Notes from the meeting of the Arlecdon and Frizington Neighbourhood Forum held at
the St Joseph’s Community Hall on Monday 14th April 2008 at 6.30pm

Forum Chair: Cllr Graham Sunderland

Apologies: Cllr Calvin, Cllr Knowles and Cllr Connolly

Councillors Code of Conduct - Declarations of Interest: NONE

Cllr Sunderland welcomed everyone to the Forum and explained that he is Chairing tonight in
the absence of Cllr Calvin.

Topic 1      Policing Issues in the Forum area
Speaker      Sgt Brian Gorman and PC Kenny Macleod

PC Macleod is the Community Police Officer working as part of the Frizington Local Policing
Team. Community policing has specific areas to work on, improve links between the police
and community groups and the community. Any group or organisation wishing to work with
the police to achieve an aim can do so through their local Community Officer.

There are 3 requirements of community policing –

A dedicated presence in the area, to be visible and familiar to the community. There has
been an increase in foot patrols and mobile patrols in Frizington. The police now hold
surgeries at Frizington library and Arlecdon Adams Hall where individuals can go along to
give their opinions and bring awareness of local problems. Community Officers also go to
Parish council meetings and Forums to see what is happening in the area and if they can
assist in any way. They also work with schools so that children recognise the police. Officers
attend meetings of housing associations to share information on specific residents and go
along on home visits to support housing staff or if there is a policing issues as well as a
residency issue.

Intelligence work – what information can the community share about problems or individuals?
To give an example, an increase in drug related intelligence from the community resulted in
convictions and the seizure of drugs. There were also problems of speeding which led to the
acquirement of two Speed Indicator Devices as a preventative measure. The community
decided where the SIDS were placed by phoning the station, emailing and attending
surgeries. There has been a decrease in people drinking on Main Street, Coronation Drive
and the cemetery after they became designated ‘no alcohol’ areas.

Problem solving – to illustrate with an example, a seated area near the pensioner’s bungalow
was left unused apart from young people gathering there. The police contacted Copeland
Homes to find out who uses the seat, then knocked on doors to ask if people wanted it taking
away. The answer was ‘yes’ so Copeland Homes paid for the seat to be removed which
stopped the young people gathering there. To use anther example, the school was being
vandalised so the police helped acquire a mosquito.
The Local Policing Team have a sum of money available to youth related community
projects. For more information please contact PC Macleod who will fill in the appropriate
application forms. The money is raised through selling lost or seized property. A few groups
who have benefited are Frizington Rugby League, Friends of Kirkland Play Park, Arlecdon
Play Area, Arlecdon Junior Rugby League, Phoenix Youth Project and Arlecdon After School

It has been identified that incidents of criminal damage and criminal damage to motor
vehicles occurs during school holidays with peaks last year during April, August, October,
December and March 2008. The Local Policing Team will be working towards establishing a
long term activity for young people over the next twelve months.

Questions and Discussion

Q. When is the surgery at the library?
A. The next session is on 7th May. PC Macleod provided a list of dates which will be included
in the forum newsletter.

Q. Is the CCTV camera near the mini roundabout switched on?
A. Not yet, the broadband connection needs to be hooked up by BT.
DS – A letter will be sent to Copeland Borough Council to request this is carried out.

Q. How far can the camera ‘see’?
A. It can ‘see’ down Main Street, Mill Street and Coronation Drive, it can also zoom in.

Q. Once the camera is working, are there any intentions to use it to police and enforce
A. It is not certain that Copeland BC can enforce in that way or have any intention to, but they
do have five Enforcement Officers in Copeland

Q. Would Copeland BC consider it if that is what the community wanted?
A. If the cameras can zoom in on a number plate it is up to Copeland BC to employ that

Q. Over time there has been talk of the possibility of having barriers outside Paul’s Wines to
discourage parking on the double yellow lines – can you help? Can this problem be taken to
the Borough or County Council to see who could help?
A. Cannot provide any funding but the Parish Council would have PC Macleods support if
they wanted to pursue this aim.
DS – Will take it to the Highways Working Group.

