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									         Working hard won’t make you Rich….!
         Taking pills won’t make you Healthy….!
  How to increase your income without changing jobs…
How to keep your family healthy & protect them from illness
Two dynamic speakers will have you spellbound for the entire 90 minutes!
Dr Monica Lewis is a doctor, specialising in helping people with complex conditions, where
conventional medicine has no more to offer. Using an holistic approach and the best of
complementary and conventional therapies – especially high quality nutritional
supplementation, she has helped hundreds of people. Come and hear her experiences.
Ruby Director, Mike Harris, a former personal trainer will show you how he was able to
replace his previous income in just 6 months. He will explain how to create a full time
income in your spare time, without leaving your job (unless you would like to fire your
USANA Health Sciences is one of the best business models he has ever seen, and hw will
show you why…

              How can the next ‘trillion dollar industry’
                enrich your health and your wealth?

    You’ll learn about some major causes of today’s diseases (like heart disease, diabetes,
     cancer, stroke) – and what YOU can do to reduce their impact on your health.

    You’ll discover if you actually get everything you need from your diet and look at
     some of the myths you may have heard.

    Find out how YOU (whatever your background) really can use this knowledge to
     become wealthy, using a step by step system to harness the booming Wellness Industry.

    You’ll learn how you can fire your boss in the next 3-5 years….so you can live the
     lifestyle of your dreams.

    You’ll learn what the wealthy focus on, and the poor don’t even know they need…this
     one principle can change your life forever.

               Date: Thurs 18th October      Time: 7:30pm to 9pm
                 Venue: Russley Hotel, 73 Roydvale Ave, Christchurch

                         Associates $10, Guests FREE.

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