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					Investment Opportunities in Kazakhstan
For interest, please contact:
Mr. Nurbolat Z. Seitmgambetov
Committee on Investments
Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Tel. Nos. + 7 7172 24 1842 or + 7 701 111 5957

                                                                                Information on the status of the      investments
                                                  Brief description of the      project (the presence of the          required,
art. N   name of the project proponent (contacts)                                                                                          Project initiator           current project status
                                                  project (goal, results)       feasibility study, business plan,     mln US
                                                                                infrastructure)                       dollars
    1    2                                                       3                                4                         5                       6                               7
1        The project «Badamshinsky nickel plant»                                Readiness of the project:             200.0         The contact address and phones:    1. Continue project
         Project location:                       1. Processing of oxidized      1.Worked out Feasibility                            «Badamshinsky nickel plant»        estimated work
         Badamsha settlement, Kargala district,  nickel ore deposits of         studyhnical feasibility                             LLC,                               2. Elaboration with
         Aktobe region, Kazakhstan               Kazakhstan in obtaining        2.Approved Feasibility                              030019, forth floor, 105.          equipment suppliers
                                                 merchandise matte (Ni 15-      studyhnological regulations                         Maresyev street. Aktobe Republic   3. In search of investors
                                                 20%)                           3.Selected Feasibility                              of Kazakhstan.
                                                                                studyhnological scheme                              Tel: 8 (713) 254 61 08,
                                                 2. Processing of iron          4. Worked out and approved                          8 (713 )254 85 66.
                                                 Feasibility studyhnological    general plan                                        Fax: 8(713)2563946
                                                 waste in obtaining iron        5.Made geodesic control                             Email:
                                                                                6. Worked out and approved                
                                                 The products of the proposed Preliminary assessment of
                                                 project has several advantages environmental impact
                                                 and competitive in the global 7. Project estimate documentation
                                                 market                         made on 30%
                                                                                8. Conduct public hearing about the
                                                                                construction of the plant.
                                                                                9. Made land acquisition for
                                                                                construction of the plant.
2   Exploitation and mining of iron ores   The deposit is located in    The estimated reserves of iron ore   190.0   The contact address and phones:    To justify the parameters
    "Beskempir" deposit                    Mangistauskaya oblast , 6 km mines equal to 22,8 mln tons.                JSC "NC "SEC"Kaspi",               contingent conditions
                                           to south-east from village                                                130000 Aktau city, 4               and feasibility study of
                                           Zharmysh. Total project cost                                              microdistrict, office SEC"Kaspi"   deposits, the estimation
                                           is $190 mln                                                               tel.:8(7292) 579 900               of the reserves by
                                                                                                                     fax:8 (7292) 579 905 Location of   variants was conducted
                                                                                                                     the project: Mangistauskaya        Geological information
                                                                                                                     oblast                             was purchased from the
                                                                                                                                                        Ministry of Energy and
                                                                                                                                                        Minerak resources .
                                                                                                                                                        Negotiations with
                                                                                                                                                        potential investors are
                                                                                                                                                        being held.
3   Construction of metallurgy complex     Purpose: Creation of new      Feasibility studyhnical conditions      52.50   LLP « AS Taraz Metallurgy         At the present moment,
    producing construction armouring          complex to produce             on gas, electricity, water are              complex»,             Adress:    the project is in the stage
    through refinig ferrous scrap           construction armouring,       accomplished; railway lockup is                Taraz city, Nietkaliev Str. 120.  of preservation lacking
                                         capacity 235,000 tons a year , built; territory is fully graded; 9,81           Tel./fax/e-mail: 8(7262) 348898,      of financing. The
                                         through refining ferrous scrap ha of land is bought; administration             349594,            Request on getting the
                                         and maximum exploitation of          and amenity building were                                                    financing from the side
                                            human, crude and energy     reconstructed; the access railroad is                                               of local development
                                           resources of the country's      placed: retaining wall of bypass                                                    institutions (JSC
                                                 south regions               channel of Karasu river was                                                  “KDB”)was applied. As
                                                                        framed; transformer substation was                                                   well, JSC “Eurasian
                                                                               installed; car scales were                                                 Development Bank” will
                                                                              developed; warehouse and                                                     consider the documents
                                                                          passageway were constructed; In                                                    on financing starting
                                                                         June 2008 the company concluded                                                      from the next year.
                                                                              a contract on provision of
                                                                              investment preferences on
                                                                         accelerated depreciation; property
                                                                              tax; and custom duty with
                                                                         Committee for investments by the
                                                                           Government of the Republic of
                                                                          Kazakhstan. Total investment for
                                                                          the previous period is 10 million
                                                                            US dollars, among which 6,6
                                                                               million is equity capital.
4   Construction and exploitation of the wind Construction and exploitation Business plan is in the stage of     To be            The contact address and phones:    UNDP specialists
    power plant in Mangistauskaya oblast"     wind power plant with         development                          estimated        JSC "NC "SEC"Kaspi",               conducted the research
                                              capacity of 50 MWt in the                                          after business   130000 Aktau city, 4               on the possibility of
                                              Fort-Shevchenko.                                                   plan             microdistrict, office SEC"Kaspi"   development of wind
                                              Implementation of alternative                                      development      tel.:8(7292) 579 900               electric power industry
                                              energy sources, resolution of                                                       fax:8 (7292) 579 905 Location of   in Fort-Shevchenko. 10
                                              energy deficit problem.                                                             the project: Mangistauskaya        ha of land to construct
                                                                                                                                  oblast                             wind farm with capacity
                                                                                                                                                                     of 19,8 mWth using 12
                                                                                                                                                                     Vestas turbines NM 82

