Carrier Corporation  Syracuse, N.Y. 13221

                                       WEATHERMAKER 9300TS - DELUXE 4-WAY MULTIPOISE
                                       TWO-STAGE DIRECT-VENT CONDENSING GAS FURNACE
  The 58MTA Condensing Gas Furnace utilizes both a primary and a secondary heat exchanger to achieve up to 93.0
percent annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE). The 58MTA is designed for reliability, high efficiency, and quiet operation.
The unit can be used in conjunction with a split-system product for cooling. The direct-vent sealed-combustion system uses
100 percent outdoor air for combustion. A Carrier thermostat, humidifier, and air cleaner can be used to form a complete
controlled environment system. All units meet California Air Quality Management District emission requirements. All sizes are
design certified in Canada.
                                                                                   STANDARD FEATURES
                                                                                   - Factory-configured ready for upflow applications
                                                                                   -   4-way multipoise design for upflow, downflow, or horizontal installation
                                                                                   -   ComfortHeat Technology™—Two-stages of heat
                                                                                   -   Media Filter Cabinet included
                                                                                   -   Two-speed inducer motor
                                                                                   -   Adaptive logic control board
                                                                                   -   ComfortFan™ allows control of continuous fan speed from the thermostat
                                                                                   -   Permanent split capacitor (PSC) blower motor
                                                                                   -   SmartEvap™ can lower the humidity level in the home by nearly 10%
                                                                                   -   Primary heat exchanger and secondary heat exchanger
                                                                                   -   Hot surface ignitor
                                                                                   -   Full cabinet insulation
                                                                                   -   Soft motor mounts

                                                                                   LIMITED WARRANTY
                                                                                   - Limited lifetime warranty on heat exchangers
                                                                                   - 5-year warranty on all other components

                                        As an ENERGY STAR Partner,
                                        Carrier Corporation has
                                        determined that this product
                                        meets the ENERGY STAR
                                        guidelines for energy efficiency.

                          RATED HEATING                CFM       CFM
                          OUTPUT (BTUH)                (Low     (High
  CATALOG                                                                                       COOLING CFM  MOTOR MEDIA CABINET APPROX SHIP.
                                                      Heating) Heating)                                                                                             PRICE
ORDERING NO.*               High         Low                                            ESP      @ 0.5 ESP‡ HP-SPEED SUPPLIED (IN.) WT (LB)

58MTA060-F-1--12           56,000       37,000            680               1010        0.12         1275           1/3-5                16                   189
58MTA080-F-1--12           75,000       49,000            790               1130        0.15         1380           1/3-5                16                   200
58MTA080-F-1--16           75,000       49,000            775               1190        0.15         1565           1/2-5                16                   205
58MTA100-F-1--16           94,000       61,000           1175               1315         0.2         1570           1/2-4                20                   231
58MTA100-F-1--20           94,000       61,000           1205               1795         0.2         2035           3/4-5                20                   234
58MTA120-F-1--20 112,000                73,000           1215               1770         0.2         2075           3/4-5                24                   262
* 08 designates 800 air model. 12 designates 1200 CFM air model. 16 designates 1600 CFM model. 20 designates 2000 CFM air model.
† Capacity in accordance with DOE test procedures. Ratings are position dependent. See rating plate.
‡ Airflow shown is for bottom only return-air supply. For air delivery above 1800 CFM, see Air Delivery table – in Product Data Digest – for other options.
** Data shown is for bottom only return-air supply.
†† Data shown is for both sides or 1 side and bottom return-air supply.
ESP - External Static Pressure

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SUPERSEDES DATE 01/07/2002                                                  Catalog No. 505-80036                                          EFFECTIVE DATE 07/01/2002
Carrier Corporation  Syracuse, N.Y. 13221

                                                     EXTENDED WARRANTIES                                                                                 NET PRICE
 Labor Only - 2nd through 5th year
 Parts and Labor - 6th through 10th year (requires 2nd through 5th year labor)
 Parts Only (Excludes heat exchanger) - 6th through 10th year
 Eligible Carrier Thermostat, Electronic Air Cleaner, Humidifier, Strip Heater, and TXV covered under
 the above warranties at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE when included with registration.
 Heat Exchanger Parts Only - through 20th year
 Purchase within 5 years from date of installation.

