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   January edition
                About the Illawarra
A wealth of     Covering 8,485 sq kms with sub regions
                of Wollongong, Shellharbour, Kiama,
resources       Shoalhaven and Wingecarribee
                Beginning just 45 kms south of Australia’s largest city, the
combined with   Illawarra region is a vibrant, technology driven community
                tackling the challenges of the 21st century and leading
stunning        the nation in world-class steel making and heavy industry,
                with the University of Wollongong forging an international
physical        reputation in information technology and other fields.
                •   The Illawarra has a population of 414,500+ in 2006
beauty          •   Wollongong LGA has the highest population density of
                    approximately 200,000 residents
                •   Shellharbour’s LGA has experienced the largest
                    population growth in the region
                •   Retail trade, health, manufacturing, education and
                    training, construction, accommodation and food
                    services and public administration contribute to 67%
                    of the region’s labour force.
                Source: Illawarra Regional Information Service (IRIS) - A
                Statistical Guide to the Illawarra Region 2008

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                                    media guide
                 The Illawarra Mercury
                      – a long history
Over 150 years     Celebrating a 150 year commitment to the Illawarra
                   region, an award winning product and the only paid daily
                   newspaper in the region…The Illawarra Mercury is the
servicing          premier print advertising medium in the Illawarra.

the Illawarra      The Illawarra Mercury is a proud regional arm of the Fairfax
                   family of newspapers. The newspaper founded in 1855,
                   serves a long list of communities along a stretch of New
community          South Wales from Helensburgh in the north to as far as
                   Nowra in the South.
and the            The Illawarra Mercury headquarters is in Wollongong,

second oldest      where a 200 strong staff (across all departments) produce
                   a newspaper 6 days per week – an average of 600 pages
                   per week.
newspaper in
regional New
South Wales

                   3                                      January edition
                  The Illawarra Mercury
         - a strong brand in the region
The number one      The Illawarra Mercury has a core market penetration
                    between Helensburgh to Gerroa but services a secondary
                    market into the Southern Highlands, the South Coast and
paid daily          through to a total state wide coverage. As the only daily
                    paid for title in the region, The Illawarra Mercury readers
newspaper in        are loyal and hard to reach through Metro publications.
                    •   Enjoying strong reader exclusivity, 85% of Illawarra
the region              Mercury Monday - Friday average readers in the region
                        do not read a metro title Monday - Friday.
with strong         •   Published 6 days a week – Monday to Saturday with

reader              •
                        an Audited Circulation
                        Full colour pages
exclusivity         •   Largest daily Classifieds marketplace in the Illawarra
                    •   Popular daily and weekly sections for targeted
                        readership and advertising
                    •   Strong, local brand backed by Fairfax Media
                        publishers of The Sydney Morning Herald, Financial
                        Review, The Age and many more titles.

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                                media guide

           Circulation & Readership
The Illawarra   Circulation
                Monday to Saturday (average nett paid sales
Mercury         per publishing day)   27,770+
Weekend         Saturday                     39,305 +

edition has     Source: Audit Bureau of Circulations, September 2008

more readers
                Monday to Friday             74,000
than either     Saturday                     97,000
Sunday papers   Source: Roy Morgan September 2008

within its

                5                                   January edition
              Number One in Numbers!
The Illawarra    Who reads the Illawarra Mercury?
                 •     97% of Monday – Friday readers are aged 18 and
Mercury covers         over, 95.3% of Saturday readers are in this category

a broad range    •     68.4% of Monday – Friday readers are married or de
                       facto, 70.1% of Saturday readers are in this category

of readers       •     25.5 % of Monday – Friday readers are diploma or
                       degree qualified, 32% of Saturday readers are in this

regardless       •
                       74.5% of Monday – Friday readers own or are paying
of lifecycle           off their own home, 76.5% of Saturday readers are in
                       this category

stage            •     33.9% of Monday – Friday readers are in the AB or C
                       quintile, 40.9% of Saturday readers are in this category
                 •     63.7% of Monday – Friday readers are big to medium
                       spenders, 71.4% of Saturday readers are in this

                 Overall, the Illawarra Mercury boasts a
                 readership of over 74,000 Monday – Friday
                 average readers and 97,000 weekend
                 Readership Comparisons

                     Source: Roy Morgan September 2008

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                                media guide

