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									    4548 W Bethel Ave. Apt.133                    Phone: (317) 514-6606
    Muncie, IN 47304                              Email: garrett.orth@gmail.com
                                                  Website: www.garrettorth.com

                                                     Garrett L. Orth

  Objectives         To acquire employment with my prospective employer, working full-
                   time to help them attain their goals with my skills and efforts in a manner
                   that is dedicated and trustworthy, and as a result increase both my
                   understanding of the modern software industry and my abilities as a
                   Software Engineer.

 Qualifications          Experience in Java with Eclipse Europa.
                         Education received in designing Graphical User Interfaces,
                          particularly using Swing in Java.
                         Experience in HTML and PHP (v4 and up) with Aptana Studio.
                         Experience in C and C++ programming using Dev C++
                         Experience in C# and ASP with Visual Studio.
                         Education and experience in developing and querying relational
                          databases using MySQL.
                         Experience developing on high-population SQL databases.
                         Education received in several software design patterns,
                          particularly the Model View Controller pattern.
                         Classroom experience in team programming via the SCRUM

Work Experience    Employer: ANGEL Learning / Blackboard
                   Position: Professional Services Intern
                   Duration of Employment: May 2009 – August 2009, December 2009 –
                     January 2010
                      Writing customizations of the core software on a customer-by-
                         customer basis.
                      Performing QA work (bug testing, documentation) on new
                         customizations of core software.
                      Upgrading customizations to make sure they work with newer
                         versions of core software.
                  Employer: Ball State University – Institute for Digital Entertainment and
                  Position: Web Developer
                  Duration of Employment: August 2009 – May 2010
                     Writing several PHP scripts to enhance the experience of their
Work Experience         ViziSwap functionality.
 (Continued)         Using Flash and ActionScript to create visuals and added
                        functionality to their projects.

                  Employer: Starbucks
                  Position: Barista / Learning Coach
                  Duration of Employment: May 2007 – July 2009
                     Creating a variety of drinks, often with immense amount of
                        changes/additions, for customers in a quick, courteous fashion.
                     Multitasking, often when under-staffed, to keep up with the daily
                        tasks while still issuing the highest quality customer service.
                     Training new employees, assisting them in their learning while
                        providing constructive criticism and effective feedback.
                     Connecting with customers, learning their “usual” drinks and
                        engaging in discussion in an attempt to brighten their day.

   Education      Institution: Ball State University
                  Degrees Pursued: Computer Science / Information Systems (Major),
                         Music Theory (Minor)
                  Estimated Graduation: May 2010
                  Current GPA: 3.05
                      Presidential Scholarship

                  Institution: Center Grove High School
                  Degrees Completed: Academic Honors Diploma
                  Graduated in: May 2005
                  Final GPA: 3.6
                      Top 15% of the graduating class
                      SAT score of 1320 (out of 1600) , 750 in math
                      John Phillip Sousa Award received for Music.
                                      Paul Gestwicki
References       Professor of Computer Science – Ball State University
                             Email: pvgestwicki@bsu.edu
                                Phone: (765) 285-8668
                                     Jessica Seaton
             Web Developer – Institute for Digital Education and Entertainment
                               Email: jlseaton@bsu.edu
                                      Doug Surfleet
                         Senior Technical Consultant - Blackboard
                          Email: doug.surfleet@blackboard.com

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