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									             THE LONDON SCHOOL
             OF  ECONOMICS AND
             POLITICAL SCIENCE 

LSE Summer School 2010 Application Form

5 July – 13 August 2010
Session 1: 5 July – 23 July 2010
Session 2: 26 July – 13 August 2010
Closing date for applications: 28 May 2010

Section 1: Personal Details
    The name entered in section one will be used to produce ID cards and
       certificates, and should be completed in BLOCK CAPITALS.
    Applicants engaged in full-time education should enter ‘student’ in the
       Occupation field, with the name of their university.
    Applicants not engaged in full-time study should enter details of their job and
       the name of their employer.

Section 2: Courses
    It is only possible to select ONE course per session
    It is not possible to study several courses simultaneously, or one course from
       each department.
    Preparatory English courses are not compulsory: these boxes should not be
       checked if English is the applicant’s first language.

Section 3: Qualifications and Educational Background
    Applications to the Summer School are assessed on the basis of the
       information provided on this form, therefore it is recommended that applicants
       provide as much information as possible about their academic background in
       this section of the application form.
    Where all required information is not available, the Summer School Office will
       contact applicants – this will delay the application process.
    Section 3.1: University
           o The name or names of any universities at which applicants have
               studied, or currently attend should be entered in the relevant
               Undergraduate or Postgraduate section.
           o Degree Type: e.g. BA(Hons), MSc, BBA
           o Subject: Major (and Minor where appropriate) field of study
           o Result: if grades are not yet available, this field should be left empty
           o Date awarded: Month and year of award, or expected completion
               date, should be entered in this field.
    Section 3.2: Prerequisites
           o All courses have individual prerequisites – please see the Summer
               School website/brochure for further information.
           o Details of relevant courses should be entered, including main
               textbooks used (state author, title and edition), date and grade.
           o All applications must be accompanied by a transcript confirming these
    Section 3.3: Mathematical/Statistical Background
           o Some quantitative courses require competence in mathematics and/or
           o For applications to courses that do not require mathematics, this field
               can be left empty.
    Section 3.4: English as a Second Language
           o Applicants for whom English is not their first language should enter
               details of appropriate qualifications here.
           o Name of test, grade and date awarded are required.
           o   Applicants who have studied and been assessed at university level in
               the English language do not require an additional qualification.
           o   Full details of accepted qualifications can be found on the summer
               school website.

Section 4: General Information
    Section 4.1: MSc conditional offers
           o Some applicants are required to take a Summer School course as part
              of a conditional offer to a graduate programme at LSE.
           o Do not check ‘YES’ if you do not have an offer from Graduate
    Section 4.2: LSE students/alumni, Section 4.3: Returning Summer School
           o Applicants who have studied previously at Summer School, current
              LSE students or LSE alumni are eligible for a 10% reduction in fees.
    Section 4.3: Source
           o For monitoring purposes, applicants should enter where they first
              heard about LSE Summer School
    Section 4.4: LSE Library membership
           o Details of applicants’ membership to the LSE Library should be
              entered here

Section 5: Disabled applicants
    LSE assesses applications from disabled students on the same academic
       grounds as all candidates.
    Applicants are strongly recommended to disclose disabilities to the Summer
       School Office on the application form so that any necessary, reasonable
       individual arrangements can be organised.
    Without sufficient notice it may not be possible to organise the adjustments
    The nature of disability should be indicated here, and whether it will affect
       study or examination arrangements during Summer School.
    This includes, but is not limited to, dyslexia/dyspraxia, visual or any physical

Section 6: Payment Details
    Section 6.1: Sponsor Details
           o If a sponsor or company will be paying for Summer School tuition then
              an invoice will be produced directly for them
           o If the applicant themselves, or friend or family will be paying, this
              should be left empty.
           o It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that fees are paid in
              full by the correct date.
    Application Fee Payment Form
           o Applicants wishing to pay the application fee by credit card (Visa or
              Mastercard) or debit card (Switch, Delta, Maestro or Solo) should
              complete the attached payment form.
           o Payment may also be made by UK Sterling cheque or bank draft,
              made payable to London School of Economics.
           o The application fee of £50 must be submitted together with the
              application form.
           o Applications made after 28 May 2010 will incur an additional late
              booking fee of £60, making the total application fee £110, and will only
              be considered if places remain on the programme.
           o Late applicants should contact the Summer School Office before
              completing their application.
   Tuition Fees          One Session (3 weeks)         Two Sessions (6 weeks)
   Standard Rate                    £1,550                          £2,650
   Student Rate                     £1,175                          £2,000
   Note: ‘Student Rate’ applies to applicants registered in full time education, or
   unemployed applicants.

