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                               Volume 3, Number 4, Winter 2006-2007

                         New for 2007 - Training for Citizen Planners
A new law signed by Governor            formats available are also flexible    pal planning and zoning officials
George E. Pataki in September           and can include traditional class-     have a profound effect on state and
requires training for local planning    room training, video and distance      land use policies and individual
officials. The law, which takes ef-     learning, or even self-study.          landowners. Well-considered and
fect January 1, 2007, requires that                                            timely decisions by municipal
municipal planning and zoning           Training received in excess of four    boards attract quality community
board members, including county         hours in any one year may be car-      development, and result in fewer
planning board members, receive a       ried over into another year, at the    lawsuits and lower costs for mu-
minimum of four hours of training       discretion of the municipality.        nicipal liability insurance.
each year.                              Board members failing to receive
                                        training required by their munici-     The legislation has had a thorough
The law allows municipalities to        pality are ineligible for reappoint-   review by the State Land Use Ad-
have wide latitude in the training      ment to their board, unless ex-        visory Committee, which is com-
opportunities they may authorize        empted by their governing board.       prised of state and local representa-
members to receive. Training op-                                               tives and experts on municipal
portunities could include courses       “There are numerous opportunities      planning and zoning, environ-
offered by a municipality, a re-        for training throughout the state,”    mental, housing, agricultural and
gional or county planning office        said David Zorn, Executive Direc-      economic development policies
including the Genesee/Finger            tor of the Genesee/Finger Lakes        and practices. They cited a grow-
Lakes Regional Planning Council         Regional Planning Council. He          ing consensus among planning fed-
Local Government Workshop, a            said that the Regional Planning        erations, local governments, build-
state agency such as the Depart-        Council sponsors training at least     ers, insurance companies, eco-
ment of State, a state association      twice each year at the Spring and      nomic development corporations,
like the Association of Towns,          Fall Local Government Work-            land preservation trusts, environ-
Conference of Mayors, New York          shops.                                 mental groups and others that well
Planning Federation, or the Ameri-                                             trained municipal planning and
can Planning Association, or even       The new training requirement rec-      zoning board members are essen-
a college or similar entity. Training   ognizes that the actions of munici-    tial to maintaining and enhancing
                                                                               quality communities.

                                        Upcoming Events
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                          US ONLINE AT WWW.GFLRPC.ORG
Genesee/Finger Lakes Regional Review, Winter 2006-2007

                                       Planning Leads to Results

The Region receives implementation funding as a direct result of many of the planning projects and programs at
G/FLRPC. The following are some of the most recent examples:

•   Ontario-Wayne County MS4s - $120,000 for Stormwater Phase II Regulation Implementation
•   Garlock Sealing - $1.245 million for wastewater system upgrade
•   Black & Oatka Creek Watershed - $150,000 for the development of watershed management plans

          Recent Genesee/Finger Lakes Regional Planning Council Publications

•   Gap Analysis of Local and State Stormwater Management Requirements, Seneca County
•   Gap Analysis of Local and State Stormwater Management Requirements, Wyoming County
•   Gap Analysis of Local and State Stormwater Management Requirements, Yates County
•   Protecting Water Resources Through Local Regulation: A Manual for New York Municipalities

         Recent Genesee/Finger Lakes Regional Planning Council Presentations
G/FLRPC staff have presented at several conferences and events over the past few months. These include:

•   September 19: Yates-Schuyler Land Use Training, Penn Yan, NY, Jason Haremza presented on municipal
    comprehensive planning
•   September 28: Finger Lakes Institute - Wondering About Wind?, Geneva, NY, Mark Denecke presented
    on the benefits and challenges of wind energy
•   October 10: New York Planning Federation Conference, Saratoga Springs, NY, Jason Haremza presented
    G/FLRPC’s recently completed guidebook Protecting Water Resources through Local Controls and Prac-
•   October 20: Finger Lakes-Lake Ontario Watershed Protection Alliance (FLLOWPA) Conference, Sil-
    ver Lake, NY, Brian Slack and David Zorn presented the Controlling Sediment in the Black & Oatka Creek
    Watershed project
•   October 24: Lorman Education Seminar on Plat and Subdivision Law, Rochester, NY, Jason Haremza
    presented on the land use and planning aspects of subdivision law
•   November 1: Open Space Planning Workshop, Greece, NY, David Zorn presented on the municipal fiscal
    impacts of various types of development
•   November 9: Planning a Future for Farms in Western New York, Batavia, NY, David Zorn served on the
    planning committee and as a moderator
•   November 17: G/FLRPC Local Government Workshop, Session on Community Design, Mount Morris,
    NY, Jason Haremza presented on how municipalities can achieve better design through their land use regula-