5   Caspian Energy Hub LLP "Caspian            Construction of complex        Feasibility is at the final stage,  13690                                              ground area is
    development center"                        energy node, which will        design estimate documentation is at                                                    appropriated , internal
                                               provide all necessary,         the beginning stage                                                                    infrastructure fesibility
                                               commercial, Feasibility                                                                                               study is at final stage,
                                               studyhnical and human                                                                                                 development of design
                                               resources for oil & gas                                                                                               estimate documentation
                                               industry of Kazakhstan and                                                                                            of external infrastructure
                                               whole Caspian region.                                                                                                 is being started, budget
                                                                                                                                                                     and business plan is
                                                                                                                                                                     being approved.
6   Construction of Kandyagash GTPP   Realization of contruction of       There is a positive conclusion of    201.0    the contact address and phones:   120 ha of ground area to
                                      combined cycle gasoturbine          state, applied-research, independent         JSC "Kandyagashskaya GTPP-         construct GTPP and
                                      power plant in Aktiubinskaya        banking expertises confirming high           100" 030012, the Republic of       infrastructure is
                                      oblast with capacity 120 MWt.       efficiency of the project. High-             Kazakhstan, Aqtobe, Sankibai       processed to property.
                                      The main goal of the project is     qualified Feasibility studyhnical            batyr Av 1 tel: 8(7132)557592,     The contract with the
                                      to provide energy                   and engineering personnel with               557593 fax: 8(7132)557594          Republic of Kazakhstan
                                      independence of                     experience in construction and                                                  for a term of twenty
                                      Aktiubinskaya oblast, to            exploitation of gas turbine power                                               years on tax preferences
                                      stabilize end-consumer              plants.                                                                         provision is concluded.
                                      electricity rates, to increase                                                                                      Agreements and
                                      reliability of electricity supply                                                                                   protocols on intentions to
                                      for electirc intensive power                                                                                        supply bypass gas with
                                      plants. Capital structure:                                                                                          annual volume 180 m3
                                      69% ($139 mln.) - bank loan,
                                      18% ($36 mln.) - issue of
                                      infrastructure bonds, 13%
                                      ($26 mln.) - equity capital
7   Exploitation of titan-magnesium ores on   Estimated reserves of "West       To realize the given project, the    The contact address and phones:   the rights to exploit iron
    “West Sayak” deposits, iron ores of       Sayak" deposit is 3,3 mln. tons   Company is planning to conduct       JSC "NMC "Tau-Ken Samruk",        ores of Holzunskyi
    Holzunskyi and Irgizskyi deposits, and    of ore with average iron          marketing and Feasibility            010000 Astana, Kunaev Str 12/1,   (expected reserves – 700
    exploitation of deposits                  content 43,69%, titanium          studyhnology research on iron ores   office 208 tel.:+7(7172) 500631   mln. tons) and Irgizskyi
    “Lomonosovskoe” and “Bapy”                dioxide 133 thousands of tons,    exploitation using 3rd generation    fax:+7(7172) 500631               deposits (expected
                                              vanadium pentoxide 6,0 th. t.     Feasibility studyhnology and                                           reserves – 60 mln. tons),
                                              Exploitation of the deposits'     further production of rolled iron                                      as well as equity
                                              ores the construction of                                                                                 participation in
                                              concentrating plants with                                                                                exploitation of deposits –
                                              further refining of iron                                                                                 “Lomonosovskoe” and
                                              concentrates in metallurgy                                                                               “Bapy” is under
                                              enterprises is being considered                                                                          consideration
8   "Ekibastuz Power Plant-1"   Expansion and reconstruction       1446.0   The contact address and phones:
                                of Ekibastuz Power Plant-1 to               JSC"NWF"Samruk-Kazyna",
                                increase established capacity               Astana ,Orynbor St 10, "Kazyna
                                to 1,590 MWt.                               Tower"
                                Total project cost: $ 1,446 mln   
                                Expected launch: 2010-2015
                                Meet rising local demand for
                                electricity: Project is expected
                                to yield additional production
                                of 9.8 bn KWth of electricity
                                per year.
                                Ekibastuz Power Plant-1 is the
                                largest power plant in
                                Kazakhstan and is one of top
                                three largest coal fired power
                                plants in the world
                                Total electricity production
                                reached 11 bn KWth, or 15%
                                of total Kazakhstan production
                                Ekibastuz Power Plant-1
                                supplies most of the regions of
                                Cheap coal and large
                                economies of scale results in
                                lowest production cost among
                                all domestic power plants
9    "Production of polycrystalline silicon"   Creation of silicon cluster on    Advanced stage of project planning 388.0   The contact address and phones:    Kazakhstan
                                               manufacture of mono/poly          Feasibility studies and Feasibility        JSC"NWF"Samruk-Kazyna",            Development Bank
                                               crystal ingots and silicon        studyhnical specifications                 Astana ,Orynbor St 10, "Kazyna     commenced $150 mln
                                               plates: 2500 tons of              completed by leading consultants           Tower"     loan guarantee for plant
                                               polycrystalline silicon                                                           construction
                                               Total project cost: $ 388 mln
                                               Capital structure: 30% equity,
                                               70% debt
                                               Expected launch: 2009 – 2013

10   "Universal Transportation System"         Light railway project for                                           2300.0    The contact address and phones:
                                               Astana and Almaty                                                            JSC"NWF"Samruk-Kazyna",
                                               Total project cost: $ 2,3 bn                                                 Astana ,Orynbor St 10, "Kazyna
                                               Main participant: cities’                                                    Tower"
                                               Expected launch: 2010-2020
                                               Key project advantages:
                                               established fast, efficient,
                                               environmentally friendly
                                               public transport system in two
                                               main cities (Astana and
                                               Almaty); a system fully
                                               integrated with the current
                                               one; CO2 reduction; increased
                                               transit turnover and efficiency
                                               Investment Opportunities:
                                               63,7% – Debt financing
                                               36,3% – Equity
11   Construction of a cement plant              Organizing production of          The reserves of limestone, loam are 105.1   LLP Zhanalyk Stroiservis"          Engineering and
     Location of the project: pos.Sary-Ozeki,    cement for a new energy-          adopted and "mining allotment” are          050059, the Republic of            geological survey and
     Kerbulak district of Almaty region          saving Feasibility                received. 51,3 ha of land under the         Kazakhstan, Almaty, m-n Samal design
                                                 studyhnology "dry method"         site of the plant is aqcuired.              2, 58 Block A, app.7 tel.: 8 (727)
                                                 and uninterrupted supply of       Specifications are available from           334 08 31, 334 08 32 , 8 701 746
                                                 the market in the region with     the JSC "KEGOC", JSC                        07 59 Location of the project:
                                                 cheap cement. Production of 1     "TATEK", JSC NC "KTZ". There                pos.Sary-Ozeki, Kerbulak district
                                                 million tons of cement per        is a feasibility study and business         of Almaty region
                                                 year in the amount of 8000        plan. There are also railway and
                                                 million tenge. Creation of 400    transport infrastructure, as well as
                                                 new work places and               energy supply
                                                 improving standards of living
                                                 of the area.

