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					                     Neighborhood Newsletter
  November/December 2009                     Volume 3, Issue 11/12

  Welcome New Neighbors                         LED Christmas lights-
Two homes have sold in our neighborhood         Energy Efficient and Cost
recently: 2001 Sageleaf and 1417 Upchurch       Effective.
Woods. We will introduce these new              Light Emitting Diodes (LED) are the latest
residents in a future issue.                    technology in energy efficient lighting.
Wake County Recycling                           Right here in Raleigh we have one of the
Now Open for Household                          leading companies in LED technology,
                                                Cree. You may be familiar with LED from
Hazardous Waste 6 days a                        the indicator lights on your television, VCR
Week                                            and other electronics. Did you know that
Wake County offers two Household                LEDs also light our traffic signals? LED,
Hazardous Waste (HHW) sites. Formerly,          because of their low power requirements and
these were only open on selected Saturdays      long life are beginning to enter the home
per month. Now the two sites are open six       lighting market.
days a week. This is welcome news for the
environmentally conscious who hesitate to       One of the many practical applications of
throw even an AAA battery into the              LED is Christmas lighting.            LED are
garbage.                                        particularly well suited to string lights.
                                                Manufacturers are now making LED holiday
             Modern electronics have added      lights in your favorite colors and bulb sizes.
             new categories to the HHW          Bulbs are graded according to the base size
             stream. You should not put         (the part that screws in the socket).
             rechargeable batteries and
fluorescent light bulbs in the weekly trash     Below is a guide to what’s available,
pickup destined for the county landfills.       traditional and LED.
Familiar HHW – paint, antifreeze, fuel oils,    C7- 2” bulbs, (candelabra base), 5 watts per
household cleaners, chemicals, pesticides       bulb,   incandescent.
and poisons – should always go to HHW.          Used for lighting
                                                houses and buildings.
The two sites in Wake County are:
                                                C9 – 3” bulbs.
      North Wake: 9037 Deponie Drive            (Intermediate base), 7
      (off Durant Road between Falls of         watts per bulb,
      Neuse and Capital Blvd.                   typically sold in
      South Wake: 6130 Old Smithfield           strings of 25.
      Road (off HWY 55 between US 1 and         Low Energy C7 and C9 Traditional bulbs
      Hwy 42 in Holly Springs.                  having same bases as regular C7 and C9
Volume 3, Issue 11/12, November/December 2009                                        1
bulbs, but with 2.7 and 3.7W per bulb,           the reason why you should not connect
respectively.                                    different type bulb strings together- they
                                                 draw different current). Many string lights
Mini-lights – 0.5 W incandescent bulbs.
                                                 do not use a large enough gauge wire or
These bulbs have overtaken the C7/C9
                                                 enough insulation. If you need to run
market for most home
                                                 multiple strings of traditional (high power)
                                                 lights, use a multi-outlet power adaptor so
C7 LED – candelabra base,                        that you can plug each string into the circuit
.6 W per bulb. (~one tenth of traditional        directly. Homes that light competitively add
C7!).                                            heavy-duty circuits to the house to handle
C9 LED – intermediate base, 1 W per bulb.        the high loads.

LED micro - .08 W per bulb!!!                    LED, because of their low power
                                                 consumption, can have both many more
LED manufacturers have developed many            lights per string and more strings in series.
variations: mini globes, icicle bulbs, as well   They are still limited by the ‘Rule of 1440’
as those listed above.                           but it takes many more strings to reach the
Should you switch to LED Holiday                 limit. LED strings are typically sold with as
Lights?                                          many as 250 lights per string.
You probably have invested in dozens of          How many lights on a 15 amp Circuit*?
strings of incandescent and ‘twinkle’ or mini    Compare Power Consumption.
lights over the years. Prices for these lights        Type           Watts/Bulb     Bulbs/Circuit
have gone down annually. So why throw
                                                  C9 Traditional          7             206
that investment away and switch to LED?
