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                      About The Author
  Ewen Chia, #1 International Bestselling Author,
“World’s #1 Super Affiliate”, Internet Marketing Guru
                   Striving to earn extra income, Ewen started learning the internet business
                   in 1997. For 5 full years, he worked on his internet business part-time,
                   every day from 11pm - 3am while holding a full-time job.

                   He was motivated to build a better life for his family and to clear credit card
                   debts. After years of perseverance and little sleep, he finally cracked the
                   internet marketing code and has never looked back since!

                   He has created materials, both online and offline, to teach Internet
                   entrepreneurship around the world in order to help people.

                          "World's #1 Super Affiliate"
                                       Since starting as an early Internet business pioneer in
                                       1997, Ewen has come a long way...

                                       Today Ewen is one of the world's most famous and
                                       respected internet marketing "gurus".

                                       He is often called upon for his ingenious marketing
                                       advice, especially in the areas of business integration,
                                       list building, product creation and online branding.

He is also often referredto as the “World’s #1 Super Affiliate” and his name is
synonymous with Affiliate Marketing, although that is not all he does.

Widely acknowledged as the "secret weapon" of many internet marketers, Ewen has the
uncanny ability to trounce the competition and take on the coveted #1 reseller spot in
almost every marketing rollout.

Ewen can teach you how to become rich with the internet - if you want to. For example,
a new internet business he set up generated US$100,000.00+ in less than 30 days.
Many students have been able to quit their day jobs and make their own income online!

   #1 International Best-Selling Author, Trainer & Speaker
Ewen is a highly sought after INTERNATIONAL speaker. He has toured the world
sharing his knowledge and helping people achieve financial freedom along the way.

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  He has spoken in events with people like Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad, Poor Dad) and
  Anthony Robbins.

  In November 2006, Ewen received the first ever World Internet Summit “World Internet
  Challenge” award for starting a new Internet business and generating US$80,000.00 in
  3 days from that very business - right in front of an amazed audience of 1,000+

      Best Speaker: World Internet Summit 2007 (Australia)
  In March 2007 (Australia), Ewen was unanimously voted the Best Speaker out of 10
  other international speakers by the audience at World Internet Summit for his
  presentation and sincerity in helping people become successful with their own Internet

    Best Speaker: World Internet Mega Summit (Singapore)
  Speaking in front of 4,000 people, Ewen received a standing ovation and the best
  speaker award for his teachings and convincing demonstration that captured the

Ewen launched his first print book, "How I Made My First Million On
The Internet and How You Can Too" in February 2009.

Within 3 hours of launch, the book made internet marketing history
by hitting the #1 BESTSELLER LISTS on BOTH Amazon and
Barnes & Nobles at the same time!

To learn more about Ewen Chia:

  InternetMarketer.com, FastTrackCash.com, AutopilotProfits.com,
           WriteYourOwnPaychecks.com, EwenChia.com

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                            Dear Friend,

                            Hi, I’m Ewen Chia. Thanks so much for downloading this
                            ebook. I’ll tell you more about myself in just a minute, but
                            first I want to ask you a basic question…

                            Do you want to know the biggest secret for making money
                            in today’s economy?

                                Start your own Internet business!

It’s as simple as that. The Internet is one of the most powerful money-making
tools you’ve ever seen. Problem is, most people have no idea what their Internet
business should look like…well, let me help!

To start with, I’m going to share some of my story…

Don’t worry, it’s not boring. In fact, I’m quite sure it’s going to inspire you to build
your own Internet business. You see, I did it, and if I can do it, so can you.

I’m an ordinary guy who discovered the secret to Internet success, and I want to
share it with you. You really don’t need any special talents or experience!

I’m not going to stop there, though.

I’m also going to reveal the one secret that helps me
       make millions of dollars on the Internet.
In my opinion, this is the single most powerful money-making secret ever in
the history of the world.

After I reveal the secret, I’m going to point you to some tools that will help you
start building your own Internet business the fast and easy way.

