DIARY by keara


									                          CHRISTMAS PRAYER LETTER
                                                  “The Shepherds returned,
                                                  glorifying and praising God, for
                                                  all the things they had heard
                                                  and seen, which were just as
                                                  they had been told” Luke 2: 20

May we wish you all a very happy Christmas and New Year, and thank you all once again for all your
love, prayers and support throughout another year. The verse above recalls the real wonder of
Christmas as the shepherds were out in the fields and in the dark when suddenly a great light
appears and the heavenly host breaks into earth to proclaim the magnificence of Jesus Christ
coming into our world. Light breaking into darkness, which was to change life for ever and enable us
to come back to God through faith in Christ. The shepherds were initially afraid as God appeared
suddenly into their ordinary lives. However as they entered His presence and then went off in
obedience to Bethlehem, they returned glorifying and praising God. There is a sense in which these
last few months have reflected some of God’s glory breaking into lives and helping people of all ages
to see and encounter Christ. We have seen Christ’s light breaking into many situations in people’s
ordinary everyday lives, which has been exciting. We give all glory and praise to our Lord Jesus

                                          Mission News
There is so much to tell you but I have managed to write a few reports, stories and reflections from
the missions which have all been in Northern Ireland recently. We have hit a real vein of blessing
during these times and give thanks. My special thanks go to Paul Hoey, CPAS Consultant in Ireland,
and Paul Woodman, escapologist, who have been with me on the missions. They are very gifted
people, great colleagues and special friends.

Connect 4 Life Parish Mission in Dungiven and Bovevagh, NI. 8th to 16th September 2007 –
Capt Issac Hanna, Minister in Charge.
It certainly was a good week with around 70 adults and 30 children responding to the Lord and I am
grateful to Paul Hoey and Paul Woodman who helped me to lead this mission. Some men really
gave their lives to the Lord for the first time, likewise some of the ladies and children discovered
Christ as a reality. This was a quite rural area, predominantly Roman Catholic, but there were some
very encouraging events with big turn outs, so we give thanks to the Lord. It was also a mission with
many distractions almost every time I shared the gospel! It was good to have the input at some of
the events from the Coleraine Evangelists Association.

Some lovely stories of ordinary folk realising who Jesus was for the first time, we had a whole range
of responses from all the ages. An elderly man said to me it was the first time that he’d really
responded to Christ, similarly an older lady who had had a hard life said to me that it’s made such a
difference to her life, she feels a peace and contentment she’s never had and feels like a brand new
woman. Also there was a 10 year old lad who became a Christian and was crying as I left because
he thought he would not see me again. His dad said that I would always have a special place in his
son’s life!

Three teenage lads from a neighbouring village came to the Dads and Lads Night and committed
their lives to Christ, their older sister came to another event and did the same. This has helped to
form a youth outreach in that area.

The follow up has been good with an average of 40 folk attending the Alpha Course this Autumn,
and they are keen to go on with the Lord by forming groups in the New Year, along with a youth
Celebrating 125 Years in Bangor Parish Church, NI. 27th to 30th September 2007 – Revd Nigel
We had a really good time at Bangor Parish Church with Paul Hoey and around 50 people
responded to the Lord.

Some good stories; a six year old lad made his first response at a family service, a fellow Chelsea
fan made a commitment when I met him at the open air on Saturday and he came to church on
Sunday. Even the tough times at Chelsea are bearing fruit !!!

There were two events which the church hopes to follow on in the future. The first was ‘Healing on
the Streets’ whereby a group of us handed out leaflets in the high street and directed passers by to
an area where they could be prayed with by church members on the street. This was very good and
a good number of people were willing to receive prayer. The second was a ‘Community Business
Breakfast’ held in a hotel where many business people were invited and we saw an encouraging
response to the gospel.

Some good feedback was that 38 attended the first Alpha Supper as a follow up to the mission

Down to Earth Mission Weekend in St Patrick’s and St Mary’s, Newry, NI. 4th to 7th October
2007 – Revd Kingsley Sutton.
I had a good time in Newry with Paul Hoey and we saw around 50 people respond to the Lord. It
was good to meet some of the people who had come to the Lord and were going on with Him since
the last mini mission December 2006. This time we had twice as many men at the men’s breakfast
which was encouraging, with some first time responses.

The family event was really encouraging with an excellent performance by Paul Ormonde, a local
illusionist and escapologist, who mesmerised everyone with his tricks and he shared his testimony
later in the evening. On Saturday we saw a number of people abseiling down the church from the
tower, including Kingsley, the Vicar. At a teenage event a number of them took deeper steps of faith
to follow Christ and on Sunday morning at the Harvest Service a good number of people responded
to the Lord.