                                       New Staff at G/FLRPC
A big regional welcome goes out to Jayme Breschard, who joined the G/FLRPC staff in October. A native of
eastern Long Island, Jayme has experience in hazard mitigation and preservation planning with degrees from
Mary Washington College in Fredericksburg, Virginia and Cornell University.

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                                                     Genesee/Finger Lakes Regional Review, Winter 2006-2007

                                               UPCOMING EVENTS
•   January 26, 2007. New York Main Street Grant Information Session and Application Clinic, Rochester. 10AM-
    noon. This is a free event, but please register with G/FLRPC by calling 585-454-0190 x15
•   February 8, 2007. Introduction to Remote Sensing for GIS Practitioners, NYS Office of Cyber Security and Criti-
    cal Infrastructure Coordination. Rochester Public Library, Kate Gleason Auditorium. For more information,
    contact John Borst at 518-473-5755
•   March 27, 2007. Central and Western New York Stormwater Conference and Tradeshow, presented by the
    Western New York Stormwater Coalition, Buffalo-Niagara Convention Center, Buffalo. Conference registration
    material will be available in January. For more information, contact Mary Rossi or Bonnie Lawrence at 716-
    858-6370 or e-mail rossim@erie.gov or lawrencb@erie.gov
    One of the last major stormwater training opportunities before the Phase II compliance deadline in January
    2008! There will be special sessions for elected municipal officials! Register early, as last year’s event in Roch-
    ester sold out!
•   April 24, 2007. GIS/SIG 16th Annual Spatial/Digital Mapping Conference. Henrietta.
    Visit www.gis-sig.org/conference.html for more information.

•   May 11, 2007. 23rd G/FLRPC Local Government Workshop, Burgundy Basin Inn, Pittsford.

                                The Finger Lakes Land Use Project
Genesee/Finger Lakes Regional                 Project will address the issues
                                                                                  •    Work with municipalities will
Planning Council (G/FLRPC) is                 of growth, development,
                                                                                       be primarily focused on help-
undertaking a wide-ranging project            changing land use patterns,
                                                                                       ing communities help them-
dealing with the changing develop-            open space, and the effects this
                                                                                       selves. G/FLRPC will be able
ment and landscape patterns across            has on our natural (i.e. lakes,
                                                                                       to assist communities that are
the region. These include agricul-            streams, woods, etc.) and cul-
                                                                                       interested in developing and/or
tural viability, farm and woodland            tural (i.e. farms, villages, cit-
                                                                                       revising related land use plans
fragmentation, residential and                ies, etc.) landscapes.
                                                                                       and controls and are willing to
commercial development, and the
                                         •    The project will be divided              have a local process for land
effect these changes have on the
                                              into two main components: (1)            use best management practices
environment and landscape of the
                                              data gathering, compilation              in place.
                                              and analysis of various re-
                                              gional indicators and (2) out-      As noted, G/FLRPC staff devel-
G/FLRPC, with input from county
                                              reach, education, and assis-        oped an initial list of indicators
and municipal stakeholders, devel-
                                              tance to municipalities.            related to land use and environ-
oped these guiding principles for
                                                                                  mental protection.
the project:                             •    For the outreach, education,
                                              and assistance to municipali-
•   The time frame of the Finger                                                  After review by the county and
                                              ties segment of the project,
    Lakes Land Use Project is ap-                                                 municipal stakeholders, this list
                                              Genesee/Finger Lakes Re-
    proximately five years                                                        was narrowed to three primary ar-
                                              gional Planning Council will
                                                                                  eas of research, development and
•   The funding will be used by G/            be able to directly work with
                                                                                  analysis. These are:
    FLRPC staff to do the regional            several municipalities in the
    and local analysis and provide            region; a procedure for col-        •    Public Sewer and Water Provi-
    the associated municipal assis-           laborating with municipalities           sion in the Region
    tance.                                    that are interested and commit-     •    Protected Lands in the Region
                                              ted to the process will be de-      •    Village/Small City Center
•   The Finger Lakes Land Use
                                              veloped.                                 Analysis

