How to Host a Successful Diaper Drive for Diaper Changes by hcj


									                    How to Host a Successful Diaper Drive for Diaper Changes

Appoint a Chairperson
Your diaper drive will need a leader to oversee the event and motivate donors. He/She will also serve as the contact
person for Diaper Changes to call upon with questions and follow-ups.

Select a Theme
This can set the direction of your promotional materials. Make it relevant to the interests of the donor group. Select
something fun to motivate and excite such as a “baby shower” or “over the hill party.”

Select Dates
The most important factor is adequate notice. Be sure the participants have plenty of time so that they can be prepared
to bring in donations. The length of the drive can vary from one day to several weeks. You and your group can decide
what works best in each situation. Have a clear start and end date. Drives can be successful any time of year!

Set a Goal
Setting a goal motivates donors and provides a sense of accomplishment once the drive is complete. No amount of
diapers is too large or too small!

Schedule Delivery and Pick-Up
Once your diaper drive has been planned, email Diaper Changes at We will provide fliers,
posters and a barrel for collection. At the end of your drive, we will happily pick up your donations. (We can also
empty barrels throughout the drive to provide more room for diapers!!)

Promote Your Drive
Publicity is key. Spread the word and don’t be shy about reminding people. Try to begin promoting the drive at least
two weeks prior.
        Profile the diaper drive in your organization’s newsletter.             Send an email
        Create mailbox or paycheck stuffers.                                    Hang posters in high traffic areas

And most importantly            – 
       *Display a large thermometer showing progress toward your goal.
       *Allow winning departments or classrooms to have a “pizza day” or dessert party.
       *Host a kick-off party.
       *Set up competitions between departments, groups or classrooms and post daily updates.
       *Make it part of a larger event such as a holiday party or baby shower.
       *Ask for diapers in lieu of gifts.

An option for a quick and easy diaper drive is sending mass emails. Just send a company-wide email requesting
diaper donations. Then place a donation container in a convenient location and watch the diapers roll in! Call us when
it’s complete and we’ll pick them up!

Do You Want to Help Chattanooga’s Babies, Disabled and Elderly? Do it with DIAPERS!!!!

                                  All sizes and brands are welcome and needed!

   For any questions or additional information, please contact Diaper Changes via email at


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