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					                        CLINTON COUNTRY CLUB
                                MEMBERSHIP DRIVE

Dear Prospective Member,

        The CLINTON COUNTRY CLUB is offering an exciting new membership program for
our Club. Our club is one of the best values for the money in the Midwest. We offer a great
eighteen hole golf course, driving range, practice greens, fitness center and a swimming pool.
We have a full time PGA golf professional on staff. Our dining and bar facilities serve some of
the best food and beverage in the area. Our clubhouse is a great place to hold meetings, entertain
friends or clients.

We feel this new program to be very competitive, and hope you will consider joining us this
year. The membership year is from January 1st through the end of the year. We encourage you to
stop by and look at the facilities. Please call our Club Manager, Roger Hannan, to set up an
appointment. We look forward to you joining us at our wonderful Club.

                                             ANNUAL                        MONTHLY
FAMILY GOLF                                  $2,500.00                     $229.17
HUSBAND & WIFE                               $2,000.00                     $183.33
JUNIOR FAMILY (34 & UNDER)                   $1,800.00                     $165.00
SINGLE                                       $1,250.00                     $114.58
SOCIAL                                       $ 500.00                      $ 45.83

Dues are billed and payable annually, or monthly as the member wishes.

An $80.00 MINIMUM applies to dining room, bar, #7 stand and snack bar, excluding tax and
service fees.

These are non equity memberships.

Sales tax applies to all the above.

Visited our web page at
                             MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION

I, __________________________________________, hereby apply for
                (PLEASE PRINT)
Membership in the Clinton Country Club (hereinafter called The Club). If elected, I agree to
abide by all rules and regulations of The Club now in effect or hereafter enacted, I further agree
to pay all dues, fees, assessments, or other monies, including taxes, as they are due and billed by
The Club, and that should I fail to do so my club privileges will be suspended until such time as I
do. I also understand that regardless of my use of The Club, all future dues and assessments due
and payable prior to the termination of my membership, in writing, to the Board of The Club
shall be binding obligations.

Signed_______________________                             Date__________

Name: ________________________________________Date of Birth: ________________
     (Please Print)
Spouse: _______________________________________Date of Birth: ________________

Home Address: _________________________________Home Phone: _______________

_____________________________________________E-mail Address: ________________

Business Name: _________________________________Phone:____________________

Business Address: _________________________________________________________

Occupation: ______________________________E-mail: ______________________

Dependent Children Living With Applicant:

Name: ____________________________Date of Birth: ___________________________

Name: ____________________________Date of Birth: ___________________________

Name: ____________________________Date of Birth: ___________________________

Send Billings to Business      Home     Email Statement to ________________________
I wish to pay     Annual        Monthly

Membership Fee Received $__________________ Membership Number _________________
Locker Number          #__________________ Golf Cart Program $__________________
Stock Purchased        #________$_________ Bag Storage Program __________________
                             CLINTON COUNTRY CLUB
                                 2009 GOLF FEES

GREEN FEES & CART                                       $35.00

GOLF CART                                               9 HOLES          18 HOLES

                                                         $ 9.00            $15.00

Tax is included in the above carts and green fees.
Whenever contract carts are required, cart rental shall be at the prevailing contract rate for all
cart rentals except members having annual cart rentals.

ANNUAL GOLF CART RENTAL:                       Single             Dual       Family
                                               $550               $800       $1,000

LOCKER RENTAL:                 Women           $50.00
                               Men             $50.00

BAG STORAGE:                   Adults          $75.00
                               Children        $37.50

RANGE                          Annual          $105.00
                               Bag             $ 4.50

HANDICAP                       Men             $18.00
                               Women           $18.00

                                        GUEST POLICY

                               IN-TOWN            OUT OF TOWN
CLUBHOUSE                      Unlimited          Unlimited
POOL                           Unlimited $2       Unlimited $2
GOLF                           Phone Golf Pro for more specifics (242-4961)
BRIDGE/CARDS                   3 Times            Unlimited
Dear CCC Members;

A note to make sure you are aware of the Equity Membership value in case you have not been informed.
Equity purchase makes you a stock holder in the Club, and part owner in the assets thereto. If you are a
Social member, you receive non-voting stock, dues discounts, and ownership. If you are any other
classification you will receive voting stock.

Stock purchase is $6,000.00. You may pay this in installments or all at once. The difference is you receive
the discounted dues at such time as your entire $6,000.00 is paid. At that time you will receive a
reduction in dues for your classification of $500.00 annually. Your stock purchase is refundable after
resignation. Upon 90 days after resignation you receive half of the money you have paid in, with the rest
payable one year from then. In short; the Equity purchase is 100% refundable and earns you $500.00 per
year. You also have voting rights, become eligible to serve on the Board, and become an equity owner of
the Club’s assets. We hope to provide more rewards for being a stockholder in the event that becomes
possible. We currently have a ceiling of around 320 shares, but the stockholders can vote to not sell
more stock at any time.

You really have nothing to loose as your stock purchase returns you a minimum of 8.3% on your
investment every year in the form of dues discounts; and is fully refundable upon your departure.

If you are interested in taking advantage of this, please contact Club manager Roger Hannan, Club office
assistant Diane McVey, or any Board member for more information.

Thank You;

Board of Directors, Clinton Country Club

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