The completed form should be returned to the address below by post. We are
unable to accept faxed or emailed application forms. Applicants requiring help to
complete the form or a large-print version of the form should contact the Summer
School Office at

Summer School Office,
Houghton Street,

Applicants must ensure that they have understood fully the terms and
conditions of their application, as outlined on the Summer School website. We
expect all Summer School students to behave according to our Code of
Conduct, details of which will be posted and emailed with the offer letter. LSE
Regulations also apply to LSE residences and Summer School social events.
LSE Summer School 2010 Application Form

Please complete using BLOCK CAPITALS


Family Name/Last Name

Given Name/First Name

Title       Male/              Date of                                Nationality
            Female             Birth Day   Month        Year

Correspondence Address

Email address
Please print clearly

Alternative email address
Please provide a personal email address

Telephone number
Including international code

Occupation State occupation and name of employer or university

Section 2: COURSES

Preparatory English is a one-week course intended for those who have achieved the
level of proficiency required, but who wish to refresh their language skills before
starting the regular course. This course is not compulsory.

   LN101 Preparatory English                          LN102 Preparatory English
(28 June – 2 July 2010)                            (19 July – 23 July 2010)

Please indicate your choice of course below. You may attend one or both sessions,
but you may only select ONE course from each session.
Session One: 5 July – 23 July                Session Two: 26 July – 13 August
2010                                         2010
Accounting & Finance Department              Accounting & Finance Department
   AF101 Managerial Accounting and             AF110 Principles of Accounting
Financial Control
                                                AF202 Analysis and Management of Financial
                                                AF225 Debt Markets
                                                AF255 Financial Markets
                                                AF350 Advanced Corporate Finance
Economics Department                      Economics Department
  EC112 Essential Statistics for            EC101 Introductory Microeconomics
Economics and Econometrics
  EC212 Introduction to                      EC201 Intermediate Microeconomics
  EC270 Public Finance                        EC235 Economics of European Integration
  EC321 Money and Banking                     EC260 The Political Economy of Public Policy
                                              EC312 Advanced Econometrics
                                              EC322 Topics in Econometrics
                                              EC341 Industrial Organisation and
                                          Introduction to Competition Policy

International Relations,                  International Relations, Government &
Government & Society Department           Society Department
   IR120 Trade, Development and the          IR115 Culture and Globalisation:
Environment                               Perspectives from Anthropology
   IR150 British Politics in a Changing      IR130 Athens to Al-Qaeda: Political Theory
World                                     and International Politics
   IR160 The Middle East in Global           IR201 World in Crisis? Global Order and
Politics                                  Disorder in the 21 st Century
   IR209 International Political             IR207 Development in the International
Economy                                   Political Economy
   IR245 International Journalism and        IR210 International Politics: Building
Society – The Role of the Media in the    Democracies From Conflict
Modern World
   IR250 The Global Politics of              IR255 Crisis, Contagion and Containment:
Protest and Change                        Contemporary Issues in the Politics of Money
                                          and Finance
   IR270 What Kind of Europe?
Crisis, Reform and the International
Role of the European Union

Law Department                            Law Department
   LL102 Human Rights: Theory, Law          LL104 Law and the Holocaust
and Practice
   LL135 Introduction to Corporate           LL105 International Law: Contemporary
Law and Governance                        Issues
   LL210 Law and Politics                    LL201 Intellectual Property Law and Society
                                             LL202 Commercial Law

English Language Department               English Language Department
                                            LN103 English for Business
Management Department                     Management Department
  MG110 Judgment and Decision               MG150 E-Business in the Digital Age
Making for Management
  MG133 Foundations of                       MG204 Leadership in Organisations
  MG230 Behaviour in Organisations           MG205 Competitive Strategy and Game
   MG270 Business Development and            MG207 Health Policy, Management and
ICT Innovation                            Economics
                                             MG211 The International Business
                                             MG220 Organisational Strategy
3.1: University
University                           Degree     Subject               Result     Date
                                     Type                                        awarded


