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									                                   Town Hall News                                   Official Publication of
                                         Keeping It Country                         The Town of Fairview
                                                                                          July 2009
                                500 S. State Highway 5, Fairview, TX 75069   Official Website: www.fairviewtexas.org
                                            Phone: 972 562-0522                        Fax: 972 548-0268

                                                           perfect employees, but we do take great pride in
           Thank You, Bill Wells                           how we manage your money. We feel like these
                                                           low utility rates, coupled with close to the lowest
    Bill Wells recently ended his fourth                   property tax rate in Collin County, suggest we
consecutive term on the Fairview Planning &                must be doing okay.
Zoning Commission, the last several years of
which he served as chairman. Bill worked very
hard and conscientiously at his volunteer post on                       Fire Station Damaged
the commission, ardently guiding the town’s
growth while trying to protect Fairview from                    On June 10-11, the new eastern fire station
inappropriate development. The town staff and              suffered significant damage due to high winds.
council wish Bill a heartfelt thank you for his            Concrete walls that were up were not damaged,
very many hours of service.                                but much of the steel and aluminum framing was
                                                           destroyed. No one was injured, and we do not
                                                           anticipate the damage causing any significant
    Annual TML Water & Sewer Rate                          delay to the winter completion of the new
               Survey                                      station.

     Each year, the Texas Municipal League
surveys its members to compare water and                       Congratulations, Fairview Court &
wastewater, or sewer, rates. As many of our                            Inspections Staff
long-term residents remember, Fairview once
had very high water rates compared to other                    Hopefully the only time you will ever need
cities and towns. However, in more recent years            to meet with Court Administrator Teresa Jordan
that has changed significantly. In fact,                   or Court Clerk Kay Shields is if you are called
Fairview’s water rates have not been increased             for jury duty (and if you are, please show up).
since 2001, despite seven consecutive increases            But we are proud to announce that Kay recently
in the wholesale price charged by the North                received her court level 1 certification and
Texas Municipal Water District.                            Teresa received her level 2 certification. It is
     In this year’s statewide survey, the average          unusual for a small town to have both of its
monthly charge for 10,000 gallons of water in              court personnel so certified, and these
municipalities with populations between 5,000              certifications came only after many hours of
and 10,000 was $5.24 (or 13.02%) higher than in            study and hard work to pass rigorous exams.
Fairview. For all Texas cities, the average was            Congratulations Teresa and Kay!
$13.02 (or 20.44%) higher than in Fairview.                    Also, Building Inspector Bud Ooton recently
     We still have far fewer sewer customers               took and passed his plumbing inspector’s test on
than water accounts, so our efficiency has not             the first try, and is now fully certified to conduct
yet improved as much. Even so, we have                     plumbing reviews and inspections. Congrat-
maintained level customer rates in this area too,          ulations to Bud also!
with the result that we now provide sewer
service at $0.61 lower per 10,000 gallons than
other smaller municipalities, and only $0.05                   Sign Up for E-Mails from Town Hall
higher than the average for all cities in Texas
regardless of size.                                            Each month, more than 200 residents and
     We’re not perfect here, and we have no                other interested folks receive e-mails from town
hall about council agendas, P&Z agendas,              However, working closely with lighting
special announcements, park board meeting             engineers, a light designer, and a manufacturer,
information, and newsletters. To sign up, go to       Fairview designed its own unique LED light
the town’s website and on the left side of the        fixture. EvoLucia completed the final design
main page click E-Mail Mailing List. There you        and manufactured a new street light specifically
can sign up for various lists and receive regular     for Fairview and named it the “Fairview Bell
updates by e-mail.                                    Series.” Fairview subsequently redesigned the
                                                      roadway lighting with thirty new LED street
                                                      lights and fifty-one LED pedestrian lights.