                             Daily Features
A               Every Day in the Illawarra Mercury

sectionalised   Early General News
approach to     Incorporates the daily news
                in both the local region,
the Illawarra   interstate, nationally and
                globally. The Illawarra

Mercury has     Mercury has won many
                awards including two of
                Australia’s most prestigious
resulted        media awards – the Walkley
                Award for Investigative
in the          Journalism and the Pacific
                Area Newspapers Publishers’
newspaper’s     Association Newspaper of the
                Year Award.

ability to
a loyal         Sport is an obsession for

following in    many. The Illawarra Mercury
                feeds this by providing
                comprehensive daily sports
parts of the    coverage of many codes. With
                coverage from award-winning
paper that      local journalists to the best
                sports writers in the country,

appeals most    sport is a major part of the
                Mercury’s daily coverage.

to readers

                7                                January edition
                                                               Daily Features
The Form                                          World News
Undoubtedly the                                   The world around us shapes
state’s most respected                            our lives either directly or
Form Guide produced                               indirectly. Reporting on major
by our award                                      world issues gives readers
winning journalists,                              of the Illawarra Mercury
the Mercury’s form                                the opportunity to have a
guide has earned                                  complete perspective of news
its’ reputation as                                from a local, state, national
the leader for daily                              and global level.
Racing coverage..
The Form has long
been a trademark of
the Mercury and is
syndicated to many
newspapers nationally.
                                                  People from varying
Business                                          backgrounds state their
                                                  opinions each day on a myriad
The Mercury’s high profile local business Editor   of topics. From community
connects with all the local business happenings   leaders expressing their views
making our daily                                  to opinions from mothers on
business section                                  issues of parenting, the forum
a must-read for                                   topics are endless.
all in the business
community. A daily
double page spread
plus share tables,
gives local business
a comprehensive
overview of local
movers and shakers,
business achievements
and events as well as
national and global
perspective of business
of the day.

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                                          media guide

                                       Daily Features
Your Say (Letters)       Relax
Each day the Illawarra   At some point in the day,
Mercury throws open      everyone must ‘relax’. The
its pages to allow for   Illawarra Mercury provides
readers to express       this time in its section that
their opinions on the    offers daily Sudoku and other
newspaper, the region,   puzzles, trivia quizzes, comics
the state of the world   and stars.
– anything goes. Your
Say is a positive way
in which the reader
can engage in their
newspaper and their

Who                      Weather
A dedicated daily        With a daily look at the
‘fix’ of entertainment    region’s weather, readers need
news provides an         go no further than the weather
escape for readers.      page. Including all the vital
An ideal vehicle for     information on the regional
advertisers on movies    and national forecasts,
and entertainment the    regional tides, and rainfall and
dedicated section is     dam levels.
editorially supported
by gossip and light
entertainment. Who – a
page devoted to social
pictures in and around
the region.

                         9                                  January edition
                             Daily Features
               The entire free-to-air television
               network’s days viewing
               published in an easy-to-
               read format each day. Pay
               Television viewing is also
               well represented with 14
               of the most popular pay
               television channel’s viewing
               outlined each day. With a brief
               snapshot of Tune In outlining
               the best of the day’s viewing,
               the region’s television viewers
               rely on this daily service.

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                                                             media guide

Monday Sections:
Sports Monday                                Enterprise (Bi-Monthly)
Illawarra Mercury                            Enterprise Magazine is a bi-
readers love their                           monthly magazine appearing
sport. In addition to                        on the first Monday of the
a daily sport section,                       month. Targeting business
a lift out is published                      people in the region, the
each Monday with a                           magazine is a must read
wrap up of all of the                        and is supported by the
weekend sport. All                           local corporate community.
sports are covered                           Enterprise covers established
from the local leagues                       and new business, focusing
to the international                         on innovation.
sporting stage. With
a dedicated team of
sports journalists, Sport
Monday is the ultimate guide to the world
of sport.

                                            11                               January edition
Tuesday Sections:
IQ (Education)                                      Wedding Directory
This 8-page education                               The Wedding Directory
lift-out appears each                               appears in the Illawarra
Tuesday during school                               Mercury on the third
terms. The lift-out is                              Tuesday of every month. It
an informative look at                              is a comprehensive guide
all that is happening in                            to business and services
the world of education.                             available in the wedding
From regular features                               industry. The lift out appears in
such as Notice board                                an easy to follow format with
that looks at graduates                             targeted editorial on the latest
in the workforce,                                   in wedding fads, products
feature stories on higher                           and services as well as feature
education, a focus on a                             articles on couple’s personal
local school each week                              journey down the aisle.
with a message from the principal and what makes
the school unique.

