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					 23   Thomas        Acevelo           Inventory                              yes   acrylic
208   Joanne        Agostinelli       Escalante                              yes   oil
171   Barbara       Alex              Crab Apples                            yes   watercolor
274   Anita         Balkun            Swish 2                                yes   mixed
202   John          Bayley            Autumn Turtle                          yes   acrylic
186   Janet         Biancur Veenema   Shiraloken Farm Jeep                   yes
187   Janet         Biancur Veenema   Spring Haven                           yes
167   Julie         Bidwell           Tomatillo's Two Ways #1                yes   photography
126   Christina     Boyson            Rose Project Image #3                  yes   photography
 82   Felix         Bronner           Roaring over Print                     yes   oil collage
                                                                                   watercolor on
308   Cynthia       Callan            Trees                                  yes   pewter
278   Mary Beth     Chapdelaine       Harvest         signed and editioned   yes   silver gel photo
132   Lorraine      Courtright        Rain Drops                             yes   photography
 86   Ann Hodgson   Cyr               Blue Man #004a                         yes   photogravure
314   Joyce         Darling           Winter                                 yes   watercolor
269   Carol         Davidson          Gillian's View #2                      yes   watercolor
270   Carol         Davidson          Firenza Peace                          yes   watercolor
 25   Peggy         Dembicer          Le Reve Reversed                       yes   mixed/fiber
271   Carola        DiPoi             Sabah and Omar                         yes   photography
195   Margaret      Doherty           Stonington, CT                         yes
 60   Frank         Federico          "5 AM"                                 yes   pastel
136   Martha        Galuszka          What Lies Beneath                      yes   monotype
137   Martha        Galuszka          Phantom Canyon, AZ                     yes   etching
248   Carol         Ganick            The Marsh (Yellow Sky)                 yes   watercolor
250   Carol         Ganick            The Tunnel                             yes   watercolor
181   Anita         Garnett           Mushrooms                              yes   photography
154   Beth          Gerich            Day Dream -wall sculpture              yes   ceramic
193   Sue Sweet     Gillie            Sam's Chair                            yes   acrylic
147   Sarah         Given             Stonebridge V                          yes   collage
                                      Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme
287   Sylvie        Glickstein        chose                                  yes   porcelain
288   Sylvie        Glickstein        Waiting                                yes   stoneware
 49   Deborah       Goodman           Fall Leaves in Stream                  yes   oil
 68   Bud           Gorman            Lake in Oregon                         yes   oil
165   Jim           Grabowski         Connecticut Foothills                  yes   acrylic
188   Shirley       Hall              The Nobleman                           yes   digital photography
223   Lynn          Harper            Orange Windows                         yes   ceramic
 29   Pam           Hastings          Lightening Strike                      yes   oil
 30   Pam           Hastings          Loner                                  yes   watercolor
256   Eric          Hedberg           El Sueno                               yes   mixed
257   Eric          Hedberg           Untitled                               yes   mixed
169   Luciana       Heineman          Melting Snow                           yes   charcoal drawing
219   Leonard       Hellerman         Chaos                                  yes   photograph
 37   Geoffrey      Houghton          Bianca's Bubble Bike                   yes   watercolor
232   Lois          House             Rocky Coast                            yes   collage
127   Karen         Israel            Convergence                            yes   pastel
144   Christine     Ivers             "Empty Bed"                            yes   pastel
 77   Joan          Jardine           Greywall Farm                          yes   oil
 78   Joan          Jardine           Fumiko & Friends                       yes   oil
 63   John          Kempczynski       Spring , Farmington River              yes   pastel
255   Susan             Kennedy       Study in 4 Colors                   yes   watercolor
175   Ursula            Korzenik      VABOOM!                             yes   collage
 18   Casey             Laird         Untitled #4                         yes   acrylic on mylar
 65   Jim               Laurino       Behind the Church in Plymouth, CT   yes   oil
 67   Jim               Laurino       Beaver Marsh Burlington             yes   oil
