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The regular Board and Business Meeting of the North Royalton Lions Club were called to order at 7:00 January 25, 2005 by
King Lion Andy Kolbus, at Pipers III. With those members in attendance as shown on the Attendance Record and Guest

Transcribed below what happened at the meeting                                                            Attendance
                                                                                                Guests         1
Pledge: Lion Paul Moraco                                                                        Members       10
                                                                                                Percentage    25

Secretary’s Report –– Stow-Munroe Falls has a “Race for Sight” – a night at the races event, February 26, advance tickets $17.50,
$20.00 at the door. Stow VFW Hall. Call Lion Dick Dennis at 330-655-2302. Harvest for Hunger sent us a solicitation

Treasurer’s Report – $5705.53 in Treasury –$225

New Business:

Our Zone Advisory Meeting will be held February 24, at the Brookpark Recreation Center. See Zone Chairman Lion Dan Lester
for details.

At the Dinner Meeting in March, we will decide whether we have sufficient cash flow to issue checks to the Parade of Checks, or
whether IOU’s will be given. Cash flow may be a problem this year, since the District Convention is before our Reverse Raffle.

Lion Dave Harrison led a group to take down the Christmas Lights on the Green on Saturday the 15 th. All went well. Lion Jerry
Volk attended a meeting of the Christmas Lighting Committee on Saturday the 29 th.

Dr. Prabhu, an associate of Lion Dick Abrams and a prospective member, came to the Club to ask for its support in requesting a
grant for the Lions Club in Honavar India, from LCIF The Indian club is building a school and community center, and needs funds.
Lion Bob Ahrens moved that we give our full support to this effort; seconded by Lion Neil Sheeley, motion carried.

Lion Dan Lester is getting a list of Lions interested in purchasing golf shirts with the North Royalton Lions emblem.

Feb 8 Sweethearts – Directors - please call all members to get a count. Lion Neil Sheeley has obtained large candy bars to give
to guests. The program will be Mr. John Meyers from Playhouse Square.

Lion Jerry Volk said that the trailer we use as a parade float is available. We can purchase the trailer for $550.

Deputy District Governor Lion Ken Marshall asked that our Club donate $15 toward a gift for our Cabinet Secretary and
Treasurer. After mild ribbing for the Cabinet Treasurer, the measure was moved, seconded, and passed.

King Lion Andy Kolbus presented 173 Pairs of glasses to St Vincent’s.

Lion Jerry Volk suggested that we continue at three scholarships of $500. The measure was moved by Lion Bill Sample, and
seconded by Lion Neil Sheeley. The motion carried..

2005 Dues of $65 are now payable! Make checks payable to North Royalton Lions Club
give to Lion Dick Abrams or Lion Paul Moraco. Please pay quickly, to help us meet our
                          Parade of Checks commitments.
Bill Ryback is back and wants to rejoin our Club. His membership is tentatively approved. If details are complete, he will be
installed at our February 8 meeting.

King Lion Andy Kolbus had presented Lions Information to the Club, about the $475,00 presented by LCIF for Tsunami Relief. It
was decided, because of poor cash flow in the club – and because cash is flowing too quickly into the general Tsunami Relief
Funds, we will defer this to the March Board Meeting.

Half and Half - $10 – Lion Dick Abrams

Motion to Adjourn – Lion Ken Gray.
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Minutes of January 25, 2005 Meeting


  February 8        Sweethearts Night, Pipers III, 7:00 – Playhouse Square Presentation
  February 22       Board and Business Meeting, 7:00 –Pipers III
  April 1-3         District Convention, Cuyahoga Falls
  April 16          Dinner Dance – Reverse Raffle
  June 27-July 1    International Convention (Hong Kong)
  July 27           Golf Outing, Cherokee Hills
  Sept 13-25        USA-Canada Forum – Peoria.


King Lion                        Andy Kolbus        11974 Boston Road, North Royalton, OH 44133
                                                    Phone: (440) 237-0036

Secretary                        Dick Abrams        4430 Sir Robert Ave. North Royalton, OH 44133
                                                     Phone: (440) 582-0709

Treasurer                        Paul Moraco        9201 Royal Valley Drive, North Royalton, OH 44133
                                                    Phone: (440) 237-1981

Lions Clubs International                           300 22nd Street, Oak Brook, Illinois 60521-8842
                                                    (630) 571-5466

District 13C Governor            Carol Lester       5543 Breckswood Oval, Broadview Heights, OH 44147
                                                    (440) 838-4503

District 13C Bulletin Editor     Cindy Palmentera   9950 Abbey Road, North Royalton, OH 44133
                                                    (440) 237-3244

Zone Four Chairman                Dan Lester         5543 Breckswood Oval, Broadview Heights, OH 44147
                                                     (440) 838-4503

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