high-quality practices. This
                             edition incorporates changes in legislation,
                             such as the Fair Work Act, and includes

                             Finders Keepers: how to                            such as St George Bank, Sensis, KPMG and
                                                                                Integral Energy.
                             attract and retain great
                             employees                                           Key features:
                                                                                  Written by respected industrial relations
                             By Joydeep Hor and Louise Keats,
                             Harmers Workplace Lawyers
                                                                                  Provides practical examples and key tips on
                             How do you find and keep talented staff?             how to attract and retain great employees.
   CCH Code: 34049A          In Finders Keepers, 10 Australian businesses         Prepare for the economic recovery and
   ISBN: 978 1 921322 43 3   tell us the secrets of their success. The book
   Publish: August 2008                                                           ensure you don’t face a skills shortage in
                             is based on genuine Australian case studies          your business.
   Pages: 295
   RRP: $75.00
                             (written by Barbara Holmes, Managing
                             Work/Life Balance International) and provides
                             practical and legal tips on how to be a great
                             ‘finder’ and ‘keeper’ of employees in a tight
                             employment market. Learn from companies

                             Reputation Matters: a legal                        house counsel or students in these fields.

                             guide to risk management in                         Key features
                             corporate communications                             Written by legal experts from Clayton Utz.
                             By Peter J Keel and Norman Lucas,                    Contains easy-to-understand explanations
                             Clayton Utz                                          relating to freedom of information,
                                                                                  restrictions on publishing, and reporting
                             Who said any publicity is good publicity? This       and confidentiality.
   CCH Code: 34167A          guide, written by industry experts Peter Keel        Provides a concise overview of how to deal
   ISBN: 978 1 921322 02 0   and Norman Lucas of Clayton Utz, covers              with complaints and how to ensure codes
   Publish: October 2007     key legal risks of corporate communications
   Pages: 235                                                                     of practice are maintained.
                             and how to manage and avoid them. It
   RRP: $75.00
                             also includes practical information relating
                             to defamation, copyright and invasion of
                             privacy. It’s perfect for journalists, corporate
                             communications and HR managers, and in-

22 CCH Australia                      2010 Book Publications                    
                                                                                                              OHS TITLES

Understanding NSW OHS                                            Key features:                                                 NEW!
Legislation – 4th Edition                                         Provides practical examples outlining how
                                                                  to create a safe work environment.
By Wendy Thompson                                                 Deals with complex OHS issues in a clear,
This updated title provides annotated                             informative style.
legislation with clear and concise                                Written by OHS legal expert, Wendy
commentary on the Occupational Health                             Thompson.
and Safety Act 2000 (NSW) and points to
practical implications of the law. Throughout                                                                 CCH Code: 39096A
the commentary, reference is made to                                                                          ISBN: 978 1 921593 70 3
                                                                                                              Publish: February 2010
relevant cases that illustrate how the                                                                        Pages: Estimated 250
legislation is likely to operate. Focusing on                                                                 RRP: $99.00
OHS legislation specific to New South Wales,
this new edition is essential reading for
practitioners and managers working towards
achieving a safe workplace.

Planning Occupational Health                                     Key features:
& Safety: a guide to OHS risk                                     Includes a table for the benefit of TAFE
                                                                  teachers in order to map the contents of
management – 8th Edition                                          the book to TAFE units of competency.
Planning Occupational Health & Safety is a                        Uses a framework based on the Australian
convenient handbook for OHS practitioners,                        standards for risk management and OHS
line managers, students and anyone                                management systems.
who needs an overview of the legal and                            Updated to include legislation changes,
managerial aspects of managing OHS risks                          new industry standards, and commentary      CCH Code: 39005A
in organisations. This practical guide puts                       on hot topics.                              ISBN: 978 1 921485 78 7
                                                                                                              Publish: May 2009
the focus on risk management – rather than
                                                                                                              Pages: 357
compliance with regulations or reactions to                                                                   RRP: $65.00
individual occurrences – helping employers
to meet the challenge of fulfilling their
legal obligations to provide safe working

Australian Master OHS &                                          Key Features:
Environment Guide – 2nd                                           Covers a comprehensive range of topics,
                                                                  including workplace stress, emissions
Edition                                                           trading and emerging developments.
This definitive guide is your first point of                      Contains examples and practical tips.
reference for OHS and environmental best                          Quick and easy to find the information
practice and strategy. Written by OHS and                         you need.
legal experts, the guide is an essential tool
for busy OHS, environmental and business                                                                      CCH Code: 34128A
managers. It provides key information                                                                         ISBN: 978 1 921223 65 5
                                                                                                              Publish: October 2007
on the challenges that professionals and
                                                                                                              Pages: 628
organisations face in relation to OHS and                                                                     RRP: $150.00
the environment, such as legal obligations,
risk management, and climate change

   * Prices correct at time of printing and subject to change.   ACCURATE. AUTHORITATIVE. RELEVANT.                                23