                    For more information on the Finger Lakes Land Use Project, please visit:

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Genesee/Finger Lakes Regional Review, Winter 2006-2007

                    Finger Lakes Energy $mart Communities
            How to Have an Energy $mart Winter and Holiday Season
                                               by Mark Denecke
Did you ever hear that warning at           ture or switch to and Energy      more transmission lines and power
the end of a commercial for a new           Star hot water heater.            plants, and reducing pollution.
diet or drug? Do not start this pro-
gram or regimen without first con-     If you’re not seeing a big change in   These energy efficient holiday
sulting with your physician! As        your energy usage or your home’s       lighting applications are widely
winter rolls in and the holiday sea-   comfort after some of the measures     available and will offer the same
son begins, that warning could         specified above, or if you need        quality decorative light with only a
very usefully be applied to the en-    help instituting some of these         fraction of the cost when used in
ergy consumption in your house.        measures, look into the Home Per-      your home this holiday season:
You may want to consult the phy-       formance with ENERGY STAR®
sician for your house, a Building      program.                               •   Light emitting diode (LED)
Performance Institute-accredited                                                  Holiday lighting strings
Home Performance Contractor.                                                  •   Fiber optic trees
These specially trained contractors
                                                                              •   LED residential fixtures and
can be a big help in identifying and
                                                                                  light bulbs
dealing with the energy use, safety,
and comfort in your home and in                                               •   Solar-powered outdoor light-
looking at your home as whole                                                     ing
system. You can make sure your                                                •   Energy Star rated compact
house is Energy $mart and ready                                                   fluorescent (CFL) bulbs in all
for winter by utilizing the Home                                                  applications
                                       LED Christmas lights
Performance with ENERGY                                                       •   Candelabra-base CFL light
STAR® program.                                                                    bulbs for chandeliers and ceil-
                                       Did you know it was also possible          ing fans
Before you pursue a comprehen-         to have an Energy $mart Holiday?       •   Low-power night lights LED
sive home assessment, make sure        Think about the many strands of            lights, fiver optic trees and
you’ve done as many of the small       colorful lights that bring joy to          CFL’s are widely available, try
tasks to prepare your home for         your holiday, and also the candles         out some new technology this
winter. The five categories below      in your window. You CAN enjoy              holiday season.
are a great start to saving energy     substantial savings on your energy
and money in your home:                bill while still enjoying the season   If you’d like to learn more about
                                       of lights. There are more options      having an Energy $mart Winter
•   Weatherize and insulate your       now than ever before to reduce         and Holiday, or to schedule a
    home.                              your electricity usage from holiday    Comprehensive Home Energy As-
•   Lower your thermostat when         displays. For example, using a         sessment, contact Mark Denecke,
    you’re not home or install a       string of 300 light emitting diode     Finger Lakes Energy $mart Coor-
    programmable thermostat.           (LED) lights, instead of traditional   dinator at (585)454-0190 x22, or
                                       holiday lighting, for about six
•   Look for the Energy Star label                                            mdenecke@gflrpc.org.
                                       hours per day for the season can
    on appliances, light bulbs and
                                       save you up to $100 on your elec-
    other products.
                                       tric bill! Besides leaving more
•   Maintain your heating system       money in your pocket, you can
    and regularly change the filter.   reduce your community’s energy
•   Lower your hot water tempera-      demand, reducing the need for

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                                                  Genesee/Finger Lakes Regional Review, Winter 2006-2007

