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					                                                NORMAN TOWNSHIP BOARD OF TRUSTEES
                                                         REGULAR MEETING
                                                          January 12, 2020

Supervisor Schuessler led the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag.
Schuessler called the Norman Township Board of Trustees Regular meeting to order at 7:30 PM.
Members present: Mobley, Gosack, Schuessler, Soule and St John.
Members absent: None.

Motion by Gosack, second by Mobley to approve the consent agenda that consists of Regular Meeting minutes of December 8, 2009, expense
vouchers and Treasurer’s report for December 2009. Motion carried 5-0.


          Ambulance:           New tires were put on the Ambulance.

          Fire Dept:           2009 Run Totals: Ambulance-180, Fire-40.

          Assessor:            January report is on file.

          Custodian:           Christmas lights were taken down, NTCC septic pump worked on, Wellston Cemetery tree being removed.

          Trans Station:       Cardboard has been dumped and recycling container has been moved closer to building for easier snow removal.

          Mgmt Council:        December 2009 report is on file.

          Park & Rec:          Doug Hobart will be contacted in regard to July 4th Fireworks Display.

          Planning Comm:       Omnibus 2009 is complete. Joint Planning Commission will meet on January 26th @ 6:30PM.

          Zoning:              December 2009 report is on file along with summary of 2009 Land Use Permits.

PUBLIC COMMENTS/COMMUNICATIONS: Public comment began at 7:55PM and ended at 8:12PM.

          1. Anson Easement
Motion by Soule, second by St John to adopt Resolution #2010-01-01, Resolution Authorizing Grant of Non-Exclusive Driveway Easement.
Those voting in favor: Gosack, St John, Schuessler, Mobley and Soule. Those voting against: None. Those absent or abstaining: None.
Resolution declared adopted.

        1. Meeting Recorder – No Action.

          2. Wellston Boosters Association Gratis Use of Community Center
Motion by Gosack, second by Mobley to allow Wellston Boosters Association gratis use of Community Center for 2010. Motion carried 5-0.

          3. Zoning Board of Appeals Resignation
Motion by Soule, second by St John to accept resignation of Lee Redman Jr. from the Zoning Board of Appeals effective immediately.
Motion carried 5-0.

          4. Zoning Board of Appeals Appointment
Motion by Soule, second by St John to appoint Gordon Hare to fill unexpired term, which expires October 2011, of Lee Redman Jr. on the
Zoning Board of Appeals. Motion carried 5-0.

Motion by Gosack, second by St John to adjourn. Motion carried 5-0.
Being no further business before the Board the meeting was adjourned at 8:32 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary E Soule
Norman Township Clerk