Find the Peace, St Matthew’s Parish Mission, Richhill, NI. 13th to 21st October 2007 – Revd
David Coe.
Another good mission in Richhill with Paul Hoey and Paul Woodman as part of the team, and we
saw over 100 responses from all ages to Christ.

We had the privilege of visiting many local schools and must have shared the gospel with well over
2,000 pupils during the week, including a school where three teenagers had committed suicide
during the previous six months. I spoke at a teenagers/youth event and 15 young people responded
from a wide area around Richill. The Dads and Lads night was extremely well attended in a local
sports centre with around 80 children plus 40 men in a hall engaging in sporting team events. On
the final Sunday morning a number of children responded to Christ during a Sunday School
presentation. One story of a person who was being challenged about the gospel and had resisted
finally made a response on the last day.

There was a lot of spiritual opposition during this mission but the follow up course is going well in a
local school.

The Big Bang, St Patrick’s Whitehead & St John’s Islandmagee, NI. 27th October to 4th
November 2007 – Revd Mark Taylor.
This mission was led jointly by Paul Hoey and myself and we saw around 50 responses from people
of all ages. Some of the highlights of the mission were some teenagers responding to Christ at a ten
pin bowling event, and a six year old lad making his first step of commitment. There was also a
good response from some junior aged lads at the Dad’s and Lad’s night which included Scalectrix
motor racing – for the kids of course! The follow up is ongoing and some have signed up for the
Christianity Explored Course.
Connect Mission, St Mary’s Ballybeen – Revd Mark Harvey, Dundonald Methodist – Revd
David Campton & Christ Church, Presbyterian – Revd Paul Jamieson, NI. 10th to 18th
November 2007.
This was a very good three church mission led by Paul Hoey, Paul Woodman and myself, alongside
the three ministers. There was a real sense of God moving powerfully in many lives. Many people
who responded had some great needs including those with addictions. There were two teenage girls
who made responses to Christ and attended every mission event! There was one very articulate
seven year old boy who made a commitment to Christ. The home meetings were particularly
valuable as many people came to share their situations and to seek resolution and answers to faith
questions. We had the opportunity to share and pray with many people in difficult situations as they
responded to Christ in many new ways.

The Kidz Club, which ran all week, enabled us to build up some good relationships with a core of
local children and on the last Club day around 50 responded to an invitation to follow Christ. This
was a very moving time to see many children acknowledging Christ for the first time. The men’s
events were well attended and we saw many adults responding to the Lord but many of these were a
long way from ‘church culture’. The final healing service was a chance for many to come forward
and receive personal prayer which was extremely helpful to many in seeking the Lord’s help with all
sorts of issues.

The initial follow up has been slow with Christmas approaching but the churches will be running an
Alpha Course in the New Year when all those who have responded will be encouraged to come

                                           Family News
It really has been a ‘roller coaster’ year of highs and lows. We give thanks for my wife Jill’s recovery
from a major operation in the summer, but during the missions in the Autumn we have had ‘attacks’
on our cars and property, and theft of a credit card resulting in the loss of £1,000. There is no
particular reason for these attacks but the timing has been interesting as I have been away and
seeing the Lord move in areas, so the ‘attacks’ come. We should not be surprised as we are in a
constant spiritual battle, but we would value your prayers of protection. It was great to see my
daughter Carol, Andy and our grandsons Thomas and Matthew in the Spring. We spent a great time
together – how we miss them all! They are doing really well in New Zealand and are enjoying the
summer now! My Mum died on August 1st and it has been a time of closure and reflection, as a
whole generation has now passed on, but we rejoice that she knew the Lord which makes sense of it
all in the end. Please pray as we are endeavouring to sell her flat in London. Chris, my son, and
Abbi have settled well in Bournemouth and are working hard. Chris is enjoying college life and is
doing well, but does struggle with some of the academic work as his dyslexia is a real issue.
However 61% + 63% on his first two essays were a real boost. Abbi has grafted well in her new
teaching post at Bournemouth School for Girls and has adjusted to the new job and area extremely
well. We are looking forward to spending Christmas together with them.

I am still running and feeling fit but with all the food and ‘wee buns’ on mission I have to lose some
weight – Hope 08 new year’s resolution! My team Chelsea are still there playing well despite losing
the ‘special one’, we have replaced him with the ‘chosen people’!!