It’ll take you less time to read this than it does to watch a half-hour television
show, but the time you spend reading what I’ve to tell you here will change your
life forever…

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                                   My Story

       won’t bore you with all of the details, but I’m going to tell you about my
       journey from Internet flop to Internet success. Let me ask you a favor…as
       you read, I want you to feel your inner optimism grow.

Listen, I know what it’s like to struggle, and I know what it’s like to feel hopeless.
I’m telling you right here, right now, that you don’t have to feel that way anymore!
I’m going to help you achieve your dreams, because I know it’s possible.

Here’s the proof…

Back in the mid-1990s, I had graduated
from the University of London and I was
working in a sales and marketing job.
That’s right, I was putting in 10+ hours a
day in a cubicle, just like many people
reading this!

I knew, though, that living that life was
going to hurt me and my family. Most of my
days were spent working so much that I
barely saw my wife.

The pain of realizing that was pretty
intense. Maybe you’ve felt that way

Anyway, I knew I had to make a change,
but I had no idea what to do.

I most definitely did NOT know the astounding secret I’m going to reveal in
just a few minutes…

                       Want The Secret Right Now?
                             Click Here Now
What I did know was that lots of people were talking about the Internet. More
specifically, they were talking about making money on the world wide web.

At that point, I didn’t even know those weren’t the same thing!

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It seemed to me that making money online was exactly what I was looking for. I
could set my own schedule, keep more of what I made, and control my life.
That’s what I call living.

So in 1997 I started learning and experimenting with
Internet marketing.

I would work my 10+ hours at my day job, then come
home and work on my Internet business from 11 p.m. to
3 a.m. Yes, I gave up a lot of sleep!

As I did that, I discovered something very interesting
…most of the “help” out there wasn’t any good.

I mean, I could find lots of information products that
promised to make me rich overnight, but when I tried to
do what they said, it never worked out.

Talk about frustrating. I was just about ready to pull out all of my hair.

That went on for 5 full years. 5 years of sweating, and learning, and trying and
failing. Sound familiar? I bet it does. Most people who try to make a living online
go through that process.

But I was extremely motivated. I knew I wanted to build a better life for my family
(kids had come along by then).

  And that’s one of the secrets I want you to discover
                       right here…
Wanting better for yourself and your family is normal. Other people who aren’t
willing to put in the time learning like you are will probably laugh at what you’re
trying to do. Plenty of people thought I was crazy, and I bet you’ll hit the same
kind of resistance.

Ignore it all.

The reason I can say something bold like that is because I know something you
don’t know yet. In fact, you simply can’t know it.

The cool thing is, I used to be like you, but now I’m seeing things from the other
side. I know what it’s like over here, and I want you to join me. Until you do,
you’re going to have to take my word for how great it is.

But I know what you’re thinking…

“Great, Ewen, but why in the world should I trust you?”

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Good question. I think the best answer is that I’ve made literally millions of dollars
online...but I started by making zilch.

That means I know what it’s like to be looking forward to success instead of
experiencing it. But it also means I know how to achieve the success I’m sure
you desperately want.

And another thing…

Remember when I said that started working on my business in 1997? Well, let
me tell you the embarrassing part of the story.

Probably much like you, I wanted to get rich. The sooner, the better as far as I
was concerned.

When I saw a bunch of people offering to help me do that if I would just pay them
$197 (or whatever) for their course, I jumped at the chance. I spent money like a

From 1997 to 2002 I ran up $50,000 of credit card debt buying every ebook,
every program and resource I could get my hands on.

It felt like I bought every “make money online” product released to the public
during those five years.

The bad news is that I didn’t succeed with any of them. So there I was, still stuck,
still frustrated. Only now, the credit card debt was piled high and deep. That’s a
recipe for extreme stress, let me tell you.

And my self-confidence was completely shot, because nothing I tried really
worked. Oh, every now and again I’d get a glimmer of hope, but nothing
consistent, and no income. Certainly nothing that would let me quit my job.