12   2. Construction of full cycled vehicle      Creation of a modern              The project is in implementation      400   JSC "ASIA AUTO "Republic of          First of all acts, is the
     plant and Feasibility studyhnology park     automobile production, in         satge. The first phase-launched car               Kazakhstan, EKO, Ust-          production of 10 models
     for the production of spare parts in Ust-   equal proportions of providing    assembly complex for SKD, MKD               Kamenogorsk, Str.Bazhova, 101 /      of cars, brands Cadillac,
     Kamenogorsk and Eest Kazakhstan             domestic needs of the market      assembly of cars, capacity of 60             1, tel.: 8 (7232) 77 24 40 fax: 8   Chevrolet, Škoda,
                                                 of Kazakhstan and marketed a year. A feasibility study                  (7232) 52 20 05           LADA. Deposits are
                                                 their products for export to      on the second and third stage. Stage                                             issued obtain new land
                                                 neighboring countries. Create     2: Expansion of existing facilities                                              for the construction of
                                                 an automobile cluster in East     to full-cycle production of                                                      the second and third
                                                 Kazakhstan, the development       passenger cars (stamping, welding,                                               stage.
                                                 of related industries, research   painting, assembly) capacity up to
                                                 and development in the            120 / year, exports to
                                                 automotive industry. the          Russia, Central Asia. Stage 3:
                                                 capacity of the project: In-      Construction of facilities for the
                                                 kind: 120 thousands               full cycle production of automotive
                                                 automobiles a year; spare         components for automobile.
                                                 parts for the production of 120
                                                 thousands automobiles per
                                                 year and for the secondary
                                                 market. In terms of value 270
                                                 000 million tenge
13   Aktobe plant of electrical equipment Place The main purpose of the           Readiness of a business plan is      1 stage -73,3; LLP TradeInterKom, tel. / fax: 8 Develop a feasibility
     of realization: Aktobe                     investment project is to ensure   90% feasibility study is 15% ready, overall -        (7132) 548005 87014545018 study prior to January
                                                that the first phase of the       the presence of the fenced site area 136,7                                           2010
                                                needs of power transformers       of 24 hectares with roads, some
                                                from 35 to 110 kV power up        sleep in bulk under the railways, 4
                                                to 200 MVA and distributor of     storey office building with
                                                power transformers up to 1600     electricity and water
                                                kVA Kazakhstan, Russia,
                                                Central Asia and abroad, on
                                                the second stage of the
                                                production of power
                                                equipment: tapered metal poles
                                                and overhead lighting. the
                                                program on import
                                                substitution, increasing
                                                Kazakhstani producers, the
                                                development of the electricity
                                                industry and exports. The total
                                                capacity of the plant at the
                                                first stage 5 million kVA / g
14   Production agricultural, road construction   In the direction of agricultural there is a feasibility study of   18.5   010000 Republic of Kazakhstan.     In the direction of the
     equipment and buses                          technology project goal is to agricultural technology in work,            Astana, Imanov, 15 of.16 Tel.: 8   production of
     Place of realization: Kostanai               ensure domestic market of the and in other areas                          (7172) 58 00 01 fax: 8 (7172) 58   agricultural machinery,
                                                  Republic of Kazakhstan with                                                            00 06                 acting on 01.10.2009, the
                                                  qualitative-term agricultural                                                                                2,220 million tenge is
                                                  machinery, providing service                                                                                 disbursed. the
                                                  and warranty. Assembling                                                                                     production of buses and
                                                  production of harversters is                                                                                 road construction
                                                  carried out in 2005 (brand                                                                                   equipment is in the stage
                                                  Yenisei), since 2007, Yesil                                                                                  of development
                                                  740. Toward the production of
                                                  buses there is a concluded an
                                                  agreement with Evo Bus
                                                  Gmbh (a subsidiary of
                                                  Daimler) - the world's leading
                                                  producers of buses and bus
                                                  chassis brand Mersedes-Benz
                                                  on the production of buses on
                                                  chassis Mersedes-Benz on the
                                                  basis of Kostanai diesel plant
                                                  in the amount of up to 350
                                                  units per year. In the direction
                                                  of road construction
                                                  equipment in 2008, JSC
                                                  "YMCA" held negotiations
                                                  with one of the best
                                                  manufacturers in China, the
                                                  company CHANGLIN
                                                  COMPANY LIMITED
                                                  (graders, wheel loaders),
                                                  GUIZHOU JONYANG
                                                  KINETICS CO.LTD
15   Construction of a cement plant          Construction of a cement plant    The necessary documentation to the 70    LLP Standard Cement 050059,        Construction of the plant
                                             with capacity of 1 year.   project: a feasibility study, project    Kazakhstan, South Kazakhstan,      is divided into 5 stages.
                                             the plant will produce cement     design estimate documentation            Shymkent rn, p.Kyzyl-Sai tel. /    Currently, work is
                                             using new technology with the     (DED), a business plan, technical            fax: 8 (7252) 556023           underway to complete
                                             use of "dry" method of            design of the plant and equipment                                           the administrative-
                                             manufacture. Pre-construction     are available. In general, the overall                                      residential buildings
                                             work on the plant has been        readiness of the project is 20%                                             (finishing), preparatory
                                             carried out in the beginning of                                                                               work for the coating
                                             2008 the main purpose of the                                                                                  fundation under the silo
                                             project is to expand the scope                                                                                for receiving a sliding
                                             of activities, reinforcement of                                                                               shuttering from China,
                                             business, offering quality                                                                                    the concreting of the
                                             products at the local and                                                                                     walls of silos (10 silos),
                                             country-wide level, the                                                                                       Among the first-line
                                             competitiveness among                                                                                         objects there are
                                             enterprises engaged in                                                                                        construction, concreting
                                             production and marketing of                                                                                   fundations and skeleton.
                                             similar products, strengthening                                                                               Excavation and
                                             its market position, obtaining                                                                                concreting of
                                             profit                                                                                                        foundations are at the
                                                                                                                                                           2nd and 3rd stages of

