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					 Welcome to Biology
 713 & Introduction to
Anatomy & Physiology
      N. Johanneson
   Be prompt
       Be ready to learn when class begins.
   Be prepared
       Have materials with you and know due dates of
   Be a polite and positive participant
       Speak in a normal tone of voice, and always listen
   Be productive
       Turn in work on time, and always do your best.
   Be a problem solver
       Correct problems quickly and peacefully before they
    Responsibility for Coursework
 Bring notebook, textbook, planner, and
  appropriate tools to class every time.
 Know the due dates of the assignments, and
  submit all coursework on time. Late work will not
  be tolerated
 Read the appropriate chapters before each
 All assignments are posted on the calendar on
  the school website under science department,
  Johanneson’s class.
   Grades are based on the accumulation of percentages.
   Tests 50%
   Laboratory reports 15%
   Quizzes, class work, and homework
    assignments 10%
   Final examination 25%
   Students are expected to keep an up to date grade log.
   The grading scale is:
   90-100 A
   80-89 B
   70-79 C
   65-69 D
   Below 65 failing
   Food and beverages are not allowed in the labs/
   Please be in your seat when the bell rings, as class
    begins at that time.
   In the case of absence from school.
       Ask team members or a classmate first for missed assignments.
       Also check the folders for your class with details of missing
       Work that is due at that time must be turned in on the day of
       Missed assignments must be made up within two days
           Show Respect
 Value  yourself. Be honest, ethical, and
  practice strong moral values.
 Treat all members of the school
  community and all visitors with politeness
  and respect.
 Honor the ideas and opinions of others.
 Offer to help.
 Be responsible with property and
   Promote Lifelong Learning
You can develop lifelong learning traits:
 By showing curiosity about human nature
  and how the world works.
 By seeking and valuing diversity.
 By persisting in seeking out new solutions.
 By using your unique talents and
  intelligence to promote positive change.
 By learning and applying technology tools
  to solve problems.
 Performance and expectations
 Looking forward to a positive and
  successful year.
 Always remember that your performance
  is based on your expectations