On top of all that, my wife was starting to get MAD at me for spending so much
time on something that wasn’t working!

                                   Here’s A Hint
                If I had known this ONE secret then, I could have
                been successful within months, not years! You
                can know it right now…

                      Click Here To Discover Now…

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I bet this sounds familiar. There’s a good reason for that. What I just described is
a nearly perfect profile of ninety-five percent of people who ever try to make
money online.

See what I mean when I say I know how you feel?

But the time I spent wasn’t wasted. Not by a long shot. I learned some great
lessons. I call these my Secrets of Internet Business…

 One of those secrets is that the Internet business is
                  still a business.
I was trying to get rich quick, when I should have been doing was concentrating
on building a solid business foundation that could grow over time.

Once I realized that, my life began to change. Big time. When I focused on one
business, and I developed a simple plan for my business, my results
skyrocketed. I still marvel at it today.

I made my first sale…which feels awesome, believe me (and if you haven’t
done that yet, keep reading because I’ll help you!)

Within a few weeks I was making sales every single day. I wasn’t rich yet, and I
didn’t even make enough to quit my day job, but I was profiting consistently.

Pretty soon, my income was a healthy five figures a month, and paychecks like
this were common:

After I got results like that for a few months, I took the plunge and quit my job.
Believe me, I was nervous when I did that!

Copyright © Ewen Chia, InternetMarketer.com                                      Page 9
But I knew that what I was doing was working, not just that I thought it would
work. I was making money consistently, and knew how to keep it going. I was my
own proof.

And once I started, I realized that my business could grow like wildfire. As I built
my subscriber list, my income started to explode to the point where I was making
stacks of paychecks every month.

      What was really astounding was that all of that
     income was pouring in essentially on autopilot!
Yes, I had to keep tabs on some things to make sure stuff ran smoothly, but I
wasn’t chained to my computer away from my family.

My debts disappeared, and I was finally able to provide the kind of life for my
family that I had always wanted to.

We got to spend a lot more time together as a family, and we went on some
fabulous vacations all over the world…

Copyright © Ewen Chia, InternetMarketer.com                                   Page 10
I got to buy some great grown-up toys for myself.

And I finally got to taste what financial freedom was like.

I actually got to be somewhat famous around the world for my “debt-to-
wealth” story because the press starting writing articles about it…

The money didn’t stop growing either. I was still refining my methods, developing
my own proprietary systems for expanding my income.

And boy, did it expand.

I was soon able to generate
6-figures each from multiple
internet businesses.

This is just one of them:

Copyright © Ewen Chia, InternetMarketer.com                                 Page 11
Along the way, I became "The World's #1 Super Affiliate" and my name became
synonymous with the model of affiliate marketing. Many internet marketers
selling products online consider me their secret weapon…because I can
bring them so many enthusiastic buyers that they have to pay me huge
commission checks!

Here’s how Internet marketing legend and Warrior Forum founder Allen Says
described it:

               "Ewen Chia Is The #1 Super Affiliate"
        Without a doubt Ewen Chia is the #1 Super Affiliate for everyone
        I know, and if he isn’t it's only because he’s not promoting their

        He’s that good. I’ve always been amazed at how he ranks #1 for
        everything he promotes. If you want to learn anything about internet
        marketing I couldn’t imagine sending you to anyone else.

        Allen Says
        Founder, Warrior Forum

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And I got to develop some great relationships with other famous Internet
marketers, guys like Marlon Sanders and Tom Hua.

Not to toot my own horn too much, but today I’m one of the world's most famous
and respected internet marketing experts.

People all over the world ask me for advice about marketing, especially in the
areas of affiliate marketing, list building, product creation and branding.

Why? Because of my results.

I once set up a brand new internet business that generated $100,000.00+ in less
than 30 days.

                               That’s Not Hype!
                You really can get results like that. I’m not saying
                you’ll start there, but there’s no reason you can’t do
                what I did, or even more. The secret reveals how…

                         Click Here For The Secret!

