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									                               PRINTING AND PUBLISHING AGREEMENTS

The result of a quality education is the students a healthy, independent, cultured, morality, work ethos,
knowledgeable and master technology, and love of the homeland. To realize the goal of education,
education indicators such as teachers, students, and the book should complement each other in the
learning                                                                                         process.
Book with all of its forms serves as a communication media components that can penetrate the
dimensions of time, politics, nations, and religions. Books in the form it has not replaced traditional
media because the media had a comparative advantage. These advantages include:

    1. Relatively cheap in price, easy maintenance, and practical utilization
    2. Affordable by most people;
    3. The ingredients of democratization in the distribution of science, technology, morality, religion
       and art;
    4. Understanding the book can be repeated.

With such advantages, it can be said that the book is the primary vehicle for improving the quality of
human resources towards modern society. publishing and printing problems, among others, the low
interest in reading and writing, government policy. Besides publishing and printing problems are
complex because it involves the government, society, publishers, salesmen, book shops, libraries, and

In teacher education as a facilitator who is obliged to increase the maximum capacity of a student.
Educates students to become the subject of ongoing experiencing renewal. In the present book should
be a book that can ditaktik spearheading educational purposes. Idealism has become part of the
publishers and printers to make it happen. For that publishers and printers can do many things in an
effort to join the intellectual life of the nation and shape the quality of human resources.
An abundance of students in Indonesia, increasing the need for guide books and lessons that sometimes
required by the educational institutions. These needs be accommodated by the tens of printing and
publishing which grow like fungi in the rainy season. Each publisher has a distinctive and printing.
Starting from the paper quality and harmony of the layout, also until finally arriving at a price that must
be launched to the public consumers of books in Indonesia critical and careful in choosing.
Printing and publishing should have new ideas in education products packaged as a basis to develop
innovations that can be expected to handle the book as an answer to the demands of students in the
field. Publishing a book is at once cultural and business activities, because the book is a means of mind,
the instrument of education and bridge literature.

Planning for the cover of a book or magazine and set the layout of the contents of books or magazines
all depict the creativity of an artistic value to arouse passions read, buy or possess it, to bring business
and bringing it to the reader is a commercial business that should be supported by qualified human
resources and highly skilled. Printing and publishing challenges is how to keep working together to
create and continually innovate to produce in the public interest of education. A good book is not only
the material quality, a good book should also be able to give enlightenment to the reader.
To achieve the demands of innovation, the publisher must prepare themselves with basic capital of
intellectual exercise or a process to think that can be distributed to public education. Typical
presentation, interesting, and innovative result of dedicated thought if they are satisfied overall. With a
wealth of idealism to a publisher will be able to deliver superior products. But with the growing age and
more intense competition, so all products can perform as expected, then the publisher can not do it
alone. A publisher will be able to present the product - the product superior to remember that betting is
a business intelligence and the future of the nation, the book remains a field of knowledge
dissemination. Publishing is now developing very rapidly so that all may not be done alone. So it is a
liability as a publisher to do the same job with a printing press or other companies in the sense of quality
and able to work together well in this industry.

Printing process is an important part in the publishing and printing. Printing process is an industrial
process for mass manufacture writings and drawings, primarily with ink on paper using a printing
machine. Technological advances in the last decade so rapidly that many things have been achieved to
expedite the printing process. Cooperation undertaken by the Issuer and the printing jobs include
printing (printing plate making, printing dyeing process as well as other materials), cooperation for the
printing job is a job contract as described in the Book of Law - Civil Law Act or BW in article 1601 b:
"Contract work is an agreement by which one party, the caterer, binds itself to hold a job for the other
party, wholesale party, by accepting a specified price."

Indonesia as a state law or rechtstaat is certainly in a company such collaboration between publishers
with printing companies in working together there is an agreement (contract) is a written agreement or
agreements that cause obligatoir rights and obligations of the parties in the agreement as a result of the
law so that there is basis law during the passage of the agreement (contract) to perform the printing job


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