16   "Watersupply for enterprises and the    Water supply for the              Explored for mining and oil        190      JSC "NC" SEC "Caspian",         Negotiations with the
     residential area of Zhylyoi District"   population of the Zhylyoi         companies                                  130000 Aktau, 4 md of.SPK        "TCO" in the volume of
                                             District, as well as industrial                                            "Caspian" tel.: 8 (7292) 579 900   water consumption are
                                             enterprises and workers'                                                   Fax: 8 (7292 ) 579 905 Place of    being held; searching for
                                             settlements LLP TCO and                                                        realization: Atyrau region     potential investors
                                             nearby settlements
17   Construction of the plant for the production The main purpose of the        There is a business plan, DED is   8.2            LLP Promtehsnab ", JSC" NK        A Management
     of food and technical salt                   project is to saturate the     under development                               "SEC" Caspian ", 130000 Aktau,      Company LLP "Caspiy
                                                  domestic market with good                                                        4 md of.SPK" Caspian "tel.: 8     Salt". the landis
                                                  quality product - the                                                         (7292) 579 900 Fax: 8 (7292) 579     legalized. procedure for
                                                  establishment of a factory                                                      905 Place of realization: Atyrau   registration of the
                                                  producing high-quality                                                                      region                 relevant documents on
                                                  technical and consumption salt                                                                                     the transfer of the
                                                                                                                                                                     company the right of
                                                                                                                                                                     subsoil use is being held.
                                                                                                                                                                     Work on the
                                                                                                                                                                     development of the
                                                                                                                                                                     working draft plant
                                                                                                                                                                     extraction and
                                                                                                                                                                     enrichment of salt and
                                                                                                                                                                     the technological part of
                                                                                                                                                                     the working draft of salt
                                                                                                                                                                     processing factories is
                                                                                                                                                                     being continued.
                                                                                                                                                                     Preparations are being
                                                                                                                                                                     made instruments in the
                                                                                                                                                                     JSC "KDB" for the
                                                                                                                                                                     banking expertise, a
                                                                                                                                                                     contract the intention to
                                                                                                                                                                     supply equipment
18   Cleanup of soil from the oil, processing oil Construction on the plant for Business plan under development           0.3    : LTD "Nuba", JSC "NK" SEC          In connection with the
     cuttings                                     disposal of oil drilling                                                       "Caspian", 130000 Aktau, 4 md       rising costs of the
                                                  cuttings, reducing the amount                                                  of.SPK "Caspian" tel.: 8 (7292)     project, recalculate the
                                                  of oily waste to be disposed of,                                                579 900 fax: 8 (7292) 579 905      business plan
                                                  and the cost of their transport,                                               Place of realization: Mangistau
                                                  use the maximum amount of                                                                   region
                                                  quality petroleum products
                                                  that are in the bottom
                                                  sediments and barns,
                                                  improving the environmental
                                                  situation in the region,
                                                  creating new jobs, new
19   Mobile chemical-processing facility for      organization of production to Business plan under development       after business     JSC" NC "SEC" Caspian ",      Due to the rising costs of
     cleaning oil and gas equipment from          clean up oil and gas equipment                                      plan is           130000 Aktau, 4 md of.SPK" the project, the business
     radioactive contamination                    from radioactive                                                    developed        Caspian "tel.: 8 (7292) 579 900 plan is to be recalculated
                                                  contamination                                                                        Fax: 8 (7292) 579 905 Place of
                                                                                                                                        realization: Mangistau region

20   "Construction of the plant for the           Creating a knowledge-            Feasibility study is on the state   6.0              JSC NIPIneftegaz ", JSC" NK       A Management
     production of biological products"           intensive, innovative            examination, decorated with 2,3 ha                  "SEC" Caspian ", 130000 Aktau,     Company LLP
                                                  production in Kazakhstan.        of land for the construction of the                  4 md of.SPK" Caspian "tel.: 8     KaspiEkoBio, being the
                                                  Organization of production of    plant                                                (7292) 579 900 Fax: 8 ( 7292)     transfer of land 2.3 ha in
                                                  high-performance,                                                                      579 905 Place of realization:    the authorized capital of
                                                  environmentally safe                                                                        Mangistau region            the Management
                                                  biological products for the                                                                                             Company
                                                  needs of industry, agriculture
                                                  and environmental protection
                                                  on the basis of indigenous

21   Construction of an industrial park for small to develop infrastructure to     land is allocated, there is a      50.0             JSC" NC "SEC" Caspian "NEP"        Allocated land, an area
     and medium-sized businesses in Mangistau support small and medium             feasibility study                                      Union "Atameken", 130000        of 200 hectares,
     area                          Place of       business                                                                              Aktau, 4 md of.SPK "Caspian"      developed feasibility
     realization: Mangistau region                                                                                                       tel.: 8 (7292 ) 579 900 Fax: 8   study
                                                                                                                                                  (7292) 579 905