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Making money is great, but it didn’t take me long to realize that I now had time
and resources to start giving back.

You see, I knew plenty of other people were struggling with the things I used to
struggle with…

They had the same sleepless nights, the same frustrations, the same stress.
They were being suckered in by the same “get rich quick” scams that had
suckered me (they’re still around, although they change a little bit to keep folks

I had finally escaped the rat race, and I wanted to help others do the same.

That might sound strange, but let me assure you, when you know the powerful
secrets I had to fight tooth and nail to learn, you feel an intense need to help
others avoid the same kind of sweat.

So I started teaching…and I found what I truly loved and was great at. I’m still at
it today.

I’ve developed a reputation as a sought after speaker at Internet marketing
events like the World Internet Mega Summit, which was known as the world's
biggest internet business event, one with over 3,500 attendees.

At one of these events, I did a live demonstration where I set up a brand new
internet business from scratch (with zero preparation) in front of the audience...

And then proceeded to generate over US$80,000 from it in just 72 hours in
front an audience of 1,000!

I even got an award for doing it…

Copyright © Ewen Chia, InternetMarketer.com                                    Page 14
And I’ve spoken at conferences all over the world, like the annual National
Achiever’s Congress, which attracts speakers like former British Prime Minister
Tony Blair, former U.S. president Bill Clinton, Robert Kyosaki and others…

I’ve put on my own seminars around the world (now selling out almost every time
at $3,997 per seat). Through those seminars, I’ve been able to help thousands of
people transform their lives.

And I’m constantly teaching students my methods for making money online
faster, easier and cheaper than they ever thought they could…

Copyright © Ewen Chia, InternetMarketer.com                                Page 15
In fact, in 2009 I finally released my first hardcover book to tell my story and
help other people break free of the rat race.

It’s entitled “How I Made My First Million on the
Internet And How You Can Too!”

I knew I was passionate about teaching other people
to start their own Internet business, and I knew lots of
people didn’t even know where to start looking
online. So a book was a natural way to reach them.

From the look of things, people were really hungry for
this book, because it shot straight to the #1 best
seller lists at both Amazon and Barnes & Noble!

Yes, I’m wealthy now because of my Internet
business. But this really isn’t about me at all…

               It’s about how YOU can do what I did.
I want to help you live a better life and achieve your dreams, and I can say
confidently that I’m qualified to teach you.

By the way, since you’ve read to this point, I want to give you a BIG gift…

When you grab the below report now for peanuts, I’m going to give you a FREE
MASTER RESALE RIGHTS LICENSE worth $97 by itself (but it’s only for the
first 30 people)…

With this, you’ll have an instant internet business with a HOT-SELLING
product, professional website, professional graphics and more…

Plus you can resell this report day in and out as your own product and
collect 100% PROFITS FOREVER!

       "A Simple Method To Create Multiple
      Streams Of Income Every Single Month
              In Just An Hour A Day!"

Copyright © Ewen Chia, InternetMarketer.com                                   Page 16
           You Can Now Put Cash In Your Pockets No Matter
                   How Slow The Economy Gets...

         Click Here Now To Secure Your Free Master
           Resale Rights License Before It’s Gone!

Got the above? Great. Here’s what some experts say about my teaching…

                              “A Rare Expert Who
                             Really Wants To Help”
                            Ewen Chia is the real deal, I've known him
                            personally for many years and I've seen him in
                            action first hand time and time again.

                            But the thing that is cool about Ewen is he gives
                            back, he really shares his knowledge with others.

     He's one of those rare experts who really does want to help you and
     does give his all in his courses. I highly recommend Ewen's
     teachings to anyone learning internet marketing.

