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                         FLY SHOP
Season’s Greetings, from all of us here at Mountain River. We all know this time of year
gets a little hectic with Christmas preparations, parties, gift buying dilemma’s and traffic.

Well here is our attempt to make your life easier, hopefully allowing you to spend a little
quality holiday time on the water, with a bent rod. Here you will be able to find some of
the best gift ideas for the fly fishers in your life, and there is a whole bunch of possibilities
for even non-fly fishers.

We also reckon this document is a pretty good way to avoid the inevitable unwrapping of
a bunch of socks from Aunt Mabel, or horror of horrors, receiving a spinning rod from a
well-meaning friend who only knows you as a fisher. So print out liberal quantity of
copies, the items of interest highlighted (even prioritized) and leave them lying in
conspicuous positions around your home and others. You will thank us Christmas

We are open from 7.30 am-6pm Monday-Saturday, 8-4 on Sunday for your Christmas
shopping convenience. Or you can go directly to the Mountain River Fly Shop Web Store.
Shipping is Free on orders over $50.

OF all the dream destinations in the entire world, Kamchatka is pretty close to our
ultimate. This is about as remote as you can get in the modern world, and still be
breathing oxygen. Gorgeous rivers on Russia’s eastern edge, a foreign country with an
amazing history, this is Alaska before the fishing hordes descended.

And even better in our mind is the fact that often the best way to target these trophy
rainbows is with mouse patterns on top. There is nothing like getting fish to eat a dry
fly and when that dry fly is as wide as your hand then things start getting interesting

If that very fact doesn’t start your rod arm twitching try this video from Kamchatka

We had a couple of customers go to Kamchatka last season and their tales ignited our
imaginations. They are looking at returning this year, via our fly-fishing travel partners
Yellow Dog Travel. Their only complaint was their connections to Kamchatka involved
half-a-world of flying via the East Coast and Moscow. Yellow Dog has flight
connections through Seoul, cutting time spent getting there and home.

Choose between a raft trip down the Two Yurt River, a fixed camp on the Ozernaya or
get in fast to secure a spot on the Raduga River, which had only its first guide season
this year, and is truly an “untouched fishery”.

For details on Kamchatka or any of Yellow Dog’s other fly fishing packages, like Central
America, Patagonia, the Bahamas, New Zealand, Montana or Alaska call Steve on 870
435 6166 or email to

There is nothing like unwrapping a new rod on Christmas morning, unzipping the tube
for the first time, and gently but positively joining the ferrules, seating the tube and
finally stringing up the line. Our rod lineup features some of the best and brightest, the
                                   rods you really want to own.

                                  SAGE ZXL: Destined to be a Sage classic, these might
                                  be the ultimate all-round tippet-protecting, hopper
                                  tossing rod for trout on a fly, which has graced this
                                  earth. And we didn’t think Sage could top the SLT for
                                  this type of work. Smooth as silk, light as a feather with
                                  enough backbone to control a White River brown. 10
                                  models in the lineup from a 7’6” 3wt to a 9’ 6wt ($655
                                  to $675). What more do you need in a trout rod?

SCOTT G2 & SCOTT S4: Whether you want it traditionally mellow or fast and powerful
Scott has your tastes covered. The G2 kept the soul of the iconic G series is a light and
responsive modern graphite package. Gorgeous looks and a laidback feel to match. The
S4 is the rowdy younger brother, bulked up and power packed. If you like a fast rod
with the tip to protect light White River tippet then this is a great choice. Laugh at
windy days and big flies which send your buddies to the cabin. The 5 and 6wts are

                                          TIBOR REELS

                                                   Without question the top saltwater reel
                                           on the market, Ted Juracsik’s Tibor Reels are
                                           built to take the worst you can dish out and
                                           look good doing it. Saltwater fly fishing might
                                           be fun for us, but it’s anything but for a cheap
                                           reel. Salt corrodes, the quarry can burn drags
                                           with sheer speed or relentless pressure. And
when you have worked harder than ever before for a fish you are going to release the
last thing you want is a reel that is going to pack it in. If you are heading for the salt
don’t quibble, buy the best Tibor.
                     FOR THE VERY GOOD (200-$400)
                     SIMMS G3 GUIDE WADER: What do you say when your favorite
                    waders got better and cheaper than last year. “Thanks very much
                    and what’s my size?” The G3 is the number one choice for our staff
                    and guides for their features, fit, comfort and toughness. Simms
                    worked on making a great wader even better with a new lighter,
                    tougher Gore Tex fabric and cut the price by $50 a pair. Now what
                    was your question?

TFO AXIOM: THIS is an outstanding stick at an
outstanding price. TFO have set the bar high on under
$300 fast-actioned fly rods. You won’t believe this much
performance comes at under $250 in a 5wt, yet they
retain amazing feel. The 6 is an absolute cannon for
streamers, and we have just unwrapped the 8wt. Too
good not to test cast.