 NEW!                        Learning from High Reliability                      Key features:
                             Organisations                                        Deals with complex issues in a clear,
                                                                                  informative style.
                             Edited by Andrew Hopkins                             Includes relevant, real-life examples – learn
                             This new title provides an in-depth                  how to create a safe work environment in
                             analysis into what makes a high reliability          your organisation.
                             organisation. Combining research from those          Provides an in-depth examination of what
   CCH Code: 39027A          in the OHS field, including world-renowned           equates to organisational best practice.
   ISBN: 978 1 921485 97 8   safety culture expert Andrew Hopkins, learn
   Publish: September 2009   what these organisations are doing that
   Pages: 246                enables them to operate safely and what
   RRP: $75.00
                             your organisation can do to avoid hazards
                             and disasters. This is essential reading for
                             managers and those responsible for ensuring
                             safety in the workplace.

                             Lessons from Longford: the                          Key features:
                             Esso gas plant explosion                             Clearly and concisely explains who was at
                                                                                  fault and why.
                             By Andrew Hopkins                                    Written by an expert witness present at
                             Lessons from Longford examines the findings          the Commission hearings.
                             of the Royal Commission into the Esso gas            Essential reading for all organisations which
                             plant explosion at Longford, Victoria, in            have a duty of care to their employees
                             September 1998.                                      under the OHS legislation.
   CCH Code: 4491
   ISBN: 1 86468 422 4       This book should be read by company
   Publish: April 2000
   Pages: 172
                             executives and OHS professionals, as well as
   RRP: $74.95               students of management, policy makers and
                             anyone interested in risk management and
                             disaster studies.

                             Lessons from Longford:                              Key features:
                             the trial                                            Examines whether OHS offences are
                                                                                  classified as crimes.
                             By Andrew Hopkins                                    In-depth analysis of the trial and the
                             Lessons from Longford: the trial is vital reading    reasons behind the judge’s final decision.
                             for anyone who has read Lessons from                 Addresses key questions, including “what
                             Longford. Since the latter book’s publication,       does practically preventable mean?”.
                             many significant events have unfolded,
                             including both civil and criminal court action,
   CCH Code: 4832A           as well as important new legal requirements.
   ISBN: 1 86468 688 X
   Publish: December 2002
                             This study examines these legal requirements
   Pages: 72                 and the trial – the first ever OHS trial to be
   RRP: $65.00               held in a supreme court.

24 CCH Australia                      2010 Book Publications                    
                                                                                                                 OHS TITLES

Safety, Culture and Risk: the                                    Key features:
organisational causes                                             Provides straightforward examples to help
                                                                  mitigate risk.
of disasters                                                      Discusses safety strategies that can be
                                                                  easily implemented in the workplace.
By Andrew Hopkins
                                                                  Written by a leading OHS expert.
Safety management in the workplace is
an issue of critical importance to business
managers, as well as those responsible for                                                                       CCH Code: 3905A
OHS in any organisation. This book from                                                                          ISBN: 1 921022 25 6
Andrew Hopkins focuses on these concepts.                                                                        Publish: December 2004
It deals with the complex issues in a clear,                                                                     Pages: 171
                                                                                                                 RRP: $65.00
informative style that will both inform
organisations and companies, and assist them
to be better able to create safe environments
for their employees and clients.

Failure to Learn: the BP Texas                                   Key features:
City Refinery disaster                                            In-depth look at the real causes of the
By Andrew Hopkins                                                 Analyses who is at fault and how this could
Respected OHS expert Andrew Hopkins                               have been prevented.
discusses the causes of a major explosion that                    Outlines how companies can better design
occurred at the Texas City Refinery on 23                         themselves to manage major hazards.
March 2005. The explosion killed 15 workers
and injured more than 170 others. Failure to                                                                     CCH Code: 34050A
                                                                                                                 ISBN: 978 1 921322 44 0
Learn also analyses the similarities between
                                                                                                                 Publish: October 2008
this event and the Longford gas plant                                                                            Pages: 186
explosion in Victoria in 1998, the latter of                                                                     RRP: $75.00
which is featured in his earlier book, Lessons
from Longford.

Lessons from Gretley: mindful                                    Key Features:
leadership and the law                                            Based around a specific case study, so real-
                                                                  life situations are discussed.
By Andrew Hopkins                                                 Discusses legal and regulatory strategies.
Are you responsible for safety in your                            Written by a leading OHS expert.
organisation? Could you or other managers
go to jail if someone in your business was
injured or killed? Following on from the
highly respected Lessons from Longford comes                                                                     CCH Code: 34094A
Lessons from Gretley, exploring the 1996                                                                         ISBN: 978 1 921223 31 0
                                                                                                                 Publish: March 2007
Gretley mine disaster in NSW and its OHS                                                                         Pages: 174
implications. This title is premised on current                                                                  RRP: $75.00
attempts to hold directors and managers
responsible for workplace accidents.