3.2: Prerequisites
All 200 and 300 level courses have prerequisites (See the Summer School website
or brochure for further details). Prerequisites other than mathematics and statistics
should be listed below in as much detail as possible. Prerequisite courses are to be
passed to a reasonable standard and transcripts must be included as evidence.
Prerequisite Course               Year        Main Text Books Used                  Grade

3.3: Mathematical/Statistical Background.
You only need to fill this section in if the course you are applying for requires it.
                                  Year        Main Text Books Used                  Grade


3.4: English as a Second Language
The test, score and date of any additional English qualifications should be listed
below (see the Summer School website for a list of accepted qualifications).
Applicants whose first language is English, or who have studied and been assessed
at an English-speaking university, may leave this field empty. If in doubt see the
FAQ section of the website.
3.5: Academic Referee
It is not necessary to include a letter of reference with an application, however
applicants are required to include the contact details of an academic referee, should
we need to verify your qualifications or abilities.

Address                                     Position


                                            Fax No

                                            Telephone No.

4.1: Is taking the Summer School required as a condition of an MSc/Diploma offer at
LSE?        YES      NO
If YES, give details

4.2: Are you currently, or have you previously been an LSE student?
   YES       NO
If YES, please give details

4.3: Have you attended a LSE Summer School course in previous years?
   YES      NO
If YES, please give details

4.4 Where did you learn about LSE Summer School?

    Web                                         Friends/Previous student/Colleagues
    MSc Offer                                   Employer
    University                                  British Council
    Newspaper Advertisement                     Agency
    Other (please specify)

4.5 Have you ever used the LSE Library before?         YES     NO
If YES, please give details of the following:
Dates; Type of Membership e.g. Day Member
SECTION : DISABLED APPLICANTS (including applicants with specific
learning difficulties
LSE assesses applications from disabled students on the same academic grounds as all
candidates. Applicants are strongly recommended to disclose disabilities to the Summer
School Office on the application form so that any necessary, reasonable individual
arrangements can be organised. Without sufficient notice it may not be possible to organise
the adjustments required.

The nature of disability should be indicated below, and whether it will affect study or
examination arrangements during Summer School. This includes, but is not limited to,
dyslexia/dyspraxia, visual or any physical impairment. (Continue on a separate sheet if need

Who will be paying for this course?

    Myself         Friend or family          Sponsor or company

If ‘sponsor’ or ‘company’ is checked, we will address and send the invoice directly to
your sponsor. It is however the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that the fees are
paid in full by the correct date. Please ensure that we have the sponsor’s full contact
6.1 Sponsor Details


Contact Telephone No.            Contact E-mail Address          Contact Fax No.

Have you completed all the questions and included the following with your

Application Fee              Copies of Academic           English Proficiency
                             Transcripts                  details

Please check the following boxes to confirm that you have read, understood
and agreed to the terms and conditions as outlined on the LSE Summer School
   I declare that the information supplied in this form is true to the best of my
knowledge and belief.
   I have read and understood the Assessment and Examination arrangements and
agree to take the examinations as scheduled.



Disclaimer: Although all possible care has been taken in the preparation of this form,
no responsibility can be taken for any errors or omissions, however caused. Should
a course need to be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, the applicant will be
offered an alternative course or a full refund of tuition fees and accommodation
Payment of the application fee by credit card can be made by completing the
payment form on the next page.
                                                                                                THELONDON SCHOOL
         LSE Summer School                                                                      OF ECONOMICS AND
                                                                                                POLITICAL SCIENCE 
         Card Payment Form                                                                      H

         Please note: *Security number is the last 3 digits on the back of the card. ** Issue number is
         for Maestro/Switch UK cards only.

         Student Details
         Mr    Miss    Ms   Mrs
                                   First Name/s


         Email address                                                   @
                            (please write clearly)


         Cardholder Details                                                         Switch or
                                              Visa      MasterCard      Solo        Maestro     Visa Delta
                                          Visa Electron
         Card Number

              Start Date             Expiry Date         Security Number*    Issue Number**

         Mr    Miss    Ms   Mrs
                                   First Name/s


Cardholder’s Address

         Payment may be taken in the currency that the card was issued in (unless the box is checked)

         Signature                                                                   Date

         Summer School Office, Room N1, LSE, Houghton Street, London WC2A 2AE
         Tel: +44 (0) 207 955 7227, Fax: +44 (0) 207 955 7674, Email:

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