                                                                    FURNACE ACCESSORIES
                                                        ODS CATALOG                                                                                                  PRICE
                 ACCESSORY                              ORDERING NO.                                            DESCRIPTION
                                                        KGAVT0101BRA                2-in. Vent Termination Kit (Bracket Only)
   Vent Termination Kit*
                                                        KGAVT0201BRA                3-in Vent Termination Kit (Bracket Only)
                                                        KGAVT0501CVT                2-in. Concentric Vent Termination For Single Exit
   Concentric Air/Vent Kit*
                                                        KGAVT0601CVT                3-in. Concentric Vent Termination For Single Exit
   Vent/Exhaust Pipe External Trap Kit                  KGAET0106ETK                External Trap Kit
   Condensate Freeze Protection Kit                     KGAHT0101CFP                Condensate Freeze Protection - Fits All
                                                                                    Subbase for Combustible Floor When Installed as Down-
   Downflow Base                                        KGASB0201ALL                flow when No Coil Box is Used, or when Any Coil Box
                                                                                    Other Than a Carrier Cased Coil is Used - Fits All
                                                        KGANP2901ALL                Natural-to-Propane Gas Conversion
   Gas Conversion Kit
                                                        KGAPN2301ALL                Propane-to-Natural Gas Conversion
                                                                                    For Twinning (2) 58MTA Models Ending in -16 or -20
   Twinning Kit†                                        KGATW0601HSI
                                                                                    Cooling Airflow Only—Both furnaces must be same capacity
                                                        KGAHA0150N42                Orifice Kit (Qty 50) Size 42
                                                        KGAHA0250N43                Orifice Kit (Qty 50) Size 43
                                                        KGAHA0350N44                Orifice Kit (Qty 50) Size 44
                                                        KGAHA0450N45                Orifice Kit (Qty 50) Size 45
                                                        KGAHA0550N46                Orifice Kit (Qty 50) Size 46
   Orifice Kit                                          KGAHA1550N47                Orifice Kit (Qty 50) Size 47
                                                        KGAHA1650N48                Orifice Kit (Qty 50) Size 48
                                                        KGAHA0650P54                Orifice Kit (Qty 50) Size 54
                                                        KGAHA0750P55                Orifice Kit (Qty 50) Size 55
                                                        KGAHA0850P56                Orifice Kit (Qty 50) Size 56
                                                        KGAHA5750125                Metric Orifice Kit (Qty 50) 1.25mm
                                                         FILCCFTC0016               Carrier Filter 16 in. (2 pack)
   Cartridge Media Filter                                FILCCFTC0020               Carrier Filter 20 in. (2 pack)
                                                         FILCCFTC0024               Carrier Filter 24 in. (2 pack)
                                                        EXPXXLMC0016                Carrier Filter 16 in. (9 pack)
   Expandable Media Filter                              EXPXXLMC0020                Carrier Filter 20 in. (9 pack)
                                                        EXPXXLMC0024                Carrier Filter 24 in. (6 pack)
                                                         EXPXXFIL0016               Carrier Replacement Filter 16 in. (10 pack)
   Replacement Expandable Filter                         EXPXXFIL0020               Carrier Replacement Filter 20 in. (10 pack)
                                                         EXPXXFIL0024               Carrier Replacement Filter 24 in. (10 pack)
* A.G.A and C.G.A. require that a termination kit be used. See latest 58MTA Product Data Digest for pipe and kit size selection. The qualified installer or agency
  must use only factory-authorized kits when modifying these furnaces.
† The 140-20 size unit is not approved for use in twinned applications or in manufactured (mobile) homes.

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SUPERSEDES DATE 01/07/2002                                         Catalog No. 505-80036                                                  EFFECTIVE DATE 07/01/2002

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