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Diigo Reflection


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									Just Another Social Network 1

Just Another Social Network: Is There Value in Sharing Tagged Sites? Stephen Banks Wilkes University EDIM 510 Web 2.0: Impacting Learning Environments Jacqueline Derby February 10, 2009

Just Another Social Network 2 Just Another Social Network: Is There Value in Sharing Tagged Sites? The question heard so often today is “Do we really need another Social Network?” Without a doubt the answer must to be a resounding yes in regards to bookmarking applications. The value of social bookmarking has to be apparent to even the newest member of the web 2.0 community. The ability to share tags with others greatly reduces the time required to complete research, as the site saved has already been vetted by a another reader before the tag has been applied. Yes, granted the value of the tag depends upon the people in one's network, and yes it can take time to trust the tagging abilities of that network, these are not major obstacles. Richardson (2009) writes that because you can see who else has saved a certain page you have the ability to follow the 'tagger', thereby viewing what that individual deems to be important and relevant. Building a network of individuals that share common interests, such as core specific subjects, can increase the results of any search enquiry. Using a social bookmarking application in the classroom is an easy way to assist the writing opportunities of even the most reluctant leaner. Research can be shared by the use of folksonomies, keyword tags that pertain to a specific individual or group. This allows the students to tag using their teacher's name for instance, and share those tags, through the network feature of the bookmarking application, with the entire class. This could include those students that may process at a different pace and experience frustration trying to do all the tasks necessary by themselves. With the explosion of data being posted to the net in recent years, teachers and students must use every tool at their disposal when conducting research. No one person has the time or resources to mine the net for pertinent information, but a group of like minded, dedicated, individuals can produce

Just Another Social Network 3 far more as a team than the individual can alone. Value added indeed.1

References Richardson, W (2009). Blogs,wikis, podcasts, and other powerful web tools for classrooms. Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin Press.

1 As the subject of my own work with Diigo this week seemed out of place, I have included the required urls here. I hope that this will prove satisfactory. Bookmarks: http://www.diigo.com/user/sojbanks Webslide:http://slides.diigo.com/list/sojbanks/ela30_1

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