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									                            ANNUAL APPEAL

                            The Holidays — At The Palms
                            and Around Town
                            H    ollenbeck is always filled with a special feeling of warmth and sharing —
                                 but at this time of year, that glow becomes even brighter.
                                There are so many delights to savor: our Thanksgiving Day buffet dinner,

       William G Heideman
                            lively roster of holiday programs, Christmas tree-trimming and elegant New
          President CEO

                            Year's Eve dinner/dance. A full calendar of festive excursions includes: tours
                            of Christmas lights, shopping for gifts, attending musical performances and
                            much more. Reliable transportation is especially important — and that brings
       We invite you to     me to a pressing need I’d like to share with you.
 join us for our Annual         Transportation is among the essential core services we provide for
                            Hollenbeck’s 200 Members. Trips to stores, the theatre and special events are
                            made aboard our 24-passenger coach. We additionally chauffeur residents to
Christmas Tree Walking

                            medical appointments in our van — eliminating the need for our Members to
  Tour and Holiday Tea

                            drive or arrange for a ride, find parking, pay for parking, and make their way
         on Wednesday,

                            to the doctor’s office unassisted.
     December 13 from

                               In the past year alone, our 1996 seven-passenger van logged over 2,300
             2 to 4 pm.
      Please call today     medical trips. With an odometer reading of 170,000 miles, it’s at the end of its
         to make your       useful life. When it’s in the repair shop, our Members really feel the impact.
                                Our community of family and friends has graciously provided much-
  reservations. Plan to
    bring a friend and      needed support for recent projects through our Annual Fund. With your help,
experience the warmth       we can replace our old van with a new model, perhaps one equipped with a
                            wheelchair lift. The estimated total cost is $45,000 to $50,000. The family of one
                            of our Members has donated $6,000 to launch this effort. Your gift, large or
     of our Hollenbeck

                            small, will be very gratefully welcomed.
       family together.

                              On behalf of everyone at Hollenbeck Palms, warmest wishes for a
                            wonderful holiday season from our home to yours!

                            HONOR    A LOVED     ONE   WITH A    CHRISTMAS ORNAMENT
                                             As always, gifts of $2,500 or more to Hollenbeck ha           Gift
                                              will be permanently acknowledged on the
                                                                                                    s been

                                                Tree of Recognition in our Front Lobby.
                                                                                                  in your donated

                                                   Also, at this time of year we offer a
                                                   special way to honor a loved one. Gifts of $50 or more
                                                   received before December 24th can sponsor a Christmas
                                                     ornament “in honor of” or “in memory of” the person
                                                     you name, and hung on the Christmas trees in our two
                                                      main lobbies.
                                                       Hollenbeck Members will receive a holiday card
                                                       letting them know that an ornament has been placed
                                                      on the tree in his or her honor. Donors will receive
                                                      written acknowledgement for their tax-deductible gifts.
  2   WINTER 2006
                              Spotlight On…

          A   fter over twenty years in the housekeeping field
          across Southern California, Guillermo Acosta has finally
          come home.
                                                                          Guillermo Acosta, Director of Housekeeping, and
             In June, he was named Director of Housekeeping          his staff, take pride in their specialized services
          for Hollenbeck Palms, fifteen minutes from his house.
          He naturally appreciates the short commute — but there’s another reason he likes living so close
          to work. “Anytime I’m needed,” he says, “I can get here quickly.”
                     Guillermo and his staff of thirteen are employed by Professional Building Maintenance
                     (PBM), which has provided housekeeping services to Hollenbeck since 1978. Guillermo’s
                       boss, David Lorin, was Hollenbeck's first Director of Housekeeping, and knows what
                        it takes to keep the setting as well-cared for as the people who enjoy it.
                            Guillermo’s team works seven days a week in two shifts. They’re responsible for
                         keeping all the public areas shining, from day-to-day cleaning to regular deep-
                         cleaning and disinfecting. They also provide apartment housekeeping services — an
                         optional amenity offered to Members. “We pride ourselves on white glove service,”
                         says Guillermo. “Many residents have items that require special treatment, and
     Martha Andrade,     we’re happy to oblige.” Members often develop a rapport with one housekeeper
     Housekeeping —     and request her regularly.
Hollenbeck Employee
   of the Month of      While they have decades of combined experience, team members still attend
          October    monthly in-service training sessions to perfect and expand their specialized skills.
                  Topics range from the latest cleaning techniques to critical safety measures.
             Keeping Hollenbeck Palms sparkling is an awesome task, one Guillermo oversees with an
          experienced hand. After five months, how does he like it? “It’s a wonderful place; I enjoy it very
          much,” he says. “Every day is different. I go home happy.”