          Outdoor Warning Sirens                      Lighting quality upon installation of the lights
                                                      was superior even to that anticipated, and far
     Unfortunately, we recently had cause to          better than what could be provided by traditional
activate our emergency outdoor warning sirens         energy hog metal halides.
due to a bad storm. These sirens operate in               Fairview negotiated a twelve year warranty
conjunction with those in Allen. We are happy         on the LED lights, which are calculated to last
to report the still relatively new sirens worked      an average of 11.4 years if used twelve hours per
well on June 10. For those of you who heard           day. Studies show a 50% electrical energy cost
two different sounds, however, that was a minor       savings over 50,000 hours of operation. The
operating glitch. In the future you should hear       LED lights have improved directional
only one sound, a continuous wail. Please             capabilities too, so that much less light is
remember that these sirens are meant for outdoor      wasted, and light pollution is dramatically
use, too. If you hear the wail, take shelter. If      reduced. The Illumination Engineering Society
you are already indoors, your best bet is to listen   of North America (IESNA) actually scheduled
to television or radio reports.                       their March 2009 meeting in Texas just to see
                                                      the new Fairview LED lights. At that meeting,
                                                      Karl A. Burkett, P.E., former Texas Department
                    Independence Day                  of Transportation Senior Lighting Design
                                                      Engineer, stated, “The installation at Fairview
                Fairview Town Hall will be            Texas is the best LED lighting job I have seen to
            closed Friday, July 3 in celebration      date.”
            of Independence Day.                         The additional initial construction costs of
                Trash schedules will not be           going to LED lights in lieu of metal halide pay
            affected by the holiday.                  for themselves in less than three years with the
                                                      energy savings alone. In fact, energy savings
                                                      over the first twelve years are projected – based
       Fairview Leads Way on LEDs                     on existing energy costs – to be approximately
                                                      $300,000. Reduced maintenance costs will also
    Early in planning for the new mixed use           make the savings even better. And of course,
center at The Village of Fairview, the town           quality of light and thereby safety are improved,
investigated the possibility of using LED             light pollution is practically eliminated, and
lighting on the new Fairview Parkway. At the          energy consumption is reduced dramatically.
time, there were no municipalities in the United          Following up on the success of the new LED
States with such street lights, and only a handful    lights, the town will also install new Fairview
has added them since: Ann Harbor, MI;                 Bell Series fixtures at the new fire station in late
Raleigh, NC; San Francisco, CA; Anchorage,            2009 and at the new town hall in mid-2010.
AL; and Greenville, KS. No Texas cities have
opened an LED street, though Austin plans to
retrofit a large number of its existing street                      Population Update
    Fairview Parkway, a new four-lane, divided            Each spring, The North Central Texas
arterial was initially designed with seventeen        Council of Governments publishes population
standard metal halide street lights and thirty        figures for all area municipalities. NCTCOG
standard metal halide pedestrian lights.              has estimated Fairview’s 2009 population at
8,953, up almost 400 from last year’s 8,582.          all skill levels with a chance to win fabulous
This fast pace is Fairview’s slowest growth rate      prizes while raising awareness for the needs of
in almost a decade, the result of fewer new           our community – and it’s been a complete
housing starts, especially at Heritage Ranch. We      sellout the last two years. Join the fun and take
predict growth will continue at this slower pace      advantage of the exposure and networking
for the foreseeable future, as there are no large     opportunities by becoming a sponsor or donating
residential subdivisions underway.                    a raffle or hole prize.
                                                           Each day ACO assists families in Allen,
                                                      Fairview, and Lucas by paying their rent or
                   Water Use                          utilities, providing food from the ACO Food
                                                      Pantry, and clothing from the ACO Resale Shop.
        Please conserve water whenever possible,      All proceeds from this tournament benefit these
                  and specifically remember that      programs, along with Meals-On-Wheels &
                  in Fairview it is unlawful to       More, “Fill the Bus” with school supplies,
                  water any lawn area between         Thanksgiving food distribution, and Christmas
                  9:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. from        Adopt a Child, Teen or Senior. Through these
                  June 1 through September 15.        programs, ACO helps families regain their
                                                      independence.       ACO’s efforts, through the
                                                      generous support of people like you, have
       New Business Comes to Town                     helped 77% of their clients from becoming
                                                      another homeless statistic.