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                                                                            media guide

Wednesday Sections:
Zest                                                        My Career
Reporting on Food,                                          A dedicated once a month
Wine, wellbeing and                                         section to the career
profiles, Zest is the                                        market and recruitment
ultimate midweek lift                                       field. Appearing on the
out and contains all                                        first Wednesday of the
the elements of a great                                     month, My Career is a
lifestyle read. ‘Zest                                       Fairfax branded section
Bites’ looks at new                                         that continues its success
products on the market                                      within the Illawarra Mercury.
from cookbooks to skin                                      Dedicated editorial pages
products and diet pills.                                    feature articles on advancing
The Zest Diary is ‘must                                     career opportunities, focus
read’ guide to what’s                                       on successful people and
planned for food and                                        training and recruitment
lifestyle events in the region. There’s Zest food, wine,    providers. Employment
life and people sections all with a unique local look at    classifieds then precedes the editorial. This section is a
each.                                                       great focus on the career market and a must for advertisers
                                                            and jobseekers.

                                                           13                                     January edition
Thursday Sections:                                    Thursday Sections:
The Beat                                              Junior Sport
The Beat lift-out is                                  All great sports stars were
the regions most                                      once junior sports kids. The
comprehensive                                         Illawarra Mercury dedicates
guide to what’s on                                    a weekly section to focus
in entertainment                                      on the local stars of the
and music. It’s a                                     future. With a focus on the
timely planner for                                    local academy of sport,
the weekend’s                                         a local junior star, school
entertainment from                                    sporting achievements and
live music and shows                                  photographic gallery of junior
to the latest in movie                                sporting teams, the section is
releases. The Beat                                    a must for sport enthusiasts
contains regular CD                                   who like to get ahead and
Reviews to the Top 10                                 parents and coaches alike.
singles and albums in
the country. A weekly cover story can be anything
from a ‘big name’ coming to town to an up and
coming band still breaking through. With movie
reviews from our very own reviewers to all the best
in local entertainment, the Beat is the ultimate
entertainment guide.

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                                                                   media guide

Friday Sections:
TV Guide Magazine                                  Domain Preview
A comprehensive                                    Domain Preview
seven- day guide to                                complements the Saturday
what’s on both free-                               property section, Domain.
to- air and pay TV                                 Domain Preview features an
presented in a 24 page                             economic overview of the
magazine style format.                             region’s property market
It contains critiques                              by the Illawarra Regional
on the best that TV                                Information Service as well as
has to offer during the                            a great Open for Inspection
week including Channel                             listing. Domain Preview allows
Surfing, Pick of the                                house-hunters to plan ahead
Flicks, Sport Action and                           for the weekend’s viewings.
a weekly cover story.
Each day contains a
Need to See outlining
the best of the days viewing and movie ratings.

                                                  15                                January edition
With over 97,000    Saturday Sections:
weekend readers
                    When the region’s car buyers
alone, the          look to update their cars, they
                    look to the Illawarra Mercury on
weekend edition     a Saturday. Saturday contains
                    the Drive motoring lift out. This
of the Illawarra    dedicated lift out contains a
                    ‘Test Drive’ section with all
Mercury eclipses    of the latest reviews on the
                    new and used car market.

all other print     With local and national motor
                    dealer advertising, buyers can
                    evaluate the best deals on the
publications        market whilst reviewing the
                    latest in what the motor market
available in the    has to offer.

region with 38%
of the population
of the region
reading the
newspaper. This
compares to only
15% coverage
by its closest

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                                   media guide

Saturday’s        Saturday Sections:
                  Weekend Classifieds
Illawarra         With the largest daily

Mercury covers    classified marketplace in the
                  region, weekend classifieds
                  contains the bulk of personal
the whole         notices, positions vacant,
                  public notices and more. This
weekend as it     informative section allows
                  advertisers the opportunity to
has 51,000        tell the region about the birth
                  of their child, a birthday or

EXCLUSIVE         anniversary, a job opening, a
                  garage sale, items for sale…..
                  the list is endless.
readers versus
the Sunday
and 72,000
readers versus
the Sun

                 17                                  January edition
                  Saturday Weekender
This stitched   Weekender Sections:
                Weekender appeals to a broad range of readers with a
magazine lift   varied content that includes in-depth profiles of people
                who have made the Illawarra and South Coast their
out contained   home, feature articles, personalities profiles as well as
                arts, entertainment and book reviews. Add to al that the

within          weekend TV guide, travel, gardening, food and lifestyle,
                Weekender does really have it all.

