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					In an average human life
time the Heart pumps
250,000 gallons of
blood through it’s
chambers, and beats
35 million times per year.

The Heart is the first
                              It is time once again for those lazy, hazy       entire system.
Organ to develop in          days of Summer, when the sun stays up late
                                                                               Lack of Joy in our lives creates bitterness.
The embryo, between          and gets up early. Summer is the season that
                                                                               Modern Science shows us that one of the
                             dominates the Heart and Small Intestine. It is
day 19 and day 21.           the season of Joy, of being outside. The
                                                                               greatest dangers to the heart is anger and
                                                                               depression. The Heart was once thought to be
                             energy of the sun is everywhere, nurturing
                                                                               the seat of the soul, the Chinese considered
                             the life of the plants and warming our Earth.
The heart perceives                                                            all thought to come from the heart. Caring
                             To stay healthy with this season, we need to      for the heart goes beyond blood pressure and
Situations before the        pay attention to what we are eating, how we       cholesterol. Experiencing beauty and love
                             move and how we feel. The Small Intestine         helps our Hearts be strong.
Brain.                       is the organ where most of our absorption of
                                                                               So eat lighter during the Summer with your
                             nutrients occurs. There are more nerves in
                                                                               loved ones. Get off the couch and away from
                             our digestive system than are in our brains.
Herbs that nourish the       The connection between our Small Intestines,
                                                                               the TV and computer and try some “actual
                                                                               reality” in Nature for a hike in the canyons or
Heart are Hawthorn,          our Brains and our Heart is a profound one.
                                                                               a walk along the beach. Your Heart will
                             If one part is out of balance, it affects the
Motherwort, Chinese                                                            thank you!

Red Sage Root.

Foods that Nourish the
                             I was at a lecture sponsored by a famous drug     metabolism. The newest research points to
Heart are Cactus, Garlic     company several years ago. During a               the fact that Oxysterol is the real danger to
Wheat, Watercress and        delicious supper, we were told by the             our Hearts. Oxysterol is oxidized, or rancid
                             physician speaker, that diet and exercise         cholesterol in our systems from poor diet and
Of course Chocolate!         would help lower cholesterol, but a certain       stress. It builds up in arteries forming plaque,
                             pill, would actually do the job better.           diminishing oxygen to the system. Oxysterol
                             Cholesterol lowering drugs are some of the        also damages cell membranes. The only way
                             most frequently prescribed pharmaceuticals        to measure your level of Oxidation is through
                             in the United States. Statins, the class of       the urine. If the levels are high, it can also
                             drugs prescribed to lower cholesterol, are        indicate potential damage of the body in
                             now thought to cause many dangerous side          other areas. Stress reduction is the most
                             effects, and there is no study that proves they   powerful way to lower your Oxidative stress.
                             reduce mortality. Our bodies make their own       The Supplements Bioflavinoids and CoQ 10
                             cholesterol, and it is important for the          are also natural remedies to deal with the real
                             synthesis of hormones so vital to our             Heart killer, Oxysterol. See Resources, pg 4
Health Options                                             Volume 1, No 2

      The Seasonal Newsletter by Stephanie Georgieff, MS, LAc, ND

       Summer, the Season of the Heart

       Cholesterol and Heart Health
      Page 2                                                                                      Health Options

                              Herb of the Season: Hawthorn
                              There are many herbs that are on the market      thorns to prove it. The branches sport small
                              for Heart Health. One of my favorite herbs is    pink or white flowers that bloom in the
                              Hawthorn or Crataegus. Native to the             spring, which grow into a small apple like
                              Mediterranean region, Hawthorne is found         fruit that ripens bright red in the fall.
                              all over North America, Europe and North
                                                                               Today, Hawthorne is used for most heart
                              Africa, with over 1000 species. There is a
                                                                               conditions. Combinations of the berry,
                              Hawthorne berry used in Chinese Herbalism,
                                                                               flower and leaf seem to be the most potent.
                              called Shan Zha or Crataegus Pinatifida. The
                                                                               Hawthorne has the amazing capacity to
                              ancient Greeks and Romans used this herb
                                                                               normalize the heart function, meaning it can
                              and it is found in their Herbals. It was used
                                                                               raise low blood pressure and lower high
                              for heart health, and as a symbol of love an
                                                                               blood pressure. The Chinese Hawthorne is
                              marriage. The word Hawthorne in old
                                                                               used for helping with digestion. The berries
                              English means, “thorny hedge.” It is a
                                                                               are delicious and can be used as food high in
                              member of the Rose Family, and has the
                                                                               Bioflavinoids. See resources pg 4 for info.

