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QTP quotation by gcrqtp


QTP quotation for Corporate Training

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    Quotation for QTP Corporate Training

Quotation Details:

1) Training Program Name:          QuickTest Professional

2) Version:                        10.00

3) Orientation:                    General & Scripting

4) Required software               QTP 10.00, MS Office

5) Operating Environment:          Windows XP or Professional +SP4

6) Class Room Type                 Interactive

7) Other Requirements:             Projector, if possible G Panel

6) Duration:                       30 to 35 Hours

7) Remuneration:

  a) for 7 to 10 participants:     2000 Rs Per Hour

  b) for 11 to 15 participants:    2500 Rs Per Hour

  c) for 16 to 20 participants:    3000 Rs Per Hour

  d) for 21 to 25 participants:    3500 Rs Per Hour

8) Tax:                            *Not Applicable
                                   (As I am a Freelancer, not charging
                                   Service Tax etc...)

9) Traveling Allowance:            300 Rs Per day

10) Lab Assistant Charges:         400 Rs Per Day

11) Demo Charges:                  **1000 Rs
                                   (Demo Charges will be deducted)


Program Highlights:

 a) QTP Fundamentals & Features
 b) VB Script Fundamentals & Features
 c) GUI Scripting
 d) Excel Scripting
 e) Flat File Scripting
 f) Web Scripting
 g) Database Scripting
 h) Automation Framework Design & Implementation

 Trainer: G C Reddy

 Associate Trainer: Mr. Nagesh

 Lab Instructor: Mr.Siddartha


 G C Reddy’s Profile:

   o   He has around 10 years of Experience in the IT Industry.

   o   Trained more than 3000 people so far since 2004 (Public as well as

   o   Prepared Course Materials for Several Institutions.



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