 Upcoming                                          Choose          Magnolia Court
                                                    Your Retirement Destination!
  Seminars                                        Hollenbeck Palms has begun the first phase of construction for
    Tuesday, January 23, 2007                          Magnolia Court, our newest planned residential building.
    Wednesday, March 7, 2007                       Magnolia Court will house a casual bistro, modern recreation
    Thursday, April 26, 2007                  center and 32 spacious balcony apartments overlooking our 8-acre
                                              garden campus. Floorplans vary with one bedroom, one bedroom
                                                       plus den and two bedroom garden apartments available.
    10:30 a.m to 1:30 p.m. — includes

                                                                 Demand for the units is high, with only five left.
    information, a tour, and luncheon
    Reserve your place today!                         We encourage you to reserve your seat at a Magnolia Court
    (323)263-6195                                    seminar. Or call to arrange your own private lunch and tour.
                                                                                                         WINTER 2006        3
                                    Activities & Special Events

     All events are for Hollenbeck Palms
     Residential and Assisted Residential
     Members and their invited guests.

      2   “Operation Christmas Child”
          Gift packing with Jo Westervelt
      2   “Cleaning New Orleans”
          Mr. Fred Cornelious’ Experience
      8   “Mind, Body, Spirit” by CalState
          Professor Connie Corley
     10   Veterans Day Ceremony                We All Scream...
          Forest Lawn Hollywood

     11   Bus Outing to Veterans Day Program     Sixteen ice cream lovers headed for fabled Fosselmans in

          at Commerce Veterans Hall              Alhambra, long a favorite destination around Hollenbeck,
     12   Classical Guitar Recital                for an ice cream social. Mr. Fosselman’s son treated the

          by USC Music Department ~ Parlor              group to a personal history of the shop, and many
          Bowling at Beverly Lanes
          Birthday Show ~ Cary Murakami              Adventur  Members took tubs of their favorite flavors
                                                                                            home to share.
     16   “America’s Golden Age”
          Slide Show by Debbie McIntosh
     16   “L’Incoronazione di Poppea”                                           Energy to Spare
          by LA Opera Speaker                                                   After a Member suggestion
     18   “Looking Ahead” Young Actors                                          got the ball rolling, a team of
          Holiday Workshop                                                      Hollenbeck bowlers are
     22   “Breaking of Bread" Ceremony                                          descending on nearby Beverly
          Dining Room                                                           Lanes in Montebello every
     23   Thanksgiving Day Family Worship                                       month to polish their games.
          Service and Harvest Buffet
     27   Bowling at Beverly Lanes

    Dancing At Dusk
    Guests from local senior dance clubs
     joined Members on the Sun Deck for
    our Annual Sunset Dance. The Wyatt
          Haupt Society Orchestra played
    against the dramatic backdrop of the
         downtown LA skyline at twilight.

4    WINTER 2006
                            V is for Victory... and Verbs
 In October, Hollenbeck hosted the region-wide CAHSA Spelling Bee for the second time —and kept the trophy for
 another year. Some 175 onlookers watched Palms dynamo Flo Cohen vanquish spellers from seven other retirement
 facilities, as Roger Young nabbed second place. Earlier, the team
 practice sessions with Flo, Roger and John Rea attracted a fan
 club. In other brainy news, students of Elivier Sanchez’s Spanish      DECEMBER
 classes are now chatting with each other and Spanish speakers on        1 Osher Lifelong Learning Institute
 the staff.

                                                                           Holiday Party on CalState Campus
                                         Summer Al Fresco                7 Our Lady of Talpa School Children’s
                                                                           Holiday Program ~ Activity Room
                                                  Members enjoy the      7 Crismon Tree Ceremony with
                                                  umbrella-shaded          Chaplain Scott ~ Chapel
                                                  ambience at the        8 Annual Christmas Tea
                                                  annual Barbecue          Vocalist, Clarence Ulrich
                                                  Picnic. Strolling      9 Colburn Youth String Orchestra
                                                  accordionist Elsie       Concert ~ Chapel
                                                  Anderson provided     12 Birthday Show by Jordan Preston
                                                  sing-along music at      Activity Room
                                                  each table as the     14 “Hansel and Gretel” by LA Opera
                                                  aroma from the grills    Speaker ~ Library/Learning Center
                                                  filled the air.       14 PUENTE Children’s Christmas Party
                                                                           with Santa Claus
 All the World’s a Stage                                                19 The Ebell Chorale Holiday Concert
                                                                           ~ Activity Room
 The August edition of the Saturday Musicale, a popular Hollenbeck
 tradition, featured a crusty group of miners singing “Sixteen Tons”
                                                                        20 Christmas Lights & Restaurant
                                                                           Supper Trip with Mr. Heideman
 and the debut of the Hollenbeck Silver Liners, who strutted their
 stuff to the rousing “New York, New York.”
                                                                        21 “Life of Christ” ~ Final in Series
                                                                           by Debbie McIntosh
                                                                        21 Trip to see Christmas Lights and
                                                                           Sack Supper with Loretta
                                                                        25 Christmas Worship Service
                                                                           with Chaplain Scott ~ Chapel
                                                                        25 Christmas Caroling with Barbara
                                                                           Erdman at the piano ~ Parlor
                                                                        27 New Year’s Fantasy Supper Dance
                                                                           with Tony Bartell