22   Creating a multi-disciplinary clinic in      Opening of the Medical Center feasibility study is developed, state 4.5              LLP Darmen ", JSC" NK "SEC"        Developed feasibility
     Aktau                                        with a wide Spector medical expertise review is obtained,                            Caspian ", 130000 Aktau, 4 md      study and received state
     Place of realization: Mangistau region       services. Expected result: the project's business plan is available                  of.SPK" Caspian "tel.: 8 (7292)    expertise review. Work is
                                                  number of visits per shift 150                                                        579 900 Fax: 8 (7292) 579 905     underway to identify
                                                  people in hospital with 25                                                                                              funding scheme with the
                                                  beds                                                                                                                    possibility to attract
23   Construction milling plant in Aktau          Ensuring food security in the    Allocate land, there is a feasibility   10.0      JSC" NC "SEC" Caspian ",      Allocate land, an area of
                                                  region                           study. Budget request has been                   130000 Aktau, 4 md of.SPK" 5 hectares, there is a
                                                                                   filed in Ministry of Economy and                Caspian "tel.: 8 (7292) 579 900 feasibility study
                                                                                   budgetary planning                              Fax: 8 (7292) 579 905 Place of
                                                                                                                                    realization: Mangistau region

24   "Installing the catalytic reforming unit with It will allow for the exit     Development Program of JSC  150.0                JSC "Pavlodar Oil Chemistry
     continuous catalyst regeneration" Location reformate 91,7% octane 100- "Pavlodar Oil Chemistry Refinery"                       Refinery" 140000 Pavlodar,
     of the project: Pavlodar city                 102 item of research methods. in 2010-2014 GG                                  Himkombinatovskaya Str., 1 tel.:
                                                   In addition, major equipment                                                   8 (7182) 39 65 44, fax: 8 (7182)
                                                   reforming, as the existing are                                                            39 60 98
                                                   worn-out (worked more than
                                                   30 years)
25   "Installing the packaging of bitumen" Place Allow to optimize the process                                8.0                  JSC "Pavlodar Oil Chemistry
     of realization: Pavlodar                      of hardening of bitumen, as                                                      Refinery" 140000 Pavlodar,
                                                   well as to achieve the best                                                    Str.Himkombinatovskaya, 1 tel.:
                                                   possible product presentation                                                  8 (7182) 39 65 44, fax: 8 (7182)
                                                                                                                                             39 60 98

26   "Installing the production of sulfur" Place To ensure smooth operation                                                40.0   JSC "Pavlodar Oil Chemistry
     of realization: Pavlodar                    when the output of 7 million                                                     Refinery" 140000 Pavlodar,
                                                 tons per year, sulfur plant is                                                   Str.Himkombinatovskaya, 1 tel.:
                                                 necessary                                                                        8 (7182) 39 65 44, fax: 8 (7182)
                                                                                                                                  39 60 98

27   "Trestle discharge of oil, straight-run fuel Will increase production of                                              30.0   JSC "Pavlodar Oil Chemistry
     oil and gasoil"     Location of the project : gasoline, disiel fuel and                                                      Refinery" 140000 Pavlodar,
     Pavlodar                                      liquefied gases                                                                Str.Himkombinatovskaya, 1 tel.:
                                                                                                                                  8 (7182) 39 65 44, fax: 8 (7182)
                                                                                                                                  39 60 98
28   Installing plant of oligomerization with     Allow to obtain products with                                            80.0   JSC" Pavlodar Oil Chemistry
     block selective isomerization                octane number of 95 points for                                                  Refinery "140000 Pavlodar,
     Place of realization: City Pavlodar          the research method                                                             Str.Himkombinatovskaya, 1 tel.:
                                                                                                                                  8 (7182) 39 65 44, fax: 8 (7182)
                                                                                                                                  39 60 98
29   Installing plant of dewaxing of diesel fuel   It will help solving the          50.0   JSC" Pavlodar Oil Chemistry
     Place of realization: Pavlodar                problem of reducing the sulfur           Refinery "140000 Pavlodar,
                                                   content and receive diesel fuel          Str.Himkombinatovskaya, 1 tel.:
                                                   meeting the requirements of              8 (7182) 39 65 44, fax: 8 (7182)
                                                   EURO III (350ppm)                        39 60 98

30   "Installing the isomerization"                It will allow to obtain high-     80.0   JSC "Pavlodar Oil Chemistry
     Place of realization: Pavlodar                octane component of gasoline             Refinery" 140000 Pavlodar,
                                                   containing benzene to 0,9% by            Str.Himkombinatovskaya, 1 tel.:
                                                   weight., Satisfying the modern           8 (7182) 39 65 44, fax: 8 (7182)
                                                   requirements of motor fuels              39 60 98
                                                   with improved environmental

31   Installation of gasoline hydrotreating        It will reduce the content of     40.0   JSC" Pavlodar Oil Chemistry
     catalytic cracking technology for Prime-G     sulfur, nitrogen, oxygen and             Refinery "140000 Pavlodar,
     Location implementation: Pavlodar             resinous compounds in the                Str.Himkombinatovskaya, 1 tel.:
                                                   environment of hydrogen on               8 (7182) 39 65 44, fax: 8 (7182)
                                                   the catalyst, thereby improving          39 60 98
                                                   the stability of gasoline and
                                                   reduces its corrosion activity.
                                                   The quality of gasoline would
                                                   meet the requirements of Euro
                                                   IV, V in containing of sulfur.

32   Hydrotreatment of wide gasoline fraction      It will let to refine the raw     50.0   JSC" Pavlodar Oil Chemistry
     Place of realization: Pavlodar                material for plant                       Refinery "140000 Pavlodar,
                                                   isomerization and catalytic              Str.Himkombinatovskaya, 1 tel.:
                                                   cracking, as well as be able to          8 (7182) 39 65 44, fax: 8 (7182)
                                                   use as a feedstock for these             39 60 98
                                                   processes the delayed coker
                                                   gasoline and diesel fuel
33   "Increasing the capacity of the delayed       Increased capacity of the         70.0   JSC "Pavlodar Oil Chemistry
     coking" Place of realization: Pavlodar        delayed coking unit to 1,0               Refinery" 140000 Pavlodar,
                                                   million tons per year of raw             Str.Himkombinatovskaya, 1 tel.:
                                                   materials                                8 (7182) 39 65 44, fax: 8 (7182)
                                                                                            39 60 98
34   Complex for the production of nitrogen      Saturation of the market of      Feasiblity study is available        1000.0   LLP Caspian Nitrogen           Find a potential investor
     fertilizer                                  Kazakhstan with nitrogen
                                                 fertilizers at affordable prices

35   Caspian Refinery                            Development of the oil           Feasiblity study is available        2000.0   LLP Kaztyazhdorstroy           Currently, the project
                                                 refining industry, oil                                                                                        proponent is negotiating
                                                 production world standard                                                                                     with potential investors /
                                                 Euro-5                                                                                                        lenders from China,
                                                                                                                                                               which signed
                                                                                                                                                               memoranda of
                                                                                                                                                               understanding and
                                                                                                                                                               potential cooperation in
                                                                                                                                                               the project.

