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									          R4 DS Card - Quick Setup Guide

   You can purchase the original R4 DS Card from

 This guide is intended ONLY for the genuine R4 DS Cards
you can buy from there, and not for the clone / knock off R4
 DS Cards that you may find elsewhere. This firmware will
                ONLY work on Genuine cards!

Downloading the Firmware from http://www.r4ds.com

Once you're on the homepage of the manufacturer website,
simply click on the DOWNLOADS link to get to the
downloads section where you'll find all of the firmware files.
On The Download Page You're Going To Have To Pick The
Firmware File.

In this example, we're choosing to download the ENGLISH /
FRENCH / KOREAN firmware bundle. This bundle covers all
of those languages in one package. Simply click on the link
and your download will begin and save to your PC. Make
sure you make note of where you're saving the file, to
ensure that you can find it after it has completely
When You See The Pop Up Menu. Select SAVE FILE And
The File Will Save To Your PC

You'll need to get a program called 7Zip or WinRar in order to
unarchive the file you are downloading. They are both available for
free online at no cost from their respective websites at RarLabs.com
and 7zip.com. Once you unarchive the file you downloaded, it will
create a filder called English-1.18 on your desktop or the folder to
which it was originally downloaded. Just double click on this new
folder and it will open to reveal the contents of the folder itself.
Copy All Of The Files From The Folder Your Created When
You UnRared The File You Downloaded.

You'll find 4 different files/folders inside of the English-1.18
folder you created when you unarchived the downloaded
firmware. Make sure you copy ALL of the files. A quick and
surefire way to do this is simply to click on Edit in the top
menu, and then click on SELECT ALL and once again on
COPY. This way you'll be sure to select all of the files and
folders to be copied over to your R4 DS MicroSD
Once you're finished copying over the firmware files, game
files, movie files, etc.. Put the microSD Card into the R4 DS

Once you have all the firmware files on the card and have
the game files or movie / music files on the card, all that's
left is to take out the microSD card from the actual USB
Reader and put it into your R4 DS card, making sure that
you insert the microSD Card in the right way, or else it may
end up getting stuck in the R4 DS card if you accidentally
install it backwards.
You're Done. Plug The R4 DS Card Into Your Nintendo DS
and Enjoy!

That's it. You're finished. You'll notice that once you turn
on your Nintendo DS or DS Lite you'll be greeted by a whole
new R4 DS menu system. This is where you'll pick what you
want to do. If you want to load a game, click on (1) - The
game icon. You'll see a list of all of the games or
applications you had copied to the microSD card in a prior
step. If you want to listen to music or watch a movie, click
on the MEDIA option (2) and you'll be loaded into
MoonShell, which is the media player for the R4 DS. Option
3 is to boot into SLOT 2, which means you can load any
Gameboy Advance card / game and boot directly to it, from
the R4 DS menu. Note that this option is NOT there with the
newer DSi consoles, as they do not have the Gameboy
Advance cartridge port.

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