                                                                                                  WINTER 2006    5
                                  Welcome New Members

                                                                 Mike’s interests include bowling, golf and pool.
                                                              He has an open mind when it comes to learning
                                                              new things and attending lectures. In fact, he first
                                                              learned about Hollenbeck when he attended a
       While Bob is a
    new member at                                             lecture here some fifteen years ago. He never forgot
    Hollenbeck, he’s                                          us, and is now very happy to be part of the
    been involved with it                                     Hollenbeck family.
    for several years —
    at one time giving                                        DAN & MARJORIE GILLINGHAM
    dance lessons here.                                           Natives of East Los Angeles, Dan and Marjorie
    His latest passion is                                     first met at church and then discovered they both
                                Bob with daughter Nancy
    karaoke. Bob brings his own system and leads the          attended Roosevelt
    group in this new musical program, to enthusiastic        High School.
    response.                                                     Marjorie grew up
       Bob was born in Kansas. After serving in the           very near Hollenbeck
    Navy, he returned to California to study at UCLA,         Palms at Sixth and
    where he met his wife Jean. They settled in Burbank       Breed Street. She
    and raised five children, all of whom still live in the   attended LA College
    state. His daughter, Nancy is Co-Director of              and earned a degree
    Marketing and Admissions at Hollenbeck.                   in Merchandising,
       During his career in the insurance industry, Bob       which led to a career
    enjoyed golf and tennis. After retiring, he became        in retail sales. She later went on to work for the
    avidly involved in musical activities, including          Consumer Price Index.
    singing with the Melotones, and teaching dance.               Dan was born and raised in the Euclid Heights
       Bob thinks Hollenbeck is a great place to live.        area of Los Angeles. He received his Masters Degree
                                                              in Marketing at USC and worked for Pacific Bell.
                                                                  Dan and Marjorie raised their family of four
                                                              children in the hills above Pasadena. Their neigh-
       Lois was born in Alabama. She has one son,
    Harry Maxham Anthony who lives in the Bay area            bors, Vivian and Archie Wood, introduced them to
    and visits his mother often. Lois was the manager of      Hollenbeck. They now look forward to renewing
    the Tick Tock Restaurant in Hollywood for twenty-         that friendship, since they will be neighbors again!
    two years. She also enjoyed dancing and used to           The Gillinghams’ interests include collecting
    play the piano.                                           minerals, hiking and camping. Their love of travel
                                                              has taken them all over the world, and they have
                                                              collected souvenirs from the many countries they’ve
                                                              visited. Marjorie, who just received a 25 Year Award
       Mike was born in Bitner,
    Pennsylvania, and spent his                               as a Docent at the Los Angeles Arboretum in
    early years in that area. He left                         Arcadia, admits that what sold her on Hollenbeck
    home at eighteen and was soon                             was “the gardens and grounds and buildings.” She
    drafted into the Army, serving                            and Dan look forward to meeting new friends and
    in Europe for four years. After                           catching up with old ones here at the Palms.
    returning to the US, Mike
    traveled to a number of                                   HARUKO ISHIBASHI
    locations, finally settling in Los Angeles, where he         Haruko loves to spend time with her family
    attended college. He later joined the International       which includes, her husband, four children, eleven
    Typographical Union, working in that field until his      grandchildren and six great-grandchildren. Most
    retirement.                                               live close by and visit her often.