                           All Hazard Mitigation Planning Updates

                                                by Joe Bovenzi

Work on county all-hazard mitiga-      The Livingston County Plan has          The Risk Assessment has been
tion plans continues at a rapid        been revised in accordance with         completed and distributed to the
pace. Over the past few months         New York State Emergency Man-           Planning Committee for review.
major progress has been realized       agement Office guidelines, and the      Work has begun on the Mitigation
on several plans, especially the       plan is currently under review at       Strategy development. At a recent
Wyoming and Orleans reports. A         NYSEMO. The Plan is expected            committee meeting attendees de-
full draft of the Wyoming County       to be submitted to FEMA Region          veloped a preliminary list of Miti-
Plan is now complete, and the Or-      II for review shortly.                  gation Measures, and a round of
leans County Risk Assessment is                                                meetings has been arranged for
also complete. The Genesee             Wyoming County                          early December to obtain county
County Risk Assessment was com-        A major milestone was reached in        agency and municipal input on the
pleted at the end of November.         November: The Mitigation Strat-         Mitigation Strategy.
                                       egy draft was developed. A full
Wayne County                           draft of the Wyoming County Plan        Genesee County
The Wayne County Plan has been         is now complete, and following a        The Risk Assessment was distrib-
revised in accordance with FEMA        committee review period the draft       uted to the Planning Committee at
guidelines and is currently await-     will be submitted to NYSEMO for         its November 29th meeting. The
ing final approval from FEMA           review by the end of December.          committee also began work on the
Region II in New York City.                                                    Mitigation Strategy at this meeting.
                                       Orleans County
Livingston County

       For more information on the all-hazard mitigation planning program, please contact Joe Bovenzi at
                                jbovenzi@gflrpc.org or 585-454 – 0190 ext 16.

                                 Main Street Funding Announced
New York Main Street is pleased        and any other organization incor-       on January 26, 2007, 10AM-noon.
to announce that it is participating   porated in New York State pursu-        This will provide applicants with
in the next Division of Housing        ant to the Not-for-Profit Corpora-      an opportunity to discuss a project
and Community Renewal/Housing          tion Law as well as community-          or program application with
Trust Fund Corporation (DHCR/          based, not-for-profit charitable or-    DHCR staff. This is a free event
HTFC) Unified Funding round for        ganizations, in existence for one       but please register with G/FLRPC
2007. New York Main Street will        year, are eligible to apply. For pro-   by January 23 by calling 585-454-
have approximately $6 Million in       gram guidelines, Q & A, or to ob-       0190 x 15 or emailing
grant funds for potential awardees.    tain a copy of the Request for Pro-     jharemza@gflrpc.org.
                                       posals (RFP) visit:
All Neighborhood Preservation          www.nymainstreet.org                    The deadline for New York Main
Corporations (NPC), Rural Preser-                                              Street grant applications is Mon-
vation Corporations (RPC), Busi-       G/FLRPC is holding an informa-          day March 26th, 2007 by 5:00pm.
ness Improvement Districts (BID),      tion session and application clinic

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Genesee/Finger Lakes Regional Review, Winter 2006-2007

              G/FLRPC Helps Secure $1.245 Million In Federal Funding
                             For Garlock Expansion