36   Pharmaceutical complex of liquid dosage     Development of the               Feasiblity study, DED is available   12.0     LLP Medical Pharm Cha-Cours    The construction of
     forms and products                          pharmaceutical market of                                                                                      foundations. Industrial
                                                 liquid dosage forms and                                                                                       buildings are being
                                                 medical products of domestic                                                                                  installed .

37   Plant on production of wall -bearing     Construction Materials              There is a business plan             7.5      LLP "Apatura Limited           Find a potential investor
     thermostructural and foam plysterenral                                                                                     Kazakhstan"
     panels and products TOO "Apatura Limited

38   Construction of a production site for       Production of modern             Not Available                        38.4     "TenizService" (JSC "NC" KMG Work is underway to
     further deployment of metal structues plant Kazakhstani products that                                                      ")                           determine the optimal
     (p.Bautino)                                 meets international standards                                                                               structure and form of the
                                                                                                                                                             project, in search for
                                                                                                                                                             partners and investors
39   Shipbuilding, ship repair yard (p.Kuryk)    Creation of coastal             Not Available              400.0   "TenizService" (JSC "NC" KMG in search for a potential
                                                 infrastructure construction and                                    ")                           investor
                                                 maintenance of equipment and
                                                 marine vessels

40   Plant for production of metal               Creation of coastal             Not Available              90.0    "TenizService" (JSC "NC" KMG Work on the optimal
     structures(p.Kuryk)                         infrastructure to support oil                                      ")                           structure and form of the
                                                 operations                                                                                      project, search for
                                                                                                                                                 partners and investors

41   dredging fleet technical support base and   production infrastructure       Not Available              50.0    "TenizService" (JSC "NC" KMG Work on the optimal
     the zone of free storage                                                                                       ")                           structure and form of the
                                                                                                                                                 project, insearch for
                                                                                                                                                 partners and investors

42   Creating marine operations support shore Providing uninterrupted            There is a business plan   285.0   "SARTAS" AO                     in search for a potential
     base in the Gulf                         service to offshore oil facilities                                    "Kaspiymunaykurylys"            investor
43   Organization of production services for   The project envisages the         There is a feasibility study, DED,   2.2   LLP SPP Hardware, tel.511014    Equipment purchased by
     Galvanizing steel                         organization of production        provided infrastructure, the                                               Italian company
                                               services for deposition of zinc equipment being installed                                                    "GMGruppo Maccabeo"
                                               coating on large steel                                                                                       (Italy). Currently, work
                                               structures, road barriers,                                                                                   is underway on the
                                               tunnel, bridge construction,                                                                                 installation of
                                               bearing and suspension                                                                                       equipment.
                                               catenary of railways, car spare
                                               parts, pipes, hardware and
                                               other metal products from
                                               26000 to 60000 tons annually.
                                               Galvanizing metal-effective
                                               method of corrosion protection
                                               to prolong the life, increase the
                                               wear resistance.
44   Organization of workshop for              The aim of the project is the    There is a feasibility study, DED,    1.1   LLP Altima-Strojdetal ", tel. 8 The construction of the
     manufacturing doors from fines fraction   organization of production       infrastructure is provided,                 (7112) 239300, West Kazakhstan, workshop. The
                                               services for the supply of       completed construction and                  Uralsk                          negotiations with the
                                               doors and furniture facades      installation and commissioning                                              Ukrainian company to
                                               and furniture for the building                                                                               supply equipment for the
                                               sector.                                                                                                      production of doors of
45   Construction of workshop on processing    The aim of the project is the                                          0.1   FE "Fonyakov", tel.             fines end of this year,
                                                                                                                                                            At the
     liquorice                                 output of liquorice.             There is a feasibility study, DED,          549140.549149, West             planning to enter full
                                                                                infrastructure is provided,                 Kazakhstan, Uralsk              capacity, issues on raw
                                                                                completed construction and                                                  material supply are
                                                                                installation and commissioning.                                             solved, Markets -
                                                                                                                                                            Kazakhstan, Belarus and
                                                                                                                                                            Russia. Funds are
46   Construction waste sorting complex in        The project aims at           There is a feasibility study, DED, 5.6         LLP "Arcturus", tel.            Closed zero-cycle
     Uralsk                                       introducing modern            infrastructure is provided, under              256536.256893, West             construction, under
                                                  technologies in the market of construction and installation work.            Kazakhstan, Uralsk              construction and
                                                  the Republic of Kazakhstan on                                                                                installation work
                                                  the basis of efficient use of
                                                  recycled materials and its
                                                  involvement in the process of
                                                  raw material supply for the
                                                  production of consumer goods,
                                                  improving the environmental
                                                  situation at the existing

47   Development and production of gas            The project involves equipping   TEC is availble, DED - not           20.0   JSC "West Kazakhstan            The project is at planning
     compressor units and gas turbine power       compressor workshops of          available, the infrastructure               Engineering Company", tel.      stage. Funds are needed
     plant                                        main gas pipelines of            provided.                                   989005, 989130, West            for this project.
                                                  Kazakhstan modern pumping                                                    Kazakhstan, Uralsk
                                                  units with high-efficiency gas
                                                  turbine engines or upgrading
48   Construction of greenhouses                  of existing gas-pumping units
                                                  Building greenhouses             There is a feasibility study, DED,   0.1    LLP "Ray", GCA, Taskalinsky     The construction has
                                                                                   infrastructure is provided                  district, 8 (71139) 21410       been started