     Jeremy Gislason

Copyright © Ewen Chia, InternetMarketer.com                                     Page 17
        “If You're Looking For A Coach…Look No Further
                        Than Ewen Chia!”
                          Ewen has been consistently earning huge
                          commissions as an affiliate for a VERY long time…by
                          using solid marketing fundamentals and by following a
                          unique 'process' that he has created and fine-tuned
                          after years of hard work and experience. If you’re
                          looking for a personal coach to help you make
                          money, then look no further than Ewen Chia.

                       How do I know all of this? Because I pay him huge
        commissions each month for promoting my products and services!

        John Reese

These folks have seen my results. But I haven’t stopped innovating and learning

Actually, in the past few years I’ve come across a secret that has made all of
my effort prior to then look like amateur stuff. This secret is so powerful that it
can put you on the fast track to replacing whatever income you’re making now.

If this had been available back when I was starting, I could have sped up my
success by years. It’s that powerful.

I’ll go even further than that.

This one secret is so powerful that it can…

    •     Free you from working for a “boss” forever

    •     Finance just about any lifestyle you can imagine

    •     Make you wealthy beyond your wildest dreams, and pay off every debt
          you have

    •     Let you work less and still make more than anyone else around you

Imagine being able to buy whatever you want without caring how much it cost…

Imagine being able to decide every morning what you want to do that day,
without asking any boss for permission…

Copyright © Ewen Chia, InternetMarketer.com                                   Page 18
Imagine never worrying about how you’ll pay for big expenses (like college for
your kids) or unexpected emergencies (like surgery)!

This one secret can do all of that for you, because never before in history
has it been easier to make as much in a month as most people do in a year.

Now it’s time reveal this magical secret…

Copyright © Ewen Chia, InternetMarketer.com                                 Page 19
          The ONE Secret I Wish I’d
               Known Earlier

       can’t blame myself too much for not discovering this secret back in 1997, or
       even in 2002.

      It just wasn’t as common back then. Certainly not as common as it is now.
But here’s the thing…it’s every bit as powerful today as it was when it hit the big
time about five years ago.

The secret is this…

   Membership sites are the path to Internet wealth!
Now, I know you might be struggling just to make your first sale online.

I’ve been there, and I realize how frustrating that can be.

So if you’re saying to yourself, “Don’t talk to me about membership sites! I just
want to make some money!”…believe me, I get it.

And I’ve created a simple and powerful course to help you do just that. It’s
called ”Unlimited Internet Income”…

Copyright © Ewen Chia, InternetMarketer.com                                   Page 20
          “The Easy Way To Create Your Own
         Internet Income From Scratch, With
             ZERO Experience Required!”

     “Work at home opportunities” aren’t usually opportunities at all. It’s very
     easy to get sucked into a scam. But I’ve been making solid income
     online for a decade now, and I can tell without doubt that it IS possible.

     In fact, I can show you how to make it easy.

     My simple system shows you exactly what to do, step by step, in five
     content-packed components. That includes

         •   A complete guide written in plain English

         •   A helpful worksheet to show you each step

         •   Step by step tutorial videos you can follow along with

     If you’ve been struggling to get started, this is the one resource you
     need to break through.

     If you’re just starting out and you want to nail down the basics and make

Copyright © Ewen Chia, InternetMarketer.com                                        Page 21
     great money doing it, you need this system. You can start there and add
     other things to it later.

     I’ll go further than that, though, and tell you that this fundamental
     system is what every single pro out there is using. If you don’t have
     it in your toolbox, you’ll probably find yourself extremely frustrated.

                           Get It NOW Before
                      The Price Shoots Up By $100!

Okay, back to this membership site idea…

Think of the difference among three different Internet marketers, all of
whom have learned a bunch and worked hard, just like I did…

One of them (we’ll call him Bob) sets up an Internet business where he promotes
other people’s products to his own subscriber list. That’s called affiliate
marketing, and it’s where I got my start on the Internet. It’s a great business

Bob sets up product review websites, funnels traffic to them, builds his list and
promotes other people’s products. As his list grows, he promotes additional
products to the people on that list—either his own products or affiliate products
he promotes for a cut of the profits.

