Car parking information - Car parking for patients and visitors by keara


									                                             and opposite to the A&E department and       How does Pay & Display work?
                                             medical wards.                               Park and go to the nearest pay machine.
                                                                                          Exact money only, no change is given.
        Car parking for                      Car Park 5 Short stay car park has six       Pay the amount for your expected length
      patients and visitors                  disabled spaces, 12 drop off spaces (20      of stay, take a ticket and display it inside
                                             minutes waiting). The car park is situated   the windscreen of your car.
                                             in front of the A&E department and
          Horton Hospital                    medical wards.                               Pay & Display Charges

               June 2007                     Car Park 6 has 20 spaces and nine            Daily                       Amount
                                             disabled spaces and is situated on the
                                             left hand side as you drive in the Oxford    Up to 3 hours               £2.00
                                                                                          4 - 5 hours                 £3.00
                                             Road entrance, near the Outpatients,
The car parks                                                                             5 - 6 hours                 £3.00
                                             Brodey Centre, Cardiac Investigations,
                                                                                          6 - 7 hours                 £7.00
Car park 1 has 50 spaces and six             Audiology, Cardiac Rehab gym and             7 - 8 hours                 £7.00
disabled spaces, on the left hand side as    Pharmacy departments.                        8 - 9 hours                 £7.00
you drive in the main entrance, off                                                       9 -24 (max)                 £7.00
Hightown Road. The medical wards,            How do I pay for parking?
Oak, Laburnum, Juniper and Mulberry          There are five pay & display machines        What happens to my money?
are directly opposite, and the A&E           sited in patient/visitor car parks.          The car parks are run by the Trust and
department and main entrance are a few
                                                                                          not as a commercial operation. The
minutes walk away.                           Once you have paid, display your ticket in   money is used to pay for the provision
                                             the front window of your vehicle.            and management of car parking. Any
Car park 2 has 80 spaces, and is situated
                                                                                          surplus goes to help fund services for
on the right hand side as you drive in the
                                                                                          patients and visitors.
main entrance, off Hightown Road. The
maternity unit is opposite this car park.
                                                                                          What if I’m a regular patient, visitor or
Car Park 3 has 11 spaces, two 20 minute
                                                                                          You may be entitled to reduced parking
drop off paces and one disabled space
                                                                                          or even free parking if you are in one of
and is situated outside of the maternity
                                                                                          the categories below:
building main entrance.
                                                                                              If you are a patient who attends
                                                                                              regularly and frequently you may be
Car Park 4 has 34 spaces and is situated
                                                                                              entitled to a free car parking permit.
adjacent to the Horton Treatment Centre,
                                                                                                                    Continued over >
   If you are a visitor or carer to a longer
   stay in-patient, normally four days or      Can I claim back travel expenses?
   more, you will be eligible for a seven      Patients - not visitors - who attend a clinic   There are leaflets available for bus
   day parking ticket at a cost of £8.         and receive Income Support or certain           services via the Trust’s website
   If your child or close relation is in       other State Benefits, can claim the cost of
   intensive care, the special care baby       travel, including car parking charges.
   unit or certain other wards you are         This must be authorised by the Clinic
   likely to be entitled to free parking.      Nurse and then taken to the Cashiers
                                               Office along with proof of benefit.
The Ward Clerk or Sister in charge will                                                        Where can I get more information?
advise you and provide you with an             For more information contact the cashiers       If you have questions about car parking
authorisation form if you are eligible.        on 01295 229044.                                or encounter problems with parking
                                                                                               please contact the HH Car Parking Office
What are the parking arrangements for          How else can I get to Hospital?                 on 01295 229262; or call in at the office
people with disabilities?                      If you can use public transport and live        which is in the Estates & Facilities
There are extra wide parking bays for          within easy reach of a bus route to             building, or contact the supervisor
Blue Badge holders only which allow for        Banbury.                                        (attendant) on 0787 962 0357.
wheelchair use There are 24 disabled
spaces available, but if these spaces are      The main routes are:
full you can park free of charge in any        - B1 Easington – Horton Hospital-town
pay & display car park displaying your            centre
Blue Badge in the front of the vehicle.        - 499 Town Centre-Horton-Adderbury,
                                                  Aynho/Kings Sutton
                                               - GA01 Rugby-Daventry-Woodford
                                                  Halse-Byfield-Chipping Warden-
Penalty Charges                                   Wardington
By entering the hospital site and parking
you agree to park in an authorised space       -   59 Town Centre-Horton-Adderbury-
and pay the appropriate charge. Failure            Deddington-Steeple Aston-Tackley-
to do so may result in a penalty ticket            Kidlington-Oxford
being placed on your vehicle. The charge
is £50 which is halved to £25 if paid          -   By Train Banbury station is about one
within two weeks of the issue date.                mile from the hospital and served by
                                                   frequent trains to London, Oxford and
Notices explaining this “Breach of                 Birmingham. The bus station is 5
Contract” system are on display.                   minutes walk from the railway station.

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