“Keep Love in your Heart.     Summer Skin Care
A life without it is like a
                              Our decreasing Ozone layer from pollution        chemicals that irritate sensitive skin. It is best
sunless garden when the
                              and global warming is unfortunately taking       to avoid direct sun exposure from 10 am to 3
flowers are dead”             it’s toll on human skin. Skin cancer is          pm. There are many products on the market,
                              prompting people to slather higher and           but Sundurance XT is the best I have found.
                              higher SPF sun screen on their bodies to help    It uses natural products and Micro Layer
Oscar Wilde
                              shield from harmful rays.                        technology to safely shield skin from harmful
                                                                               rays without harming yourself or the
                              But does this actually help? Some health care
                                                                               environment. It is good to get a little sun
                              practitioners feel that all the fear of sun
                                                                               exposure each day, and especially healthy to
                              exposure may be actually contributing to
                                                                               watch the sunrise. While you are protecting
                              poor bone health, as our bodies need
                                                                               your skin, think of the planet as well, and
                              sunshine to help utilize Vitamin D and make
                                                                               plant some trees to help repair the Ozone
                              our bones strong. Many sunscreens do not
                                                                               level or support organizations that work to
                              block out both UVA and UVB rays, or have
                                                                               help heal our atmosphere.

                              Movement and the Heart
                               One of the best things you can do to have a     nothing. Activities such as walking, biking,
                              healthy heart, mind and body is to exercise.     swimming and simple stretching at low
                              But as with all things, moderation is the key.   intensity on a regular basis are the best,
                              Scientists are finding that exercising to the    particularly outside when possible. Find a
                              point of exhaustion on a regular basis is        buddy to do your low intensity exercise, you
                              actually more harmful than no exercise at all.   are more likely to stick with the program.
                              This does not mean to simply sit and do          Move in nature with a friend for your Heart!
 Health Options                                                                                            Page 2

Digestion, Small Intestine and Heart Health
 Our digestive system is truly a miracle of        body and can be elevated in SI problems.
design and function. The Small Intestine (SI)      High CRP levels are associated with Heart
is the first part of the body where the food       attacks and strokes. When inflammation
enters after it has been broken down by the        exists, from poorly digested food and food
Stomach. In people over 5 years of age, the        allergens, it causes a stress response that
SI can measure between 20 – 23 meters in           activates the adrenal glands which elevates
length and have an absorptive surface area         blood pressure. Digestive problems can also
(from the villi on it’s inner lining) of up to     result in increased levels of cholesterol, and
250 square meters, the size of a tennis court.     if there is stress in the body, then it can form
Most of the absorption of the nutrients from       Oxysterol and cause problems.
food occurs in the SI. If the SI is operating
                                                   How can we be kind to our SI? Chew your
properly, our bodies can be nourished, if not
                                                   food completely, do not watch TV or listen
there are many things that can happen.
                                                   to the news when eating. Live foods such as
If we aren’t breaking down our food properly       sauerkraut,    yogurt,    miso      all    have
or eating foods that induce sensitivity and        lactobacillus acidophilus cultures that help
allergic reactions, the food can irritate the      break down food. Digestive enzymes also aid
villi in the SI, allowing particles too large to   the SI, as do the herbs Licorice, Flax Seeds
absorb naturally into the blood stream. This       and Borage Seeds. Removing food allergens
sets off the inflammation reaction throughout      from the diet is also a must, as is reducing
the entire body. C-reactive protein (CRP) is a     stress. You can not have a healthy heart
marker that measures inflammation in the           without a healthy SI, and it is easy to do so!