Since I got my start here (and remember, I’m known as the “World’s #1 Super
Affiliate”), I’m pretty much an expert at doing this.

But I know lots of people struggle to get started because they face the single
biggest challenge affiliate marketers face - getting high-quality traffic to visit a
website and see what you’re promoting.

If nobody sees what you’re promoting, you’ll never make any money. It’s
the basic Internet rule. A website nobody sees just collects digital dust.

So I created a simple system anyone can use attract massive traffic to any
website that promotes literally any product. I call it Fast Track Cash…

Copyright © Ewen Chia, InternetMarketer.com                                       Page 22
         “The Easiest, Fastest, Laziest Way To
           Make Reliable Internet Income!”

     Anybody who investigates making money on the Internet eventually
     learns that the income potential is huge. Then they try to do it and they
     find out it’s not as easy as everybody says it is…unless you know the
     “fast track” to success.

     I’ll hand it to you! My simple system shows you how to make a
     killing online faster than you ever thought you could. Best of all,

         •   You don't need ANY previous experience
         •   You need almost ZERO money to start with
         •   You don't need your own product, list or even a website!

     You’ll start seeing results so fast it’ll make your head spin.

     It doesn’t matter what you want to sell on the Internet. Fast Track
     Cash can help you sell it. I’ve made this system so simple that literally
     anyone can use it, even if you’re afraid of computers!

                       Grab This Immediately
                  Before I Bump The Price By 300%!

Copyright © Ewen Chia, InternetMarketer.com                                      Page 23
But that’s not all. I’ve also created something that can help you take a jaw-
dropping shortcut as you learn how to be an effective affiliate marketer.

I call it Autopilot Profits…

           "The Turnkey Money Machine That
             Prints Non-Stop Profits For You
             Automatically, The Lazy Way!"

     Once You Turn On This Plug-And-Play In-A-Box Money System, It
     Can't Stop Sending You Cash Even If You Want It To…

                    Click Here To Check It Out Now!

If affiliate marketing appeals to you—and it really should—there’s simply no
better way to start making money with that business model faster than with Fast
Track Cash and Autopilot Profits.

You don’t have to take my word for it though. Here’s what one person had to say:

Copyright © Ewen Chia, InternetMarketer.com                                     Page 24
          “Anyone Can Generate Fast Cash With This!”
                         Ewen, you've done it again mate!

                         This is a guide that ANYONE could take and
                         implement to generate hordes of visitors to their
                         websites, and bundles of FAST cash to their

                          It's a mixture of old hand, tried and true methodology
        well laid out, and new and exciting techniques that even more advanced
        marketers will appreciate (loved the stuff on page 39 and 52 in
        particular) and see countless ways to leverage for big results.

        It was good to see the step by step action plan at the end too, this way
        people physically CAN'T go wrong.

        Consider yourself amongst the best if you grab and take in everything
        this has to offer!

        Andrew Hansen

All right, back to comparing our marketers…

The second marketer (we’ll call her Mary) sets up an Internet business to sell her
own information product. Let’s say it’s an ebook, which is the most common kind
of information product out there.

    •     She has a pretty website with solid sales copy that converts well for
          targeted visitors

    •     She spends time getting high-quality traffic to his site, so her sales are
          quite nice

    •     She even has a “back end” process where she sends autoresponder
          emails to customers to promote additional products to them

Mary is being smart. She’s doing things right. And selling your own products
online can make you a ton of money. I do it myself, so I know firsthand.

But third marketer (we’ll call him Joe) sets up a membership website to sell
a monthly subscription product…

It could be graphics, maybe resale rights material, maybe software that people
can use through their web browser, or just about anything else you can think of.

Copyright © Ewen Chia, InternetMarketer.com                                        Page 25
Consider the advantages of doing this:

    •   He only has to work once. He can set up his site (which takes some
        effort, but not a ton) once, and then there’s almost no “work” left. He has
        to keep the members happy, but he doesn’t have to reinvent the wheel
        every month to keep making money.

