A listing of Interurban Films Videos in Clear Signal's Catalog by hcj


									  A listing of Interurban Films Videos in Clear Signal’s Catalog . Order by
catalog number (appears at the beginning of each entry). Email your selections to
                      Clear Signal at clearsig@earthlink.net
Subject Codes: A – Aviation; B – Busses;
CD - Contemporary Diesels; CP-Contemporary
Passenger; CR -Cab Ride; ED-Early Diesels;
FI –Fitness; FR -Foreign Rails; H-History;
HO-Hollywood Movies; JU-Juvenile; LS-Live Steam;
MI –Military; MR-Model Railroading; MS-Modern
Steam; NA-Nature; NG-Narrow Gauge; RH-Railroad History; RO-Railroad
Operations; S-Sports; SP-Space; T- Travel; TR-Traction;
VP-Vintage Passenger; VS-Vintage Steam; W-Weapons

CatalogNo    SubjectCode-Primary SubjectCode-2nd          SubjectCode-3rd        Title
       Producer     RunTime      Description-1st          Description-2nd        Copies owned

0054 VS                       Clear Track Ahead Interurban        26     An old black and
white PRR promotional film that covers most aspects of railroad operations and shows us a
variety of steam power in action, including the unique T-1.

0077 MS VS                     Farewell Santa Fe Steam    Interurban Films       31     4-8-4
#3759's last trip, from L.A. to Barstow in 1955

0118 TR                       North Shore, 1945        Interurban 24   An excellent action
film of the Chicago North Shore and Milwaukee, featuring suburban MU trains, trolley freights
and the Electroliner. A 'must see' for traction buffs.

0374   VS ED                 Railroad At Work - Milwaukee        Interurban    26
      "Milwaukee Road B&W film. with lots of steam and diesel runbys. Steam-drawn
""Hiawathas"", electric-powered ""Olympians"", in the Pacific Northwest. With sound."

0375 VP                     Flight Of The CenturyInterurban       18     "NYC film about the
""Twentieth Century Limited"". Train service and prepara-tion, runbys, engine changes and the
whole ""Century"" experience from the passenger's viewpoint."

0379 VP                       Water Level Route, The       Interurban      55     "Spanning the
years from 1905 to the end of the ""Twentieth Century Limited"" era, this video shows K-class
Pacifics, Niagaras, Mohawks,"        Hudsons plus the great streamliners, famous terminals and
freight action too!
0456 TR                        Electric Lines Outside Chicago        Interurban     30     Rare
color footage of the Indiana Railroad, Illinois Terminal, Crandic, Waterloo, Cedar Falls and
Northern, plus streetcars in Indianapolis, Kansas City, St. Louis and the Twin Cities.

0492   ED                     Milepost 100 Santa Fe Railway 1968 Interurban      27
       Produced by the Santa Fe to mark its 100th anniversary, this program affords a look at all
SF operations plus scenes of first generation diesels,

0520 TR                         NY Transit/Lake Shore Electric       Interurban      36     Two
vintage traction films for fans of urban & commuter lines.

0525 ED VS                     Snow On The Run     Interurban    20      "This all-color
documentary was taken in the winter of 1952-52 on the Southern Pacific's Conner Pass, when
790 inches of snow fell at Donner Summit, the heavies! ever Watch as the ""City of San
Francisco"" is stranded, then rescued Dramatic!"

0671    VS                  Gerald M. Best's 1927 Steam Odyssey       Interurban    20
        Memorable blanck and white film featuring Camelback locomotives on the New York,
Ontario & Western. Also seen: C&NW, Rock Island, NYC, DLW. With dubbed sound and

0685 TR                        Ninety Years Of Chicago Traction Interurban        58    An
outstanding video history of Chicago electric lines with emphasis on the 1940s and 50s Busy
street scenes, interiockings and wide variety of equipment are covered.

0696   ED VS                Standard Railroad Of The World, The           Interurban     60
       Compiled from a huge quantity of archival film, this program preserves the best scenes
for Compiled from a huge quantity of archival film, this program preserves the best scenes for

0724 MS                      Mid-Continent Steam Story Interurban '88 30         A look at the
operations of the Mid-Continent Railroad Museum at North Freedom WI. C&NW #1385 and
other motive power provides a variety of freight and passenger action. Snow train rotarv plow
and more.

0759 TR                      Riding The No. 10 Line/San Diego & Arizona Ry. Interurban
Films 25      """No 10 Line"" is a 30-minute color tribute to the trolleys of Milwaukee; ""San
Diego"" is 10 minutes of archival B&W film of this nearly forgotten interurban."

1018     TR                    NY Transit 1940's: 3rd Ave El & IRT           Interurban       20
        "A duo of short films on the ""El"", the 3rd Ave. e) being the last one on the line. ""Rapid
Transit in Action"" is the story of the IRT around 1940."

1019 VS ED                    Nickel Plate Story      Interurban       19      Another Dudley
Production, circa 1952, bearing all the hallmarks of its era; patriotic, rhetoric, with movie music
After we get down to business, there are plenty of PAs and steam engines, plus interesting views
of 1950 industry and agriculture.

1020 TR                       Trolleys of Baltimore Interurban       27      Baltimore streetcars
in 1946

1159    TR                    Pacific Electric 1914 Training Film/Ride The PE to SanBernadino
       Interurban      21     B&W

1437    VP                    Gerald M. Best's California Ltds.      Interurban     33

1787    VS                    Mallets on the Rayonier - End of An Era        Interurban     18

2309 TR                       CHICAGO’S THREE INTERURBANS                   Interurban Press,
1990 30         High quality b&w and color films with first class narrative make this review of
Chicago’s interurban lines a very watchable show. The North Shore Line, Chicago Aurora &
Elgin, South Shore, Illinois Central Electric, and Gary Rwys are covered from beginnings to
final run, with some 1980s video at the conclusion. Traction fans will get a lot out of this one.

2512 TR                        Illinois Terminal       Interurban Videos, 1992        45      This
video time machine will transport you back to the great traction era, when the Illinois Terminal
reigned supreme in the Land of Lincoln. Produced in cooperation with the Illinois Traction
Society, this great video features the big orange traction cars, the blue-and-silver streamliners,
heavy trolley freight drags, PCC trains rolling across the great McKinley Bridge into St. Louis,
the Alton Limited cars -- even the meandering Alton-Grafton railbus! This program features the
camera artistry of such great railfans as Doc Blackburn, Bill Janssen, Truman Hefner, and Vic
Uzoff, plus maps, graphics, and still photos from the ITS collection. Most of the scenes are in
color, a few in black and white, with footage dates as far back as 1939. Sound is both natural
and augmented.

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