                      Z-AXIS SAGE 2500 REELS: Why settle for boring black or staid
                      silver in one of the hottest reels on the market. Sage’s silky-
                      smooth 2500 series reels are incredibly light can handle anything
                      salmonids can throw at it and have been building a great
                      reputation in light salt. Now comes, in very limited number the
                      Z-Axis Green edition of these superb reels. We have them
available in 2540 (4wt) and 2560 (6wt) only, the 5wts might be available come April.
Snap up these reels while you still can. Call or email for details.

SAGE ROLLER DUFFEL: Just the thing for your next trip to
Montana or Kamchatka. For that matter never lose your bag in the
sea of doppelganger black rolling cases at O’Hare or La Guardia.
Big, roomy and classy. Keeps your fishing gear away from your
fancy duds and holds 4-piece rob tubes! Don’t leave home without
                               FISHPOND FIREFLY VEST: Who says fly fishers have to
                               wear drab? If trout spooked off bright colors then they
                               wouldn’t be eating much food in spring and fall. Walk
                               low and slow and you can still look good in the hottest
                               women’s vest on the market. Light, cool, and shaped to
                               fit a woman’s anatomy.

LAMSON KONIC: Hi-tech and frugal prices don’t
generally get used in the same sentences in fly fishing.
Then Lamson unveiled the Konic reel. The Konic uses the
same sealed conical drag and stainless steel roller clutch
as the company’s $300+ reels, but costs only $129. Crazy
but true. This will be a monster reel this year, with new
models coming on line to cater from a 4wt to a 10wt.

WACHTER NETS: A BIG fish river needs a big landing net. And the Wachter Master
Magnum Boat Catch and Release Net is the net you need when hunting big fish. 50”
Long handle for better reach, and a 22” x 9”hoop. Get them in the boat in one shot.

FISHPOND COYOTE FLY TYING KIT BAG: NEVER leave home missing your vice,
                   bobbins or killer midge thread. Fishpond’s Coyote is the
                   ultimate organizational tool for the travelling fly tiers. A
                   padded bag for your vice, base and tools. Divided hook and
                   bead boxes, plus thread/wire tubes come standard.

                          Then there are acres of organizational pockets in several sizes
                          to hold all the materials, from your expensive dry fly hackles,
                          dubbings, foam, deer hair, you name it.

                          We have had a hard time keeping these in stock. Choose
                          between steel blue and olive.

DYNA-KING KINGFISHER: Legendary Dyna-King ruggedness and dependability at
a great price ($135). Simple design, but with 360 degree rotation. Or choose the
Kingfisher kit with video, tools and materials for $225. Start tying Christmas morning.
Call for the kit.

                                FLIP AND LEFTY – ALL THE BEST

                                Two buddies, fly fishing icons in their own right, sit
                                down for a yard. Flip Pallot talks to the legend himself
                                Lefty Kreh about his life and times.

                                Great for those cold winter nights.

TYERS SPOT LITE: All the light you need in a traveling tying lamp.
Lightweight 12-LED head torch, eases eye strain and packs up for easy
travel. Choose between single and dual head versions. Makes a great

                                FISHPOND TELLURIDE VACUUM FOOD FLASK

                                Wide mouth version of Fishpond’s killer coffee thermos,
                                is now available. Great for soups, stews, pasta or even
                                regular drinks. Just the thing for winter fishing, camping
                                or taking to work. Three colors, check the Web Store.

MORNING STAR LANYARDS: Just the thing for anyone with
aspirations to minimalism, boat jockeys or who just life fly fishing
bling. Then again these are a great addition for fanny pack wearers
or who want more accessibility to their fly fishing stuff. Retractor, a
great foam fly patch which actually holds barbless flies, tippet loop,
plus it’s made from wire so it holds its shape. Fly fishing cool.
CLIFF OUTDOORS FLY BOXES: Some of the best and most innovative on the market.
The Day’s Worth and Big Cliff have magnet panels for nymphs and foam strips for
dries. The Bugger Beast series is the best on the market for BIG flies.

                SIMMS WADERWICK HEAVYWEIGHT TOPS: Get used to being
                patted and stroked. The superfine micro fleece in this top feels so good
                everyone will want to touch. Of course it will keep you feeling nice and
                cozy all winter. We are closing out the ’07 model Tops ahead of updated
                product due March. So we are offering a $10 saving. Red, Black and
                Loden: $49.95.


A TOUCHING memoir of growing up in the Ozark foothills with a
fly rod in hand. Middleton is regarded by those who know his
work, tragically cut short at 43, as one of America’s finest outdoor
writers. A great introduction to this writer, who has become
eminently collectable among fly fishing writers. Call to order.

                          CHERNOBYL FOAM BODY CUTTERS: Never run out of
                          Chernobyl Ants again. These easy to flies foam flies were the
                          hot ticket on the White and Norfork the past few seasons in
                          late summer. And they are still getting eaten now!

                          But achieving professional quality bodies, for ants, hoppers,
                          crabs and more with scissors is night on impossible with
                          scissors. But the Foam Body Cutters make it a breeze. Three
                          cutter sizes, attractively mounted come with a wood Tool
                          caddy. Makes a great gift.

SIMMS FREESTONE FULL FINGER GLOVE: Great value 200wt fleece glove made
even better with 10% off. Great for in the car, on your way to work or the river, or as
backup boat gloves. $17.99

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