    •   He makes one sale, and gets paid for months. He doesn’t have to go
        back to his list and try to sell to them again. He’s already sold them
        something and they just keep paying for it!

    •   He builds a list that “sticks”. His list is full of people who subscribe to
        his membership site, so they’ll tend to stick around for a long time. And
        yes, he can sell other things to them.

In my opinion, that’s the single most powerful Internet business model in
existence today—the membership (or subscription) business model.

  I’ve never discovered anything else that powerful…
Now, nothing’s ever really like magic. Membership sites that don’t get any traffic
are every bit as useless as other sites that don’t. You can’t just build a website
and hope you’ll get rich.

What’s different, though, is that a membership site takes away most of the
effort that makes Internet business “hard” in the long run.

Consider what most people have to do…

    •   They have to work hard to keep traffic coming to their offer, whatever it is

    •   They have to lean on their lists to buy additional products if they want to
        grow their income

With a membership site, your members stick around, and they keep paying you,
assuming you keep them happy, but I’ve discovered another secret about
membership sites—sort of a secret within a secret…

It’s easier to keep existing members happy than it is
               to acquire new members!
So once you have your membership established, a membership site becomes a
reliable income stream for you.

But is it just a fad that’ll pass? Good question, and I think the answer is most
definitely not.

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Every single business out there is trying to figure out how to get online, and
they’re all trying to figure out how to keep customers paying.

Monthly subscription services are a natural way to do that, and you’re seeing
them explode all over the place:

    •   Newspapers and magazines are going online and ditching their paper

    •   Companies like Microsoft, Intuit and a ton of smaller outfits are
        experimenting with providing “software as a service” (meaning you can
        use software online, instead of downloading it and using it on your own

    •   Big investing gurus are selling online newsletters

The list goes on. The cool thing is that it’s becoming easy for anyone to set up a
membership site and get people paying for access every single month. In fact…

  I’m going to make it ridiculously easy for you to get
    started now…without even having your own site!
I’ll reveal that next…

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        Your Membership Shortcut!

                ith what I just told you, it should be obvious where I prefer to make
                my own money these days.

           Actually, membership sites are a great combination of every
money-making lesson I’ve learned in the past 10 years.

Think about it…

    •   You get to start an Internet business. This is the single biggest
        contribution you can make to your financial future, because the potential is
        nearly limitless…and it’s getting better.

    •   You get to make money as an affiliate. Remember, you’ll be building
        your own list (your members) and you can promote other products to
        them, including products you didn’t have to create.

    •   You get to sell your own product online. Your membership IS your
        product. You don’t have to come up with a new ebook, or a new product
        launch every single month. Your membership is it!

    •   You get paid month after month. Like I said, you’ll have to keep your
        members happy (and add new members, too), but if you do that, you’ll get
        reliable income every single month.

But now it’s time to talk about the elephant in the room.

                         How can YOU get started?
That’s really the challenge, isn’t it? I mean, if creating your own product is hard
for a lot of people, calling it a membership site doesn’t make that part of the effort
any easier.

Look, coming up with good products to offer that are unique and give
customers huge value isn’t easy.

If it were, everybody who ever tried to make money online would be a billionaire.

But honestly, if you don’t learn how to do that, and you don’t add that skill to your
arsenal, your online income is going to be more limited than you want. It’s just a
fact of life.

So I’m going to help…

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I’m going to give you:

    •   A fantastic education about all aspects of Internet marketing

    •   Literally hand you products you can use however you want (including
        selling them and keeping every bit of profit you make)

    •   Give you the personal help you need every month so you can
        achieve your goals

    •   And let you start making a bundle every month from a proven
        membership site…without having to create one.

I’d like to introduce…


It’s one thing for somebody to say he’s going to give you a “course” so you can
learn all about Internet marketing.

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There are lots of good courses out there. I’ve bought some myself, and I’ve
promoted others as an affiliate when I saw good ones come along.