                                            TFM News
It has been a great year working alongside Daniel and the TFM team and we would value your
prayers for the future ministry especially as Daniel approaches 65 in 2009. There are a lot of issues
which will need to be resolved in the New Year.
                                                  New Year Programme
I give thanks to my secretary Andrea who has been a tremendous help and
support during the last year, but I will be saying goodbye to her early next year
 as she takes up a full time post at The Well Christian Healing Centre. I have
some good news on the secretarial front in that Jane Wigman, who worked
with me during my time at CPAS, will be joining me in the New Year. We have
devised a system of working which helps me not to overwork!! Last Autumn was
too busy, and the next few months is very busy also, but the new system, really
kicks in after Easter. There is the usual glut of missions from Northern Ireland, but coming on to the
programme now is more missions in England. Please keep informing me of new mission
opportunities – it has been really helpful. Thanks.

        8th January – Roger and Jill are at The Well Christian Healing Centre, Leamington
        12th & 13th January – Mission preparation weekend Ballyclare, NI
                     Saturday 12th Meeting the planning group, seeing the area and meeting the
                     congregation in the evening for a presentation of the mission
                     Sunday 13th Preaching at both morning services
        18thto 21st January – Mission to Mount Merrion Estate, nr Willowfield, East
                Belfast, NI
                                 Friday 18th                          Saturday 19th                          Sunday 20th
              AM        School Assembly                     Men’s Breakfast at local pub            Guest Service and Lunch

                        Coffee morning – Sheltered          Dad’s & Lads Soccer Tournament at
                        Accommodation                       Community Centre

              PM        Lunch meeting – Sheltered           Women’s Craft Event

           Evening      Cheese and Wine Evening             Pub Quiz Night                          Praise and Healing Service

        22nd January – Roger and Jill at The Well Christian Healing Centre, Leamington Spa
        26th January to 3rd February – Time 4…? Mission at St John’s, Lurgan, NI
       Sat 26th    Sun 27th      Mon 28th            Tue 29th          Wed 30th       Thur 31st     Fri 1st           Sat 2nd         Sun 3rd
                   11.30am       7.30am              7.30am            7.30am         7.30am        7.30am            8.30am Men’s    11am
                   Invitation    Prayer and          Prayer and        Prayer and     Prayer and    Prayer and        breakfast –     Invitation
                   service       light breakfast     light breakfast   light          light         light breakfast   Jethro Centre   service
                                                                       breakfast      breakfast
                                 9am Carrick,        9am                                            9am School        10.30am
Morn                             Dickson &           School work       9am School     9am School    Work              Family fun
                                 Junior High                           work           Work Junior                     morning with
                                 School              11am Visit                       High?         11am Coffee       Paul
                                                     homes in          11am                         morning,          Ormonde,
                                 11am Coffee         Parish            Coffee                       Brownlow          escapologist
                                 morning                               morning                      House

                                 3.30 – 5pm          1pm Lunch         3.30pm                       3.30pm
                                 After school        Community         After school                 After school
                                 activities          Centre,           activities                   activities
                                 Mourneview          2pm Quiz,         Community                    Community
Aft                              Community           3.30pm Sing a     Centre                       Centre
                                 Centre              long              Children &
       7pm         7pm           7.30pm Heart        7.30pm Can’t      7.30pm         7.30pm        7.30pm Youth      7.30pm          6.30pm
       Evening     Invitation    Smart, men’s        Cook – Wont       Healing        Body, Mind    evening –         Saturday        Thanksgi
       meal,       service       activity night      Cook              Service        & Heart       Coffee Bar        Night Special   ving
       Brownlo                                                                        Make Over     (11-19yrs)        – social &      service
Eve    w House                                                                        – ladies                        supper
                                                                                      Church Hall

