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                                    Format of offer letter
                                        Technical Bid
             (To be put in separate sealed cover superscribed as ‘Technical Bid’)
The Dy.General Manager
Allahabad Bank,
Zonal Office,
Manish Commercial Centre,
216A,Dr. Annie Basent Road,
Worli, Mumbai –400 030

Ref- Your advertisement dated 11.05.2010 for purchase of flats in/on …………..(Name of
Newspaper/Bank’s website).

 1.                   Name of the Owner/s
                      Status of the firm (whether
 2.                   Share of each owner if any under Joint
 3.    Location:-
       a)             Number and Street/Plot
       b)             Survey No / Ward
       c)             City / Town
       d)             Residential area/Commercial area/Industrial
       e)             Proximity (Approx K.M. to)
                      Railway Station
                      Bus Stop
                      Educational Institute
                      Police Station
                      Fire Station
                      Offices such as electricity office, Telephone
 4.    Land:-
       a)             Name of Owner of Land
       b)             Nature of relationship between Land Owner
                      and Promoter/Builders, if any. Please furnish
                      the relevant details/documents.
       c)             Plot/Sub Plot Details
                      Corner/Intermediate, etc.
                      Percentage of built up area/floor space index.
       d)             Whether the relative land is having clear title.
                      Is there any encumbrances such as charge,
                      mortgage etc on the land. Please furnish
                      copy of title documents of the properties
                      alongwith Advocate’s report about clear &
                      marketable title and details of encumbrances
                      if any.
       e)             Leasehold/freehold (if leasehold, furnish the
                      name of the lessor/lessee, nature of lease,
                      duration of lease, lease rent, balance period
                      and term).
       f)             Terms & conditions, if any for converting
                      leasehold into freehold.
       g)             Surroundings of the plot
       h)             Nature of soil and substrata, Safe bearing
                      capacity etc. relevant test certificate to be
     i)            Level of the plot. Indicate the extent of
                   filling/cutting required if any.
     j)            Uses are as per development plans.
     k)            Whether the land is prone to flooding during
                   rainy season.
     l)            Permissible FSI /F.A.R.
     m)            FSI/FAR consumed
     n)            Any special municipal regulations applicable
                   to the captioned project may be specified.
     o)            Copy of site plan approved by the
                   appropriate authority showing the details
                   such as plot, sub plot number, boundaries
                   etc, be enclosed.
5.                 Building/ Building under construction
     a)            Type of building
     b)            Type of construction (Load
                   bearing/R.C.C./Steel framed structure).
     c)            Type of foundation in details
     d)            Nos. of Blocks in the campus
                   Nos. of floors in each block
                   Nos. of Flats in each floor
                   Clear floor height from floor to ceiling
                   Total No. of offered Flats
                   (Please furnish the detailed break-up of the
                   offered flats with distinctive flat number,
     e)            Clear floor height from floor to ceiling.
     f)            Age of the building(constructed)
                   Date of completion (under construction)
     g)            Present Occupiers if any.
6    Area          Plinth area floor-wise as per IS3861-1966.
                   Flat wise Super Built up area
                   Flat wise Built up area
                   Flat wise Carpet area as per IBA definition
                   Total carpet area

                   Note: Please furnish the detailed Break up of
                   entire complex/Blocks in separate sheet.
7    Constructio   Specification of construction (Floor wise)-
     n details
                      i)          Foundations
                    Furnish full details such as type of
                    foundation, R.C.C Mix etc.
                    ii) Super structure
                         1. Approved R.C. C. structural drawing
                             with design details alongwith
                             structural consultant certificate to be
                         2. Brick/stone masonry details such as
                             thickness of walls, quality of Bricks
                             used, proportion of cement mortar
                         3. Plastering particulars
                   iii) Doors & windows/ventilators/
                         Cupboards/Wardrobes etc.

                        a) Wooden or steel
                        b) Numbers
                        c) Size of frame
                        d) Panelled or Glazed
                        e) Total area
                   iv) Specification and types of Flooring,
                         Skirting/Daddo in the following area:-
                    Living Area
                    Bed Rooms
                    Common Lobby
                    v) Roofing Type, water proofing details and
                    other details

                    vi)            Please furnish details of
                           amenities provided/to be provided in
                           flats/common area in the separate
                    vii) Present stage of construction.
                    viii) F.S.I. available/sanctioned
                    ix) F.S.I. consumed
                    x) Special features, if any.
8.                  Details of other structures, like porches,
                    garages, servants quarters, compound wall
                    gates, walks, driveways, culverts, external
                    service connections etc. Please also furnish
                    property tax payable to the local authorities,
                    scope for future development expansions,
9.                  Water supply facilities available/to be
                    provided. Furnish the details.

10.                 Sanitary facilities available/to be provided.
11.                 Electrical-services available/to be provided.
12    Electrical-

      a)            Number of light points
      b)            Number of power points
      c)            Wiring used for lighting
      d)            Wiring used for power
      e)            Capacity of Energy Meter and in whose
                    name connection is obtained/to be obtained.
13    Fire          Please furnish the details of Fire fighting
      Fighting      systems/appliances provided/to be provided.
14    Car Parking   Number of Car Parking available/offered in         type      Nos.   Area in
      details       the complex.                                                        sq. ft.
15    Earth         Whether the resistance is provided for Earth
      Quake/Win     Quake/Wind Load
      d Load
16.                 Maintenance liability      and   its   expenses
                    including tax liability.

17                  Details of other liabilitries/charhes such as
                    Installation of Electric & water connection,
                    Development       Charges etc.        (Financial
                    implication to be given in the price bid)
18.   Other
      a)            Whether NOC/Permissions have been
                    obtained from Government under Urban
                    Land Ceiling Regulation Act. 1976?
      b)            Whether land has been converted to Non-
                    agricultural use?
          c)           Name and address of the Architects.
          d)           Name and address of the Structural
          e)           Probable time for completion and handing
                       over possession.
          f)           Whether plans have been approved by
                       Municipality/Corporation and NOC from other
                       authorities such as pollution Control, Fire
                       Control authorities etc have been obtained.
                       Please provide the copies of the following:-
                       a) Copy of sanctioned plan issued by
                       competent authority
                       b) Copy of NOC issued by Pollution Control
                       c) Copy of NOC issued by Fire Authority, if
                       d) Copy of any other relevant approvals.
          g)           Whether ready-made flats have been
                       constructed and sold by the Builder to any
                       Government/Semi Government Institutions
                       /Financial Institutions etc.? If so, names and
                       addresses of such clients and total cost of
                       such sales to each client to be given.
 19       Deviation    Please specify whether there is any deviation
          from         from sanction plan. If so, please furnish
          sanctioned   details.
 20                    Constitution of the firm and experience of the
 21                    Name and address of bankers.
 22                    Any other information not covered above.

I/ We hereby confirm that, all the above information furnished by me/us are true in best of my/
our knowledge. Copies of site plan, sanctioned drawings, copies of title document, Advocate’s
report, occupancy/completion certificate, Commencement certificate, NOC/Clearance from
ULC/IT/Pollution Control/Fire Control and other authorities, structural stability certificate or
report of structural engineer and Architect Report for Non Violation of FSI/Sanctioned
Plan/Local Bye laws are enclosed.

Place :                                                                 Signature

Date :
                                                        (Builder/Constructing Agency/Owner)

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