David S. Zorn, Executive Director       The $1.245 million in federal Eco-     "Thanks to the collaborative efforts
of Genesee/Finger Lakes Regional        nomic Development Administra-          of several agencies and individu-
Planning Council (G/FLRPC)              tion funding will support a $2.2       als, Wayne County's economic
joined Congressman Jim Walsh            million replacement of the facil-      stability is much more certain to-
and Deputy Secretary of the U.S.        ity’s aging wastewater treatment       day," said Jim Hoffman, Chairman
Department of Commerce David            system. The new system, benefit-       of the Wayne County Board of
Sampson as they presented $1.245        ing the entire 145 acre campus,        Supervisors. "On behalf of the
million in federal funding to the       includes the installation of a new     Board of Supervisors, I wish to
Wayne County Industrial Develop-        pump station and force main along      thank all those who helped prepare
ment Agency (IDA) and Garlock           with restructuring of the on site      and support this funding request.
Sealing Technologies to assist in       wastewater system to separate          Special thanks go to Congressman
the modernization of the com-           storm flows from process flows.        Walsh whose support was neces-
pany’s 26 building Palmyra cam-         The new system will connect to the     sary and instrumental for the ulti-
pus. The company, a subsidiary of       Village of Palmyra’s sewer system      mate approval of EDA funding for
EnPro Industries, Inc., has manu-       which currently operates under         the Garlock waste water upgrade
factured in Wayne County for 120        capacity.                              project."
                                        "The modernization project in Pal-     Wayne County submitted an appli-
As the planning entity for the Fed-     myra would not be possible with-       cation for EDA funding through
eral Economic Development Dis-          out the support and commitment of      the G/FLRPC, which will adminis-
trict, G/FLRPC works with the           many different people," said Paul      ter the investment on behalf of the
public, non-profit and private sec-     Baldetti, Division President, Gar-     Department of Commerce. The
tor to develop the annual Compre-       lock Sealing Technologies. "We         Wayne County Industrial Develop-
hensive Economic Development            greatly appreciate the support of      ment Agency, Greater Rochester
Strategy (CEDS). Having the up-         Congressman Walsh and the fed-         Enterprise, and New York State
grades to the Garlock facility listed   eral, state, and local officials and   Empire State Development are also
in the 2006 CEDS as a priority          agencies, our employees and many       partners in the larger moderniza-
allowed the application for funding     others who assisted in making this     tion project.
to move forward.                        project feasible."
                                                                               "This is an excellent example of
“This funding is an important com-      In May 2005, Garlock announced         regional industrial and workforce
ponent of our local efforts to keep,    that it would remain in Wayne          retention. Our business and
improve, and expand Garlock’s           County after the active involve-       elected leaders along with federal,
presence in Wayne County," said         ment of federal, state and county      state, regional and county eco-
Congressman Walsh. “With over           elected officials and the Wayne        nomic development organizations
600 current employees and 233           County Industrial Development          and programs continue to come
vendor businesses in the region,        Agency (IDA).                          together to support business and
Garlock’s decision to remain and                                               job growth in the Region," said
grow here has a significant impact      Since then, the company has begun      David Zorn. "As the planning
on our local economy. This fed-         a $35.59 million campus upgrade,       entity for the Economic Develop-
eral investment is part of a larger     involving the demolition, rehabili-    ment Administration Economic
$35.59 million project that will        tation, and construction of build-     Development District, G/FLRPC
modernize and increase production       ings, investment in equipment, and     looks forward to working together
capacity at the Palmyra facility in     the replacement of the company's       to implement this portion of the
order to grow Garlock’s business        aging wastewater system.
and market share.”                                                             Continued. Please see ‘Garlock on
                                                                               Page 7

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                                                 Genesee/Finger Lakes Regional Review, Winter 2006-2007

   G/FLRPC’s Revolving Load Fund: Helping to Create Jobs in the Region
HF Technologies, a manufacturer       ester, and G/FLRPC, the decision       quently associated with small and
of components used primarily in       to expand in Rochester was easy.”      medium sized businesses is a lack
business machines, is investing                                              of available capital. The revolving
more then $1 million to close its     The loan from the Genesee/Finger       loan fund works to mitigate that
Beijing, China, operation and relo-   Lakes Regional Planning Council        issue and strengthen what we con-
cate to expand facilities on Emer-    Regional Revolving Loan Fund is        sider our regional economy’s back-
son Street in Rochester, creating     part of a $425,000 grant and loan      bone, small and medium sized
76 new jobs over the next five        package provided by city, county,      businesses.
years.                                regional and state programs.
                                                                             The revolving loan fund provides
“We had several alternatives for      The Genesee/Finger Lakes Re-           $20,000 to $200,000 fixed asset
this investment, including finding    gional Planning Council manages a      and working capital loans at a 4%
another joint-venture partner in      revolving loan fund which serves       fixed interest rate for up to 8 years.
China”, said David Fletcher, presi-   small and medium sized manufac-        Loans can be used to purchase ma-
dent of HF Technologies. “But,        turing and service businesses lo-      chinery and/or equipment, rehabili-
based on the tremendous work-         cated in Genesee, Livingston,          tate and/or purchase industrial
force we have here and the incen-     Monroe, Ontario, Orleans, Seneca,      property, or for site development
tives provided by New York State,     Wayne, Wyoming and Yates               and expansion.
Monroe County, the City of Roch-      Counties. One issue that is fre-
                  If you would like to learn more about the Revolving Loan Fund please visit:
                          or contact us at 585-454-0190 x14 or dave.zorn@gflrpc.org

Garlock (continued)
Regional Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy."

