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									17th September 2009                                 PRESS RELEASE

               Fleet of 32 Club Cars in operation at The Carrick on Loch Lomond
Club Car, the world’s leading supplier of golf cars and utility vehicles, is supplying a fleet of 32
vehicles for the 24th PGA Cup at The Carrick on Loch Lomond which takes place from 18-20
September 2009. The versatility of the range has allowed everyone from the TV and media,
tournament officials, health and safety officers, PGA VIP’s and of course, the team captains, to benefit
from the comfort, durability and ruggedness of Club Cars vehicles.

Club Car has enjoyed a long association with the PGA, which has a rich heritage in supporting events
such as the Ryder Cup, Solheim Cup and PGA Cup, as well as numerous PGA National and Regional
tournaments across the UK.

Simon Higgingbottom, Tournament Director for the PGA Cup, commented, “Club Car’s support is
vital for high profile events such as these where every aspect of the tournament has to run like
clockwork. The Club Cars will be clocking up some serious mileage over the next few days!”

Kevin Hart, Business Development Manager for Club Car UK, added, “We are delighted to once
again lend our support to such a prestigious event. The PGA is staging a world class event at The
Carrick and it is a privilege to see our cars in operation, especially the legendary Captain’s Car.”

Captain of the U.S. PGA Cup Team, Brian Whitcomb, has also been made to feel very much at home
on the banks of Loch Lomond, commenting that, “I am a Club Car guy at home so this feels great.”
Brian is the PGA Professional at Lost Tracks Golf Club, Bend, Oregon.

Gary Allis, will also feel comfortable in his Captains Club Car; his home club, the Belfry, also
benefits from a large fleet of Club Cars. Alliss captains Team GB&I for the second time at The
Carrick and knows the importance of being able to watch a variety of matches across the course, “As
Captain it is imperative I know what is happening in all of the matches so the Captain’s car is a vital
member of the team. I need to be close to the action and get a feel for how certain players are handling
the situation and what their form is like.”

For any further information on the PGA Cup please contact Nat Sylvester at the PGA at
nathaniel.sylvester@pga.org.uk or call 01675 470 333.

For more information on Club Car please contact Maria O’Connor at Professional Sports Group on +
44 (0) 1276 858930 or email maria@profsports.com
About Club Car
Club Car is the exclusive premier partner of the National Golf Course Owners Association and a sponsor of the European Golf Course
Owners Association. It is the Official Supplier of Golf Cars and Utility Vehicles to the 2010 Ryder Cup, the Official Golf Car and
Golf Utility Vehicle and an Official Sponsor of the PGA European Tour, the official supplier of golf cars and utility vehicles to PGA
Tournament Players Clubs, and leading sponsor of the PGA Professional National Championship, The First Tee and the Executive
Women’s Golf Association.

Club Car provides fleet, turf, hospitality and financing solutions for golf, agricultural, recreational and industrial markets. For more
information on Club Car, go to www.clubcar.com. Based in Augusta, Ga., Club Car is part of the Industrial Technologies sector of
Ingersoll-Rand Company Limited. Ingersoll Rand (NYSE:IR) is a diversified industrial company providing products, services and
integrated solutions to industries ranging from transportation and manufacturing to food retailing, construction, and agriculture.
Driven by a 100-year-old tradition of technological innovation, Ingersoll Rand enables companies and their customers to create
progress. For more information, go to www.ingersollrand.com.

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