Saturday’s      Domain

paper           Each Saturday, the Illawarra Mercury brings the
                home hunters of the region, Domain, the newspapers
                comprehensive guide to real estate in the region and
incorporates    beyond. With a long and successful history with its real
                estate partners, the Illawarra Mercury continues to deliver
a great         results and a market unrivalled by any other print media in
                the region.
weekend read
with Domain
Real Estate -
the region’s

media guide     18
                                   media guide

                  Saturday Weekender
Saturday’s        Weekender Sections:
                  Weekender Travel
Illawarra         In recognition of the increased

Mercury covers    appeal of travel for Australians
                  showcases destinations for
                  all interests and budgets.
the whole         From the day-trippers and
                  those wanting weekend
weekend as it     getaways easily accessible
                  from the Illawarra, to providing
has 51,000        a snapshot of options
                  available both nationally and

EXCLUSIVE         internationally, Weekender
                  Travel is the ultimate travel
readers versus
the Sunday
and 72,000
readers versus
the Sun

                 19                                  January edition
                                           Advertising Features
The Illawarra                                Covering a broad array of categories from sport to events,
                                             entertainment and lifestyle to property and education, the
                                             Illawarra Mercury provides advertising features that are
Mercury covers                               editorially supported and allow for a comprehensive look
                                             at what’s new in products and services in a wide range of
an extensive                                 topics.

range of                                     Food + Wine
                                             Food + Wine Magazine
topics through                               awakens the palate with a
                                             taste of everything the Illawarra
its regular                                  has to offer. The magazine
                                             explores the region’s culinary

advertising                                  character and new dining
                                             experiences. From the market
                                             and into the kitchen, Food +
features.                                    Wine is the essential guide
                                             to a sensational eating (and
                                             drinking) experience. Food +
                                             Wine colour gloss magazine
                                             is published four times a year
                                             and is must for all ‘foodies’
                                             and wine lovers.

                                             The Mercury’s YOU magazine
                                             is the ultimate guide to a
                                             healthier and happier lifestyle.
                                             Feel what it is like to be a
                                             better you – try new ways to
                                             get fit and active and discover
                                             how sports stars and real
Many more advertising features appear        people find success. From
on a regular basis. Contact your account     beauty and skin care advice
manager or phone (02) 4221 2333 for a        to makeover tips, YOU is the
detailed list of Features.                   perfect way to get in touch
                                             with the body and mind.
                                             Published three times a year,
                                             this gloss colour magazine
                                             showcases how to live the

2009                                         best life possible.

media guide                                 20
                   media guide

Advertising Features
  Your Child
  The Illawarra Mercury
  understands the importance
  of providing real information
  and tips for raising children
  in today’s society. Your
  Child informs and enlightens
  parents on a wide range of
  topics that are at the heart
  of every family. Appearing
  bi-annually as a 24 page,
  full gloss magazine, Your
  Child is the ultimate guide to

  HSC Survival Guide
  In conjunction with the Fairfax
  Media and NSW HSC Board
  of Studies, the Illawarra
  Mercury publishes its annual
  HSC Survival Guide. This
  full colour magazine brings
  together an extensive network
  of experienced educators to
  give students relevant course
  material. The Guide also
  contains advice and tips from
  experienced teachers and
  past successful students. With
  over 76 courses covered, the
  HSC Survival Guide truly is a
  must for ‘survival’.