But even the best courses tend to have a huge gaping hole…

 They don’t give you everything you need to succeed.
An ebook with strategies is great…but how do you apply them?

Videos are a great way to learn…but what if you have questions?

Mentoring is wonderful…but can you afford the four- and sometimes five-
figure price tag?

Most of the time, those questions go unanswered.

And if you’re trying to make if over the hump to success, it’s extremely easy to
get frustrated beyond belief as you struggle seemingly on your own.

That’s where InternetMarketer.com comes in…

    •   I’ll hand you my “automatic income” blueprint that I use every single
        day to live the unbelievable life I’m living now…and show you how to cut
        your own time to success dramatically (and I’ll reveal the most important
        income secret ever discovered).

    •   I’ll give you hot income-growing tips on video every single month,
        including how to make a killing with Twitter and Facebook.

    •   I’ll offer you the keys to an unbelievable hoard of products you can use
        to grow your business (and more get added monthly).

    •   You’re going to have instant access to software that makes getting
        intense hordes of targeted visitors as easy as clicking your mouse a
        few times (I had to pay $10,000 just to license this thing!)

    •   You’ll get a free subscription to my monthly newsletter that is changing
        people’s lives.

    •   I’ll also give you the monthly personal mentoring you need to make this
        work for you.

    •   And I’m going to give you a way to start making money from a
        membership site literally right away…as soon as you’re an
        InternetMarketer.com member!

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 As you can see, I’ve left no stone unturned. You need
       nothing else to succeed online. Period.
I know because this is what I needed…and couldn’t find anywhere.

Seriously, I’m giving you a top-notch education, but I’m also handing you every
component you need to create a profitable, growing and, yes, fun online business
for yourself.

And the results? I won’t tell you that you’ll be rich by next week.

That’s crazy. But I can tell you that I use these very strategies myself, and they
work insanely well!

I’m talking about income like this:

And that’s just one of my accounts!

I haven’t even told you about the other stuff I’m including. You’ll need to see that
for yourself…

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                             You Must Act NOW
                This system and support structure for you is so
                powerful that I just can’t make it available for too
                long. If nothing else, it would overwhelm my staff!

                I’ve made this affordable to anyone, and the value
                you’re getting is out of this world. Don’t miss your

                                Click Here NOW To
                                Lock In Your Spot!
Listen, I had to go through years of frustration, debt and stress to learn what I’ve
told you about in this ebook.

I’m pretty much showing you the easy way to avoid all of that.

This isn’t some kind of marketing gimmick.

Yes, I’ve told you about some of my products in here, and they’re not free. But
I’ve created these products to help people.

I make a profit on them (could you take me seriously if I didn’t), but so do the
people buying them!

                       That means everybody wins.
Of all the secrets I’ve discovered, though, using membership sites as a
business model is the most powerful.

I won’t rehash everything I’ve already talked about, but let me just ask you this…

        If you could spend a couple weeks setting up your own
        perfectly legit, legal, ethical website, and get paid thousands
        of dollars a month from then on, would you do it?

I bet you would, and that’s exactly what a membership site is.

Even better, I’ve told you about how you can get started right away, without even
setting up your own site. It just doesn’t get any better than that!

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I’m making millions with membership sites, and you can do the same. When you
get right down to it, all it takes is getting started. You can start small and grow.

Consider…what if you set up a simple membership site that costs members $7 a
month. If you get…

    •    100 members, you’ll make $700 extra per month

    •    500 members, you’ll make $3,500 a month

    •    1,000 members, you’ll make $7,000 a month…and can probably retire

It’s perfectly doable. In fact, it’s conservative, and InternetMarketer.com makes it
downright easy to get started immediately!

        I hope you take my advice and make it happen…

         Click Here NOW To Generate Easy
        Membership Site RESIDUAL INCOME -
        Without Your Own Membership Site!
            (This Offer Expires At Anytime Without Warning)

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