   * Prices correct at time of printing and subject to change.   ACCURATE. AUTHORITATIVE. RELEVANT.                                   25
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26 CCH Australia 2010 Book Publications                                                                   
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                                           5     Australian Master Tax Guide 2010
Core Student Taxpak 1 2010                                                                                    39128A   978 1 921593 99 4   February   $199.00   $55.00
                                           6     Core Tax Legislation & Study Guide 2010

                                           5     Australian Taxation Law 2010
Core Student Taxpak 2 2010                                                                                    39129A   978 1 921701 00 9   February   $185.00   $35.00
                                           6     Core Tax Legislation & Study Guide 2010

                                           10    Australian Tax Casebook 9th Edition 2010
Core Student Taxpak 3 2010                                                                                    39130A   978 1 921701 01 6   February   $149.00   $26.00
                                           6     Core Tax Legislation & Study Guide 2010

                                           5     Australian Taxation Law 2010

Core Student Taxpak 4 2010                 10    Australian Tax Casebook 9th Edition 2010                     39131A   978 1 921701 02 3   February   $249.00   $61.00

                                           6     Core Tax Legislation & Study Guide 2010

                                           5     Australian Master Tax Guide 2010

Core Student Taxpak 5 2010                 10    Australian Tax Casebook 9th Edition                          39132A   978 1 921701 03 0   February   $275.00   $69.00

                                           6     Core Tax Legislation & Study Guide 2010

                                           5     Australian Taxation Law 2010

Core Student Taxpak 6 2010                 10    Australian Tax Study Manual 19th Edition                     39133A   978 1 921701 04 7   February   $255.00   $60.00

                                           6     Core Tax Legislation & Study Guide 2010

                                           5     Foundations of Taxation Law 2010
Foundations Student Taxpak 1 2010                                                                             39134A   978 1 921701 05 4   February   $149.00   $21.00
                                           6     Core Tax Legislation & Study Guide 2010

                                           5     Foundations of Taxation Law 2010

Foundations Student Taxpak 2 2010          10    Australian Tax Casebook 9th Edition                          39135A   978 1 921701 06 1   February   $205.00   $55.00

                                           6     Core Tax Legislation & Study Guide 2010

                                           5     Foundations of Taxation Law 2010

Foundations Student Taxpak 3 2010          10    Australian Tax Study Manual 19th Edition                     39136A   978 1 921701 07 8   February   $205.00   $60.00

                                           6     Core Tax Legislation & Study Guide 2010

                                           5     Foundations of Taxation Law 2010

Foundations Student Taxpak 4 2010          5     Australian Taxation Law 2010                                 39137A   978 1 921701 08 5   February   $230.00   $75.00

                                           6     Core Tax Legislation & Study Guide 2010

                                           5     Foundations of Taxation Law 2010

                                           10    AustralianTax Casebook 9th Edition
Foundations Student Taxpak 5 2010                                                                             39138A   978 1 921701 09 2   February   $290.00   $105.00
                                           5     Australian Taxation Law 2010

                                           6     Core Tax Legislation & Study Guide 2010

                                           14    Australian Corportions & Securities Legislation 2010 Vol 1
CCH Corporations Law Study Kit 2010                                                                           39074A   978 1 921593 48 2    January   $124.00     NA
                                          NA     A Resource Book in Company Law 2010

                                           14    Australian Corportions & Securities Legislation 2010 Vol 1
CCH Company Law Package 2010                                                                                  39073A   978 1 921593 47 5    January   $160.00   $36.00
                                           15    Commercial Applications of Company Law 2010

                                           14    Australian Business Law 2010 - 29th Edition
Australian Business Law 2010 & First
                                                                                                              39075A   978 1 921593 49 9    January   $200.00   $37.00
Principles of Business Law 2010 Pack             First Principles of Business Law 2010 CD & Source Book
                                                 - 3rd Edition
                                           14    Australian Business Law 2010 - 29th Edition
Australian Business Law 2010 & First
                                                                                                              39077A   978 1 921593 51 2    January   $145.00   $27.00
Principles of Business Law CD 2010 Pack
                                           16    First Principles of Business Law CD 2010

                                           5     Australian Master Tax Guide 2010
Tax Agents Pack                                                                                               39142A   978 1 921701 11 5    January   $229.00   $39.00
                                           7     Tax Agents Manual

                                           5     Australian Master Tax Guide 2010
Master Tax Guide Professionals
                                                                                                              39101A   978 1 921593 75 8   February   $214.00   $50.00
Pack 2010
                                           6     Top 100 Tax Q&A's 2010

                                           18    Australian Master Family Law Guide – 3rd Edition
CCH Family Law Package 2009/10                                                                                39051A   978 1 921593 24 6              $200.00   $49.00
                                           18    Australian Family Law Act 1975 – 28th Edition

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