174   Carol             LaVoie        Calico Meditation                   yes   oil/wax
 91   Elizabeth         Lazaren       "Old Railway Bed" in Truro          yes   oil
315   Hannah            Libman        Changing color                      yes   mixed media
316   Hannah            Libman        Moonlit Forest                      yes   collage
198   Claudia           Ludovichi     Backroads                           yes   oil
199   Claudia           Ludovichi     Hammock and Swing                   yes   oil
201   Maria Luisa       Maldonado     "Sharing the Pink Car"              yes   oil
158   Jo                McGinnis      Laura's Lace Cap                    yes   pastel
176   Nancy             McIntire      "The Heavens and the Earth"         yes   oil
 39   William           McMahon       Virgin Nightmares                   yes   sculpture
117   Erin              Menatian      March Slumber                       yes   photography
 58   Frances           Miller        Water Iris                          yes   oil
150   Nancy             Morrell       Marsh Grass                         yes   oil
170   Bonnie Gayle      Morrill       IRMA                                yes   colored pencil
121   Tatyana           Nadgor        Chernobyl                           yes   oil
142   Emily             Nichols       Friendship                          yes   photography
227   Bob               Noreika       Maine Dock                          yes   acrylic
125   Marsha Sunshine   Norwood       Aqua Gold Eddy                      yes   collage
217   Linda             Orlomoski     Linear Moment                       yes   photograph
262   Paul              Osgood        Round Stone with Grasses            yes   photography
264   Paul              Osgood        Tafoni #2                           yes   photography
303   Paul              Ott           Charles Sheelers remorse            yes   photograph
214   Sandy             Parisky       House Calls                         yes   pastel
307   Flora             Parisky       Harbor Clouds                       yes   photograph
122   Jill              Pasanen       The Promise of Peace IV             yes   collage
153   Karen             Pergande      Gnosis'                             yes   oil & acrylic
200   Jay               Quigley       Study, Landscape at Sunset          yes   oil
  5   Linda             Rahm          Fruit Still Life - series 4         yes   acrylic
130   Mark              Robinson      Liquid Jungle                       yes   watercolor/ink
 10   John              Rohatsch      Phantom Spirits                     yes   photo
135   Joe               Sam           "Thank's for Renewing Us"           yes   mixed media
289   Burt              Schuman       The Old Homestead                   yes   oil
291   Burt              Schuman       A Quiet Cove                        yes   oil
 33   Kimberly          Scoble        Fruit Salad                         yes   oil
 34   Kimberly          Scoble        A Flower in her hair                yes   oil
242   Gail              Sharretts     Autumnal Equinox                    yes   oil
196   Jane              Shaskan       Serenity                            yes   collage
119   Suzanne           Siegel        Two Shacks, Full Moon               yes   w/c paper
100   William           Simpson       Midwest II                          yes   oil
296   Kelly             Smurthwaite   Watercolor no. 388                  yes   watercolor
 83   Susan             Spaniol       Floating Worlds                     yes   mixed media
 85   Susan             Spaniol       Equipoise                           yes   mixed media
 42   Georgia           Stathoulas    Splish Splash                       yes   oil
252   Christina         Sutton        "Warm Frustrations"                 yes   monoprint
281   Elaine            Tata          Paine's Creek Cape Cod Flats        yes   oil
 12   Carol A.   Taylor      Morning                                 yes   collage
 14   Carlton    Taylor      Flea Market Find                        yes   photo
260   Mark       Tegtmeier   Pink Dahlia                             yes   photography
261   Mark       Tegtmeier   Rose Aglow                              yes   photography
222   Robert     Thomas      Antelope                                yes   photograph
106   Teresa     Tromp       January                                 yes   oil
211   Rhonda     Walker      Silver Spring Beach                     yes   oil
300   Nancy      Whitcher    Lady                                    yes   acrylic
301   Nancy      Whitcher    Up close                                yes   acrylic
 95   Elaine     Widmer      It's a Small World                      yes   digital photography
 96   Elaine     Widmer      Glowing Rose                            yes   digital photography
 46   Stephen    Wilson      Collinsville Railing                    yes   photo
245   Rosalie    Zetoff      Autumn Bouquet                          yes   collage
 54   Steffie    Zitomer     Southwestern Sunrise/Sunset (diptych)   yes   watercolor

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