        5th February – Staff meeting
        12th February – Roger and Jill at The Well Christian Healing Centre, Leamington Spa
               16th to 24th February – Connect Mission at Christ Church, Lisburn, NI
            Sat 16th       Sun 17th         Mon 18th          Tue 19th            Wed 20th           Thur 21st        Fri 22nd             Sat 23rd         Sun 24th
                           8.30am Holy      7.30 am           7.30am              7.30am             7.30am           7.30am               8.30am           10.15am
                           Communion        Prayer time       Prayer time &       Prayer time &      Prayer time      Prayer time &        Men’s            Sunday
                           10.15am          & light           light breakfast     light              & light          light breakfast      breakfast        School
                           Sunday           breakfast in      in coffee bar       breakfast in       breakfast in     in coffee bar                         11.30am
                           School           coffee bar        10.45 &             coffee bar         coffee bar       10.30am                               Morning
Morn                       11.30am          10.30am           11.30am             10.30am Tots       10.30am          Home                                  Worship –
                           Morning          Home              Coffee              Together           Home             meetings                              Invitation
                           Worship –        meetings          morning in          group              meetings                                               service
                           Invitation                         coffee bar          11.00 am
                           service                                                Craft Club
                                            2.00pm            1.15pm              2.00pm             2.30 pm          3.30pm               1.00pm
                                            Manor             Lunchtime           Healing            Acorn Club        Kids                Family Fun
                                            House             concert in          Service            3.30 pm          Club/Soul            Day at hall
                                            Service           Church              3.30pm             Kids Club/       Food Café
Aft                                         3.30pm            3.30pm              Kids               Soul Food
                                            Kids Club/        Kids                Club/Soul          Café
                                            Soul Food         Club/Soul           Food Café          3.40pm
                                            Café              Food Café                              Friends
                                                                                                     School SU
            7.30pm         6.30pm           7.00pm            7.00pm Soul         7.00pm Soul        7.30pm           7.30pm               8.00pm           6.30pm
            Barn           Praise           Soul Food         Food Café           Food Café          Activities       Glengormley          Big Nite         Evening
Eve         Dance          Service          Café              7.30 pm Latin       7.30 pm            Nite for lads    Youth Choir          Out-Year 8+      Celebration
                                            7.30 pm           America night       ChocHeaven         7.00Soul
                                            Bowls Fun                             ladies             Food Café
               26th February – Roger and Jill at The Well Christian Healing Centre, Leamington Spa
               28th February – Local Support Group Meeting
               1st to 9th March – Rise and Shine Mission at Magheragall, NI
               Sat 1st        Sun 2nd         Mon 3rd                Tue 4th       Wed 5th            Thur 6th        Fri 7th           Sat 8th          Sun 9th
                              11.30am All     7.30am                 7.30am        7.30am             7.30am          7.30am            9am Men’s        10.15am
                              Age             Prayer and             Prayer and    Prayer and         Prayer and      Prayer and        Breakfast        Sunday
                              invitation      light breakfast        light         light breakfast    light           light             12noon           School
                              service         Coffee                 breakfast     10am M&Tots        breakfast       breakfast         Parish           11.30am
                                              morning                10am          1.45pm             Coffee          9.15am            Ramble           Invitation
      Day                                                            Spring        Senior             morning         School            3pm Go           service
                                                                     Flowers       Citizen’s Club                     Assembly          Karting for
               7pm Fun        6.30pm          6pm Kids               8pm Can’t     7pm Lads and       6 – 7pm         6 – 7pm           8pm Salsa        6.30pm
               for All -      Songs of        Club P1-P7             Cook,         Dads               Kids Club       Kids Club         Evening          Thanksgiving
               Quiz &         Praise          7.15pm Girls’          Won’t                            P1-P7           P1-P7                              & Healing
               Supper         8.00pm          Night In               Cook                             8pm             8pm                                service
      Eve                     Actsodus                                                                Bowled          Couples
                              Youth Night                                                             Over            Night Out
               11th March – Roger and Jill at The Well Christian Healing Centre, Leamington Spa
               15th to 23rd March – Mission Impossible at Christ the King, Bradley Stoke,
               Sat 15       Palm         Mon 17            Tue 18         Wed 19             Thu 20              Good Fri 21       Easter Sat 22         Easter Sun
                            Sun 16                                                                                                                       23
               Craft &      9am.         7.30am:           7.30am:        7.30am:            7.30am:             7.30am:           8.30-10               10am
               Coffee       HC?          Prayer &          Prayer &       Prayer & light     Prayer & light      Prayer & light    Men’s                 Celebration
               Morning      10am         light             light          breakfast          breakfast           breakfast         Breakfast at          service
                            Family       breakfast         breakfast      Grapevine          1pm                 10am              Baileys Court
                            Invitation   Grapevine         Grapevine                         Chat-room           Family            Inn
      Day                   Service      + events                                            lunch               Service           12-3 Family
                            All age      going on in                                         Children’s          Walk of           Fun Day at
                                         church,                                             Event               Witness           Church or
                                         home                                                                    12-3pm            Leisure
                                         meetings                                                                Services at St    Centre
                                         & schools                                                               Michaels
               7.30pm       6.30pm       7.30 Dads         7.30           Daring 2 be        7.30 Quiz           A modern film     7.30 Couples          6.30pm
               Barn-        Evening      & Lads            Ladies         Different with     Night at            on Christ         Night at local        Thanks
               dance        Service:     Night             Pamper         parents            Parkway Pub                           restaurant or         giving &
                            Streams      Leisure or        Night          Skittles event     Room                                  hotel                 Healing
      Eve                   (cafe        Jubilee           Pilates        at pub             Teens:                                                      Service
                            style)       Centre                                              Bowling or
                                                                                             Laser Quest

               5th & 6th April – Mission preparation weekend at Leominster Baptist Church
                             Saturday 5th Mission preparation and training day, with a presentation in the
                             evening for all local churches.
                             Sunday 6th April Preaching at mission preparation services, both morning and
               13th April – Preaching at Warwick Gates

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