Topic 2      The Future of Neighbourhood Forums
Speaker      Jonathan Marriott, Area Support Manager, Cumbria County Council

At the moment there are 10 Neighbourhood Forums which meet a minimum of four times per
year. They are public, discuss open issues, administer community grants and are a
community resource.

The Local Committee for Copeland fund the provision of Forums and community grants with
an additional grant pot and admin contribution from Copeland Borough Council.
The West Cumbria Strategic Partnership has defined localities across Copeland. Localities
are clusters of communities that support and relate to each other, have a strong and
distinctive local identity and their own needs.

In Copeland there are 5 localities; Whitehaven (including North West Copeland), North East
Copeland, Egremont, Mid Copeland and South Copeland.

The localities are as follows –
Whitehaven – comprising the town of Whitehaven and the parish areas of Moresby, Parton,
Lowca and Distington
North East Copeland – comprising the parish areas of Cleator Moor, Ennerdale & Kinniside,
Arlecdon & Frizington, Weddicar and Lamplugh
Egremont – comprising the parish areas of St Bridget’s Beckermet, Haile & Wilton, St John’s
Beckermet, Lowside Quarter, Egremont & St Bees
Mid Copeland – comprising the parish areas of Muncaster, Eskdale, Irton with Santon, Drigg
& Carleton, Ponsonby, Gosforth, Seascale and Wasdale
South Copeland – comprising the parish areas of Millom, Millom Without, Whicham, Bootle,
Waberthwaite and Ulpha

The Proposal
    To realign Forum boundaries to the localities
    To avoid crossing locality boundaries
    Badging
    Chairing

What won’t change
   Neighbourhood Forums as a community resource
   Community grants
   Forums strength to challenge and hold to account, identify and explore local
   Number of meetings overall

What it might mean for you
   Local management of services
   Community engagement and accountability
   Opportunity to require joined up working

How it might work
An example would be to hold a North East Copeland Forum in Lamplugh, advertised and
badged as the Lamplugh Neighbourhood Forum. The agenda could include topics relevant
on a County level, topics at a locality level and issues relevant to Lamplugh.
Alternatively the Forum could be advertised as just the North East Copeland Neighbourhood

What next?
   Consultation with Forums between April and May
   Consultation with parishes and Copeland Borough Council
   Return to Copeland Local Committee

    Any changes will begin with the third round of Forums in September

To have your say on the proposals, email the Forum contact or write to the Neighbourhood
Development Office at Cleator Moor.

Questions & Discussion

Q. We have seen the effect of Forums travelling around the area (alternating between
Arlecdon and Frizington) and this seems to affect the grants, for example, Forums vote to
give money to groups from their area. How would the money be distributed in this new
Q. If a lot of money is spent at the first meeting in Cleator Moor, it seems they are benefiting
more. It is also a concern that people do not go to the Forum when it is not in their area
because they have to travel.
A. Firstly, the number of meetings will not change; there would be roughly ten meetings for
the North East Copeland locality. That averages at one forum per month which gives enough
scope to have forums about a particular community.
Money for Forum grants are calculated on a population basis, so it wouldn’t be too difficult to
work out a method of reserving ‘£x’ for a particular area based on their population. This could
stop one area from allocating all the money.

Q. Is the North East Copeland Community Board working well?
A. It has had limited success because it has no devolved powers, which means it has
become more of a ‘talking shop’. Copeland Borough Council has discussed plans to set up
‘locality boards’ which could ensure people have a better say.

Q. The new boundaries seem to make sense, and I can see that Ennerdale and Lamplugh
should be separated from Gosforth as the former have a lot of issues in common with
Rowrah, Asby etc, the service 217 for example, so it would be beneficial to have a grouping
of this sort.
A. I know the 217 is a key issue from Arlecdon onwards. Through locality working and having
a say on service delivery you will have a more powerful voice than single Parish councils.