    Welcome to Gandy Orthodontics, 431                     The tournament fee is $100/golfer or
Stacy Road, Suite 109. Dr. Gandy’s new                $350/foursome. Please join ACO and their
Fairview office provides comprehensive                sponsors in supporting the services and
orthodontic treatment for children, adolescents,      programs of ACO. Event Sponsor – TXU; Day
and adults. He specializes in creating beautiful      Sponsor – American National Bank. Contact
healthy smiles with a strong commitment to            Judy Webster at 972-727-9131, extension 227
understanding the needs of each patient and           for further information.
providing the highest quality of orthodontic care
    Dr. Gandy is one of the few orthodontists in             East Stacy Road Construction
the United States to utilize onsite 3-D imaging
as a routine diagnostic tool for growth                   Work should begin in the next several weeks
evaluation and       individualized treatment         on reconstruction of East Stacy Road between
planning. Gandy Orthodontics also offers Invis-       Thompson Springs and FM 1378 (Country Club
align®, SureSmile®, and DAMON® braces.                Road). The initial work will be relocation of
Dr. Gandy is a Diplomate of the American              gas, electric, telephone, and cable lines by
Board of Orthodontics.                                various private utility companies. We have little
    Prevention and interception are two major goals   control over these companies’ timelines, so we
of treatment at their practice. To schedule a         cannot yet predict when actual roadwork will
complimentary orthodontic consultation call them at   begin, though we hope in September or October.
(972) 727-3900.                                           Once the utilities are relocated, the next step
                                                      will be the elimination of drainage ditches on the
                                                      south side of the existing road and their
    ACO CHARITY GOLF CLASSIC                          replacement with large concrete culverts. Once
                                                      the drainage work is complete, a temporary lane
    Allen Community Outreach is proud to              will be added on the far south side of the right-
present their Annual ACO Charity Golf Classic         of-way. This will enable us to tear out the
on Monday, September 21, 2009 at the beautiful        existing lanes one at a time and still maintain
Heritage Ranch Golf & Country Club in                 two-way traffic through the project.
Fairview – a challenging course that golfers              The final product will be a 31’ wide
love!                                                 concrete street, with two 12’ wide traffic lanes
    The golf tournament was designed four             and a 6’ wide westbound bike lane. The
years ago to be fun and enjoyable for players of
finished road will be somewhat lower than it is
now, and the drainage ditches will be eliminated.      Zoning of property that is un-annexed and
A turn lane will be added at FM 1378, and a             un-zoned, known as the Stover property,
sidewalk will be built on the south side of the         consisting of 114.5± acres, generally located
new roadway. No new right-of-way will have to           east of the Heritage Ranch Subdivision,
be purchased.                                           south of Stacy Road, west of County Road
                                                        317, and north of Forest Grove Road, to the
                                                        Two-Acre Ranch Estate Zone (RE-2).
                                                       Zoning of property that is un-annexed and
Notice is hereby given that the Fairview                un-zoned, known as the Mussett property,
Planning and Zoning Commission will convene             consisting of 7.907± acres, generally located
at 7:00 p.m. at Town Hall, 500 S. State Highway         east of the Heritage Ranch Subdivision,
5 on Thursday, July 9, 2009 to conduct public           north of Stacy Road, south of Summit Court,
hearings and take action.                               and west of County Road 317, to the Two-
                                                        Acre Ranch Estate Zone (RE-2).
The following two zoning cases are
recommendations by the commission and will be          An addition to the Commercial Planned
ultimately zoned by the town council after              Development District ordinance, increasing
another public hearing, however this may only           the masonry requirements on all buildings
occur after the annexation of the subject               within this zoning district.
properties. The annexations are scheduled for
October, 2009.
Town of Fairview
500 S. State Highway 5
Fairview, TX 75069

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