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					Forms                                     The Everett School District complies with all federal and state rules and
                                          regulations and does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color,
                                                                                                                           EVERETT PUBLIC
                                          national origin, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, age, veteran status,
Area Variance (Everett School to          or disability. This holds true for all students who are interested in partici-
Everett School):                          pating in educational programs and/or extracurricular school activities.
                                          Inquiries regarding compliance and/or grievance procedures may be
If you live within the boundaries of      directed to the school district ‘s Affirmative Action Officer, Title IX
                                          Officer, ADA, Section 504 Coordinator.
one Everett school, but want your
student to attend a different Everett     Interim Affirmative Action Officer:                 Carol Stoltz
                                                                                              3715 Oakes Ave
school, please request and complete                                                           Everett, WA 98201
an Area Variance form. Area                                                                   (425) 385-4106
Variance forms are available from the                                                                                      Student Variances
Office of Student Services or from
any Everett Public School.
                                          Title IX Officer:                                   Randi Seaberg
                                                                                              4730 Colby                       General Information
                                                                                              Everett WA 98203
Out of District Variance (other                                                               (425) 385– 4073                       Process
school district to Everett district):
                                          ADA Coordinator:                                    Kristine McDowell
If you live outside the Everett School                                                        202 Alder
District and want to attend an                                                                Everett WA 98203
                                                                                              (425) 385-5250
Everett school, you must go to your
home district’s administrative office
and fill out their Non-Resident           Section 504 Coordinator:                            Becky Ballbach
                                                                                              4730 Colby
Release form (out of district                                                                 Everett WA 98203
variance). Your home district must                                                            (425) 385-4086
sign this form before it is returned to
Everett School District, Office of
Student Services.
Non-Resident Variance (Everett
district to another school district):
If you live in the Everett School
District and want your student to
attend a school in another district,
                                           EVERETT PUBLIC SCHOOLS
you must fill out the Everett School
                                                                      Student Services
District’s Non-Resident Variance                                                                                           FOR MORE
                                                                        4730 Colby
form. These forms are only available                                   PO Box 2098                                         INFORMATION CONTACT
at the Office of Student Services and                             Everett WA 98213-0098                                    STUDENT SERVICES:
must be signed by that office before
                                                                  Phone: 425-385-4070
it is returned to the district where                                Fax: 425-385-4012                                      Telephone: (425) 385-4070
you are requesting attendance.                                                                                             Email:
General                                      Category 2: Elementary and Middle             •   Comply with all district and school
                                             School                                            rules and policies related to
Infor mation                                 •   Families submitting a variance
                                                                                               attendance, academics and behavior
                                                 request for a middle or elementary        Denial:
The school a student attends is
                                                 school student by June 1 will be
determined by each students residential                                                    If the variance application is denied, the
                                                 notified of their approval/denial no
                             address. If a                                                 parent/guardian will be mailed a denial
                                                 later than June 30.
                             student                                                       letter, along with a copy of the denied
                             wishes to       Applications received after June 1 will be    variance stating the reason for the denial.
                             attend a        placed on a waiting list, in the order        Reasons for the denial may include:
                             school that     received, and will be reviewed by the end
                             does not        of the first week of the new school year.     •   Space availability in the school or
                             serve the       Waiting lists will be maintained until            program requested
                             area of his/    September 30 each school year.                •   Problems with attendance or behavior
                                             Once the school year has started, any
                                             applications received will be reviewed at
parents must request a variance.                                                           Revoking a Variance:
                                             the end of each month.
Variances are approved or denied on:
                                                                                           An approved variance may be revoked
•   Space availability, class size, and      Renewing Variances                            during the school year if problems with
    school growth patterns                   Families must apply for a variance            attendance, academics or behavior develop
                                             EVERY year that they want their student       at the school for which the variance was
•   Attendance patterns at the current or
                                             to attend a school that is not their          approved.
    last school
                                             neighborhood school. If a renewing            If a variance is denied or revoked, the
•   A student’s disciplinary history         variance is not received by June 1, the       parent/guardian may submit a letter of
                                             spot in the school the student is attending   appeal to the Director of Student Services.
Var iance Requests                           could be given away. Students would           Such appeals must be submitted within five
Requests for variances are accepted from     then be expected to enroll in their           business days of the receipt of the denial/
January 1 through June 1 each year.          neighborhood school.                          revocation.
Variance requests are considered in two      Decision Making
Category 1: High School
                                             If the variance application is approved,
•   Families submitting a variance           the parent/guardian will be mailed a copy
    request for a high school student by     of the approval letter along with the
    February 15 will be notified of          approved variance. Students on a
    approval/denial no later than March                                                         EVERETT PUBLIC
                                             variance are expected to:                             SCHOOLS
    1st. Applications received after
    February 15 will receive notification    •   Attend the school they have                                Student Services
    no later than June 30.                       requested for the entire school year                         4730 Colby
                                                                                                             PO Box 2098
                                                                                                        Everett WA 98213-0098
                                             •   Provide their own punctual
                                                 transportation to and from school                       Phone: 425-385-4070
                                                                                                           Fax: 425-385-4012