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					                                        Tiverton Town Council
                  Town Hall, St Andrew Street, Tiverton, Devon, EX16 6PG
                          Town Clerk: J F Vanderwolfe Chartered MCIPD
                        Tel 01884 253404 Fax 01884 258550

Minutes of the Council Meeting held in the Council Chamber of the Town Hall on
Monday 23rd June 2008 at 6.30pm.

Present: Cllr’s E Trump (Mayor), P Graham (Deputy Mayor), K Abbott, W Burke, N Davey,
P Farr, K Gilderthorp, A Griffiths, J Jordan, P Kenny, T Lindus, G Luxton, A Marks, G
Partridge, J Rendle, M Turner, P Williams, R Williams and K Wilson

In attendance: Town clerk, Inspector M Lawler, Sgt. R Curtis and one member of the

    169       Apologies
              Apologies were received from Cllr’s J Bonnick (sick), L Crocker (holiday), L
              Howe (sick) and D Knowles (meeting). It was resolved to accept these
              apologise. Cllr D Hannon (DCC) also sent his apology.

    170       Declarations of interest.
              There were no declarations made at this stage of the meeting, however, Cllr
              Burke declared a personal interest over a payment to him in item 180.

    171       Minutes
              The minutes of the meetings held on the 6th and 12th May were adopted. It
              was noted that Cllr M Turners attendance had now been included in the list
              of attendance on the master minutes, although missed out on the circulated
              minutes. For reasons of accuracy it was agreed that it should be recorded
              that Cllr P Williams was elected chairman of the Finance & General
              Purposes committee. The Mayor then signed the minutes.

    172       Mayor’s Announcements
              The Mayor had attended Tiverton High School on the 14th May, the
              Barnstaple Mayor Making Ceremony on the 19th May, and a fire walk on 3rd
              June. The proclamation took place on the 5th June, an event to celebrate
              150 years of the Tiverton Gazette on the 10th June and the opening of the
              circus on the 11th June. The mayor had visited Heathcoat School on the 12th
              June and the opening of the Merchant’s trail on the 14th June. On the 15th
              June she attended a garden party at Great Torrington, which was followed
              by the Mid Devon Messenger AGM on the 19th June. Finally, the Mayor met
              Cmdr Fitter (Royal Navy) to discuss an event to be held at the Tiverton
              Hotel on the 19th July, to which all councillors are welcome to attend.

    173       Police Report
              Sector Inspector Matt Lawler introduced himself to the council. He is
      responsible for Crediton, Cullompton and Tiverton. Sgt Curtis then informed
      the meeting that crime was down by 23%, however there were problems
      with thefts of lead, caused by its high scrap value, and also theft of diesel
      and heater oil. There had also been a spate of vehicle damage in the town.
      Sgt Curtis felt that the new police station at Lowman Green, which was
      being officially opened tomorrow (24th) would make the police more
      accessible to the public. Sgt Cutis provided the meeting with a brief
      overview of the proposed section 27 Act, which would be used to move an
      individual under the influence of alcohol away from a particular area. It
      would then be an offence for that person to return to that area within the
      designated period.

174   Democratic Period: No items

175   County and District Councillor’s Reports
      Cllr M Turner presented the County Council report and stated that she had
      agreed to the signing of traffic orders in Gold Street, and, following a site
      visit of representatives of the Town Council and Fire Authority, Barstow’s
      Causeway. The traffic orders for Bampton Street had also been agreed.
      New traffic regulations had led to pressure for residential on street parking.
      The caravan problem at Bolham had been solved. The public payphone
      issue is still ongoing and we are still awaiting for the Withleigh post box
      stand. Road works at Ashley will be dealt with at the HATOC meeting later
      this week. Cllr Turner updated the meeting regarding proposed traffic
      changes. Finally, Cllr Turner stated that she regretted that she was unable
      to provide any further information regarding the elderly care homes at

      Cllr P Williams, in presenting the MDDC report, informed the meeting that
      there had been a 5% increase in recycling, which took recycling to 52%. For
      the first time ever there had also been a decrease in household waste.

      The planning section had been one of only six authorities mentioned as one
      showing ‘best practice’. There would be a special meeting on the 18 th July
      to discuss the development behind the Town Hall. Finally, Cllr Williams
      reminded the meeting that the Boundary Commission’s report on their
      recommended options would be made on the 7th July.

176   Committee Reports and Councillor/Officers Reports
        a) The chairman of Finance & General Purposes presented the minutes
           of the meeting held on the 9th June; which were noted. He praised
           the Town Clerk and Assistant Town Clerk for receiving a good audit
        b) The Chairman of Planning presented the minutes of the meetings
           held on the 28th April, 19th May and 2nd and 16th June; which were
        c) The Chairman of Civic and Ceremonial presented the minutes of the
           meeting held on the 19th May; which were noted
        d) The Chairman of the Town Emergency Committee presented the
           minutes of the meeting of meeting held on the 9th June; which were
        e) The Chairman of the Carnival & Christmas Lights Committee

              presented the minutes of the meeting held on the 5 th June; which
              were noted.
         f)   The Chairman of the allotments Committee presented the minutes of
              the meeting held on the 2nd June; which were noted.
         g)   The Chairman of Tiverton in Bloom presented the minutes of the
              meetings held on the 26th February and 25th March; which were
              noted. He thanked those councillors and the assistant clerk for
              assisting with planting.
         h)   The Town Clerk provided a verbal report on the recent meeting
              regarding the town’s CCTV system. A four year plan had been
              produced. It was hoped that CCTV operators hours would be made
              full time and that it would also be supplemented by more volunteers.
              An event was also be planned for the business community to try and
              get them more on board with the benefits of the CCTV system. It was
              also hoped that the CCTV system would be extended.
         i)   Violent Crime Reduction: This item had been dealt with earlier by the
              police. The clerk answered a number of questions on this issue.
         j)   Power of Well Being: The town clerk outlined the advantages that the
              new powers, which will be introduced later in the year, would have.
              Councillors had been circulated with a paper on this subject.
         k)   Other Reports: Jazz at the Castle at Bickleigh Castle on the 20th July
              in aid of the Christmas Lights. This event is being organised by Cllr
              Farr. Cllr T Lindus stated that he was concerned that a number of
              councillors left the April meeting before it actually ended, which he
              felt did not look very professional to the members of the public

      There were a number of points raised regarding the Lowman Green Clock.
      It was pointed out that this should have been raised under the appropriate
      section of the F&GP minutes. The council were still awaiting the terms from
      the district council, and, when they had been received, a full debate would
      take place.
177   New Hall
      Cllr G Partridge suggested that the council looked into the idea of changing
      the name of these premises to something different. After some debate a
      motion was put forward that the present that no change is made, and,
      having been seconded and put to the vote, this motion was carried. The
      vote was 17 for; 1 against; therefore it was carried.
178   Blundell’s School
      Nominations were as follows: Cllr R Williams, Cllr A Griffiths, Cllr K Wilson
      and Cllr P Williams. It was agreed that the town clerk would write to the
      Bursar with the nominations, and would leave it to the school to decide on
      the successful candidate.
179   MDDC Annual Church Service
      Councillors were invited to this service which would take place at St
      George’s Church on Sunday 20th July at 3pm. Invitations had been
180   Accounts for Payment
      It was agreed that the following accounts be paid: Patterson’s £392.96, W
      Burke £275.98, First Office £107.80, Stage Electrics £99.28, Travis Perkins
      £3.02 ,Westlake Roofing £7050.
181   Next Meeting : Monday 4th August 2008 at 7.30pm.


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