49   . Construction of mini-plant on processing   Organization of farm             There is a feasibility study, DED,   1.6    LLP Bisekesh ", tel. 8 (7172)   The construction has
     goat's milk and dairy products               production and processing of     infrastructure is provided                  319062, GCA, Zelenovski         been started
                                                  goat's milk                                                                  District

50   Organization of workshop on processing       Construction of the plant for    There is a feasibility study, DED,   3.5    LLP "Licorice Kazakhstan", tel. 8 construction is in
     liquorice                                    the processing of liquorice      infrastructure is provided                  (7112) 513597, GCA, Zelenovski process, equipment is
                                                                                                                               District                          purchased

51   construction of dredging fleet support base Creation of the first in the      There is a prior feasibility study   41.7   LLP« IDEAL CONSTRACTION A Management
                                                 Republic of Kazakhstan            and business plan of the project.           COMPANY », JSC" NC "SEC" Company LLP Caspian
                                                 dredging fleet, the base to                                                   Caspian "Mangistau region Technical Fleet, the fleet
                                                 provide services for ships                                                                              formed in quantities of 6
52   Pharmaceutical complex                      Providing pharmaceutical         Feasibility and DED is available   9.7    LLP Medical Pharm "Cha-Cours" The construction of
                                                 market with liquid forms and                                               FEZ "Seaport Aktau" (Mangistau foundations has been
                                                 medical products of domestic                                               region, Aktau, Industrial Area) done. industrial buildings
                                                 production, the planned                                                                                    are
                                                 volume of which should                                                                                     being installed
                                                 reduce its imports and
                                                 simultaneously enhance the
                                                 export potential of the country.

53   Reconstruction of the sulfuric acid plant   Reconstruction of the sulfuric There is a feasibility study, DED    46.7   LLP SP CPS Kazatomprom            Currently, no
     production capacity of 180 thousand tons    acid plant production capacity                                             (Aqmola, Stepnogorsk 4 md.        construction, installation
     per year                                    of 180 tons per year                                                       Zd.2, 8-716-45-6-95-14; 6-65 --   and other types of pre-
                                                                                                                            72). Aqmola, Stepnogorsk          production works is not
                                                                                                                                                              available, work is not
                                                                                                                                                              conducted from April
                                                                                                                                                              2009. With a minimum
                                                                                                                                                              funding level of 2,5
                                                                                                                                                              billion tenge this year
                                                                                                                                                              possible date of
                                                                                                                                                              commissioning of the
                                                                                                                                                              plant 4 quarter 2010 - 1
                                                                                                                                                              st quarter of 2011. That
                                                                                                                                                              arose from the April
                                                                                                                                                              2009 debt to the
                                                                                                                                                              company "Desmet
                                                                                                                                                              Ballestra SpA in the
                                                                                                                                                              amount of 3 145
                                                                                                                                                              thousand euro has led to
                                                                                                                                                              the suspension of further
                                                                                                                                                              equipment. At maturity
                                                                                                                                                              of the above debt
                                                                                                                                                              "Desmet Ballestra SpA"
                                                                                                                                                              is obliged to resume the
54   Construction of the plant for the production Construction of the plant for     DED and the full feasibility study, 8.0    LLP« ENKI »(Akmola region,          the installation of
     of ceramic bricks                            the production of ceramic         first phase of the plant (ABC,             Kokchetav, Northern Industrial      equipment, ventilation
                                                  bricks with capacity of 60        network engineering, industrial            Area, 8-7162-26-53-46), Aqmola,     heating and drying
                                                  million units. year, a wide       building, garage, entrance,                Kokshetau                           branches, wiring and
                                                  range of high-quality color and   transformer substation) is done by                                             commissioning is in the
                                                  texture of brick (about 30        state commission, put the two                                                  final stage. Completion
                                                  species), as well as porous       feeder railway impasse, there are                                              of work on construction
                                                  large-scale building blocks.      contracts for the extraction of raw                                            and installation of
                                                                                    materials for brick production.                                                mixture reserves plant
                                                                                                                                                                   (readiness to 60%), gas
                                                                                                                                                                   management (readiness
                                                                                                                                                                   to 80%), the completion
                                                                                                                                                                   of the landscaping.