Topic 3      Cumbria Energy Efficiency Advice Centre
Speaker:     Mike Rodney, Energy Efficiency Advisor

There are 48 Energy Efficiency Advice Centres (EEAC’s) around the country, with one based
in Carlisle covering the whole of Cumbria. They have 9 full time staff with an additional six
casual staff, which shows the demand in Cumbria for this type of free impartial energy advice.

This service was conceived for three reasons:
   1. As a response to Climate Change – results seen in the recent flooding in Carlisle;
   2. Save money on fuel bills which keep rising – encouraging householders to reduce
   3. End of Fossil Fuels which are running out, there’s only about 40 years left of gas and
       oil. This will have a major impact on everything in the home when they come to an

Grants and Subsidies are available to help reduce the amount of energy used in the home:
    Warm Front – Government grant;
      Utility Grants;
      ICE – Improving Cumbria’s Energy, providing grants to Cumbrian households.

Over 70 year olds do qualify for free cavity wall insulation and loft insulation, please contact
Mike to book a free survey.
You can have your energy power supplied by any company you wish. For free impartial
independent advice contact:
    Simply Switch 0800 781 1212
    Uswitch 0845 601 2856

Mike then went onto explain about the different Renewable Technology, which is available
such as Solar, heat pumps, hydro, biomass and Wind.

Transport – Mike then explored the differences in cars relating to the amount of carbon
dioxide in grams emitted per kilometre, the lowest being the:
    Peugeot 107 1.0 and the Honda Civic Hybrid 1.4 with 109 gms of CO² per km to the
    Lamborghini Diablo Roadster with 520 gms of CO² per km!!

The amount of heat that escapes from a house is:
33% through the walls;
26% through the roof
18% through windows
11% though doors and floors

It is important for everyone to have cavity wall insulation and to check the thickness of their
loft insulation in order to make savings on energy bills and keep warm. Other savings that
can be made are to:
      Switch off the lights when they are not required;
      Switch off TVs, Radios, CD Players DO NO LEAVE ON STANDBY;
      Repair dripping taps – one tap dripping for a day wastes enough energy and water to
        fill a bath;
      Don’t leave fridge doors open – it takes 7 minutes for the fridge to return to its correct
        temperature for every minute it is open;
      Close curtains and blinds when it starts to get dark – they will act as insulation and
        keep the heat in.

Mike distributed reply cards to encourage residents to make savings. Completed cards were
handed back and in return energy saving light bulbs were given out.

Contact Details:
      Cumbria EEAC
      0800 512012
      01228 538765

Questions & Discussions

Q. I’ve seen small wind turbines on the side of houses – how can I get one?

A. It would be an issue of gaining planning permission – the question should be directed to
planning at Copeland BC.

Community Updates: Feedback on issues raised at previous forum

Service 17 and 217 –
The update regarding the 17 and 217 will be included in the forum newsletter.
DS will write a letter to the Cumbria County Council transport team voicing the Forums
dissatisfaction with the proposals.

A member of the forum commented on the unacceptable treatment she had received from a
bus driver while travelling on the number 17 bus.

The lady also pointed out that the footpath on the turn from Arlecdon to Frizington needs
attention in terms of trimming the grass and bushes. As a wheelchair user, the state of the
footpath is making travel troublesome.

Grant Applications

The forum agreed that the amount for individual grant applications should be increased from
£50 to £100.

Organisation                 Purpose of Grant                                    Amount
                             Cost to purchase new kitchen equipment.
The Lingla Centre                                                                   £500

                             Cost to purchase presentation equipment –
Lamplugh & District
                             laptop, projector and printer.
Heritage Society                                                                    £320

                             Towards the cost of a summer rugby tour to
Reece Fox                                                                           £100

                             Towards the cost of installation and
Spirit of Frizington                                                                £500
                             maintenance of Christmas lights.

Phoenix Youth Project        Cost to hold a Fun 4 All.                              £200

Howgill Centre Boy’s         Towards the cost of a residential trip for a
Group                        Boy’s Group

Topics for future meetings

      Community Travel Plans – an update
      Update on North East Copeland Community Board
      Age Concern - ‘Money wise’


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