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									                     The Messenger
                Latham United Methodist Church
December 9, 2007                                                Volume 23 Number 49
                                       We Are Witnesses
We began Advent last Sunday with worship that recalled, celebrated and anticipated the coming of
Jesus Christ and the grace of God he brings. The scriptures proclaimed, “From his fullness we have
all received, grace upon grace” (John 1   1:16); and “For the grace of God has appeared, bringing
salvation to all” (Titus 2:11). In our Holy Communion we acknowledged that in the bread and cup,
Christ gives his body and blood to us. The Hanging of the Greens service Sunday night continued the
theme of God’s gifts to us, presenting symbols of the birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus.
In light of all that God has given to us and for us, what do we do for our salvation? Some likely
answers are “repent,” believe,” “obey” or “follow.” However, these answers are premature. Our
taking any action to complete the salvation God began suggests that God does not finish the work.
The advent of Jesus Christ is the completion of the work of salvation. In Christ, God comes to
humanity. In Christ, true humanity comes to God. As one writer put it, “Jesus as God’s human
partner is faithful to God precisely at the point where the covenant is and was broken. For by a free
choice, he became obedient to God unto death, even death on a cross.” The gulf b   between humanity
and God caused by human sin is bridged in Jesus. We are first and foremost witnesses to the
salvation God completes in Jesus Christ.
Is our role to witness and do nothing while God does everything to complete our salvation? That
sounds like watching from the sidelines and never getting into the game. What kind of unhealthy
dependency does that create? But hold on. We who are witnesses are bound to testify to what we
have seen and heard. We tell others what God has done in Jesus. This is how we repent, believe,
obey and follow—by telling what we have witnessed God doing in Jesus Christ. When we tell what we
have witnessed our words become God’s Word to another, which makes him or her a witness too.
So your role and mine in our own salvation is to do nothing but witness to everything that has been
done for us by God in Jesus Christ. Do tell! –Hughey

                     REACHGROWEMPOWER Reaches Milestones
Good News! Latham has pledged more to the capital fund for 2008 2010 than in any previous
campaign. We have received 157 capital fund pledges totaling $1,072,$1,072,000. This is 47% more than
pledged in the 2005-2008 campaign. In 2000, pledges totaled $1,070,000.                  To the 2008
Ministry/Operating budget 212 pledges have been made for a total of $653,000. That is 4% over last
year’s final total. Thanks to all who worked and sacrificed to make this possible.

                                   Latham Praises
                                  Worship Happenings
                                   SpiritLink 8:45 AM
                              Preaching: Hughey Reynolds
                          Sermon: A Little Child Shall Lead Them
                               Scripture: Isaiah 11: 1-10

                                  Traditional 11:05 AM
                              Preaching: Hughey Reynolds
                          Sermon: A Little Child Shall Lead Them
                               Scripture: Isaiah 11: 1-10

Focus: Isaiah envisions a branch growing out of the root of Jesse, the father of King David,
upon whom the spirit of the Lord rests and who will judge with righteousness and equity for
the poor and the meek of the earth. In his vision of a peaceable kingdom in which the wolf
lies down with the lamb and no one destroys, a little child is the leader. No wonder Jesus
said, “I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never
enter the kingdom of heaven.” Set the child in you free this season.

                                   Evening Worship
                              Youth-Led Christmas Service
                                     From 6-7pm

                                      Latham Grows
                               Spiritual Growth Opportunities

I would like to thank Kendrick Brewer, Kelly Brewer, Barrett Hudson, Grace Langhout, Zack
Savage, and Allison Wear who helped with the Youth Rake N Run last Saturday. They gave
3 hours of their time to help a member of our congregation and did an awesome
job.                                                                        - Steve Elliott
Sunday, December 9th
    • The Youth will be having their Advent service this Sunday night, December 9th, from
          7                                     Supper
       6-7 pm in the Sanctuary. Bring Your Own Supper and join us for a time of fellowship
       from 5-6 pm.The Youth Praise Band will practice from 7 – 8 pm in the Youth Room.
 Monday,             10th–
 Monday, December 10th
    • Prayer Breakfast from 7 - 7:25 am at Chick- fil-A
             le             Fusion,
    • Middle School Guys Fusion 6 – 7 pm at the church
Wednesday , December 11
Wednesday                   th

    • Youth Bible Study, 6 – 7 pm at church
     • High School Girls Fusion Group – 7 – 8 pm at Courtney Doering’s house
    •   High School Guys Fusion Group – 7 – 8 pm at Derek’s house
    •   Middle School Girls Fusion Group from 7 – 8 pm at Gina Smith’s house.

Dec.9th – Choirs will meet at 4:30 to practice before attending the Youth Service. THERE
WILL BE NO SNACK SUPPERS THIS NIGHT so please make sure children are fed before
they come to choir.
Dec. 11th – Celebration Choir 5:30 pm
Dec. 13th – Celebration Choir 5:00 pm
Dec. 15th – Cherub and Celebration 1pm – 4 pm
Dec. 16th – Cherub and Celebration 2 pm – 3:30 pm

                                  Latham Serves
                           Sharing God’s Love with Others
                          KNOW & LIVE Your Church’s VISION & MISSION :
On November 29 Latham’s Board of Stewards ratified the plan developed by the Long
Range Planning Committee to reorganize Latham’s leadership structure. Report 2 of the
Long Range Planning Committee is a 32-page document that gives the rationale and
details of the plan.         You can read the complete report on our website at or request a paper copy through the church office. We are
reorganizing all our Ministry Teams (Committees) around Latham’s vision and mission.
Worship, Biblical Studies, Prayer, Fellowship and Church History Teams will lead us in
hearing Christ. Teaching, Preaching, Music, Faith Sharing and Communication Teams will
lead us in proclaiming Christ. Stewardship, Caring Community, Missions, Advocacy and
Christian Unity Teams will lead us in Becoming like Christ to the world. And all the teams
will be devoted to our mission to reach the unreached and to grow and empower disciples
of Jesus Christ for all age groups. Pray that the Lay Leadership Committee and you will be
led by God to connect you with the ministry area through which you can best fulfill God’s