                                                  C7 Traditional          5             288
Here is some data to help you decide if it’s
time to switch.                                  C9 Low energy           3.7            389
                                                 C7 Low energy           2.7            533
Safety. LED lights are low power and low
heat. They are cool compared to traditional      Mini light (trad)       0.5            2880
C7 or C9 bulbs. You can also string more             C9 LED               1             1440
sets together than incandescent bulbs. For
                                                     C7 LED              0.6            2400
example, the total watts you should load on
a household (120V) circuit is 120v*15a*.8 =         LED mini             .08           18000
1440W (.8 is the safety factor for continuous    *Calculated limits; do not exceed rated limit of
load—e.g. when you run the lights                consecutive strings.
continuously for hours). If you aren’t sure      Durability. LED lights are less fragile than
what your circuit size is for your outdoor       traditional incandescent or mini lights. The
receptacles, check your breaker box. The         bulb is epoxy rather than glass. They are
amperage is printed on the circuit breaker.      also rated as lasting twenty times longer, due
Another safety consideration is the              in large part to low power and lack of
amperage limitation of the string. When you      tungsten filaments.
string lights together, you are running more     Economy. How much electricity do you
current through the combined strings. This       burn with traditional lighting? Here are
is the reason there are limits on how many       some facts and figures.
traditional strings you should connect.
Many traditional strings are not rated to be     Let’s compare the energy costs of 100 lights
run in series with other strings. (It is also    for each the bulb type listed in the table
                                                 above. Let’s assume we turn on our string
Volume 3, Issue 11/12, November/December 2009                                          2
of 100 lights for five hours each night for 25   provides 24 lighted feet. However, LED
nights. Recent Progress Energy bills show a      C7/C9 can be spaced more closely, so a
cost of $.1168 per Kilowatt-hour.                typical 25-bulb string of LED C7/C9 lights
                                                 12-16 linear feet.
The table below shows the seasonal cost of
burning 100 lights of each type.                 Total Cost of Ownership Calculation:
     Type              KW burned      Cost                100 Linear Lit Feet
 C9 Traditional                                    Type          Strings/ Purchase Energy $ Total
                         87.5        $10.22                        bulbs                      5 Yr  $
 C7 Traditional          62.5         $7.30      C9 Trad           4/100          $24        $51.0 $75
C9 Low energy            46.25        $5.40      C7 Trad           4/100          $24        $36.0 $61
                                                 Mini (trad)       4/400           $8        $14.6 $22
C7 Low energy            33.75        $3.94
                                                 C9 LED           8*/200          $48        $14.6 $63
Mini light (trad)        31.25        $3.65      C7 LED           6*/150          $36         $6.6 $43
    C9 LED               12.5         $1.46      LED mini          4/400          $36         $2.3 $38
                                                 *LED C9 and C7 strings are shorter for same number of
    C7 LED                7.5         $0.88      lights, prices will vary by store and sale.
   LED mini               1.0         $0.12      This analysis shows that LED C7/C9 are a
                                                 cost-effective   solution   compared     to
 What about the investment cost? Aren’t          traditional incandescent C7/C9. This
           LED expensive?                        analysis does not include the advantages of
                                                 being able to connect more strings in
Let’s compare some prices in the area.           sequence, thus reducing the cost of extra
                          Home                   extension cords and multi-outlet power
        Type                         Lowe’s
                          Depot*                 adaptors.
 C9 Trad (25 lights)      $6.00       $6.47      As LED mini-lights come down in price,
 C9 LED (25 lights)       $6.00       $6.49      they will become more competitive with
 C7 Trad (25 lights)
                                                 incandescent mini-lights. Wear and tear on
                          $6.00       $6.47
                                                 incandescent mini-lights is a major factor
 C7 LED (25 lights)       $6.00       $6.00      not included in this analysis. Most mini-
Trad Mini-light, (100)    $2.00       $2.50      light strings do not last five years (due to the
  LED Mini, (100)                                frustration factor in burned out and broken
                          $9.00      $10.97
*prices round to nearest dollar.
Some retailers are offering ‘trade-in’
rebates. Bring in one traditional light string
and get dollars off your purchase of LED.
Others are offering discounts on LED during
the holiday season. One store recently was       much-power.htm
offering 3 strings of 50 mini LED for $10.
What’s the Bottom Line?
What’s the cost to light 100 linear feet of      hts06.pdf
house for five years? The number of bulbs
in one hundred linear feet varies by the type
of bulb.     A typical 25-bulb string of
incandescent C7/C9 is 24 lighted feet; a
typical 100-bulb string of mini-lights
Volume 3, Issue 11/12, November/December 2009                                              3
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Volume 3, Issue 11/12, November/December 2009                   4