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									PS60 Plasma Swivel Bracket                 ISSUE: 001
Installation Instructions

 PS60 Plasma Swivel Bracket                                           Sheet 1 of 8
                                                                       ISSUE: 001
 Instruction Sheet                           
                                                                                                           Throughout these
                                                                                                           certain parts may
Your Pack Should Contain                                                                                 be refered to as below
1 PS60
Plasma Swivel                                                                                              1   Wall Plate
Bracket                                                2                                                   2   Scissor Arms
                                                                                                           3   Cross Members
For 55" - 65"                                                                                              4   Uprights
plasma screens

1 package will contain
the main bracket and
another will contain
the uprights and
cross members

                                                                               1 Fixtures Pack
                                                                               The contents of which
                                  3                                            can be found on sheet 7

     WARNING                   IMPORTANT
 It is the responsiblity of   Mechanisms which lift
the installer to make sure    or move weights need
    this product is safely      to be checked on a

        secured to the         yearly basis for any
         wall / ceiling.        damage which may
                               result in an accident
PS60 Plasma Swivel Bracket                            Sheet 2 of 8
                                                       ISSUE: 001
Instruction Sheet             
                                                                     Make sure that when the
                                                                       cross members are
                                                                      attached, that you do
Stage 1                                                               not forget to place the
Fixing the cross members to the frame                                  black thrust washer
                                                                     supplied, under the top
                                                                          cross member.

Fix the cross members on to
the main bracket using the
supplied M8 x 45mm bolts

                                                                      DETAIL A
                                                                     SCALE 1 : 2

 PS60 Plasma Swivel Bracket                                      Sheet 3 of 8
                                                                   ISSUE: 001
 Instruction Sheet                       

Stage 2
Fitting the uprights to the rear of the plasma screen

Firstly, place the plasma screen down
  on a flat surface, such as the floor,
with the rear of the screen facing up.
 Take care not to damage the screen
                                                                                If the screen has mounting points
                                                                                    which are recessed, it will be
                                                                                   necessary to use some of the
            FLAT SURFACE                                                            provided spacers, in order to
                                                                                attach the uprights to the screen.

                                                                                  It is also recommended that a
                                                                                minimum of 15mm of bolt thread is
                                                                                   screwed into the case of the
                                                                                 screen, without bottoming out.

                                                                                It may be necessary to use spacers
                                                                                even if the mounting points are not
                                                                                recessed. For example, if the back
                                                                                   panel is not flat, or to allow for
                                                                                    easier electrical connection.

                             Once flat, lower the uprights onto the
                              back of the screen and bolt down to
                           the mounting points using suitable bolts.
                               Making sure both uprights are the
                                 right way up, with the hooks
                                         pointing down.

  PS60 Plasma Swivel Bracket                                Sheet 4 of 8
                                                              ISSUE: 001
                                                                                     SECURING UPRIGHTS
  Instruction Sheet                 
                                                                                    Hook the uprights over the cross
                                                                                   members. The whole framework is
Stage 3                                                                               able to slide on the uprights.
Working out the height to mount the bracket                                        Simply tighten the grub screws in
                                                                                     the pins on the back of the of
                                            With the screen                            uprights to fix to the cross
                                          still flat, lower the
                                          frame down on to                            This will lock the uprights in
                                           the uprights and                          position. Make sure that both
                                               hook under                          uprights are equally spaced from
                                             the uprights.                          the ends of the cross members.

                                                                                       SCREEN POSITION
                                                                                         Measure the distance
                         C                                                            from the top of the plasma
                                                                                        screen down to the top
                                                                                      mounting holes of the wall
                                                                                      plate. This will enable you
                                                                                         to fix the bracket, and
                                                                                          therefore the screen
                                                                                          at the correct height.

                                                                      DETAIL C
                                                                     SCALE 1 : 6

 PS60 Plasma Swivel Bracket                           Sheet 5 of 8
                                                       ISSUE: 001    BRACKET POSITION
 Instruction Sheet            
                                                                      It is important to remember
                                                                     the limitations of the bracket
                                                                           when positioning the
Stage 4                                                                     bracket on the wall.
Fitting the bracket to the wall                                      The bracket enables a screen
                                                                     to rotate through a maximum
Firstly, remove the frame from the                                     of 45 clockwise and 45
rearof the screen. Make sure that                                     anti-clockwise from initially
the uprights are still left connected                                     being parallel to the
to the rear of the plasma screen.                                             wall behind.

                                                                         WALL FIXINGS
                                                                          There are no wall
                                                                        fixings supplied with
      Bearing in mind the relative                                           this product.
      distance from the top of the
      plasma screen to the top                                        The wall plate has 10mm
      mounting holes, place the wall                                    diameter holes for the
      plate against the wall, and                                      fixings. Therefore, it is
      mark where the holes need                                      recommended that fixings
      to be on the wall. Take care                                   of minimum 8mm diameter
      with making sure the                                                     are used.
      wall plate is level.
                                                                      It is recommended that
                                                                       either rawlbolts, large
                                                                        diameter plastic wall
                                                                      plugs, or resin anchors
                                                                          are used to fix this
                                                                          product to the wall.

                                                                      Suitability of fixings will
                                                                       depend on the type of
                                                                       wall the product will
                                                                            be fixed to.

 PS60 Plasma Swivel Bracket                                      Sheet 6 of 8
                                                                   ISSUE: 001
 Instruction Sheet                       
                                                                                Take care when using
                                                                                  the PS60 bracket.
Stage 5                                                                         If there ever seems to
Fixing the plasma screen & uprights to the bracket                              be a fault of some kind
                                                                                    with the bracket,
With the bracket set a short distance from the wall,                                 please consult
hook the screen on to the cross members.                                          Future Automation

                                                                                Do not force, or apply
                                                                                excessive loads to any
                                                                                  part of the bracket.

 Once in place, centre the screen on
 the cross members and secure by
 tightening the set screws on the
 upright hooks.

 PS60 Plasma Swivel Bracket                          Sheet 7 of 8
                                                      ISSUE: 001
 Instruction Sheet           

Stage 6
Running the cables                                         Once the cable reaches the end of the arm,
                                                         make the cable into a good sized loop and then
                                                         run them down one of the uprights. This loop
                     Firstly run the cables down           enables the bracket to move easily without
                         the top scissor arm.                        pulling on the cables.

                                                              The cables can then be run round the
                                                            framework to wherever the terminals are
                                                               on the back of the plasma screen.

 PS60 Plasma Swivel Bracket                                Sheet 8 of 8
                                                            ISSUE: 001
 Instruction Sheet                 

The selection of fixtures supplied with this product

M8 x 20mm x6

                                                       18OD x 8ID x 10mm
                                                       Plastic Spacers x8
M8 x 30mm x6

                                                       18OD x 8ID x 15mm
M8 x 45mm x6                                           Plastic Spacers x6

M8 x 50mm x6

M8 x 60mm x6
                                                       18OD x 8ID x 45mm
                                                       Plastic Spacers x6
M8 x 80mm x6


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