                                    ----- Notices -----

Board of Stewards Names Gym Farley Hall
At its November 29 meeting, Latham’s Board of Stewards endorsed a recommendation
from the Board of Trustees to name Latham’s gym Farley Hall. Since its completion in
2002, the room has been referred to as the gym, fellowship hall, Room 155, “SpiritLink” or
even “The Family Life Center.” Farley Hall connects Latham with its rich past. Latham was
established on Weatherly Road in 1961 when Farley Methodist moved here in order to
reach people of this growing community for Jesus Christ. Farley Hall honors that legacy.
                       ADVENT SCHEDULE:

                                  December 9
                      6 pm – Youth-led Christmas Service
                                 December 16
                       11:05 Service- Chancel Choir with
                        Orchestra- “Christmas Cantata”
    6 pm – Children’s Christmas Program and “Happy Birthday, Jesus” party
                                 December 23
                            Regular Sunday Schedule
                                 December 24
        5 pm Christmas Eve Candlelight Communion Service in Sanctuary
   11 pm Christmas Eve Candlelight Communion Service in the Fellowship Hall
                                 December 30
                        Combined Service @ 10 am

                           White Christmas Offering
Elizabeth grew up with two well-educated, successful parents, but lost them to alcohol and
drug abuse. As a result, she and her four siblings were severely neglected. Often in this
situation, with the trauma of neglect and suspected abuse, the outlook is bleak.
At age 12, Elizabeth came to the United Methodist Children's Home family in Christ. She
has thrived! Her high school awarded her a special educational trip to New England, and
good grades and behavior earned her a university scholarship, Now a beautiful and self-
motivated young woman, she is enrolled in college pre-med.
Please won't you help a deserving young person like Elizabeth this Advent season by giving
to the White Christmas Offering.

                               The Latham UMW presents
                                Latham’s Cherub Choir and
                      Carmelita Gandy and the Huntsville Boys Choir
                               Do You Hear What I Hear?
                        December 11th @ 7:00 pm in the Sanctuary
                        Light Refreshments – Everyone is Invited
                                 “Hope for the Holidays”
                 a Grief Workshop presented by The Rev. Carl Malm, M.Div.
        will meet on Monday nights beginning on November 26 for four consecutive weeks
                           in the Welcome Center from 6:00 to 7:30
                                 A Light Supper Will Be Served

   A donation to the Buchanan Scholarship Fund has been received from Ralph and Ginny
   Green at Christmas in honor of: Mary Jen Green Crane, Damon Green, Mary Beth
   Buchanan, Lucy Buchanan Gattis, Claude N. Buchanan III, Richard Buchanan, John Hauer,
   and Anna Hauer Zelinsky who are the grandchildren of Claude N. and Minnie M.


                                                        WEEKLY STEWARDSHIP AT LATHAM

This Week at Latham                                   Operating Budget 12/2/07
Sunday, December 9                                    Received this week             $ 17,170.50
8:45 SpiritLink                                       Received year to date          $ 660,237.74
10:00a – Sunday School
11:05 – Traditional Service
                                                      Needed year to date            $ 689,328.00
4:30 – Children’s Choirs Rehearsal                    Capital Fund Status 12/02/07
6:00 – Youth-Led Christmas Service                    Received this week             $ 30,139.00
Monday, December 10                                   Needed each week               $ 5,539.87
8:30a – Bend & Stretch                                Received month to date         $ 30,139.00
10a – Experiencing God’s Love                         Needed each month              $ 24,006.12
2p – Elderberry Literary Society                      Attendance for 12/2/07
6p– Renew Praise Band, Hope for the Holidays          Adult Sunday school
7p –Emmaus, Scouts,                                   Youth Sunday school
7:30p – Seamless Praise Band
Tuesday, December 11
                                                      Children’s Sunday school
10a – Bible Study                                     Total Sunday school                    267
7p – Covenant Prayer                                  Visitors
7p – UMW General Board Meeting                        Morning Worship                       337
Wednesday , December 12                               Evening Worship                       219
2:15p – Wesley Singers
6 p – Youth Bible Study, Scouts Court of Honor
6:30 p – Chancel Choir, Scouts, Cub Scouts
Thursday. December 13
8:30 a – Bend & Stretch
9:30a—Circle 5
10a – In Stitches
6:30p – Wesley Class Christms Party
7 p – Bible Study, Tutoring
Friday, December 14
5p – Kairos Class Christmas Party
Saturday, December 15
10a – Dress Rehearsal for Chancel Choir
1p – Dress Rehearsal for Childrens Choirs
                    Latham United Methodist Church Staff
Pastor: Rev. Dr. Hughey Reynolds        Ext 15
(H: 881-1918 C:417-5930)
Associate Pastor: Rev. John Hill   Ext 14
(H: 880-2004 C: 653-9001)
Associate Pastor: Rev. Traci Loveman (H:489-3187)
Associate Pastor: Rev. Fred Clemens (H:859-4199)
Dir of Youth: Steve Elliott    Ext 13
(C: 256-651-6007)
Dir of Music: Chris Klaus             Ext 18
Business Mgr: Roger Dragsten          Ext 11
Admin Assistant: Lisa Harwell       Ext 10
Adult/Children’s Dir: Susan Terry     Ext 12
Director of LK&P: Jill Hill          Ext 25
Organist: Cherry Hovik

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