 21                                 January edition
                                      Profiling Your Business
An advertising                                  Advertising features are a great way to expose your
                                                business to the region particularly if your business is:

feature is                                      •   Celebrating a birthday,
                                                    anniversary or milestone

a fabulous                                      •   Is a new business
opportunity to                                  •   A business relocation

profile your                                    •   Has a special
business. It                                    •   Any other great reason to
                                                    focus your business…
is easy to                                      The Illawarra Mercury allows

arrange and                                     you to focus your business in
                                                a feature to appear either only in the Mercury or may also
                                                include the Advertiser. This will ensure that your feature
provides great                                  is exposed to 9 out of 10 people in the region who read
                                                either the Illawarra Mercury or the Advertiser.
value for your                                  How to organise your
advertising                                     •   Contact your account
dollar.                                             manager or a member of
                                                    the Advertising Features
                                                    Team to secure a date for
                                                    your feature
                                                •   Provide a list of suppliers
                                                    and associates that can
                                                    be contacted to support
                                                    your feature in the form of
                                                    advertising space.
Contact your account manager or phone
(02) 4221 2333 for further information or to    •   Once we have contacted your suppliers and
                                                    associates, you will be advised of the response and
book your advertising feature.
                                                    the number of pages that will be dedicated to your
                                                    feature as well as booking the advertising space your
                                                    business would like to contribute. (There is a minimum
                                                •   The Advertising Features copywriters will then write
2009                                                supporting editorial based on your advertising feature.
media guide                                    22
                                 media guide

Inserts are    Readers of the Illawarra
               Mercury love to shop and in
               turn love their catalogues. They
an effective   love to browse what’s new,
               what’s on sale and where they
way of         can get the best buys. They
               look to the Illawarra Mercury to
distributing   provide their research needs
               through catalogues inserted

catalogues.    into the newspaper.
               Catalogue insets in the Illawarra
They are       Mercury work because:
               •    Over 88% of readers of the
reliable and        Illawarra Mercury Monday
                    – Friday in the region read
influence           a catalogue in the past four
                    weeks as did over 87% of

consumers to   •
                    our Saturday readers
                     This makes readers of
spend more.         the Illawarra Mercury on
                    average 10% more likely
                    than non-readers in the
                    region to have read a
                    catalogue in the past four
               This equates to real purchases!
               – Readers of Monday - Friday
               Illawarra Mercury are 28%
               more likely than non-readers in
               the region to have purchased
               between four to seven items in
               the past three months from a
               Source: Roy Morgan September

               23                                  January edition
              Sticky Notes – Onserts
Enhanced          Sticky notes add an extra dimension to the newspaper by
                  grabbing people’s attention. Your product or service can
                  benefit from all of this attention by using this familiar yet
advertising       effective advertising tool. Sticky notes have been used in
                  offices and homes around the world as they are perceived
effectiveness     to be useful and act as an ‘in your face’ reminder of the
                  tasks ahead.
is achieved       In advertising terms, similar characteristics apply. By having
                  a sticky note on the front page of the Illawarra Mercury,
through the       you will immediately be recognised and readers will have
                  an ‘in your face reminder’ of what your product or service
familiar          is or what you have on offer.
                  Contact your account manager or phone (02) 4221 2333
and popular       for further information.

‘yellow sticky
note’ that
can now be
stuck onto the
front page of
the Illawarra
Mercury                                                       Sticky Note

media guide      24
                                  media guide
                  Banner Advertising
Not only is      The Illawarra Mercury website was recently rebuilt and the
                 results have been staggering.

the Illawarra
Mercury the
number one
print product
                 These figures show real people visiting the website. This
in the region,   is the potential audience that could be reached through
                 website banner advertising or buttons on the site.
it now boasts    Readers love the new site as it contains interactivity
                 through blogs, online letters to the editor, daily opinion
an even better   polls and much more. The core focus of breaking news is
                 not forgotten with regular daily updates, stunning picture
website with     slideshows and galleries and more. As well as unmatched
                 local coverage, the Illawarra Mercury website also has

huge hits        breaking news drawn from Fairfax Media which has
                 bureaus around the nation and around the world.

daily.           Contact your account manager or phone (02) 4221 2333
                 for further information.

                 25                                    January edition
       For further information on
      Advertising in the Illawarra
      Mercury contact your account
    manager or phone (02) 4221 2333.

   Go to

    Or for Advertising Information,
    Newspaper Sections, Features and
      Audience Demographics go to

   and follow the prompts to Regional
    Publications, Illawarra Mercury.
           *All statistics are based on Roy Morgan Readership
                 September 2008 unless otherwise stated.

media guide

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