Through economic development grants like these, the Commerce Department will continue to encourage invest-
ments in local areas, grow the economy and create jobs, said Deputy Secretary Sampson.

Garlock is the largest employer in the Town of Palmyra and the second largest private employer in Wayne
County. At least 100 construction jobs will be created over the three-year time frame of the overall campus up-

The company’s continued viability in Wayne County also impacts its 233 vendor/supplier businesses in the
Rochester/Finger Lakes region. The wastewater system replacement portion of the project is scheduled to begin
this year.

                           Local Government Workshop Re-Cap
The 22nd Local Government Workshop (LGW) took place on November 17, 2006 in Mount Morris. This work-
shop saw record attendance as nearly 350 local government officials, staff, board members, and others partici-
pated in the three concurrent session.

We received many great ideas for future workshop sessions from the participants. Special thanks to all the pre-
senters who make successful Local Government Workshops possible.

Our 23rd Local Government Workshop will take place on May 11, 2007 in Pittsford. Mark your calendars now!

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Genesee/Finger Lakes Regional Review, Winter 2006-2007

                             Erie Canal Greenway Grants Awarded

New York State announced 54 Erie         City of Rochester Greenway Water       launch on the Seneca Canal.
Canal Greenway grants totaling           Trail/Canalway Trail Improvement
nearly $8.4 million for capital pro-     Project – $224,100                     Wayne County
jects that enhance and promote           This grant to the City of Rochester
tourism, recreation, historic inter-     will provide new lighting, ameni-      Palmyra Canalside Nature Park
pretation, and community revitali-       ties, historic interpretation, and     Proposal: Terminal Wall Project –
zation in 19 counties along the          new non-motorized boater access.       $225,000
New York State Canal System. In                                                 This funding is for terminal wall
the Genesee-Finger Lakes Region,         Ontario County                         improvements to the Port of Pal-
these grants include:                                                           myra Marina including docking
                                         Greenway/ Lakefront Dock Im-           space and a boat launch for motor-
Monroe County                            provement Project – $75,600            ized boaters.
                                         This grant will be used to construct
JCC Boathouse and Erie Canal             and install floating docks along the   Palmyra Canalside Nature Park
Recreation Center – $225,000             Geneva lakefront.                      Proposal: Restroom Improvement
This grant will be used to construct                                            Project – $175,163
the JCC Erie Canal Boat House            Orleans County                         This grant will be used to construct
and Recreation Center.                                                          restrooms and showers at the Port
                                         Erie Canal Corridor Excursion          of Palmyra Marina.
Village of Pittsford Waterfront          Train – $225,000
Improvements, Phase VI –                 This grant will support the acquisi-   Improvements to Newark Canal
$225,000                                 tion of land and historic locomo-      Port Services – $113,711
This grant will be used to install       tive engines, enhancing Erie Canal     The grant to the Village of Newark
sidewalks and crosswalks, lighting,      Excursion Train.                       will assist with upgrades to its
landscaping, and a public water                                                 boater services to current stan-
supply along the Canal.                  Medina Canal Loop Trail En-            dards, improve the Canal Trail, and
                                         hancement Project – $17,220            broaden canal-side cultural and
Cobb’s Lane Relocation Erie Ca-          This project will substantially        recreational opportunities.
nal Trail Improvements and En-           complete the Loop Trail and pro-
hancements – $225,000                    vide an important linkage between      H.G. Hotchkiss Essential Oil Com-
This grant to the Town of Perinton       the canal towpath and downtown.        pany Plant Restoration Project –
will be used to reconstruct 2,561-                                              $224,787
linear feet of trail in order to sepa-   Seneca County                          This funding is to complete the
rate it from the roadway. The pro-                                              restoration of the Hotchkiss Essen-
ject also includes docking facilities    Frank J. Ludovico Sculpture Trail      tial Oil Company building to its
for non-motorized boats, a parking       Phase 2 – $67,500                      original condition.
lot, and the installation of benches     This funding is for Phase 2 of the
and picnic tables.                       Ludovico Sculpture Trail, and will     Village of Lyons North & South
                                         be used for the development of the     Side Erie Canal Project – $202,452
Town of Brighton Greenway Wa-            trail along the south bank of the      This funding will provide dockage
ter Trail/Canalway Trail Improve-        Cayuga-Seneca Canal in the Vil-        on both sides of the Canal. Up-
ment – $225,000                          lage of Seneca Falls.                  dates will be made to street lamps
This grant to the Town of Brighton                                              and additional electrical outlets
will provide new lighting, ameni-        Canalside Community Boatstop           will be installed at dockage sites.
ties, historic interpretation, and       Project – $160,115                     Shower and bathroom facilities
new non-motorized boater access.         The Town of Seneca Falls will          will be constructed, as well as
                                         renovate a non-motorized boat          parking lot improvements, picnic
                                                                                tables, and other amenities.