Slow Food, Soil Health, Human Health
This Summer, thousands will gather in the          have decreased the level of Chromium and
San Francisco Bay Area to enjoy the first          Magnesium in our soils here in the USA, and
Slow Food USA. The International Slow              most chronic diseases and obesity are due to
Food movement started in Italy in 1986 as a        deficiencies of these important nutrients.
response to the first fast food restaurant in      Such practices also poison the farmers their
Rome, and has burgeoned to a global                animals and farm workers. Organic and
movement for “Clean, Fair and Fun Food.” I         Biodynamic produce are grown on healthy,           “The Human Heart has
consider it “jovial justice for foodies” As a      naturally enriched soils and have a higher           hidden treasures”
natural health care practitioner for nearly 20     nutrient level. Slow Food USA hopes to                    Bronte
years, I see a direct correlation between          show that justice for the earth, her soils and
human health, animal health, and earth             animals as well as those who tend our crops
health. Clean water, air and healthy soil          can be delicious, as well as healthy. I am
produce the foods with the highest nutrient        attending this event with my fellow Orange
levels. Since the advent of artificial             County Slow Food Convivium members over
chemically based agriculture (left over            Labor Day weekend. We will be attending
chemical warfare agents from WW1) the              lectures on sustainable and local food
soils of developed countries              have     systems, attending suppers, visits to local
deteriorated. The great dust bowl of the           farms, wineries and dairies, attending taste
depression era showed us what such practices       pavilions, workshops and open markets
can do. Artificial fertilizers and pesticides      featuring Clean Fair and Fun Food. See
                                          for a report on the event!
                        Summer Calendar
                        Wednesday Evenings in July, July                   Learn how to use the herbs of the Asian
                        9,16,23,30 from 6:30 to 8:30 pm at Santa           Continent to enhance your palate as well as
                        Ana College: Acupressure for Health and            your health.
                        Wellness. This four week series will cover
                                                                           July 19 from 10:00 am to noon Natural
                        how to use Acupressure for common
                                                                           Strategies for ADHD management at Santa
                        ailments such as colds, stomach ailments,
                                                                           Ana College. See above for registration info.
                        headaches and stress. $79.00 for the entire
                        series. Register at community         August 16 from 9 – noon in Glendora
 Appointments in the    services or call 714-564-6594.                     Native Californian Healing Practices. We
                                                                           will cover the folk lore and application of the
Convenient Privacy of   July 12 from 10:00 am to noon at Santa
                                                                           herbs Native Californians used for healing.
 your Home or Office    Ana College: Herbs of the Asian Kitchen.
                                                                           Contact Esther Jenkins at 626-224-8830

   714-910-4295         Resources
                        For sunscreen, see          or Solid Extract, available at health food stores or
                                                                          online at
         Fax:           If you would like to check your oxidative risk, Dr
   714-835-1225         Steph can do a home lab, Oxidata urine test, at See for tickets and info.
                        your convenience. To see research and what the
                                                                           The Complete Medicinal Herbal by Ode is my
                        test measures, see Call the
       E-Mail:          office for details, and to schedule yours today!
                                                                           favorite, great pictures and useful simple info.                                                        To help the ozone layer, plant trees and more:
                        Hawthorne information: My favorite brand is
                                                                 , and
                        Gaia’s Herbs, which offers Hawthorne Supreme,
                                                                           the Rainforest Action Network at
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       updates!         About Green Medicine
                        Green Medicine is the practice of healing which recognizes the relationship of human health
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                        modern Green Movement, Green medicine utilizes methods of healing which are sustainable,        gentle on the Environment, not based on human or animal torture, economically accessible
                        and promote wellness on all levels of human existence. Green Medicine Modalities of healing
                        are based on millennia old practices of Botanical Medicine, Therapeutic Nutrition, Body
                        Work, movement, and modern techniques of Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Life Style
                        Management. Healing in harmony with the whole of Nature is sustainable, moral and Green.

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