6    WINTER 2006
   She also enjoys dancing, listening to music and       attended college for three
watching sporting activities. Her favorite foods are     years and then was drafted into the army.
chocolate and strawberries.                              He served in Europe for four years. After returning
                                                         to the States he became an accountant, and spent
JAY JOSSMAN                                              the rest of his career in the field of finance. His
   Jay was born in Pittsburgh,                           interests include the theater and related societies.
Pennsylvania and moved to Los
Angeles with his family at an                            PHYLLIS SURLAGE
early age. He attended Santa                                 Phyllis was born in Marseilles, Illinois, and
Monica High School, UCLA and                             moved to Decatur at an early age. Later her family
City College, earning a BA                               moved to Phoenix, Arizona,
degree in Accounting. During                             where she worked as an
his career as an Accountant, Jay                         accountant. She eventually
became interested in photography and later turned        settled in Pasadena, California,
that hobby into a career in the architectural and        where she raised her two sons.
interior design fields.                                      In 1982, Phyllis and her
   Today, Jay’s hobbies include photography and          husband moved to Leisure
computers. He is enjoying the relaxing and pleasant      World in Seal Beach, where she
atmosphere at Hollenbeck, making new friends and         was active on their Board.
exploring a variety of activities; he’s already joined   There, she renewed her early interest in art, took
our Silver Liners dancing group. Jay is very glad he     classes, and received many honors for her work.
found Hollenbeck and thanks his friend Trudy             She also played trophy-winning shuffleboard.
Sivick for introducing him to the Palms.                     Phyllis is very happy to be at Hollenbeck. She
                                                         looks forward to making new friends and becoming
                                                         involved with the Palms lifestyle. She also plans to
                                                         pursue her interest in art. She finds everyone very
                    HAROLD KIRSHNER
                        Harold was born in
                    Brooklyn, New York, where he         friendly here, and says she’s delighted she will
                    was educated and lived for           never have to move again.
                    many years. He has a BA and
                    MA in Education and taught           IRENE TAMBARA
                    throughout his career. Harold           Irene was born in Fresno, California into a
                    and his wife raised their two        family of two brothers and two sisters. The family
                    children, Judy and Michael, in       moved to Los Angeles where Irene graduated from
the area. When he retired, he moved to Florida,          East L.A.’s own Roosevelt High School.
where he lived a very active life including tennis          Irene married her husband, Charles in 1944.
and bridge. He also served on the Board of               They raised a son and a daughter in nearby
Directors for his housing complex.                       Monterey Park. Her career as a staff developer
   Harold moved to Los Angeles from Florida three        spanned 40 years at The Keiro Retirement Home —
years ago. He is grateful that his daughter, Judy,       just down the street from Hollenbeck!
researched senior communities and found
Hollenbeck. He is very happy to be here and is           LEON WENGER
participating in many activities. Recently, when             Leon began his early years in Montery, Mexico,
bridge was revived as an activity, he became the         and later moved to Los Angeles where he earned
fourth player.                                           his degree at UCLA. His career was spent in the
                                                         field of engineering which included extensive
FRANK SHERWOOD                                           traveling. Travel is among his favorite interests as
   Frank was born in Bird Island, Minnesota. He          well as the exciting world of sports.

                                                                                                WINTER 2006     7
                                      Some of Our Favorite Holiday Traditions

   “I don’t feel the need to decorate              “Rabbi Korf from Chabad of Greater              “I remember all the cooking and
    my own apartment because the                      Los Feliz conducts a Chanukah              decorating for the holidays. Now I’m
  decorations throughout Hollenbeck                  program. He lights the candles,               glad Hollenbeck does it for us.”
 provide such a festive environment.”                discusses the significance of the                                        — Edna Lanier
                           — Alberta Kassing          holiday, recites the traditional
                                                  prayers, and provides latkes (potato             “I remember a
                    “We cut down a                    pancakes with applesauce and                  very special
                     tree in the woods             sour cream). Rabbi Korf’s talented            Christmas when
                       near our home                children help explain the holiday,           I was about five
                      and decorated it             compete for the microphone, sing,                  years old.
                        with popcorn              dance, and show off holiday posters                  My sister had left home and
                      we would string                     they made at school.”                               I got a watch.”
 and handmade paper chains. We had                    — Camille Goldsmith, Director of Nursing                             — Edwina Talbott
  a big family gathering and dinner.”
                             — Millie Bristow                                                                      “Hollenbeck staff
                                                                                                                    puts on a Posada
  “When I was growing up we lived                                                                                       each year.
   on a farm and the whole family                                                                                   They act out the
    would come over to celebrate.                 “The holidays bring out the best in                                 Nativity Scene
   There was always                              people. I love our family gatherings;                               in full costume
    lots of snow.”                               food is a big attraction and everyone                and sing Christmas Carols.

                                                                                                                                                HOLLENBECK FACILITY NUMBER 191800001
  — Catherine Cornelious                            contributes to the festivities.”                 Those with Broadway talent
                                                    — Blanca Cedano, Social Services Designee         entertain us with singing,
                                                                                                        guitar and dancing.”
   “I enjoy visiting
                                                                                                            — Allan Tan, Assistant Controller
   with friends for
      the holidays.”
                — Wes Kuhn

H                            K                  Hollenbeck Palms is a continuing-care retirement community                    NON-PROFIT
                                                                                                                              U.S. POSTAGE
          PA L M S                              offering active seniors a rewarding and secure lifestyle on a
                                                                                                                                 PA I D
a retirement oasis since 1890
                                                 beautiful eight-acre campus serving the greater L.A. area.                  PASADENA, CA
                                                                                                                              PERMIT #127
     lOS aNGELES, ca 90033
        (323) 263-6195

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