Page 8
                                                 Genesee/Finger Lakes Regional Review, Winter 2006-2007

                                           “A Sense of Place”
                             Stories about the things that make our Region unique.

         Monuments to the Citizen Solider: Armories in New York State

Numerous armories in the Gene-        through its heyday during the           now owns the structure and it
see-Finger Lakes Region are fea-      Gilded Age, to its early twentieth      houses numerous community or-
tured in the recently published       century role as the nation’s pri-       ganizations, including the YMCA.
book New York’s Historic Armor-       mary reserve armed force.
ies, An Illustrated History by                                                Only two historic armories in the
Nancy L. Todd of the State His-       The highest concentration of ar-        region still serve as active National
toric Preservation Office. (Todd      mories in the Genesee-Finger            Guard facilities. The most impres-
is known to some of our readers as    Lakes region is located in Roches-      sive is the Geneva Armory, built in
the National Register Field Repre-    ter. Perhaps the most notable is        1892 and dramatically expanded in
sentative for the northern Finger     the monumental East Main Street         1906. The earlier (northern) sec-
Lakes Region) Built to house lo-      Armory, built in 1907 to the design tion of the armory was designed by
cal units of the state’s volunteer    of State Architect George L. Heins. State Architect Isaac G. Perry in a
militia, New York’s arsenals and      Abandoned by the National Guard         vernacular interpretation of the
armories are among the most im-       in the 1970s, the massive, castel-      Romanesque style; the 1906 addi-
posing monuments to the role of       lated style building has found re-      tion was executed by State Archi-
the citizen soldier in American       cent use as a performance space.        tect Heins and carried on Perry’s
military history. Approximately       Likewise, the old arsenal on Wash- preference for the castellated
120 armories were built in New        ington Square in downtown Roch-         Gothic style.
York State between 1800 and           ester is an example of
1940; most date from the last quar-   successful re-use. Built
ter of the nineteenth century.        in 1870 to the design of
                                      local architect A. J.
As a building type, armories          Warner as an arsenal for
served as arms storage facilities,    Monroe County’s mili-
clubhouses for the militiamen, and    tia, the building was
civic monuments symbolizing New       vacated when the East
York’s determination to preserve      Main Street Armory
domestic law and order in a rapidly   opened. The arsenal
changing society. Most armor-         then became a conven-
ies—particularly those built during   tion hall that hosted
the last two decades of the nine-     President Franklin Roo- Historic image of the Geneva Armory
teenth century—are (or were) me-      sevelt, then a U.S. Naval
dieval-inspired, castle-like for-     Reserve Center, and finally the
tresses. Of the nearly 120 armories   highly successful GEVA Theater          The social trends, architectural
built in the state, about half sur-   Center.                                 forms, and military technology that
vive. Of these survivors, about 30                                            led to the construction of these im-
still house National Guard units;     The Village of Medina showcases         posing structures are not likely to
the remaining 30 or so buildings      another successful adaptive use of      recur. New York’s Historic Armor-
serve a variety of purposes. To-      an old armory. This structure, de-      ies, An Illustrated History is a fas-
gether, all existing armories         signed by State Architect George        cinating look at a these buildings
chronicle the history of the volun-   L. Heins, was built in 1906 and         that often occupy prominent places
teer militia from its emergence       used by the National Guard until        in our communities and serve as
during the early 19th century,        the 1970s. The Village of Medina        monuments to our State’s past.

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