55   Construction of the plant for the production Construction of the plant for     There is a feasibility study and the 0.4   LLP Kerege-Astana (Astana,          The plant is under 90%
     of ceramic hollow bricks                     the production of ceramic         DED                                        Str.Druzhby 54, 8-7172-20-55-       ready.
                                                  hollow bricks                                                                48, 20-55-49) Aqmola, Akkol
56   "Construction of brick factory"              Construction of a brick plant     There is a feasibility study and the 1.6   LLP "ALTOR-Stroyinvest              At the moment
                                                  with capacity of 20 million       DED.                                       (Aqmola, Burabaysky district,       construction is
                                                  units. year.                                                                 Shuchinsk, the area of industrial   suspended due to lack of
                                                                                                                               zone, 8-71636-4-79-22) Aqmola,      funding. Imported Italian
                                                                                                                               Burabaysky district.                equipment. Cast
                                                                                                                                                                   foundations for the
                                                                                                                                                                   installation of
                                                                                                                                                                   equipment. Are tanks for
                                                                                                                                                                   fire tanks, installed 2
                                                                                                                                                                   QFT (power
                                                                                                                                                                   transformers for power
                                                                                                                                                                   supply capacity of 1,240
57   Reconstruction and modernization of the     Objectives                         Developed Feasibility Project       1365.8    LLP "Atyrau refinery, Atyrau     Project underway
     Atyrau Refinery (Construction of deep oil    Ensuring compliance with          (Developer LLP "IR"                           oblast
     Atyrau Refinery)                            European standards of product      Kazgiproneftetrans "in alliance
                                                 quality gasoline and diesel fuel   with the company« Axens »).
                                                 by reducing the sulfur,             Public hearings on the preliminary
                                                 nitrogen, and other                assessment of the impact on the
                                                 unsaturated compounds.             environment (Pre-EIA).
                                                  Increasing the depth of oil        Feasibility study approved by the
                                                 refining at the expense of         state examination.
                                                 inclusion of oil and vacuum         Announced a tender and carried
                                                 gasoil.                            out the procedure of opening bids,
                                                  Reducing the harmful effects      bidders for the development of PIR.
                                                 on the environment by
                                                 reducing emissions of
                                                 pollutants into the atmosphere
                                                 (carbon monoxide and
                                                 nitrogen) through the use of
                                                 modern technological
                                                 furnaces, boiler units
                                                 (improvement of fuel
                                                 combustion in furnaces,
                                                 heating, boiler feed units).
                                                 Expected result
                                                  Improving the quality of high-
                                                 octane gasoline of the standard
                                                  Increased range of products.
                                                  Improving the financial and
                                                 economic indicators LLP
                                                 Atyrau Refinery.
                                                  Improving the environmental
58   Construction of the first integrated gas    component of(800 thousand
                                                 Polyethylene LLP Atyrau            Presence of the approved feasibility 6300.0   LLP "Kazakhstan Petrochemical Development of
     chemical complex in the Atyrau region       tons per year) and                 study                                         Industries Inc.", Atyrau region technical project on
                                                 polypropylene (500 thousand                                                                                      designing complex
                                                 tons per year)
59   The construction of commodity sturgeon   Obtaining marketable fish and      Developed feasibility study,         3.0     Founders - Kemelbaeva H., JSC      A Management
     farm                                     black caviar, reducing pressure    developed a pilot project of the             "NC" SEC "Caspian", Atyrau         Company LLP Caspian
                                              on natural stocks of sturgeon.     DED, obtained state expertise                region, pp. Erkinkala              sturgeon company
                                              Expected result: to reduce         review, there is a business plan,                                               "Caspian Sea sturgeon."
                                              pressure on natural                developed fish breeding and                                                     Implemented
                                              populations of sturgeons and       biological rationale.                                                           topographic and
                                              preserve the biodiversity of the                                                                                   geological engineering
                                              Caspian Sea. Receiving 85                                                                                          work, construction of
                                              tons of sturgeon and 500 kg of                                                                                     external engineering
                                              caviar a year.                                                                                                     networks, energy
                                                                                                                                                                 conservation, finalized
                                                                                                                                                                 the pilot of the DED. A
                                                                                                                                                                 contest for the
                                                                                                                                                                 construction. Faced with
                                                                                                                                                                 the lack of financing JSC
                                                                                                                                                                 "CAF", is planned
                                                                                                                                                                 increase in the
                                                                                                                                                                 authorized capital
                                                                                                                                                                 management company by
                                                                                                                                                                 investing additional
60   Construction of a cement plant           production of cement brands        There is a feasibility study, DED,   230.0   LLP Mynaral Tas Company, a         55% readiness
                                              M400D20 1.2 million tons per       infrastructure construction phase            subsidiary of Artist Project LLP
                                              year. The design capacity of       (railway, power lines, water main,           Zhambylskaja Cement
                                              the plant: 1.1 million tons of     road). Business plan is completed.           Manufacturing Company ", tel.
                                              cement per year, the dry           Development of DED in                        (727) 244 02 46. p.Mynaral
                                              method of production using         accordance with the working                  Moiynkum Area
                                              modern technologies to meet        schedule.
                                              environmental requirements
                                              and safety standards of the
                                              World Bank.
61   Construction of pig fattening             The project aims at the           There is a feasibility study, the   10.0    LLP Lugovskoi stud "tel. (726    60% readiness
                                               cultivation and production of     DED, a business plan.                       31) 26503 s.Kogershin Area
                                               pork in packaged form,                                                        Ryskulova T.
                                               classified by range as well as
                                               production of meat products,
                                               development of biogas,
                                               receiving fertilizer nitrogen

62   Construction Electrometallurgical mini-   project technical equipment       Feasibility study (business plan) is 15.2   JSC "spare parts" tel. (726 2)   60% readiness
     plant                                     and technological scheme does     available, DED is under state               426099 Taraz
                                               not yield to the world            expertise review. Infrastructure:
                                               analogues, designed to            electricity, the presence of its own
                                               produce 120 thousand tons of      transformer substation, thermal,
                                               rolled products from strains of   water networks, railway impasse
                                               high-quality steel a year.        avtopodezd.

63   .Construction of high broiler poultry     Production of import-           There is a business plan, contract,   5.6     LLP Zhambyl Kus tel. (726 2)     obtain an additional 60
                                               substituting products: chicken, intention to supply equipment                 522809 s.Koktal Bayzakskogo      hectares of land for
                                               sausages line, canning, etc                                                   Area                             construction, an
                                                                                                                                                              application to the JSC
                                                                                                                                                              KazAgroFinance "
64   Creating world-class high-tech complex on Creating a complex on the     There is a business plan, DED           13.0    LLP Kazakh Meat Company          Necessary to finance
     cattle meat production                    reproduction of beef cattle                                                   "Ontustik" tel. (726 38) 33475
                                               breeding and the formation of                                                 s.Tole Bi Shu Area
                                               the herd, cattle, creating a
                                               meat-processing complex with
                                               annual capacity to slaughter
65   Construction of cement plant   The project is scheduled in    There is a feasibility study and the 20.0   LLP Hantausky Cement Plant    Completion of
                                    two phases: 1 - Establishment DED, the construction of the plant           Tel. (727) 2935855 (726 42)   construction and
                                    and organization of the                                                    27156 st.Hantau Moiynkum Area installation works,
                                    production of cement grade M-                                                                            installation of
                                    500 with capacity of 500                                                                                 technological equipment
                                    thousand tons of cement per                                                                              is being made
                                    year; 2 phase - output at full
                                    capacity up to 1500 tonnes is
                                    planned after detailed
                                    exploration of the deposit and
                                    the exact allegations stocks
                                    Hantauskogo field during the
                                    implementation of the project